Saturday, October 15, 2022

Dear "Freedom Convoy" supporters: A simple question.

The fact that the deranged, white nationalist truckers and supporters of the "Freedom Convoy" that occupied downtown Ottawa last February are currently outraged about having been driven out of town pursuant to invocation of the Emergencies Act inspires one to ask a simple question:

If they had not been tossed out of Ottawa via the EA, was it their intention to occupy the downtown core indefinitely?

It certainly seems that way based on their own pronouncements that they were absolutely not leaving until the entire Liberal government stepped down, which was not going to happen so, once again, we ask, did they plan on simply staying for months or years, totally paralyzing the downtown of the capital of Canada? And, if so, would they still have considered that "legal" and "peaceful"? At what point would those folks concede that an indefinite military-style occupation of Ottawa's downtown core stopped being legal or peaceful?

I'm just curious.


Anonymous said...

That's easy. It stopped being legal on 16 Feb 20

Anonymous said...

That's easy. It stopped being legal on 16 Feb, when Ottawa police warned the truckers to leave or face immediate arrest. That was almost 3 weeks into the occupation. The better question is why did it take the OPS so long given the flagrant lawless acts of the protestors?

Anonymous said...

They were waiting for delivery of the 2000 guns stolen the night before EA in Peterborough.