Friday, October 21, 2022

Yeah, you do that.

 Bring it on, you pathetic mound of white nationalist trailer trash:

I can assure you, me and several hundred thousand other people who live in Ottawa will be waiting, and the cops won't protect you next time.

See you in February.


Anonymous said...

"If" is doing a lot of work there. The mayor, the OPS, the OPP and the premier all agreed that the EA was needed to resolve a situation in Ottawa that was beyond OPS control. And we haven't even got to the armed lunatics in Coutts yet.

MgS said...

Anonymous @ 9:56:

The Coutts situation is even messier in some respects. There’s good reason to suspect that the UCP government was involved with the blockade through numerous “back channels”.

Further, and perhaps even more suspicious, was Kenney’s unwillingness to use the powers he had asserted in the ‘Critical Infrastructrure Protection Act” to shut down a protest that was blocking millions a day in cross border trade. (Peanuts compared to the Ambassador Bridge blockade, but still significant for Alberta).

The upcoming criminal trial around the firearms could be very informative.

Anonymous said...

The KKKonvoy was illegal.
The city and then the province were incompetent in controlling it.

End of story.
I wish they would jail all that supported it including traitor politicians.