Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: The weaselening, Part Deux.

As a followup to that last post, the evidence is compelling that Lloydminster's Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen is now back in the vicinity of Grande Prairie, AB, one assumes to resume whatever menial, minimum wage employment he'd been toiling through last year, which perhaps changes the social dynamic of my current collection proceedings against him.

See, given that Patrick was until recently clearly embedded back in the Lloyd on his mom's basement couch, there seemed little incentive to continue siccing the Saskatchewan sheriffs on him, but if Patrick is once again gainfully employed, it seems only reasonable to prod said sheriffs to resume regular emptying of his credit union account, but there's possibly a new wrinkle here.

One of my anonymous tipsters suggests I look into whether Patrick is directing his pay cheque, not to his normal bank account, but to an investment vehicle of some kind, and specifically refers to something called "WealthSimple," given that Patrick has mentioned that very investment firm on at least one occasion. It would be fascinating if that is in fact what is happening, as it would be even more no-brainer evidence of Patrick trying to game the bankruptcy system and conceal assets from me, the sheriffs and Canada's Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB), so I will pass on to the proper authorities at least the possibility. (Oh, and the fact that tax filing time just passed suggests I check for the proper parties who have the authority to seize a copy of Patrick's tax return and peruse what's there.)

In any event, if Patrick is truly back in GP and properly employed, feel free to keep tabs on him and send any info my way (either by comment or private e-mail), and I, my lawyers, the sheriffs and the OSB will take it from there.

P.S. The evidence that Patrick is back in GP can be gleaned from his most recent unwatchable YouTube videos. Until recently, Patrick's bloviating was backed with what is obviously the basement walls at Casa Twatrick in the Lloyd:

However, Patrick's last three tubes all show the same easily-identifiable background of St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church in Grande Prairie:

and one assumes Patrick did not make the seven-hour drive and stay there for several days just for the scenery.

Let the collection seizures re-commence!


RossOwesDay said...

Why do we get the idea that Twatrick probably stashed a bunch of (Ken's) money in Crypto over the last month?

And yes, Twatsy using a Wealthsimple account makes sense. He might have set up his direct deposit from hypothetical employment, or he might transfer the money from his Servus bank account as soon as he gets paid.

CC said...

ROD: The thought of Patrick convincing his father to plow his life's savings into crypto -- and subsequently losing it all -- is moderately mirth-making. One can just imagine Patrick insisting that this is a sure-fire winner and nothing could possibly go wrong. I guess we'll learn it all one of these days.

MgS said...


Surprisingly, Patrick's most recent video was actually pointing out many problems with crypto / NFT - so one of two things happened:

1) He shoved a bunch of money into it and got burned badly by the recent crash in values.


2) A few pixellated neurones got together in his head and actually figured something out.

Purple library guy said...

I notice he's following the moron jerk code by sporting a soul patch. I do appreciate it when they give us that kind of signal so we don't have to find out what dickheads they are by actually interacting with them.