Saturday, December 17, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy interestversary!

Yeah, it's a couple days early but I'm loading a suitcase and heading out of town shortly and I didn't want to deprive my loyal readers of their monthly giggle. As of Monday, December 19, it will be 16 months exactly since Patrick "Kid Cash Thunderbolt Assholery Nexus Bikini Designer Fugitive Tory Quintuple Threat MMA Cosplay Failed Bankrupt" Ross was told by a Saskatchewan court that he owed me over $100,000 due to his refusal to honour his obligations under Canada's federal bankruptcy laws:

an amount that (as you can see) is growing by five per cent per year. And while I have managed to forcibly seize a few thousand dollars from him over the last year or so, it's reasonably safe to say that Patrick's debt to me is increasing inexorably by over $500 per month, despite his insistence that as long as he ignores the situation and pretends it's not happening, he won't have to pay me anything.

It doesn't work that way.

In any event, y'all have a fun holiday; I'll be online throughout and working to some extent, but it's time for a little R&R while I allow the Twatrick debt clock to keep chugging along. Patrick can continue to dodge and weave from his legal obligations to the Saskatchewan sheriffs and the federal Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, but there will, someday, be a reckoning. And it will not be pretty.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Suspended temporarily from Twitter ... and you won''t believe why.

I can't even ...

Feel free to let Twitter know that I'll be unusually quiet for the next 11 hours and 46 minutes because of sarcasm. Or satire. Or whatever.

P.S. Let @JohnFugelsang on Twitter know that this is all *his* fault. Or something.

Friday, December 02, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Change of direction.

So my application for summary judgment didn't work today as I failed to file sufficient paperwork, but as it turns out, it doesn't matter as, only a few days ago, I was told that there is a much more effective approach I should have taken, so I'm going to do that instead.

In any event, time to prepare for the holidays. Gin and wagyu for everyone!

P.S. Judge actually opined that it looked like I had a pretty strong case, but I already have what is apparently a better idea so I'm going with that.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Tick tock ...


That would be the hearing related to my Application to have Patrick Ross' idiotic lawsuit kicked to the curb. It remains to be seen whether he shows up, or bails at the last minute as he did last time.

Tick tock ...

Friday, November 18, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy interestversary! (-1)

Yes, it's a day early, but there is some entertainment value in that Lloydminster's favourite undischarged bankrupt and village idiot Patrick Ross is publicly and openly threatening to slander me for (*checks notes*) reviving my previous fundraiser to buy wool socks for homeless shelters around Ottawa. I wish I could say I'm making this up but ... no.

In any event, another month, another $500 or so tacked on to whatever Patrick owes me these days:

It's been 15 months since the above ruling so you can do the math.

On the legal side and with respect to Patrick's monumentally meritless multi-multi-million dollar lawsuits against multiple defendants, my hearing to have Patrick and his stupidity kicked to the curb is scheduled for Friday, December 2, before Justice in Chambers at the Grande Prairie courthouse (I will be attending virtually).

Patrick, on the other hand, has managed to annoy the sweet fuck out of the people at the GP courthouse by filing to amend his original Statement of Claim (hearing to have been held last November 4), only for Patrick to call the courthouse minutes before the hearing was to start, beg off due to "illness," then brag later that very day about what an awesome iron-pumping day he had at the gym. So they're already pretty fucking pissed with Patrick, and we'll see how that plays out in two weeks. (That Patrick apparently blew off that court date because he knew I had a process server waiting for him there is not going to win him any points, either. Again, we'll see what sort of reception he gets when/if he appears. Calling up at the last minute and feigning sickness a second time would be a monumentally stupid thing to do so I guess we can assume that's what will happen.)

At this point, I think I count five separate legal actions Patrick is scrambling to keep up with, and that doesn't count the ones I will be filing once the above dumbassitude is out of the way. But no worries ... Patrick is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable self-represented litigant.

Just ask him.

P.S. Yes, you're invited to dump some cash into that fundraiser to buy high-quality wool socks for the less fortunate around Ottawa. We all have our pet projects -- that's mine.

P.P.S. It's not clear how Patrick will continue filing and serving idiotically meritless actions if he's too terrified to show up at the courthouse, knowing the shitstorm that awaits him there. I will, this weekend, be writing a lengthy letter to the Justice in Chambers at the Grande Prairie Courthouse, laying out in nad-grinding detail the games that Patrick has been playing lately, in particular his last-minute ducking of his own November 4 hearing in order to hit the gym. I hear judges really, really, really hate that kind of shit.

RUH ROH ... Someone points out that Patrick just published some very unwise tweets, to wit:

That would be Patrick, making it clear that one Peter Skinner is not currently a defendant in Patrick's ridiculous action against me, and he would be right -- Skinner is not listed as one of the three defendants in that action, although there is a pseudonymous "John/Jane Doe" listed as one of the defendants.

Oddly, then, in that same Twitter thread, Patrick writes:

That would be Patrick, clearly suggesting that Skinner is a "co-defendant" in that same action (despite not being named in the list of defendants). So, which is it? Is Skinner a co-defendant or not? Patrick really needs to pick a lane. And, yes, this brand new and glaring contradiction will be part of my weekend letter to the Justice in Chambers at the Grande Prairie Courthouse.

Oh, and it's worth noting that, once again, Patrick is bragging about how he will absolutely, no problem, hands down win this upcoming December 2 hearing, despite not having won a single legal action against anyone ever in the history of the universe. But this time for sure.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

I feel a disturbance in the Twitter-sphere.

Oh ... that.

P.S. I'm not done with this blog; it will still be the vehicle for longer pieces.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Sure, Annette Lewis might die, but that's a price Canada's right-wing grift factories is willing to pay.

What I think is an important observation to make about perpetual grifters like Rebel News, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms and Keean "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" Bexte -- in their collective wailing over anti-vaxxer Annette Lewis being denied a double lung transplant, every single one of those opportunistic ghouls was well aware before they started fundraising for her legal battle or running petitions that she had no chance of winning that action. None. Zip. Absolutely fuck all. They all knew that, but it was too good of a grift to pass up, even if Lewis died in the meantime.

Here, let me demonstrate.

Lewis' argument, so unprofessionally and unethically presented by the JCCF, is that Lewis has a Charter right to health care in Canada, even if she refuses to follow the medical requirements to be eligible for the lung transplant she so desperately needs to live.

This is untrue. It is not only untrue, it is obviously, patently untrue, as this argument has been made before and it has been kicked to the curb before. Don't believe me? This is the original ruling related to Lewis from Court of King's Bench of Alberta, making it indisputably clear that Lewis has not a shred of a case. One need only start reading at paragraph 47 to see the court address, then savagely disembowel, the arguments presented by JCCF's ghoulish lawyers.

Make sure you appreciate what is happening in that ruling -- the Court is pointing out that there is more than ample precedent that shows that Lewis never had a case from the outset, suggesting that (and I am speculating wildly here) Lewis was led on by the JCCF, who I can only imagine somehow convinced her that she had a decent chance of prevailing, so she should persist in her refusal to get vaccinated, thereby increasing her odds of, well, dying. So it's not so much that Lewis lost her action; no, it's that any even minimally competent and ethical lawyer would have warned Lewis that legal history was entirely against her. Apparently, though, there's ethics and professionalism, and there's grift and fundraising, so you have to pick one. But wait ... there's more.

Astonishingly, despite that legal ass-kicking -- that left no conceivable doubt about the lack of merit in JCCF's case -- Lewis was apparently convinced to continue holding out because, hey, there's always money in the banana^H^H^H^H^H^Happeal stand and, despite there being zero chance of winning an appeal, they went there, with predictable results, those predictable results being yet another brutal beatdown by the Court.

At this point, any ethical lawyer might take Lewis aside and tell her that this case is going nowhere and there is little value in appealing to the Supreme Court of Canada as that will simply delay the inevitable, which is what the JCCF finally did.

No, no, just kidding, they did nothing of the sort:

So it's not that all of these opportunistic monsters keep losing these cases (during which Lewis might literally die while waiting), it's that even the most cursory examination of the history of such cases would have made it obvious that she was not going to win right from the beginning.

An ethical lawyer might have advised Lewis of that. An ethical lawyer might have given Lewis advice that was in Lewis' best interests. An ethical lawyer might have finally advised Lewis that it was time to stop appealing and just get vaxxed if she wanted her life-saving transplant.

That's what an ethical lawyer might have done. I'm just throwing that out there.

P.S. I'm fascinated with that highlighted statement from the JCCF, in that they claim that they need to "review the decision" of the Alberta Court of Appeal to decide what to do next. But what exactly is there to review? I am not a lawyer, but my reading of the appeals ruling is that it says little more than that the original ruling is fine.

Of course you need to read the ruling, but one would think any decent lawyer would be prepared for an appeals ruling that says, effectively, "The original judge got it right." Is the JCCF seriously poring over that ruling and wasting whatever days Lewis has left? That would be just weird.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Now that Dems have a Senate majority, it's time to go scorched earth on Republicans.

And by that, I mean ramming through legislation to annihilate Republicans and their policies in every possible way -- voting rights, gerrymandering, appoint the fuck out of new judges, you name it ... Dems now have two years to bury the GOP, and they need to not worry about seeming impolite about it.

It's clobbering time. Pitter patter, let's get at 'er.

The stupidity of Annette Lewis: Once again, I called it.

It's tiring being right about everything all the time, but it's a cross I'm willing to bear because I love you all. Well, OK, not all of you but you get the idea.

Back here, I wrote about the burning stupid of one Annette Lewis, who insisted that she would rather die of a terminal lung condition than get vaxxed, and insisted that she had a fundamental Charter right to tell doctors how to do their jobs. Quite properly, Court of Queens Bench of Alberta told her to piss off, as did the Court of Appeal.

(SIDE NOTE: The relentless, hysterical hyperbole from Canada's wanker-sphere insists on provocative headlines like, "Canada's courts condemn unfortunate freedom-loving grandmother to death," or trash like that, when the simple fact is that scarce organ transplants are allocated to people who are willing to play by the rules to maximize chances of success and recovery, and if Lewis refuses to play by those rules, well, tough shit. Onward.)

To absolutely no one's surprise, opportunistic ghouls like Keean "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" Bexte and the hilariously-misnamed Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms are totally stoked to be promoting Lewis to continue her doomed quest:

Here's the most ghoulish part of the whole thing, as reported by Nazi memorabilia expert Bexte:

However, Lewis is still determining if she’ll be able to raise enough money to take her case to the Supreme Court. Moreover, she doesn’t know how much longer her failing organ will hold up.
“I don’t have a lot of time left. I know that.” she says.

One can almost imagine both Bexte and the ghouls at JCCF pleading with Lewis, "Yes, we know you could kick off any day now, but could you hang on just long enough for our next massive fundraiser? Oh, and if it's not a bother, can you not put a crimp in our data mining petitions?"

Sure, Lewis could kick off any day now, but as long as the coffers at JCCF have been juiced adequately by this, then mission accomplished, amirite?

AFTERSNARK: It is amusing to see the misrepresentation by the JCCF on the topic of expert witnesses. Here's the JCCF:

On the other hand, here's the finding of the Court:

Apparently, JCCF wanted to call Jamie Sale and Theo Fleury as medical authorities but were (sadly) talked out of it.

P.S. Perhaps this snippet near the end of the Court of Appeal ruling cuts through the nonsense:

"In the circumstances of this appeal, while Ms Lewis has the right to refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19, the Charter cannot remediate the consequences of her choice."

Let me rephrase that: You have the freedom to make your own choices, but you do not have the freedom from the consequences of those choices.

See how that works?

Friday, November 11, 2022

Apparently, huge sigh of relief now that Vassy Kapelos has descended to her proper level.

Read the entire thread, where numerous people couldn't be more satisfied with Kapelos' departure:

What I want someone to ask Pierre Poilievre at the next scrum.

"So, Skippy, over the last year, you promoted Trumpism, Bitcoin and the three-week siege and occupation of downtown Ottawa. How's that working out for you?"

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Did not think that one through.

I'm not going to provide links but, over at undischarged bankrupt Patrick Ross' Twitter account, he has a pinned tweet and thread describing how much fun he's going to have with his meritless action against numerous people (including your humble scribe), using phrases like "Yee haw, MFers I'm back and I've got big, big news" and "This is going to be fun."

That thread specifically refers to Patrick's attempt to amend his original Statement of Claim, a motion which was scheduled to be heard last Friday, Nov. 4 ... until Patrick got wind of my process server waiting for him at the Grande Prairie courthouse to be served with my Application for Summary Judgment, at which time Patrick called the courthouse five minutes before the scheduled hearing start and begged off due to illness, whereupon later that day he tweeted about working out at the gym.

It is unclear why Patrick continues to promote a pinned tweet bragging about an action for which he abandoned a scheduled hearing. In any event, my hearing is on for Dec. 2, and I can assure you, I will be attending.

P.S. In my imminent letter to the Grande Prairie courthouse, I will be adding the above as an exhibit as to how Patrick publicly boasts about how much "fun" he intends to have with his filing, only to bail on it at the last minute, feigning illness but instead waddling off to pump iron, thereby wasting the Court's time and resources for his own childish entertainment value.

Yeah, Patrick might have given this a little more thought.

UH OH ... while I will be attending my Dec. 2 application hearing virtually, apparently someone else plans on showing up:

Maybe it's just as well I'll be on the other side of the country.

Yeah, Skippy, about "real people on the ground" ...

Here's Captain Crypto, flop sweating all over the place, and insisting it's critically important to diss the Parliamentary Press Gallery and get out there and talk with real people in the real world:

Tune in next week when Skippy checks in to see how the real people at Canada Proud and The Post Millennial are doing.

Rebel News: The grift goes ever on.

No, I'd rather spend an evening scrubbing my nads with a wire brush, thanks:

Hilariously, from a recent e-mail from Eazy-E himself:

"Thankfully, due to the brave actions of our truckers and many of the guests who will grace the stage at the event, we are free from most of Trudeau's tyrannical mandates and restrictions that kept people apart for nearly two years."

Actually, I'm pretty sure the only result of that occupation was that lots of people were arrested, some are going to jail, and many of them lost their trucks and livelihood.

But, sure, whatever relieves the rubes of their rubles.

P.S. I thought part of Lich's bail conditions was that she shut her festering gob regarding the wondrousness of the trucker convoy occupation of Ottawa earlier this year. Seems like being a keynote speaker at a conference praising that very thing just might be a wee bit problematic. But, hey, what do I know -- I'm not a lawyer.

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

What's wrong with this picture?

Hmmmmmm ...

Oh, right ... since the GOP did particularly badly last night, you'll read nothing about that at Der Rebel above the fold. That initial enthusiasm seems to have been packed away until next time.

Rebel News: The grift goes ever on ...

"Hundreds of thousands of dollars ..."

Here's a wild and crazy idea ... maybe obey the law in the first place? That's what the rest of us do.

It's just a thought.

Tell me you don't know how electricity works without telling me you don't know how electricity works.


Tuesday, November 08, 2022

I'm sure this will end well for CBC.

Good riddance:

I look forward to CBC announcing that the new host of "Power & Politics" is Sheila Gunn Reid. Or possibly Brian Lilley.

I already like the guy running Mastodon.


Here, let me rephrase that for you.

Huh ...

No, no, no, too wordy, let's tighten that up a bit:

"Poll reveals conservatives massively support amnesty for themselves."

There we go ... much better.

Monday, November 07, 2022


Ontario PC MPP who makes $326,000 annually while working approximately 7.3 days a year will now complain about how others are clearly overpaid:

The most interesting thing about Doug Ford's climbdown ...

... is that he is so universally untrusted that the unions wanted his promise in writing. In writing. How shitty a reputation must you have that no one puts any stock in your public, verbal assurances?

Let's test Elon Musk's alleged commitment to free speech, shall we?

More than anyone, I suspect I can be the guinea pig to see just how committed Elon Musk is to free speech on his brand new toy, Twitter, in a couple of ways.

As many may remember, my "canadiancynic" account was permanently suspended some time back, all of the evidence suggesting that white nationalist and deranged twatwaffle Senator Denise Batters was behind the suspension, using her political influence in a most unseemly way to silence her critics. Based on Musk's public obsession with free speech, I recently filed an appeal to have that account re-activated but, let's face it, I'm not optimistic as Musk has already started canning people for the horrific crime of ... making fun of him. However, I thought of another experiment.

I just created another Twitter account,, which we will now use as an experiment. While I've already started following a small yet random collection of folks (and you're welcome to follow that account), I will not tweet anything. Nothing. At all. I will use that account for nothing but following and reading, but will ruthlessly refrain from posting even the most innocuous tweets. And that's where the experiment starts.

Because I know there are people out there in the Dumbass-o-sphere who, in a heartbeat, will be on the phone to Twitter support, demanding that this new account be cancelled because my old ones were and Twitter has a policy of not allowing "repeat" offenders to create new accounts to sneak around their suspension.

But if this new account never, ever tweets anything, how can anyone justify revoking it? Quite simply, if Twitter takes the baffling step of suspending this new account, then we'll know fer shure that that suspension was absolutely and purely political and had nothing to do with rules or Terms of Service.

So, the account is up, and I will follow people, and never, ever tweet anything, and let's see if Twitter suspends me, anyway.

The irony of Brian Lilley.

When one considers Brian Lilley's current lack of anything resembling morals, ethics or principles, it's enlightening to remember why he left Rebel Media back in 2017 -- according to Lilley himself, it's because he had too many principles or ethics to stick around.

If that's hard to believe, well, let me direct you to this August 2017 "As It Happens" piece, where Bri-Bri assures us that Faith Goldy's participation at a weekend white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, VA -- where 32-year-old counter protester Heather Heyer was murdered by one of those white nationalists -- was the final straw for him, speaking of that rally (emphasis tail-waggingly added):

"I have not seen all of the footage, but I've seen enough, and enough of the commentary to say: OK, I can't be a part of that.  We're all responsible for our own personal reputation or our own brand, if you will, and all of us in the public eye sometimes have to practice hygiene."

That would be Brian Lilley, currently using his column at the Toronto Sun to shamelessly pimp for the Ford government, once insisting that reporters are responsible for their "personal reputation", and that "all of us in the public eye sometimes have to practice hygiene."

Quite so, Brian, quite so ... which inspires one to ask, when did you stop giving a shit about your journalistic hygiene?

... and that's how Brian Lilley works.

 Uh huh ...

And given that Brian Saunderson is the PC MPP for Simcoe-Grey, I believe we now understand the flow of information:

  • Doug Ford fabricates total bullshit and writes a memo.
  • Doug hands said memo to his Deputy Chief of Staff, Ivana Yelich.
  • Ivana passes on said memo to her main squeeze, Brian Lilley.
  • Brian Lilley copies and pastes it into a column which runs in the Toronto Sun.
  • Other PC MPPs now misrepresent Brian's swill as independent, objective journalism, fully aware that it is simply the product of Doug Ford that has passed across at least two sets of genitals before ending up in print.

Did I miss anything?

It's amazing how much damage can be done by a small collection of deranged fascists.

Keep in mind that all of the grotesque destruction being inflicted on Ontario at the moment is the result of 83 people. That's it. 83. There's pretty much nothing the rest of us 13.6 million can do about it.

The only thing you need to know about Brian Lilley.

He did not even have enough talent to write for Ezra Levant.

Let that sink in.

Dear Elon: About your commitment to free speech ...

Yo, Elon, about this ...


So, Elon, when can I expect Twitter to re-activate my "canadiancynic" account? What's that? Never? Well, that commitment didn't last long, did it?

Sunday, November 06, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: One bad decision after another.

Patrick Ross: Having a hearing scheduled for 10 a.m., Friday, Nov 4 at Grande Prairie courthouse but, knowing I will have a process server waiting for him there, calls courthouse at 9:55 a.m., insisting he is too ill to attend, and does not show.

Also Patrick Ross, on social media later that very day:

Noted and filed.

DID NOT THINK THAT ONE THROUGH: In response to the first couple of comments, let me elaborate on how Patrick has thoroughly and utterly screwed himself in the long run by trying to be his unjustifiably clever self.

Patrick's first mistake was, upon being contacted by my process server to facilitate personal service, insisting that he is just such a busy dude with an unpredictable work schedule that it would be nigh impossible to synchronize a face-to-face. That was Patrick's first fuckup.

Patrick then compounded that fuckup by immediately (and unwisely) offering to accept service by email, confirming his actual email address. But the stupid did not end there. What finished him off was, when my process server emailed the relevant docs to Patrick, he replied almost immediately that he had received them.

Those with experience in the area of proper and adequate legal service will appreciate just how completely Patrick has boned himself.

Normally, proper legal service requires personal transfer of the relevant documents; that is, handing them over to the actual person being served, then attesting to the fact that they were handed over. On the other hand, if one is having difficulty tracking someone down because, say, they were actively evading service, one can apply to the Court for substitutional service, which allows you to serve someone in any way you can convince the Court should reliably assure that your target gets the documents. This does require you to persuade the Court that you've given it a good effort to serve someone personally, and you just haven't managed it. And now you can see how Patrick has fucked himself.

First, he insisted that he is a hard man to track down -- a truly stupid concession as it mostly makes my argument for me. But it gets worse, as Patrick proceeded to offer a way to serve him: by email. Again, that's Patrick effectively giving me all the argument I need to be granted substitutional service. Oh, and the quick response of acknowledgement of receipt is simply proof that Patrick does indeed receive stuff sent to him at that email address.


I barely need to make the argument for substitutional service for Patrick, as he has done all that for me. This would be Patrick scrambling to solve an immediate problem (trying to avoid being served this one time), while giving no thought to the very long-term and ugly consequences. (Oh, and the fact that Patrick called the courthouse five minutes before his hearing to cancel due to illness -- thereby assuredly annoying the court -- while bragging openly online about his getting all buff and shit at the gym later that same day is not going to play well with the judge, either.)

So, yeah, once again, Patrick went for the quick win while being totally unaware of how he just handed me the right to serve him via simple email in all actions going forward. And, by the way, that sub service works only one way here -- Patrick does not get similar freedom to serve me by email. No, he still needs to hire and pay a process server who has to serve me in person. Why? Because I did not behave like a weaselly asshat and I did not lie to the Court.

See how that works?

Saturday, November 05, 2022

Dear Ottawa: Universal Grocery in Byward Market is a must-visit.

Recently learned that something called "Universal Grocery" took over the old Home Hardware location on George Street in Byward Market so, on a whim, popped in there with my infinitely better half to peruse.


Really, just aisle after aisle of cool stuff, including the very Maesri curry paste we were after. And I was assured by one of the owners that, starting Monday, they will be offering homemade Jamaican patties.

Go. Visit. Make sure this place survives as it's now on my regular shopping route.

Spread the word.


Man who proudly and maliciously defamed me years ago, was found guilty of same, refused to accept judgment, refused to follow court orders, refused to pay cost awards, was found in contempt of court twice, filed for bankruptcy where the Registrar described him as "not an honest but unfortunate debtor", subsequently refused to honour any of his obligations under bankruptcy to the point where his trustee withdrew from his file and the court lifted his protection, and who now owes me $110,000 but is currently refusing to pay and is actively evading service from the Saskatchewan sheriffs, will now pompously lecture us on (*checks notes*) the importance of following the rules:

You can't make this up. You just can't.

Dear "free speech" warriors:

I'm sure you will all leap to the defence of U.S. Congresswoman AOC as her Twitter account was canned by delicate snowflake Elon Musk:

I'm sure you will all be suitably outraged and insist that her account be re-instated, right?

HAHAHAHAHAHA, just kidding, you bunch of worthless hypocrites.

What fresh stupid is this?

It's a day ending in 'y', so Toronto "citizen journalist" Mark Slapinski is tweeting something unbelievably fucking stupid:

Tune in tomorrow when Mark Slapinski tweets something else unbelievably fucking stupid.

Satire or parody? You be the judge.


Speaking of misinterpretation ...

Uh huh ...

Somewhere, Dale Smith is reading that tweet and rolling his eyes.

Uh, this seems problematic.

There's this:

as it is accompanied by the following screed from serial prevaricator Sheila Gunn Reid:

"A star-studded lineup of Freedom Heroes will grace the stage in both cities, including Tamara Lich, the organizer and heart and soul behind the Freedom Convoy."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't one of Lich's bail conditions that she not encourage or promote any of that Convoy stupidity? Is it time for Lich to be going back to jail? One can only hope.

P.S. Also, is it not problematic to advertise Lich as "the organizer and heart and soul behind the Freedom Convoy" if she's trying to downplay her involvement to escape culpability? Can someone bring this description to the attention of Paul Champ?

Friday, November 04, 2022

Holy fuck ... troll much?

This is a 19-follower bot auto-responding:

Now you know what we're up against.

Dear CUPE protesters:

If you are not parked outside Stephen Lecce's home blowing air horns 24 hours a day, you're doing it wrong.

So, how's that whole "alpha male" thing working out for you?

I'm baffled as to how all these kick-ass he-men Convoyers turn into the biggest crybabies the minute they take the stand. Jesus, suck it up, buttercup. What a bunch of children.


"Freedom Convoy" participants who breathed poisonous diesel fumes for three straight weeks insist they did it to avoid putting anything unhealthy or possibly dangerous into their bodies.

"We need to turn this into the PM's problem."

And that's all you need to know, the operative word being "problem." That would be the CPC's Candice Bergen, in a February email, clearly and explicitly describing the Freedom Convoy siege of downtown Ottawa as a "problem" for which she hopes the PM will shoulder the blame.


It's over.

Regardless of how the CPC and its mouth-breathing lackeys want to frame that three weeks as legal or lawful or peaceful, the instant Bergen characterized the trucker occupation of Ottawa as a "problem," she was conceding that it was a bit of ugliness she hoped she could use politically.

There is no walking that back. At all.

You don't get to gush over the legality and peacefulness of an insurrection publicly, only to admit it's a "problem" behind the scenes. (And need I point out the unseemliness of admitting something is a "problem" even as you hobnob with, and encourage, the very people creating that problem?)

To clarify:

  • The CPC conceded the trucker occupation of Ottawa was a "problem" and hoped Justin Trudeau would be forced to deal with it.
  • He dealt with it.
  • Now they're whining about how he did it.

Fuck those people.

Brian Lilley is the Anthony Furey of Lorrie Goldsteins.

Not sure how I can get more insulting than that.


Still as much of a deranged, yammering colostomy bag as ever.

The Emergency Act Inquiry in three parts.

Conservatives: "We demand an inquiry!"
Feds: "OK, then."
Conservatives: "Did not think that one through."

Why *exactly* is Tamara Lich a "hero"?

There's a delightful bit of video here wherein British radio host James O'Brien asks a caller 15 separate times to list a single laudable achievement of Boris Johnson, and the caller comes up utterly empty.

Which brings us to Tamara Lich.

In the midst of the current EA Inquiry and so many yobs insisting that Lich is a hero of some kind, it behooves us to ask ... can anyone point to a single accomplishment of hers? That is, just one achievement that, in any way, benefited Canadians other than her and her fellow grifters.

Let us first dispense with any responses that involve how she, in some way, "fought" for Canadians, or "worked tirelessly", or "sacrificed", or what have you. I have no interest in being lectured on the amount of effort Lich put into this grift; I'm after actual results.

There is also the nonsense as to how Lich and her fellow con artists somehow restored freedom. This is, of course, patently untrue, as the "Freedom Convoy" resulted in absolutely no mandates being dropped. (Not to mention that many COVID-19 mandates and restrictions were provincial, while others were imposed by the United States related to border crossing.)

So, again, can anyone anywhere identify a single achievement of Lich's that justifies her being idolized to this extent? Because I'm just not seeing it.

Could Andrew Lawton please shut the fuck up?

OFFS ... get off the cross, we need the wood.

BONUS TRACK: Local lawyer and social media threading specialist James Bowie enumerates the 9,437 errors on a single page of Lawton's magnum dopus.

Thursday, November 03, 2022

Maybe when I get my next quarterly bonus.

I'm sure I have some sort of celebration coming up I can use as an excuse.

This is what stupid looks like.


Dear Vassy Kapelos: How to interview.

This is how you hold someone accountable.


You keep using that word "immense" ...

P.S. Hang on, what's this? Once upon a time, Rebel News was pandering for cash with the clear implication that 15 Rebel "journalists" would be on-site at the EA Inquiry doing what they do -- annoying people and lying about what happened:

Maybe it's just me but when someone fundraises based on the assurance that fifteen Rebelers will be in Ottawa "for the next six weeks," then it seems safe to conclude that there will be 15 Rebelers in Ottawa for the entirety of that six weeks.

And not this:

Again, perhaps it's just me, but I think there's a palpable difference between "15 people will be there the entire six weeks" and "A total of 15 different people will rotate in and out for six weeks." Oh, well, whatever separates the rubes from their rubles, I guess.

Dear Andrew Lawton: Please shut up.


Fuck around, find out: Ron DeSantis edition.

Apparently, Florida governor and budding fascist Ron DeSantis' recent stunt to stuff migrants on a plane to Martha's Vineyard is backfiring spectacularly:

There's something vaguely familiar about dictatorial fascists bundling undesirables onto transportation and sending them elsewhere to get rid of them.

It'll come to me.