Thursday, December 06, 2018

Potemkin Media, revisited.


In my continuing quest to chronicle the inexorable disintegration of the dumpster fire that is Rebel Media, we check in to see yet another rodent has fled the S.S. Crapfest.

From only last month, we still had 13 bloviating hacks hanging on for dear life:

And today, Dec 6, 2018? Ruh roh ...

Why, yes, it is the financially-incapacitated Katie Hopkins who's swiped a lifeboat and disappeared into the distance.

At this point, it's just a matter of time.

UPPITY DATE, JAN 5, 2019:  What did I say about "just a matter of time?"

Now gone would be one Tanveer Ahmed, who's grabbed a life preserver and launched himself off the poop deck of the S.S. Ratfuck, hoping to avoid the inevitable whirlpool.

We'll check in next month.

AFTERSNARK: Given that Rob Shimshock seems to have taken a powder lately:

I predict he's the next rodent of unusual size who will vanish quietly from the increasingly-listing S.S. Rubble. Let's watch ...