Saturday, October 08, 2022


Conservative Party of Canada, that supported "Freedom Convoy" and hand-delivered coffee and donuts to seditionists that literally called for the overthrow of the federal government and the murder of the Prime Minister, currently getting their panties in a bunch over a satirical tweet:

So, yeah, priorities.


Anonymous said...

The thing is they're not actually wetting their panties over the tweet, that's pure kayfabe. OTOH, they did actually deliver Tim's to the fuckers in trucks. So yeah, priorities.

Anonymous said...

The liberals should just say “Why should we censor and cancel a member of the media? Shouldn’t other media organizations regulate themselves which is a core principle of conservative beliefs? Also, the conservatives keep wasting this bodies time calling for endless condemnation of everyone they see as a political enemy, which is most everyone who questions them, and yet not one condemnation from conservatives about violence committed by the freedom convoy, violence and hate committed by anti-Democratic people the opposition leader marches and shakes hands with, or all the women at risk due to his targeting of. misogynist hate-groups with his promotional videos. Maybe if the opposition can channel even a fraction of their endless hate and outrage towards fascists and misogynists, we could take their claims of caring about the discourse and rhetoric seriously instead of the hypocrisy it really is.”

Problem is they won’t ever say that because liberal parties tend to not be that smart with political rhetoric and how to wield it to their advantage.

Purple library guy said...

Wow, that's an amazingly selective quote surrounded by very mendacious description. You know there's something dodgy when they can't actually quote what the person said even though it was, as a tweet, by definition brief, but instead only quote two words and then make claims about what the rest of it said.

Anonymous said...

There is something perturbing about Conservative lowering political discourse, to be fair, they lower all discourse.

I don't see anyone, from journalists to social media companies, calling out their toxicity. In fact they normalize it - from the hate from Senator Dum-Dum-Denise to the Conservative shitposter who is homophobic, white nationalist...
They have no self-awareness and much less don't care.
The tolerance of the intolerant has shifted what should never have been accepted.

Yet if they feel slighted, often with good reason, they howl like shit flinging monkeys. One can see it in the example of Dale Smith (one of the few real journalist left) being vilified and called a "legacy media journalist".
The Conservative idea of journalism is propaganda.

Those that have called it out tend to get censored. You can call out intolerance but often the mind hive of cons will attack the poster and get them banned.
Conservative groups around the world are based on hate, misinformation and simpleton thinking.

Conservative are always inciting to violence but peed blood in outrage as imagined slights.

Fuck them all.