Saturday, May 21, 2022

Commercial interlude: Local hot sauces in Ottawa.

Purely by chance, I wandered across Haico Krijgsman with his own booth in Ottawa's Byward Market earlier today.

Haico who? Thanks for asking.

Here you go.

I met Haico last year pursuant to wandering south to Mountain, Ontario, to the inaugural "Heating up the Capital" hot sauce expo, when Haico was gracious enough to bring back to town the basket of hot sauces I won, but left before I was aware I was the big winner.

It was a total fluke that I ran across him today, so I was morally obligated to buy a selection of his hot sauces (not all of these, I am not suicidal):

I tried to be reasonable but among my purchases was a bottle of "Scorpion's Kiss" and, more imprudently, one of the limited edition "Devil's Brew":


It remains to be seen whether this is a life decision I regret but ... oh, hell. And, yes, there will be a hot sauce expo again this year.

You've been warned.

How stupid is Dr. Jordan B. Peterson?

I'm glad you asked:





Conservatives who relentlessly insist that public schools bow to their demands regarding the teaching of evolution, religion, sexuality, critical race theory and myriad other topics are suddenly outraged over the idea of ideological propaganda in public schools.

Friday, May 20, 2022

There's stupid, there's burning stupid, and then there's ...

Jesus Christ on a Sybian, what in the absolute f...?

I will deal with the first bit of that imbecilitude ... that Justin Trudeau was personally responsible for Der Rebel not getting Parliamentary Press Gallery (PPG) accreditation. Quite simply, no one was "banned"; all that happened is that the PPG itself (not Trudeau) polices who is accredited and who isn't, and I could go on, but I put all that on pixels back here, so go read it and shut up.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Today on "Privileged White People Bitch About Shit" ...



Sure, it's JUST like that.

Because being tortured (possibly to death) under a savage, right-wing military dictatorship is just like having to live with the consequences of choosing not to get vaccinated:

I can't believe I'd never noticed the similarities.

If Christy Clark were any stupider, ...

... she'd be Sheila Gunn Reid:

Seriously, how does one publish something that idiotic and not burst into flame?

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The stupid. It burns.



Why does white nationalism regularly lead one to Rebel News' doorstep?

And while we are all justifiably pointing out how Fox News' Tucker Carlson has been a driving force behind truly ugly racism and bigotry and white supremacist thinking in the U.S., can we not forget how he has regular help with that on this side of the border as well?

Nothing to see here, move along.

Just someone publicly accusing the Prime Minister of treason and pleading for weapons to do something about it:

I'm sure this can't possibly end badly, right?

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy (almost) interestversary!

Yes, it's a day early, but it's a very Linux-filled week for your humble scribe and I wanted to make sure I didn't forget to send interestversary salutations to Lloydminster's favourite undischarged bankrupt and basement-dwelling village idiot Patrick Ross on the nine-month anniversary of the registration of my malicious defamation judgment against him in the province of Saskatchewan:

Given that it is now nine months since the registration of my judgment, and given the Saskatchewan-imposed higher interest rate of 5 per cent, I guesstimate that Patrick now owes me just north of $108,000, an amount increasing by around $500 a month due to accruing interest (and let us not forget that Patrick is also responsible for the additional $100-200 per month of Sheriff's collection enforcement fees).

Finally, as regular readers will know, Patrick (quite unsurprisingly) did not turn in the voluntary Sheriff's questionnaire he was served with some weeks ago, which now opens up his entire family to being hauled in for questioning under oath, but as I have already explained, I am in no rush to push this along as I am fine with treating Patrick's debt to me as an investment that is returning 5 per cent annually.

In any event, I don't expect any further developments on the Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen front until we gather here a month from now for the next interestversary. Maybe there will be cake. It would be great if there's cake.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

... and here comes the burning stupid.

You need to be particularly retarded to think this announcement is legitimate:



Psychologically-stunted and emotionally-crippled failed academic who almost died in a medically-induced coma to cure his addiction to benzodiazepine and who looks like death just slightly reheated:

will now pass judgment on others:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Man who delights in passing judgment reacts very badly to others passing judgment:

Monday, May 16, 2022


Rebel News on the meanness of pro-choice protesters: "SHRIEK! SHRIEK! SHRIEKKK!!!! Oh, the humanity!!!"

Rebel News on white supremacist that murdered 10 people, inspired by the same racist dreck constantly spewed by Ezra, David, Sheila and the rest of the execrable bigots there:

Rebel News: All the awkward news that's fit to ignore.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Gosh, this sounds vaguely familiar ...

Shocking. Who would have imagined that a mass shooting could have been motivated by being radicalized by a diet of far too much racism, bigotry, hatred and white supremacist propaganda:

Oh, wait ... we all could have imagined that:

And why does this latest abomination sound so familiar?

And what steady diet of racist hatred could that Christchurch mass shooter have been feeding on ... oh, right:

To be fair, it's not like Rebel News goes out of its way to demonize minorities or immigrants ... hang on ...

I think I've made my point.

BONUS TRACK: It will come as no surprise to anyone that the white nationalist sub-humans over at Rebel News really, really, really don't want to talk about how relentless demonization of particular demographics can end very badly:


Are we allowed to predict how Der Rebel will screech hysterically, week after week, about the slightest indiscretion by "The Left," while studiously avoiding any mention of Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron and his public affection for the very philosophy spewed on a daily basis by Ezra Levant and his minions?

Let's watch.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

The burning stupid that is Keean Bexte.


Yes, it's appalling that Justin Trudeau secretly diverted Canadian public money to the World Economic Forum and tried to conceal that sleaziness by *checks notes* publishing it openly on a web page.

This is the level of dumbass fucking stupid we're dealing with here.


Ottawa police -- who shit themselves in fear after being asked to enforce simple city bylaws related to February's "Freedom Convoy" -- attempt to retrieve their manhood by slapping around some high school students:

There is no word on whether Ottawa Constable Isabelle Cyr-Pidcock assisted anyone with parking.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Pierre Poilievre is the Alex Jones of Glenn Becks.

 That's it. That's the post.

A modest proposal.

If Conservative men are so obsessed with womens' vaginas, can someone just buy them a hooker?


Ottawa man with lifetime MP pension and currently worth $15 million will now refer demeaningly to the "elites in Ottawa":

Seriously, he went there.

P.S. By the way, Skippy, you're raking in a full-time MP salary while spending your entire time crossing the country campaigning for the CPC leadership. How many "everyday people" do you think can rake in your kind of salary without ever showing up for work?

So, Pierre, how's that whole cryptocurrency thing working out?

Well, shit ...

Pierre Poilievre, cryptocurrency and con artists.

Too funny:

Thursday, May 12, 2022

How stupid is Lorrie Goldstein? Well, ...

Jesus ...

First, ignore the childishness of Lorrie's smarmy and playground insult of "Laurentian elite," as if that makes him sound like one of the hip, cool kids.

Concentrate, instead, on Lorrie's selective evasion in that people are not horrified by the prospect of PM Skippy based solely on the above; no, people are getting increasingly appalled by a potential PM who makes one indescribably stupid campaign promise after another -- "I'll defund the CBC! And I'll fire the Governor of the Bank of Canada! And I'll switch the country to a cryptocurrency economy!" One can barely come to terms with Skippy's latest stupidity before he's horking up something even more addled and terrifying.

It's depressing that someone as fucking stupid as Lorrie Goldstein is still a "journalist."

Regarding abortion ...

Genesis 6:17, King James version:

And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and every thing that is in the earth shall die.

That would be God, sending a worldwide flood to kill every living thing on the planet, including pregnant women and, consequently, their unborn children, making the Christian God the biggest abortionist in the history of the universe.

I'm glad we had this little chat.


Prominent Canadian neo-Nazi and renowned white nationalist memorabilia merchant Keean "Beaker" Bexte pisses blood in outrage over taxpayer funding that represents less than one-tenth of one percent of what Canada's oil and gas industry hoovers up in annual subsidies:

Dear Pierre Poilievre, you insufferable dumbass.

So, Skippy, how's that moist-panty infatuation of yours with cryptocurrency working out? Well, fuck ...

Yeah, that's awkward.

NO, SERIOUSLY, if any journalist that has any delusions of integrity interviews Skippy and doesn't pin him down regarding his throbbing boner arousal for currently-imploding crypto, they really need to just start working at Tim Hortons:

And, yeah, Vassy, I'm looking at you.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022


 Yup, this.


Canadian conservatives who are totally fine with deploying massively-armed Israeli soldiers to keep Palestinians prisoners on their own land and shoot to death 8-year-olds throwing stones at them are absolutely outraged that PM Justin Trudeau sent in law enforcement during the "Freedom Convoy" in Ottawa to *checks notes* insist that people go home.


The troglodytes at Ezra Levant's Rebel News, having gleefully celebrated the siege and occupation of Ottawa by the so-called "Freedom Convoy" for several weeks in February -- whose sole and quite public purpose was to harass and intimidate politicians into reneging on federal legislation related to mask and vaccine mandates -- and which demonstration Rebel News defended under the banner of free speech and free expression, are suddenly placed in the awkward position of continuing to defend Republicans who insist that it is absolutely unacceptable to protest lawmakers for the purpose of trying to convince them to change their minds, and who further insist that such protests are absolutely outside the acceptable bounds of free speech and free expression, and are in fact illegal:

I'm sure Ezra and the rest of the white nationalist hillbillies at Der Rebel will express the same appropriate outrage with the GOP trying to quash free speech and public protests any minute now.

Yessir, any minute now ...

Pig. Trough.

Did I mention pig?

Monday, May 09, 2022


Conservatives who, for decades, have railed furiously against "unelected, activist judges" and their "radical liberal agenda" will now go curiously silent about five people on the United States Supreme Court completely overturning decades of legal precedent.

"2000 Mules": More idiotic right-wing disinformation.

Just read.

The inaccuracy of the "My 8-year-old was injured by Pfizer" Gofundme fundraiser.

Apparently, the anti-vaxxer dumbass-o-sphere is yanking themselves into a frenzy over the suggestion that an adorable 8-year-old was appallingly crippled by a shot of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine:

Hey, I know, let's go to the actual sources, where we learn:
  • Emma Burkey is 18 years old, not 8.
  • This all happened in mid-2021, so it is not a recent development.
  • Most critically, it was not a Pfizer shot, it was the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
And if there's any reason for Gofundme to have yanked that fundraiser, it would be the legal department of Pfizer, telling Gofundme that it was about to have its ass sued every which way to next week for mis-identifying the company that manufactured the vaccine shot in question.

Are we done here? Yeah, I think we're done here.

I ... um ... wut?

Here's Rebel News' Ezra Levant, making a prediction regarding the identity of the "leaker" of the U.S. Supreme Court draft for overturning Roe v. Wade:

Apparently, Ezra is appalled by the idea of someone doing something outrageous, then cashing in on their notoriety by setting up a fundraiser and raking in an assload of cash.

Ezra makes no prediction on the imminence of charitable tax receipts.

Sunday, May 08, 2022


Right-wing media outlet that delights in exposing embarrassing details of people in order to get them punished or fired is livid -- LIVID, I TELL YOU!!! -- over left-wing media outlet that does exactly the same thing:


"Freedom Convoy" protesters who gleefully tortured Ottawa residents for weeks back in February now currently complaining about the inconvenience of getting their stuff back:

Perhaps they should apply to The Democracy Fund for free legal representation.

Chronicles of Twatrick: Revenge. Dish. Cold. You do the math.

As a few people have asked me privately about my advertised intention to let Lloydminster's favourite village idiot and massively-indebted undischarged bankrupt Patrick "Super Quintuple MMA Cosplay Mommy's Basement" Ross sit and stew in bankruptcy for a while before pursuing him any further, here's my thinking (as it were).

As regular readers of this space will know, Patrick currently owes me over $108,000 pursuant to my 2010 default judgment against him for malicious defamation, and that amount is increasing at a Saskatchewan court-ordered annual interest rate of five per cent:

To that end, simply sitting back and doing nothing is cranking up Patrick's debt to me by over $500 per month based on the interest alone, and his overall debt is rising even further because of the inevitable Sheriff's fees incurred in the enforcement of collection, which is another $150-200 or so every month, which means that even as I sit here and do nothing, Patrick's debt is going up some $650-700 per month (most of it going to me), which actually is a decent return on investment if you think about it, so in that sense, why not just leave it there and let compound interest do its job for the next little while? I could go full metal collection on Patrick's ass, sure, but if there's nothing there to take at the moment (and there doesn't appear to be), why expend the effort when I can just let time work for me towards the day when Patrick expects to inherit whatever he expects to inherit, and I just take it from him?

(Oh, as an amusing aside, note from the above graphic that, as of May 19 of last year (2021), the court found that Patrick owed me just over $104,000 based purely on the judgment amount, a number which does not include a number of cost awards going back several years that Patrick refused to pay. Since that registration of my judgment in Saskatchewan and the start of collection proceedings against Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen, the sheriffs have relieved him of close to $10,000, absolutely none of which has lessened his debt to me effective today. That is, all of the money extracted from Patrick's doughy behind has gone entirely to long-time cost awards, sheriff's fees and accruing interest. Quite simply, even after Patrick has been forced to hand over almost ten grand, as of right now, he actually owes me more related to the judgment than he did last year. Let that sink in for a moment -- Patrick's bank account has been lightened of almost $10,000, the end result being that he currently owes me more than he did last year. This is the dizzying financial intellect we are dealing with here. In any event ... onward.)

Another reason I am in no rush to push this process forward is that, given Patrick's refusal to fill out and turn in a legally filed and served Sheriff's questionnaire regarding his current finances, Patrick has opened up for me the legal avenue to now file and serve similar questionnaires on his (possibly unsuspecting) family members, and even force them to sit and be questioned under oath, and here's what makes that somewhat amusing.

You see, Patrick was well aware that failing to turn over that questionnaire would then allow me to question his siblings. He knew that. Absolutely knew that. And he did it anyway, meaning that Patrick deliberately threw his family members under a very large, legal bus heading their way. Which means that, come the time I decide to drag the rest of that white trash hillbilly family in for questioning, they will know precisely that it was Patrick who, to continue his dodging and weaving, gave me the right to do that.

And what does that have to do with not dashing after Patrick right this instant, even though I have the right to? Well, there's the thought that I will first want to dig quietly into the financials of le famille Ross to see what I can discover that will save me time down the road. I have a number of anonymous sources that are more than happy to poke around and send me what they learn, so if I want to hang out for a few months (or longer) and start a file on each of those individuals, it is definitely in my best interest to be forearmed with serious details of their lifestyles and bank accounts. (All perfectly legal, by the way -- none of this involves breaking any laws in any way.)

Finally, there's one last reason to be patient: The longer Patrick continues running and hiding, the worse it will look for him once I get him into court (and, trust me, he will be in court when I decide it's time), and I can assure you that any sane judge will have little patience with Patrick once it becomes obvious how he has completely ignored his obligations under the bankruptcy regime, not just for a little while, but for well over a decade. Oh, yes, Patrick's procrastination and evasion is going to come back and bite him in his Spandex-encased ass in a big way when this finally hits the courtroom, so why not just sit back and let him bury himself in every possible way? I've had to deal with the weaselitude of Patrick Ross for well over a decade now, so what's another year or two, especially if it involves accruing interest?

In short, while I'll still post updates on an occasional basis, don't fret if there are no new developments until this summer ... or this fall ... or perhaps even next year. And while Patrick might see this as a victory, well, he has never been one to take the long view and appreciate the dangers involved in his weaselly avoidance, being unable to understand that when the bill comes due, it's going to come due in a horrifically ugly way.

P.S. There is one more reason to sit back and let all this play out, and that is that I have heard from more than one moderately reliable source that Patrick's father is getting seriously tired of a 40-year-old (soon to be 41-year-old) Patrick still living at home, with no career ambitions other than to post YouTube videos about mixed martial arts and the Edmonton Oilers, and to keep writing his novel:

I suspect we all know how that's coming along, but it will be enlightening to see how Patrick's dad handles the idea that Patrick isn't leaving home for quite possibly years to come.

P.P.S. Unsurprisingly, if Patrick somehow finds employment in the environs of Lloydminster (or elsewhere), I'd like to know about it, although I have been reliably informed that Patrick is so singularly disrespected around town that no sane employer would want to have anything to do with him, which is why he had to go all the way to northern Alberta last year to get work.

In any event, if anyone hears of Patrick suddenly having gainful employment, by all means, drop me a note, whereupon I will pass that on to the Saskatchewan sheriffs.

Saturday, May 07, 2022

The stupid. It burns.

How is it possible to have graduated from med school and still be this much of an imbecile?



I just want to make sure I understand this.

For months now, Canada's intellectually, morally, ethically, psychologically and emotionally crippled imbeciles (hi, Sheila) have been screaming "FREEDOM!", ostensibly to promote the idea that everyone everywhere should have the right to dictate how to live their lives and do their jobs without annoying interference from anyone else, and people should butt out of stuff that is none of their fucking business, and so on and so on and so on.

And yet ... and yet ...

It is apparently these very same people who are now howling to boycott Tim Hortons because *checks notes* a private company that raises money to send kids to camp will not bow to their demands to allow the stupidly unvaccinated to also attend and spread a deadly virus among immuno-compromised children, and how fucking dare Tim Hortons exercise the freedom to run their own camps they way they choose.

Do I have that about right? Seriously, am I missing anything important here?

Did CPC MP Candice Bergen have a stroke while I was away?

Seriously, I'm trying to understand how she is so stupefyingly incoherent in a recent video. Can someone get her some help?


Republican Party that is determined to get its hands on and expose the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop by any means possible currently outraged -- OUTRAGED, I TELL YOU!!! -- about leak from Supreme Court that exposes what they're up to.

Utter human garbage, Part Deux.

The Sun's Brian Lilley stakes his claim to being the most worthless shit stain in Canadian journalism:

Somewhere, Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid is not willing to let that title go without a fight.

I'm sorry ... wut?

So, just to be clear, while I was away, Pierre Poilievre and Leslyn Lewis got into a heated argument about who was the more committed and dedicated white nationalist? Do I have that right?

Well, this is predictable.

Rebel News doesn't care if your immuno-compromised kid catches and dies from COVID-19, as long as it puts rubles in Ezra Levant's pockets.

I'd like to say I'm surprised but ... not really.

P.S. Amusingly, it was hypocritical piece of human garbage trailer trash Sheila Gunn Reid who once suggested that the unvaccinated should be kept a safe distance from her squalling brats:



My, how times change when your paycheque dictates your principles, eh, Sheila?

Friday, May 06, 2022

Lounge at CPH on the way home.

After duty-free, of course:

This would be the European version of "Jackelope Gin," I'm guessing.

Yeah, I'm ready for home.

Copenhagen is nice, but it's time to get back to my kat and groundhog. CPH -> KEF -> YYZ -> YOW. Thank God for my Priority Pass for lounge access.

Thursday, May 05, 2022

Where to go for dinner? Decisions, decisions ...

Sure, that'll do.


P.S. Prices are in Danish kroner, so it's not that outrageous, and I'm not paying for it, anyway. Nor for the hotel, or the airfare that got me here.