Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Well, this is ... interesting.

 Um ... wut?

Is this the sort of thing that Twitter Support should know about?


Anonymous said...

What is it with right-wing dipshits and their instant go-to of accusing others of being pedophiles? That is so Patrick Ross.

Anonymous said...

It's always projection. The Q conspiracy is all about a secret (((globalist))) cabal that traffics children out of the basement of a pizza parlor. Meanwhile, the people who actually went to Epstein's paedo parties include right-wingers like Trump and Dershowitz, who apparently never removed his y-fronts.

MgS said...

At a wild guess this boils down to the same kind of wingnut reasoning that is frequently used by the far right to make out that the LGBTQ community is "coming for your kids", except now they've broadened that to "woke is coming for your kids".

... I wish I was joking, but this is an expansion of the "Hilary was running a pedo ring out of a pizza joint" nonsense - it's going to get someone killed.

We already have groups trying to "take over" school boards to "get rid of the Woke voices" ... and the website is terrifying reading for anyone who has their brain switched on:

In other words, that may be far less of a joke than you think it is at first.

Anonymous said...

Remember the rule when it comes to right-wingers: every accusation is a confession.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Conservatives showing a complete lack of self-awareness and sense of humour.

How is Vic T. doing nowadays?

Anonymous said...

It's the satanic panic 2.0, except they're demonizing their opponents as pedophiles instead of as satanist. Or sometimes as both.
Hell, the satanic panic basically never ended, so it's technically the satanic panic v1.1.
I remember falling for that shit in the early 90s, but I had an excuse, I was only 15 at the time.
These assholes have no excuse. They're just shit human beings doing what shit human beings do: be shit human beings.