Friday, October 21, 2022

Can we please get rid of Alberta ...

... before it takes the rest of the country down with it?


Anonymous said...

Ontario has Doug Ford. His crack-smoking, alcoholic brother was the mayor of Toronto. A former premier Mike Harris still dictates for-profit LTC policy, he who testified at the Walkerton water inquiry 20 yrs ago. I'm not sure how this is all Alberta's fault. You can blame Thatcher, Ayn Rand, Kanye West or Elon Musk just as easily.

Anonymous said...

I personally have nothing against Albertans, but I am most curious to see what happens when they establish their own republic based on the principles that their brain-trust have been promoting for the last few years. It will be a country in which:
- You need only obey the laws and regulations you personally approve of. If you don't like a legal measure, you can ignore it without consequence on the basis of conscience.
- Police and military personnel can refuse orders they disagree with.
- Clergy and their congregations can declare themselves exempt from any law or regulation if they think that's what their God wants them to do.
- There will be no restriction on any category or quantity of weaponry, and citizens have the unlimited right to defend their property and possession with lethal force.
- All Indigenous treaties and Land Claim negotiations with the Crown will be declared null and void.
- All the programs and services currently managed, funded or delivered by the Federal Government will be taken over by the new republic, without the introduction of any new taxes, funded exclusively by resource revenues on a declining reservoir of a commodity the world is moving rapidly away from.
In short, it will be a society reminiscent of the US/Mexico borderland described by Cormac McCarthy in Blood Meridian, with a dash of Harlan Ellison for spice.