Friday, October 07, 2022

Rebel News Islamophobic? No way!

One of my more informative commenters, Val J, points us all at this eye-opening report, "THE CANADIAN ISLAMOPHOBIA INDUSTRY: Mapping Islamophobia’s Ecosystem in the Great White North." And if you need a teaser, well there's this:

Off you go, then.


Anonymous said...

I saw that screenshot of the Table of Contents, and thought, "Man, I wonder how small the font had to be to squeeze all that info on each of Rebel's faves into only two or three pages each." Turns out...fairly small, but in fairness, it's mostly links to the shit that they've spewed over the past...lord knows how many years.

Maybe someone should tell Omar Alghabra or any other politicians who are harassed by whatever rent-a-"reporter" is working for Rebel this week about this report. That way, the next time they're asked about how Rebel spreads misinfo, they can print this 230+ page report out, bind it up, literally throw it at Willy or whomever, and say, "Here, you cousinfucker! Here's the proof! And that's on just ONE subject!"

Not that they'll care of course, but it would be good to see one of these idiots getting nailed hard with a physical form of the facts. I grant some arrests and/or lawsuits could come out of doing such a thing (physical assault and all), and give Rebel fodder to write about something that actually happened, compared to the made-up bullshit they usually vomit out. Still, it might be worth it just to hear a nice, satisfying thud to the noggin of whatever unfortunate schmuck is smacked with said report.

Having said that, getting smacked upside the head, or beaten in some other way is just a regular Tuesday for David Menzies...though that's usually done by police or security guards.

Anonymous said...

What are the odds that many of the hate spreaders are Conservatives, some write for the SUN...

"Islamophobic rhetoric from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, creating anti-Muslim fear and moral panic."
Yes, yes and yes. Conservatives and the alt-right function on fear and hate.

Fuck them all.