Sunday, January 23, 2022

Theo Fleury: Still a scientifically illiterate asshole.



Dear Theo: Please fuck off. And in closing, thank you for fucking off.

That is some seriously burning stupid.

Uh huh ...

Brought to you by the same guy who promises his date that he has a full 12 inches, I'm guessing.

Here, let me imagine that for you.

Unvaccinated truckers: "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore, being ordered to get vaccinated if we want to cross the border!!!"

Curious person: "OK, um, what exactly are you going to do?"

UT: "We're going to forego business and, for the next several days, congregate unmasked and without social distancing with hundreds or thousands of other unvaccinated truckers in close quarters. That'll teach those Libs!"

2022 Truckers for Grift: A victim of their own success?

If I was in any way involved in the idiotic 2022 Freedom Convoy, I would be getting a mite nervous about the staggering amount of money coming in:

You might think this is all terrifically good news for the organizers but, let's face it, I don't see any way that this collection of addlepated truckers can legitimately rack up over $2M in legitimate expenses, which means that those organizers will have to figure out how to dispose of that surplus, and one wonders if there will be a proper and rigorous accounting, or ... well, who the hell knows?

To paraphrase a popular warning, "With great income comes great accountability." I guess we'll see.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Dear stupid MSM: Let's remember these claims, shall we?

Well, how about that ... over 36,000 trucks:

Will a single media outlet fact check these spectacular claims a week from now? Let's watch ...

Why "Canadian Truckers for Freedom 2022" is pure, unadulterated grift.

Bear with me as I explain this really, really slowly, and feel free to correct me if I misunderstand something.

First, many, many really stupid truckers are apparently furious over, well, this:

Now, read that very, very carefully to make sure you understand it -- that the contentious vaccine mandate would require Canadian truckers entering Canada to be vaccinated. Or quarantine. Or be tested. You get the idea.

Let's go over that again -- the Canadian truckers who would be inconvenienced by this mandate are truckers crossing from the United States into Canada. Do you understand that? Seriously, don't read any further until you understand that. It's not rocket surgery, it's pretty simple.

So ...we're good? All right ... onward.

Now, for a Canadian trucker to be entering Canada, he must be in the United States. And for him to be in the United States, he must have entered the United States by crossing from Canada into the United States. Again, let me know if I'm going too fast here, because all of this is critically important.

And here's the kicker -- if said trucker is unvaccinated, then there is no way he could have entered the United States in the first place, as explained in the very next paragraph of that Blog TO piece:

Let me repeat that for the truly stupid among you:

Canadian truckers ... will also be barred from entering the United States at land borders without proof of vaccination starting Jan. 22 ...

So, let me explain that one more time so there is no confusion: The vaccine mandate for Canadian truckers returning to Canada is absolutely and utterly irrelevant, since those dumbfuck stupid unvaccinated truckers are barred from entering the United States in the first place.

But, hey, Tamara Lich needs another winter coat:

This will never stop being funny.


Seriously, never.

Who is "The Marie Oakes", and why is she lying?

One more example of all this truck-related dumbassitude, this from some spectacularly unprincipled hack apparently named Marie Oakes on Twitter:

Well, that is certainly one impressive convoy ... until you look closer.

First, note the date on that tweet: Jan 21, 2022. That's kind of problematic since, according to numerous sources such as LifeSite News, absolutely no one was scheduled to begin driving until this weekend; more specifically, Jan 23 at the earliest:

The bigger problem with that video (which you can watch here) is that the narration is completely in French, and as I don't understand French, I can't translate, but French suggests this video might have been made by someone driving in Quebec, and there is no way Quebec truckers would have started driving already in order to arrive in Ottawa a full eight days later.

Personally, that looks like a massive backup caused by an accident, but if anyone wants to take a closer look and deduce what is going on there, I think it's safe to say that Marie Oakes is a disingenuous twatwaffle who grabbed a video of a random traffic jam and slapped a "2022 Freedom Convoy" label on it.

I am open to being convinced otherwise.

P.S. There is one more obvious indicator that the above has nothing to do with the severely brain-damaged 2022 Freedom Convoy, and that's that the above video was clearly shot at night, which makes no sense as one would assume that the actual convoy would drive during the day, then pull over for the night.

I think it's already painfully clear that the above video is bogus, but that's just one more bit of evidence against it.

P.P.S. One curiosity about this whole doomed venture. According to the organizers themselves, truckers from the west coast will start out with a "slow roll" on January 23, allegedly arriving in Ottawa on January 28. Uh ... that's only five days and, according to my calculations, the distance from Vancouver to Ottawa by road is just under 4400 km, which means that this entire convoy expects to cover almost 900 km every single day, including driving across the prairies in late January.

Really? You think so? I need to watch this.

OH, GOOD LORD ... you just knew that white nationalist and total doofus Keean Bexte would fall for this obvious fakery:


Dear Global News: You've heard of "fact checkers," right?

Getting caught up in the hysteria, Global News publishes an ominous photo of trucks courageously braving the conditions on behalf of freedom and liberty:

Oddly, a quick visit to TinEye suggests that photo dates back at least a week before the article:

"Quick! We need a photo of some trucks!"

"On it, boss."

THE DISHONESTY GOES EVER ON: Even the Freedom Convoy's official Facebook page can't resist stealing someone else's work:

And from back in 2017 ...

You're welcome.

Truckers for mouth-breathingly gullible.

Quite the haul going there ...

Right now, the Maverick Party's Tamara Lich is wondering whether she wants her new 16-cylinder, quad-turbocharged Bugatti Veyron in midnight blue or "Hello Kitty" hot pink.

Decisions, decisions ...

Friday, January 21, 2022

Tamara Lich: Who wants to be a millionaire?

So, in the space of less than a week, the Maverick Party's Tamara Lich has hoovered up over a million bucks:

Now I guess we wait to see where all that money goes.

Jesus Christ, look at all those fucking trucks, oh, wait ...

Dumbass Twitter account "CanadaSOS1" brings the hysterics:

Reality from back in June of 2020 brings the humiliating reality:

Dumbass. Just fucking dumbass.

MORE FUCKING DUMBASS. Here's dumbass "David Cameron":


 And here's a stock photo from September, 2012:



What in the fuck is wrong with these imbeciles?

The stupid ... it burns ...

Wow, that is some kind of convoy descending on Ottawa ...

Oh, wait ...

I think we're done here.

P.S. I must admit, I'm puzzled by this claim:

Will be sending thousands upon thousands of Trucks & vehicles to shut down an Entire City.

Leaving aside the preposterous claim of "thousands upon thousands" of trucks, what precisely is the plan to "shut down an entire city?"

Is the idea to just drive into town, park your truck in a random location intended to obstruct traffic and ... walk away from it? To where? And just leave your truck there? I'm guessing the next couple days would be an absolute gift for truck thieves, who could just wander from truck to truck, hot-wiring it and driving away.

Or are you going to stick with your truck? Eat in it? Sleep in it? Good for you if that's your plan, at least it shows commitment, but I'm betting you can do that for only so long.

And speaking of, how long do you plan to keep this up? Even if you blocked every major artery in the city, all Ottawa needs to do is wait you out, since I'm guessing none of you came with the intention of spending weeks in your cab.

Seriously, what exactly is on your agenda once you roll into town? I mean, you've thought this through, right? Please tell me you've thought this through.

Eleventy skajillion trucks, just you watch.

Yes, dear, there will be over 36,000 trucks:

It's going to be fascinating to see who actually shows up. And where they think they're going to park.

A QUESTION OF LOGISTICS: One has to wonder -- where do all these imbeciles think they're going to park ... and eat ... and stay? If restaurants are still restricting indoor dining, do they think they're just going to call some eatery and say, "Yeah, we need 28,000 pizzas delivered to the Concorde Inn in Vanier. Do you take MasterCard?"

And if they need to stay overnight, what hotels/motels can accommodate one 18-wheeler per guest in their parking lot?

This promises to be the most spectacularly embarrassing and gargantuan clusterfuck since Ezra Levant decided he was a journalist.

Chronicles of Twatrick: An inflated sense of his own importance.

Apparently, Lloydminster's Patrick Ross is now entering into the cripplingly deluded phase of his meltdown; he is offering to drop his meritless legal action against Peter Skinner for a quarter of a million dollars.

A quarter of a million dollars.

There are no words.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

How fucking stupid is Novak Djokovic?

This stupid.

Apparently, he is psyched to sue Australia for ... oh, who the hell knows? Perhaps his lawyer can advise him that any country can deny entrance to anyone for any reason whatsoever, so he can kiss goodbye playing in an Australian Open ever again for the rest of his life.

What a dick.

I'm dying here.



Please don't make me have to explain that.

Oh, get off the cross, we need the wood.

As is his wont, Rebel News' Ezra Levant flings himself onto his fainting couch, clutching his pearls and playing the downtrodden victim:


when even a cursory investigation shows that the PPG is entirely within its rights to tell Rebel News to eat a bag of dicks. Let us proceed.

Anyone is entitled to read the official application to be a member of Canada's PPG here, and it takes no time at all to spot Ezra's problems. Let's focus on the following declarations that any applicant is required to accept:

so let's go through them one at a time to appreciate why Rebel News does not even remotely qualify.

Declaration the first:

My principal occupation is reporting, interpreting or editing Parliamentary or Federal Government news.

That would be strike one since, to my knowledge, Der Rebel has never, ever, ever had a staff member whose principal occupation was focused on Parliamentary stuff. What the above demands is an applicant who does not run around the country covering protests and vaccinations and truck rallies, and pops in to check out Parliament only when they happen to be passing through. That alone would explain why ex-Rebeler (and Alberta resident) Keean "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" Bexte was repeatedly turned down, given that he seemed more interested with stalking transgender people and chasing a creeped-out Greta Thunberg down a hotel corridor:

So we can already understand why the PPG told Bexte to take his Maxime Bernier blow-up doll with realistic orifices and hit the road. But it gets worse, as we read declaration the second:

I am assigned in Ottawa on a continuing basis.

Once again, we can see that the PPG is not interested in occasional drop-ins; if you're not a resident of Ottawa, you don't get to stop by and do PPG-type stuff on your way through town.

Which brings us to declaration the third, which simply expands on the first two:

I require day to day use of Gallery services to fulfil my functions.

See above ... either you're there on a daily basis to fulfill your Parliamentary reporting obligations, or, well, piss off, all of this explaining why the PPG is entirely within its rights to keep showing Rebel News the exit. And if all that wasn't enough, well, there's this towards the end [emphasis added]:

I understand that as a Gallery member I can't represent interests of political parties, governments, non-parliamentary organizations or others than the news organizations I work for and I commit myself to follow the rules of the Gallery.

And given that Der Rebel regularly sells pandering news coverage to whatever politician or political party can write a suitable cheque, well, can we all agree that Rebel News does not check a single box required for being a member of the PPG?

Are we done here? Yeah, I think we're done here.

Show me that you're an imbecile without actually admitting that you're an imbecile.

"Rex Murphy makes a good point."


Conservatives: "We have absolutely no faith or trust in scientists, medical professionals, researchers or pharmaceutical companies."

Also conservatives: "Jordan Peterson is a god!"


Dr. Jordan Peterson currently complaining via his Twitter account, Patreon account, countless YouTube videos, TV and radio interviews and op-ed piece in the National Post as to how he is being ruthlessly silenced and censored.

Freedom Convoy 2022: Ah, the potential hilarity.

I cannot wait to see how this turns out:

and in whose pocket all that money ends up. Honestly, it's like these people are incapable of learning.

P.S. 1,600 truckers, you say?

What say we fact-check that claim when the time comes?

Ooh, ooh, I know, pick me, pick me!


It's because you refused to do your job, you self-absorbed, effete twatwaffle.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The world's shortest conversation.

Jordan Peterson: "I quit."

University of Toronto: "I'm sorry ... and you are ...?"

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy interestversary!

Pursuant to nothing in particular, it is now five months to the day when the Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench ruled that I could register my 2010 judgment for malicious defamation against Lloydminster's Patrick Ross, and that the interest rate on the outstanding amount would rise from two per cent to five per cent:

It is further worth noting that the $7,500 already seized from Patrick was for long-outstanding cost awards, and did not decrease the amount owed related to the 2010 judgment itself; in short, Patrick still owes me what is described above in its entirety, plus the inevitable Saskatchewan sheriffs' charges which are being relentlessly added to his bill on a daily basis.

This is such a great story, someone should make a documentary.

P.S. As I have mentioned before, Patrick seems determined to drag this out interminably, year after year, dodging and weaving and so on as his debt to me increases inexorably, but here is the distinct danger associated with that.

I'm sure Patrick assumes that, in between gigs, he will always have his parents' (now father's) primary residence in Lloydminster to hang out in while he ponders his next epic failure. But here's the flaw in that logic.

Patrick's mother has already passed away, and I have it from moderately reliable sources that his father is not in the best of health. And if the worst happens, one hopes Patrick doesn't think he will simply assume ownership of that property via inheritance. Oh, no ... I can assure one and all that, come that day, I will make sure that, if Patrick is handed that property, I will file immediately to seize it from him.

So if Patrick wants to drag this out for years, all he's doing is hastening the inevitable when he will have to move out of that house in Lloydminster and, still being an undischarged bankrupt, he will not be able to purchase his own place or even rent an apartment.

In short, if Patrick wants to play stupid and self-destructive games, well, I'm a patient man and I will give him all the rope he needs.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Dear Mr. Vargas: Fuck off. And keep fucking off.

After some thought, I've decided that the proper way to deal with Patrick Ross proxy (and close friend of Patrick's) Victor Vargas is to simply publish every single piece of correspondence related to his current mouth-breathing stupidity of filming a documentary on the life of Patrick Ross who he initially claimed was for Netflix Canada but has subsequently frantically back-pedaled and now insists there is no funding from (or even agreement with) Netflix actually in place but he's going to be looking for some later.

I give you an idiotic, mentally-retarded note that Mr. Vargas left on the public submission page of my Saskatchewan lawyer:

Note well how the above has nothing even remotely to do with legal issues -- it is simply Mr. Vargas whining like that pathetic trollop and trailer park arm candy Sheila Gunn Reid, and bitching about how life is hard and people misunderstand him and he'd just like to tell his side of the story (despite having previously left two comments on this very blog doing just that, then deleting both of them in short order).

Which brings us to my very open note to Mr. Vargas:

I don't think I can make this any clearer to Mr. Vargas.

Fuck off. Seriously, fuck off.

I want nothing to do with your idiotic documentary, or the astonishing 12 hours of Patrick inteviews you already have in the can.

Please ... just fuck off. And keep fucking off. And in closing, thank you for fucking off.

P.S. Based on imminent advice, I might very well pass on Mr. Vargas' contact information to the Saskatchewan sheriffs, for an obvious reason. If any money to fund this cinematic atrocity has changed hands, and any of that came from Patrick Ross, I'm fairly sure I would have the right to seize it pursuant to my current collection proceedings against Patrick.

At this point, Mr. Vargas might want to rethink having gotten into this partnership with Patrick, given the potential for it ending very, very badly for him.

Monday, January 17, 2022

How does he do it?

It's hard to believe how Brian Lilley can still type with Doug Ford's dick in his mouth.


Yammering screech harpy that writes for a newspaper chain that purely thrives on misinformation, outrage, provocation and demonization, will now lament the death of civil discourse:

Actions, meet consequences. I'm sure you have plenty to talk about.