Sunday, October 16, 2022


Infamous anti-vaxxer who mocked vaccine and mask mandates currently whining about the long-term effects of getting sick:

So ... there's that.


C. Mike Hunt said...

Play stupid games...

thwap said...

He did it all for "freedom." Canada's Charter of Rights & Freedoms [the product of beloved P. E. Trudeau, father of the demon-communist-tyrant Justin] is sacred to him.

COVID didn't care about his Charter rights. COVID almost killed him (but for our publicly financed healthcare system).

So, COVID is real. He has personal experience of how deadly it can be and how debilitating it has been for him. He must understand that it overwhelmed his own province's hospitals (because of the shit-headedness of his provincial government) and he had to be air-lifted to an Ontario hospital.

So it was a public health emergency. A pandemic. It was expensive and all of our nation's hospitals are facing a crisis due to burn-out among emergency room staffs.

How many people does he imagine he infected due to his own stupid behaviour? How many people died.

And yet he probably still gorges his tiny brain on fabricated tales of vaccines killing people and failing utterly to reduce COVID deaths (which are all inflated anyway) and similar garbage.

Anonymous said...

Del Esau said...

And chemtrails.
He has the hots for chemtrails.

Anonymous said...

Mark Friesen could expire and it would be a positive for humanity.

- He's a former PPC candidate
- He was a Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan candidate
- He's still pushing COVID-19 misinformation

Fuck him.

C. Mike Hunt said...

Account suspended

So...there's that.