Friday, October 14, 2022

Money well spent, I'm sure.

Apparently, Rebel News Obergruppenfuhrer and junior high school student babysitter Ezra Levant needs $2.35 million to rent a block of suites at the Chateau Laurier so that 15 Rebel "journalists" can vacation in downtown Ottawa for six weeks:

I'm sure they take Bitcoin.

P.S. "It was beautiful because it was so real, so authentic and so Canadian."

Yeah, I remember the stirring Canadian patriotism of the ... the ... hang on ...

OK, maybe not so much.

PREDICTION: Within the first three days, one of Rebel's child journalists will harass someone on the street to the point where a microphone will be pushed out of the way, immediately after which Der Rebel will shriek hysterically about Trudeau's violent, hired thugs savagely beating a Rebel journo almost to death.

You know it's coming.

A LEGAL QUESTION: It occurs to wonder ... regardless of whether someone is a "journalist" or not, if I feel someone is harassing me incessantly, do I not have the legal right to say, "Stay away from me"? Seriously, if someone insists on regularly violating my personal space, is it not my right to tell them to leave me alone?

I ask since one of the harassment tactics of Rebel News "journalists" is to lie in wait for (mostly) Liberals, then leap in front of them and stick a microphone in their face and ask asinine questions like, "Aren't you embarrassed that Justin Trudeau once work blackface?" And, for the most part, the targets of this harassment behave politely and keep walking.

But, really, no matter who is involved, does one not have the legal right to say, "I'm not interested in engaging with you, and I want you to stay away from me"?


Coolxenu said...

Bexte pushed a mic in my face trying to back me into oncoming traffic. I call that assault.

Anonymous said...

It's a sound investment on Ezra's part, although it has nothing to do with journalism. It's basically two things:
- an inexhaustible source of cheap video, probably for the next six months. Without any journalism policy or editorial standards, the Rebel doesn't need to bother with actual, substantive interviews, analysis, or interpretation. They simply record hour and hours of blather from their partner organizations, all of whom are present for these hearings, and expand them with all the usual talking points from Dave, Sheila, Ezra et al. It's unbelievable lazy and self indulgent, but that's the product their audience is looking for. The Inquiry is an oasis for restocking the reservoirs - now that the mandates are all but gone, they need a new cheap source of raw material for rage mongering, and this is it.
- It's also a huge team building exercise for this sad collection of aging, fading mediocrities (who get to feel important once again) and the new batch of "Democracy Fund" talent free novices, who are unfortunately learning some of the worst pseudo journalism practices since Weekly World News. But it's like summer camp or that High School Musical or the field trip where you first got laid - they're bonding.

Anonymous said...

A restraining order? Could they do a class action restraining order to keep Rebel away from all Canadians?

At least they don't have St. Brigid's for a home base.

Val J

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that there would be 8 seats at the hearing for media, so presumably Rebel would not be in there, but I suppose they are stalking around outside ready to bully witnesses.

Levant is being his usual shitty self online:

Val J

Anonymous said...

Val J: Jun 29, 2022 — "The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom will share its seat at the inquiry into the 2022 Public Order Emergency with The Democracy Fund."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

$2 million+ ? can’t they just rent a truck?