Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Dear Alberta: You are so fucked.



Purple library guy said...

What she means is, she works so hard at ignoring ACTUAL discriminated-against groups that she's never actually witnessed one.

Anonymous said...

She's right though. Look at all the unvaccinated parents who had their children taken from them by the police and handed over to the church to be physically and sexually abused! I'm sure we'll be finding unmarked graves any day now.

Coolxenu said...

After 40 years of living in Alberta I am looking forward to moving back to Canada in the new year.

Anonymous said...

Well, that is because it is still perfectly morally right to discriminate against anti-democracy fascists. That's why. That's the difference.

Anonymous said...

They'll protest passing laws to prevent gay and/or trans kids from bullying. But what happens if a gay or trans person is being bullied for being unvaccinated?
I'll wager their heads would explode from the cognitive dissonance, but conservatives seem to be able to believe multiple conflicting, wrong things at the same time.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to believe in contradictory things when you don't have any policies or principles, aside from maybe, "the other side is evil incarnate, and must be destroyed!"

Just look at the Republicans in the U.S. They have to wait for instruction from their well-heeled media overlords (Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and in the past, Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh) on what to do, think, and say regarding any topic, then all of a sudden - like magic! - they're all saying the exact same thing.

The only counterpoint to this in recent years is the "Trump Factor". As in, Donald Trump will spout off whatever bullshit comes to his mind, no matter how illogical, and most every Republican will stand in lockstep with their thoroughly unimpressive leader. There's also the perpetual vicious circle of Trump saying something stupid, and Fox and other right-wing media running with it, or vice versa.

The same thing is becoming more noticable with the CPC. I mean, is there really much difference between what Pierre Poilievre says, and what one sees posted on Rebel, The Post Millennial, True North, etc.?

It would have been unthinkable - even a decade ago - for any (semi-credible) Conservative politician to have been caught anywhere near something like this past February's Fuckers' Brigade Hoedown Hootenanny. Stoking the flames of such a (bowel) movement like that in coded language, sure. Maybe even supporting them behind the scenes. But being like PP and Candice Bergen and actually having photos taken with the human equivalent of an open sewer? Almost never! Sure, you'd have someone like Rob Anders - when he wasn't dozing off in the HoC - doing something like that, but he's a low-level shitheel, not to mention a massive fucking idiot who's expected to do that.

Anonymous said...

The noisiest anti-vaxxers tend to also be racists, misogynists, homophobes and bigots. They are more likely to commit hate crimes than to be victims of hatred.

Oh yeah, and some would wear a yellow Star of David at protests to show what victims they were, because being asked to get a vaccine to protect yourself and your community is just like being murdered in a Nazi death camp. Whiners.

Val J

Anonymous said...

At the Ottawa convoy, idiots from Calgary:

Also in the US:

Val J