Thursday, October 27, 2022


Talentless hacks and right-wing propagandists that whine relentlessly about the epidemic of "Fake News" currently acting as bottomless sources of fake news.


Anonymous said...

Among the things Ivison et al are deliberately obscuring:
- they're providing their assessment in retrospect, with full knowledge of what did and did not actually happen. When these decisions were being considered, Ottawa was reeling, the magnitude of the occupation was just become clear, and the dipshits were completely adamant that they would not leave under any circumstances unless ALL their demands were met. Now we know they were liars. Then, we didn't.
- they're focusing on the bouncy castle block on Wellington, ignoring the fact that there were multiple blockades across the country, including the group stockpiling arms in Coutts and specifically plotting to murder cops.

Anonymous said...

Except this video shows that the OPS superintendent only learned that those tow trucks that were "lined up" fell through WHILE AT THE INQUIRY. Nine months after it happened. The Ottawa Police were/are incompetent and John Ivison is a liar.

Purple library guy said...


Anonymous said...

Ivison... He's like a wannabe journalist. Except with no talent.