Saturday, September 25, 2021

And remember ... you read it here first.

Only recently, we got a good look at the rancid racism and white nationalism involving ex-Rebeler Lauren Southern climbing into bed (ewwwwwww!) with ex-Rebeler Keean Bexte, in order to ... oh, hell, just read it ...

Curiously, you will now search in vain at White Hood and Burning Cross Central for any trace of that ugliness, which appears to have been a bridge too far even for Bexte's human garbage followers and has been deep-sixed without fanfare or apology.

If anyone knows just what happened there, hey, that's what the comments section is for.

P.S. A delightful comment from a couple posts back that is just so on point, it's frightening:

Interesting sidebar...any reference to the Lauren Southern/Keean Bexte home movie alleging fraud about residential school stories has been removed from Bexte's site. No surprise - ego and imbecility don't generally lead to stable partnerships.

Southern, McInnes, Spencer, Robinson, Loomer, Milo...demonetized, banned, unpublished, and scrambling desperately to convince a new and even dumber generation of haters that they used to matter. I think the saddest video I've seen in years was Ezra's two part interview with Gavin McInnes, just two aging, desperate has-beens grousing about the good old days and the world's failure to recognize their brilliance.

P.P.S. Some of Southern's loyal followers are quite the piece of work:

Irony is dead: Rebel News edition.

Man currently interviewing with Rebel News insists he can spot bullshit when it's being dumped on him:


I got nuthin'.

The journalistic shittiness of Sheila Gunn Reid.

Yes, that's pretty much an evergreen headline, but Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid has quite outdone herself in terms of pure shittiness this time. It opens with Gunn Reid quietly changing the headline on a recent story, without notifying her readers of her earlier hideous misrepresentation. But as always with Rebel News' "Alberta Bureau Chief," it just gets worse.

Via the saved version of Gunn Reid's dishonest swill (which you can read here at the Internet's Wayback Machine, which shows the original inaccurate headline), let's dig a bit deeper into Gunn Reid's appalling silliness. As you can see, the claim is that an "ICU manager" (since downgraded to a "former acute care manager") apparently has issues with vaccination mandates. OK, fair enough ... so why don't we examine those alleged issues and see if they have any merit? In other words, let's not just dismiss the regular crap spewed by Gunn Reid -- let's give her the benefit of the doubt, and fairly and objectively analyze the complaints and see where that takes us. Unsurprisingly, it takes us nowhere.

Let's start off with Sheila's tantalizing reference to a "detailed email," which one assumes we will get to analyze to determine the merit (or total lack thereof) of Debbie's whining:

As one can read at the Wayback Machine copy, "Debbie" apparently has extensive experience in health care:

OK, fine, so let's get down to analyzing those issues. Oh, wait, we need to listen to more of Sheila's blathering about Debbie's accomplishments:

OK, we get it already, there is a massive national conspiracy and yadda yadda yadda so, finally, we're going to hear Debbie's grievances, right? Wrong, as Sheila concludes her piece with more conspirizing and the inevitable fundraising:

Um ... what the fuck? That's it? That's all? Would anyone like to suggest what's missing from the above? Anyone? Anyone? Why, yes ... what's missing is the vaunted "detailed email." Which raises the obvious question -- how in the name of David Menzies' arrest record can you go on and on and tediously on about a health care professional's alleged "detailed email" to the powers that be, then not publish a copy of said email!?!?

Seriously, what sort of sad incompetent publishes an entire article about the objections to vaccine mandates contained in a detailed email, then proceeds to not provide that email to the readers? After wasting several minutes of one's life reading that utterly vacuous article, one realizes it could have been so much shorter, as in:

[Rebel News] A health care professional -- whose qualifications I'm not sure about -- is upset with vaccine passports and wrote a detailed email, which I'm not going to show you.

Send money.

There. Doesn't that read better?

You're welcome.


Rebel News is furious -- FURIOUS, I TELL YOU!! -- over the brutal indifference to a poor old lady who just wanted her Chicken McNuggets:

Tune in tomorrow when Rebel's newest headline will read, "Burger King properly denies service to filthy, disrespectful, virus-spewing plague rat Muslim woman who refuses to provide proof of vaccination!"

See how that works?

Friday, September 24, 2021

If GOP congressbimbo Lauren Boebert were any dumber, ...

... she'd be David Menzies:

Don't want the jab? In Ontario, you're pretty much screwed.

Delightfully, the Ontario Human Rights Commission has waded into the idiotic "You can't make me get vaccinated" argument, and their position is delicious. Let's just jump to the good stuff:

In short, yes, you can refuse to get vaccinated, at which point society is quite free to tell you to piss right off.

It's about time.

P.S. Rebel News establishing $5 million fundraiser to fight this in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

BONUS TRACK: And Manitoba climbs on board as well:

Man, this just gets better and better.

All those 'Haitian' refugees? They're from Brazil.

Well, this is interesting:

So who's behind this ... oh ...

And now you know.

P.S. Republicans who dismiss the above as ridiculous conspiracy theory and totally far-fetched are the same people who are absolutely convinced that California wildfires were started by a Jewish space laser.

Just throwing that out there.


Having fucked off and tanned on a beach in Cancun for several weeks while Albertans sickened and died:

Alberta Premier and Stephen Harper fart-catcher Jason Kenney insists that investing 20 minutes in agreeing that he is a utterly useless colostomy bag and should resign would be "irresponsible":

Besides ... SQUIRREL!!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Chronicles of Twatrick: Interest rate edition.

The latest update regarding my 2010 defamation judgment against Lloydminster's Patrick "Outlaw Tory" Ross is that we are simply waiting for the Court to issue the order related to the recent ruling that allows me to register my judgment in Saskatchewan for the purposes of collection enforcement. But something quite entertaining has been brought to my attention.

Apparently, the Sheriffs are two to three months backlogged regarding collections, so it will be about that long until they begin pounding on Patrick's door. But that's not the entertaining part.

I have been advised that, upon moment of registration of judgment (which should be any day now), the "post-judgment interest rate" that will accrue on the outstanding balance of what Patrick owes me (approximately $115,000) will no longer be the two percent as indicated by the original Ontario judge back in 2010; rather, as the judgment is being registered in Saskatchewan, it will be Saskatchewan's "prescribed rate", which I am told is currently five percent.

What this means is that, as soon as my judgment is registered in Saskatchewan, even if takes a few months for the Sheriffs to get around to Patrick, the amount he owes me will begin growing considerably faster than it did before. In fact, back-of-napkin calculations show that, even if Patrick sits smugly at home celebrating the few months of reprieve he's going to get, what he owes me will be increasing at the rate of about $500 per month.

Even when Patrick "wins," he still takes a massive boot to the joy department. And I'm fine with that.

Rebel's Sheila Gunn Reid, playing fast and loose with the facts again.

I was about to write a moderately scathing piece about the utter bullshit that is Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid's latest conspiratorial rubbish, until something very interesting happened. Walk with me a minute.

Only a few minutes ago, in preparation for disemboweling this idiocy, I took the obligatory screenshot, wherein you can see that the spectacularly untalented Gunn Reid trumpets the objection to the vaccine mandate from an "ICU manager." 

This is important since most people would naturally assume that an "ICU manager" would have some experience in an ICU, and therefore be qualified to discuss the subject.

And yet, when I refreshed that page only minutes later, well, lookee here:

With no fanfare whatsoever, Gunn Reid's "ICU manager" was demoted to an "acute care manager", and a "former" one at that. And when I say "with no fanfare," I Wayback Machined that baby here, where you're free to convince yourself that there is absolutely no update or correction that admits that the original headline was massively misleading.

I'm sure you're shocked.

P.S. We're not done here.

The deadly, dumbfuck stupid *ALWAYS* leads back to Rebel News. Seriously.

Given a few of my recent posts, this is so fucking timely, it's almost supernatural. From this CBC news piece, we have a father trying to get his 13-YO daughter vaccinated against the express wishes of his ex-wife, who apparently is an imbecile who has been indoctrinated with total rubbish:

And where would this dangerous misinformation have come from? To no one's surprise, there is always a deranged quack of a doctor who's willing to spew nonsense -- that would be one Dr. Stephen Malthouse:

And here's your skill-testing question: Given the 99.9 per cent of the tens of thousands of doctors who strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated, who do you think would ignore those tens of thousands of responsible medical professionals and insist on giving a public platform to only those whose advice is as stunningly idiotic and dangerous as humanly possible?

Who would do that, I ask you? Who would be so selective as to always, always, always, always ignore the scientific and medical consensus and always, always, always, always present the opinion of the tiny proportion of utter quacks. Guess. Go on, guess. You'll never guess.

Oh, all right, I'll tell you:

It never fails. Ever.

AND RIGHT ON CUE, Rebel News neanderthal Adam Soos praises the one Calgary City Councillor who voted for more disease and death.


Here's pure human garbage Sheila Gunn Reid, whining pathetically about how Albertans just want the government to leave them alone to spew a deadly virus among their neighbours:


And here's Alberta, currently begging the federal government for help:

So, fuck you, Sheila, you plague-friendly piece of trash.

Rebel News gets results!

 It seems we can finally all agree ...

... if you follow the trail of hideous, grift-based, spectacularly dumbfuck stupid back far enough, you will always get to Rebel News.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Buy that man a beer.


Challenge accepted.

PPC's Darryl Mackie: "Give me liberty or give me death!"

COVID-19: "Death it is, then."

BONUS TRACK: Hilariously, Ezra Levant managed to convince an entire crowd of anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers to hand over cash in order to attend an evening at a venue that has a strict vaccination policy:

Not sure how it gets any funnier than that.


Well, you knew it had to happen ... ex-Rebeler and white nationalist Keean Bexte teaming up with ex-Rebeler and white nationalist and trash human being Lauren Southern to mock hundreds of dead First Nations children:

You remember Lauren Southern, right?

I'm sure it's just a coincidence that the most worthless, racist, intolerant bigots on the planet once used to work for Ezra Levant.

Huh. I had no idea.

A sadly-overlooked part of European history:

I was completely unaware of the appalling and horrific Nazi campaign of knocking on doors to insist that people get vaccinated against a deadly global pandemic. The things you learn from Rebel News.


Alberta: "Fuck Ottawa! We're tired of being told what to do by all those poncy Laurentian elites. We're rough and tough, rootin' tootin' Albertans, we can look after ourselves and we're going to go 'Wexit' all over their asses, you just see if we don't!"

Also Alberta: "Yeah, if the rest of Canada could help us out because we're the stupidest fucking retards on the planet, that'd be great, thanks."

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The level of shit to which Rebel News has descended.


Read the entire thread.

Dude, get over yourself.

White nationalist Keean "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" Bexte insists that senior government officials confirmed stuff to him:

Dude, no one of any significance in any government has you on speed-dial or has the slightest interest in talking to you. You read it on Twitter:

Pompous douche.

BONUS TRACK: Well, what have we here? Turns out that the sleaze merchants in the Trump campaign knew right from the beginning that their claims against Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic were utter shash:

And you know who should be seriously worried? This guy, that's who.


(CC NEWS) -- Tyler Shandro resigns as Alberta's Minister of Health, in order to give someone else the opportunity to kill Alberta's children.

P.S. Anyone heard from Matt Wolf lately?

I see fundraising off of dead people.

Once again, here's Rebel News' Ezra Levant, being particularly ghoulish and opportunistic in cranking up the anti-vax outrage by milking the tragedy of a local college football player dying inexplicably shortly after a game:

And while Ezra has absolutely no fucking idea what happened here, he will, of course -- for the purpose of fundraising -- speculate wildly and irresponsibly that, hey, you can't prove it wasn't a reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Ezra goes out of his way to downplay the fact that this happened shortly after a game, which makes the idea that it was the fault of a vaccination shot really pretty silly since 1) there is nothing in the news reports detailing whether Perron was vaccinated, and 2) it's wildly unlikely that someone who would have had a deadly reaction to a vaccine shot would have been perfectly fine to play a full game of football first, only to collapse afterwards.

But, hey, it's Ezra, who once assured us that ...

And when it comes to huckstering and profiteering off of other peoples' misfortune and misery, well, ...

Ezra brings the "batshit fucking crazy tour" to Toronto.

Oh, man, this is going to be epic:

I say that because Tucker's latest bout of lunacy involves accusing the Biden administration of enforcing a vaccine mandate on the military in order to (wait for it ... wait for it ...) get rid of Christians:

I pity the fools who are paying the full $121.02 to listen to that.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, GOD ... let Carlson convince loyal Rebel News viewers and followers to ingest horse dewormer, and I will never ask for anything again:

BY THE WAY, is it worth trying to explain to anyone that's paying to listen to Tucker Carlson that his (successful) defense in a defamation action was that he is such an obvious and egregious liar that no reasonable person should be expected to take him seriously?

I suspect such warnings will fall on deaf ears.

The stupid ... it burns ...

What is wrong with this picture?

Dear pols: Enough with the "fighting" bullshit. Just knock it off.

In the midst of a whole lot of things that annoy the shit out of me regarding current pol-speak, I am seriously tired of the constant reference to "fighting": "We'll fight for you, we're fighting for you, we'll never stop fighting for you ... blah blah blah."  (I'm looking at you, Jagmeet.)


Just stop.

Ironically, the only party leader who can legitimately claim he "fought" for you was Justin Trudeau:

So either lace 'em up and get in the ring, or knock it off. Really, it's getting tiring.

...and the winner is ...

Well, kids, it's official ... the stupidest federal riding in all of Canada is ...


I'm guessing it's something in the water.

... and by "rebuke," you mean "re-elected Prime Minister," right?


Rebel News: Investing $1.9 million in pimping PPC money well spent.

From utterly unreliable and massively uncorroborated analysis, the statistical number crunchers here at CC News estimate that right-wing media outlet and boutique law firm Rebel News poured $6.3 trillion into promoting Maxime Bernier's "Purple Party of Canada", for which they were rewarded with precisely zero seats.

Over to you, Tom.

Monday, September 20, 2021

CC survey: What is the potentially dumbest federal riding in Canada?

While we wait for the results to come in, it behooves us to ponder which federal riding is, potentially, the stupidest collection of voters imaginable, and by that I mean which riding, based on the monumental dumbfuck they re-elect, have learned absolutely nothing in the last couple of years.

We can be more specific and ask, which riding would prove to be the most spectacular collection of morons based on the CPC MP they return to office? Michelle Rempel's? Pierre Poilievre's? Candice Bergen's? Michael Cooper's? Marilyn Gladu's? God Almighty, but the possibilities are endless ... the indescribably imbecilic Conservative members of Parliament that have the chance of actually keeping their seats, despite being dumb as shit.

So, vote away ... who's your candidate for the dumbest fucking riding in the country based on the above? Lines are open.

Is it irresponsible to speculate wildly? Not if you're Ezra.


Or was he murdered by David Menzies in a violent rage after making fun of David's hat? Apparently, it's fair to ask.

WHAT A GREAT GAME: Did this New Brunswick shooter murder four people -- including two police officers -- because he was radicalized by the relentless racism, bigotry, intolerance and hate speech emanating from Rebel News?

Surely, it's "fair to ask."

Ezra Levant and COVID-19: A play in three acts.

Way back in April through July, here's Rebel News Obergruppenfuhrer Ezra Levant, shrieking about the idiotic and unnecessary COVID-19 lockdown regulations in Alberta (and, by the way, send money):


As soon as the UCP ditched all those regulations, well, you'll need to change tack totally to stoke the outrage and keep fundraising ... hey, how about how goddamned fucking stupid the UCP is for not taking the pandemic seriously? (Send money.)

And now that Jason Kenney has been forced to implement vaccine passports to deal with an exploding fourth wave in that province? You guessed it ...

It's something, isn't it?

Send money.