Monday, October 03, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Where in the world is Conman Sandiego?

In aid of serving Lloydminster's Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen with some legal papers, I hired a process server to personally serve Patrick Ross at his supposed Alberta employer, Fluidpro Oil Services of Clairmont, AB. What was reported back by the Grande Prairie-based process server is that:

  • According to Fluidpro, Patrick has not worked there since mid-September.
  • Patrick is not answering phone calls from the process server, nor replying to emails.

So, once again, dear friends ... we are on the hunt for Patrick Ross, who seems determined to dig that hole ever deeper.

P.S. If history is any guide, when Patrick is finally run to ground, he will insist that he had no idea anyone was trying to find him, so if anyone is so inclined, feel free to tag him at his "@dragonfireideas" Twitter account and alert him to the fact that at least one process server would really like to know where he's hiding out these days, I'm sure he'd appreciate being informed.

FURTHER DEVELOPMENTS: From my crack, secret, elite, secret and crack network of spies, I am assured that Patrick is still in the vicinity of Grande Prairie, suggesting he has perhaps moved on to some other menial, minimum wage job in the area. I am also advised that there are companies in that area that are more than happy to pay grunt workers like Patrick off the books, but that is just speculation and I have nothing to suggest that's what's actually happening.

In any event, the evidence is compelling that Patrick is again on the run so any hints as to where he's ended up will be accepted gratefully, and passed on immediately to the process server.

OH, DEAR: For whatever reason, Patrick Ross just bragged on social media that he knows I'm trying to serve him, and that he is deliberately making no effort to receive such service. No, really, he actually bragged publicly as to how he is currently evading service. (And, yes, I've screencapped it and also saved it to the Internet's "Wayback Machine" for posterity.)

I have already passed on that stunningly unwise tweet to my process server, who is currently preparing the affidavit for substituted service as we speak. All of this is being done at Patrick's expense and, yes, I am keeping receipts.


MgS said...

Hiding in someone's basement in GP region and making pointless tweets and tasteless videos by the looks of things.

Anonymous said...

From what I've seen, Patrick is still hanging out in Alberta and BC, but why would he be doing that if he doesn't work out there anymore? Unless he hasn't told his father about being fired or quitting, and he's staying out there to keep up the pretense of still having a job. But how long can he keep that up if there's no paycheque coming in? It sure looks like Patrick's afraid to go home to Lloydminster because he knows what sort of shit he'll be in if he does.

Anonymous said...

For whatever reason, Patrick Ross just bragged on social media that he knows I'm trying to serve him, and that he is deliberately making no effort to receive such service.


Next thing you know, the dumbass is going to post pictures of himself confirming his exact location. I mean, it's not like he's done anything like that before or anything. Or bragged about being in the money, so to speak. Nope. No siree Bob.

Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son...and yet, here he is...somehow. I honestly don't know how Patty Boy doesn't break his neck waking up in the morning. I don't mean getting out of bed, I just mean the act of waking up itself. It sounds like something a really stupid person could somehow accomplish.

thwap said...

Your "OH DEAR" update is just too good.

Anonymous said...

Have you told your process server that Patrick likes to hang out at Motion Fitness? Maybe they can wait for him there.

CC said...

Anon @ 7:52 AM: I'm not going to bother having anyone trying to track Patrick down physically. I already have substitutional service for him related to my original action against him and, given his open and public bragging about how he's enjoying evading service, I can assure you that not only will I be awarded substitutional service in this matter, I will also be awarded full costs. The instant Patrick went online and bragged about evading service, he screwed himself thoroughly, and my process server is keeping track of every email that is not replied to and every phone call that goes unanswered.

I can safely say that October is going to be a spectacularly unpleasant month for Patrick.

Anonymous said...

From the sounds of it he still thinks he's able to sue you, which is super weird considering he needs his non-existent trustee to sign off on that to say it's ok, and the whole entire reason he's bankrupt in the first place is because he lost the defamation lawsuit by default!

Anonymous said...

Honest question: is there ever a point where this evasion becomes illegal and an arrest warrant can be granted to bring someone in a force compliance?

CC said...


Anonymous said...

Oooh please let that happen!!!