Sunday, October 23, 2022


Right-wing Canadians who were livid -- FURIOUS, I TELL YOU!!! -- with Justin Trudeau for allegedly interfering politically with the justice system are currently celebrating gleefully over (*checks notes*) Danielle Smith's promise to interfere politically with the justice system:

OK, then.


Anonymous said...

Can't we just cull Conservatives?
I'm just joking but their complete lack of any critical thinking skill is scary.

Anonymous said...

You post as if they actually care about or believe anything they say. They don’t. Their “critical thinking” is actually very consistent when you realize their only belief a that they deserve to be in power and to delegitimize anything that puts their divine right to rule into question.

Purple library guy said...

What on earth does she even MEAN "no more World Economic Forum in Alberta"?
The World Economic Forum happens in Davos, Switzerland and I don't think they invite anybody from Alberta (partly because the Alberta oil is mostly US owned). So it never was in Alberta and indeed never noticed Alberta existed.

Don't get me wrong--the idea that the WEF is nefarious is one of the few things the cuckoo right are essentially correct about. It's just that they're nefarious in the OBVIOUS way, not the la-la-land way--they're not trying to barcode everyone's forehead or put computer chips in us, they're trying to make sure billionaires get to keep making more money by squeezing everyone else's wages and jacking up everyone else's prices; the main methods are "free markets", strong "intellectual property" rules, low taxes on the rich and corporations, lack of capital controls and so forth. They're not Doctor Evil, they're just rich scumbuckets and their politician lackeys.

Anonymous said...

AHS did connect up to a WEF group about better healthcare in 2020, which may be a good thing, I dunno. Loopy Danielle will probably fire everyone involved and order this announcement to be expunged.

"The goal of the global coalition is to accelerate the transformation toward value-based healthcare."

Danielle makes me think of Caligula, causing chaos, arbitrarily executing people, and emptying the government treasury for stupid grandiose projects.
Watch her appoint her horse as the next Lieutenant Governor.

Val J

lungta said...

Dozy Dani doubles down.
Her shower thoughts may not get traction on main street.
The loud rude backward 2% like her tho.

Anonymous said...

So Little Boots Danielle is cancelling the agreement because in her head she hears the voices of billionaires bragging.

I think of her as what Daemon called Aegon.

Val J