Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy (actual) interestversary.

Not much to add to my recent post, other than to suggest that undischarged bankrupt Patrick Ross appears to be a wee bit frustrated these days with how little attention his public frothing is attracting. Time was, Patrick would denigrate people quite regularly about how few followers they had compared to him, as if regular audience was a sign of literary quality or something. So it must grate on him that, while he has less than 2,300 followers on Twitter, I have over 12,000, and while his tweets typically get, at most, a few hundred views (if that), I've recently had a thread exceed 125,000 views.

So, nothing really to report, other than that I'm doing just fine in terms of reading audience while I suspect a large chunk of Patrick's readers are simply people keeping tabs on him so they can tell me what he's up to.

Until next month.

AFTERSNARK: It must just burn Patrick's butt that almost no one reads his shash, but I can get over 12,000 views for a single tweet in less than a day.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Chronicles of Twatrick: Still talking smack.

Apparently, massively-indebted undischarged bankrupt and financial fugitive from the Saskatchewan Sheriffs, the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy and God knows who else Patrick Ross is still blar-har-har'ing over at his predictably unread Twitter account about ... oh, what does it matter? Patrick is welcome to insult one and all about how he is so much smarter than everyone else but it's a safe bet that he cannot run forever and that someday there will be, for Patrick, a very painful reckoning.

FYI, I have already contacted four private investigation agencies that service the Lloydminster area and I am collecting quotes for surveillance of Casa Ross. I have heard that Patrick is on the road at the moment, so anyone I hire should have no fear of Patrick trundling out of the front door and screaming obscenities and threatening anyone who is simply doing their job.

I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, keep those cards and letters coming in as to where Patrick shows up and what he's driving.

P.S. While I'm formalizing the agreement with the PI, if anyone just happens to be in that area, any reports or photos related to activity around Casa Ross are appreciated, especially ones that reveal regular activity in terms of someone living there and/or maintaining the place in terms of cutting the grass and so on.

OR MAKE THIS A GROUP EFFORT: Commenter just now suggests an obvious approach to surveillance ... rather than paying a single PI to check on Casa Ross regularly during the week, it would work just as well to have a number of people who have the time to do a drive-by maybe once or twice a week, and combine all those observations.

An "observation" could be as simple as "Drove by Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., no vehicle in driveway but lights on in living room. Lawn looks freshly mowed."

So, sure, if there are people in or around Lloydminster, SK willing to take a few minutes out of their day to do this on an occasional basis, that would be just ducky. If this amuses you, drop me a note at and let me know your availability.

Monday, June 17, 2024

Chronicles of Twatrick: Whistling past the graveyard.

Predictably, undischarged bankrupt and financial fugitive Patrick Ross is following this blog and, having read my latest production, thinks it's clever to gloat thusly:

Patrick is indeed correct that my initial attempt at dismissing his meritless defamation lawsuit failed, but he also knows full well that that was because I screwed up some of the paperwork and failed to submit a proper Affidavit. He knows this as he was on that Zoom call and heard it. He also heard the judge telling me that, while he had no choice in dismissing my application because of that, I had a "pretty strong case." Again, Patrick knows this since he was on that call and heard it.

So it seems inappropriate for Patrick to be gloating over this when he's quite aware that I failed on a technicality -- an error I do not plan to make again.

P.S. I am moving ahead with my plan to hire a Lloydminster-based private investigator to check on what is happening at Casa Ross, although I am always open to anyone in that area driving by and letting me know what they see.

P.P.S. Patrick also insists that my position is that he absolutely cannot, as an undischarged bankrupt, initiate a lawsuit. If you read the previous post, that is not what I said. What I said was that if Patrick thinks he can, he can make that argument to the Court and see where that goes. But Patrick lying about what others have said is what got him in all this trouble in the first place.

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy (early) interestversary, and it's clobbering time.


As this week is going to be crazy busy work-wise, I'm going to get this monthly opus out of the way a few days early, and there's quite a lot to talk about so make yourself comfortable because here is your chance to help nail undischarged bankrupt and financial fugitive Patrick "Superfly Chick Magnet Helllloooo Ladies" Ross to a wall.

As usual, it is now another month that Patrick has racked up several hundred dollars in debt to me as the interest keeps piling up, it now being a full 34 months since a judge told Patrick how much he owes me and cranked up the interest rate to a delightful five per cent per annum:

And here's where I explain what I've been pondering for a while, and it's that rather than let Patrick continue to skate on this, I am going to lower the boom and you are more than invited to help.

First, there is the issue of where Patrick is hanging his cowboy hat these days, as recent photographic evidence suggests he is back in the Lloyd at Casa Ross, at least part of the time:

so this brings us to the first item on the TO DO list.

I want to resolve whose truck that is, and how often it hangs out at Casa Ross, so I'm looking for someone local to Lloydminster, SK to do drive-bys on a regular basis and keep notes on when it's there and when it isn't and so on. What I need is surveillance, and not just on an occasional basis as I want to understand the visitation patterns of that vehicle. If that is indeed Patrick's Chevy Avalanche, it's critical to know if it's there in the daytime, in the evening, or both, and also if it's there during the week (suggesting Patrick has a job in Lloyd if he has a job at all), or only on the weekend (suggesting he might be commuting to, perhaps, Grande Prairie, AB).

This is why I really need someone local to that area -- I need to understand the pattern of presence of that vehicle and, if possible, who accompanies it. And all of this can be done perfectly legally as long as one remains on public property. So if you have the wherewithal to do this, yes, I'm willing to compensate you for your trouble, but understand that I need regular eyes on that place for this to work. (Obviously, it would be useful to know if Patrick is seen driving around town as well, but that's just a bonus.) And there's more.

A major reason for wanting to know if that's Patrick and whether he's actually living there is that I'm preparing to drop some legal paperwork on him, and I'd like to verify where he lives to make sure the process server doesn't waste time looking for him. I was originally happy to just leave Patrick in legal limbo, but I've decided that I want to stomp on him and this is part of the preparation. So here's my plan.

Once I have everything ready to go, I'm going to file a motion to dismiss his idiotic defamation lawsuit against me, the basis for that dismissal being a pile of reasons. On top of the issue of whether Patrick even has standing to sue given that he is an undischarged bankrupt without a trustee, he has a number of other problems to deal with.

First, his moronic lawsuit listed as one of my "co-defendants" a still-unidentified "John/Jane Doe" -- unidentified after almost two years. As if that wasn't silly enough, much of the Statement of Claim does not even complain about me; rather, it documents the alleged defamation and harassment originating from other parties, so it's not even clear what sense that makes.

Also, Patrick's biggest hurdle is that he now owes me over $120,000 and has made no effort to resolve this, so my most forceful argument is going to be that, if Patrick truly wants to proceed with this dumbass lawsuit, he first needs to pay me off in full. I've been advised that this is an extremely persuasive argument, as the Court really doesn't like to let someone refuse to pay costs or judgment while allowing them to continue to file frivolous actions. In short, I will be arguing vociferously that not only is Patrick's lawsuit against me of no merit, but if he really and truly wants to move ahead with it, he should first pay off his debt to me in full so that we have a level playing field financially.

(Side note: I will also argue that, given Patrick's evasion of his financial obligations all these years, he needs to turn over some serious change in surety -- say $25,000. That would be on top of paying me off in full, but that's a separate issue.)

So that's what I'm thinking these days -- the plan is to file to dismiss Patrick's lawsuit for a number of reasons or, in the alternative if Patrick is still determined to go down this road, have the Court order Patrick to first do all of the following:
  1. Submit an amended Statement of Claim that restricts itself exclusively to claims against me, with no reference to other parties (named or anonymous),
  2. Pay me in full what he owes me (over $120,000), and
  3. Hand over significant surety (say, $25,000).
Which brings us to the final part of this opus ... that since Patrick filed this idiocy at the courthouse in Grande Prairie, AB, I'm looking for a recommendation for a lawyer somewhere in that area to assist me in all of this. I already know what I want my filing to say so I'm after someone to just help me format documents, make sure everything is in the proper format, help me with filing and so on. Effectively, I could make do with a paralegal who would know how all this works, so if anyone has any recommendations, let me know.

So, to sum up, if any of my regular readers want to be of assistance, I'm looking for people to report on any regular goings-on at Casa Ross in Lloydminster, and I'm looking for someone to assist me in putting together the appropriate filings to kick Patrick's ass at the courthouse in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Lines are open.

P.S. I will most likely be adding random thoughts to this post, so check back on a regular basis.

AFTERSNARK: There is one other request I will be making of the Court with respect to all of this. As regular readers will know, Patrick seems convinced that, even as an undischarged bankrupt without a trustee, he has the standing to file lawsuits. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't, but it seems that it would be only reasonable to ask the Court to schedule an earlier hearing at which Patrick can make that argument, the point being that if the Court does not agree with him, this whole action vanishes.

So I will be asking the Court to order Patrick to attend a preliminary hearing at which Patrick can -- at his own expense -- make that argument, and then we can all see just how persuasive is Patrick when presenting his scintillating legal analysis to an actual judge. I've seen this, and it rarely ends well for Patrick, but he's welcome to give it a shot.

UPPITY DATE: A private correspondent makes a tantalizing suggestion -- rather than try to co-ordinate one or more confidential informants to track the comings and goings at Casa Ross, it might be more productive and cost-effective to just hire a Lloyd-based private investigator to make a few passes by the place and take notes.

It's unlikely to take more than a few hours of investigative work, as we already know the address, the vehicle of interest, what Patrick looks like and so on and, let's face it, Patrick is not exactly an evil genius, so a few hours of sleuthing might be all that's necessary to figure out what's happening.

In addition, a PI can certainly be hired to canvass the immediate neighbours and ask them what they've seen. Put all that together and I think this might actually be the most effective approach, so if anyone has a recommendation for a PI in the Lloydminster area -- ideally near Casa Ross -- drop me a note at And let the gumshoeing begin.

Friday, June 14, 2024

Chronicles of Twatrick: Patrick back in the Lloyd?

After checking my archives for references to the aforementioned Chevy Avalanche parked in the driveway at Casa Ross:

it is entirely possible that that is, in fact, Patrick's ride these days, as a close-up of the back reveals a small silver sticker that, upon further examination, is a "Transformers" logo, and one imagines that Patrick is the only one of his siblings classless enough to be a 40-something that would pimp out his ride with cartoon characters meant to appeal to 8-year-olds.

In any event, if that is indeed Patrick, that inspires a number of thoughts. First, it would make it so much easier to serve him so I am making a note for my next process server to try there first. But there is a potentially much bigger issue here.

If Patrick is simply living there, that means that property is not going on the market, and that might be causing some friction between Patrick and the rest of the Ross clan, who might be itching to sell it so they can share in the proceeds.

Another possibility (which I have mentioned before) is that perhaps that gaggle of hillbillies has some sort of arrangement wherein Patrick gets the house, while the rest of them get larger shares of the rest of the inheritance. That would be very interesting since, if the house has been quietly handed over to Patrick in any legal way, I would absolutely have a claim to the property to settle Patrick's relentlessly increasing debt to me.

I think perhaps it's time for lawyers to get involved to clarify what is happening here. Who knows? I might end up owning a house in Lloydminster. Only one way to find out.

STAY TUNED: While I will have my monthly "Happy interestversary" post next week, I will let y'all in on other upcoming developments in that post.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Chronicles of Twatrick: Current activity at Casa Ross.

Yesterday, I received from one of my confidential informants this recent drive-by pic of Casa Ross, with a blue Chevy Avalanche parked in the driveway. There is no apparent "For Sale" sign so one suspects this might be one of Patrick's siblings perhaps maintaining the place while the will is still being processed, who knows?

In any event, yes, I have eyes on the place so I'll know if Patrick ends up back in town, or if the house goes on the market. This is the benefit of having friends.

Monday, June 10, 2024

Chronicles of Twatrick: You really want to go there?

Here's Patrick Ross -- on the hook for over $120,000 for defaming me maliciously in particularly disgusting ways almost 15 years ago -- now presuming to lecture others on honesty.