Sunday, October 09, 2022

The joy of selective quotation.

It occurs that, if one played the same stupid game that Canadian right-wingers are playing with that one tweet from Dale Smith, well, what fun we could have. Here, let me start:

HEADLINE: "Canada Proud tweets, '@GarnettGenuis should be shot'."

See what I did there? I surgically extracted precisely (and totally accurately) those words from that tweet so that, forevermore, I can publicly claim, "Canada Proud once encouraged the shooting of CPC MP Garnett Genuis." See what fun you can have with careful out-of-context misquotation and misrepresentation? But let's not stop there.

HEADLINE: "Former CPC leader Andrew Scheer criticizes Dale Smith, tweeting about 'shooting someone you disagree with'." Wow, that might leave the totally wrong impression. Moving on ...

HEADLINE: "Current CPC leader Pierre Poilievre publishes astonishingly violent imagery, tweeting openly, 'a Conservative MP should be shot'."

Well, that's just plain horrifying, that Poilievre would publicly call for the violent murder of one of his own party members. Shocking. And let's end where all things should end ... with Brian Lilley, of course:

HEADLINE: "Stunningly, right-wing hack Brian Lilley references CPC leader Pierre Poilievre in tweet, writing, 'he beats his wife'."

See how this game is played? So the Conservative Party of Canada might want to dial back this faux and contrived outrage, lest they end up on the receiving end of it.

I'm just trying to be helpful.


Anonymous said...

The best example of this willful distortion is the legendary quote in which Trudeau, they claim, chooses China as “his favourite country”. A flippant comment on the efficiency of dictatorship vs. the complexity of democracy, judiciously edited and taken out of context, is taken as clear evidence of Trudeau’s treasonous collusion with China to spread Covid globally, turn Canada to communism, and destroy all that is right and good.

Anonymous said...

What's especially dishonest regarding the China quote is the excisions that his attackers inevitable refrain from quoting. For some reason, they never include the second sentence:

“There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime. I mean there is a flexibility that I know Stephen Harper must dream about, of having a dictatorship that he can do everything he wanted, that I find quite interesting.”

His actual answer to the substance of the question:

“But if I were to reach out and say which…kind of administration I most admire, I think there’s something to be said right here in Canada for the way our territories are run. Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and the Yukon are done without political parties around consensus. And are much more like a municipal government. And I think there’s a lot to be said for people pulling together to try and solve issues rather than to score points off of each other.”

Most revealing was his final sentence, which shows he understood exactly how the right wing idiots were going to mangle his quote:

"But Sun News can now report that I prefer China.”

Anonymous said...

You are, sadly, trying to argue and point out inconsistencies in good faith; Conservatives just don't care about that.

Look at Andrew Scheer. He's basically a flunky that should be in the USA. If a Liberal had his pedigree, the #CPC would be peeing blood in outrage and using it to tar all Liberals.

Skippy himself encouraged the White Nationalists in Ottawa... crickets...

Then you have special interests groups such as the pro-petrol Canada Proud who are basically an adjunct arm of the CPC drumming up hate (mostly against Trudeau).

Just this weekend, Mulroney chimed in saying that Skippy was taking the #CPC in the right direction...

The CPC are not only lizards brains, they are barbarians...

Fuck them all.

Purple library guy said...

Mulroney did what? Man, they must have given him a paper bag full of money.