Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Where is he now?

It has been brought to my attention that Lloydminster's favourite undischarged bankrupt and vexatious litigant Patrick Ross was recently on YouTube, announcing that he has (apparently) moved, referring to a "new home" which seems to be in the vicinity of Grande Prairie, Alberta. It's not clear whether this is just another transient residence in aid of his current employment, or whether he has indeed relocated on a more permanent basis. In any event, if Patrick really has moved, this is going to cause him some inconvenience from a legal point of view.

Recall how Patrick recently sued every living thing in Canada for millions of dollars for, well, making fun of him. In those filings, Patrick listed his address for legal service as his father's home in Lloydminster, SK. However, if Patrick really has moved to Alberta, he is now going to have to amend all of those Statements of Claim to properly reflect his actual address, and not a bogus address he uses to evade proper and personal legal service. This means that all and sundry who were on the receiving end of a Patrick-flavoured legal filing must now be served with a newer Statement of Claim wherein Patrick discloses a reliable address where he can be served personally.

Quite simply, Patrick has for years played childish games involving dodging and weaving to avoid legal service; now he needs to follow the rules, and that begins with revealing his actual and legitimate address. Oh, and paying real money to personally serve that amended Statement of Claim, as well as his Reply. That's how the law works when grownups do it.


Anonymous said...

If Patrick has really moved on a permanent basis, how can he afford it given what he owes you? How could he even sign a lease? Is his father paying for everything behind the scenes? Is that legal?

CC said...

All of these questions will be answered in time. At the moment, I'm in no rush since Peter Skinner's motions have been filed and there's no reason not to wait for those rulings. If history is any guide, Patrick will lose spectacularly and I will use those precedents, so I'm going to be patient. I have all the time in the world.