Tuesday, October 25, 2022

The CPC's next shadow minister of multiculturalism.



Coolxenu said...

As a potty mouthed, athiest, drunk, self loving pothead, I say.... mmmmm CHEETOS!!!1!

Sports buff?

John Cross said...

Sports Buff? WTF (opps, there I go being a potty mouth)

Anonymous said...

According to that numbnut's sign, apparently no one will ever get into Heaven. Or very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very few. Including - I'd hate (love) to tell him - himself, even if he thinks otherwise.

I mean, liars and greedy pigs not being allowed in guarantees that no politicians, lobbyists, high-end business executives, and a good chunk of the media will ever get in. Hmmm...that does sound heavenly.

No potty mouths are allowed in Heaven? That alone must mean that anyone over the age of two won't be able to get in.

I mean good lord, not even the Pope can get in! If the dude that supposedly preaches the "Word of God" can't get in, who can?

Del Esau said...

This heaven doesn't seem like a party I would want to crash.

Anonymous said...

Looking at that guy, there's no freaking way he isn't living on pornhub at least 2-4 hours a day.
And first on his list is "liar". But I do notice he left "hypocrite" off his list. How convenient.

lungta said...

Matt 20:16
Jesus then said, "So it is. Everyone who is now last will be first, and everyone who is first will be last."
I missed on pope, sports buff, 1/2 for contentious (not a woman), muslim and homo.