Thursday, November 30, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: You can't make this stuff up.


This would be Patrick, mocking someone who could "never hope to pay off a judgement against them."

Words fail me. Seriously.

AFTERSNARK: Yes, it is entirely possible that Patrick is simply trolling me at this point with these hilariously self-referential tweets. Oh, well ... each month, another several hundred dollars added to his bill. I suspect Patrick can continue to run and hide for a little while longer, but that does not appear to be a viable long-term strategy.

Chronicles of Twatrick: That lack of self-awareness again.

Speaking of burning all of one's bridges on social media and having nowhere else to go ...

BONUS TRACK: And in today's episode of "Tweets That Did Not Age Well" ...

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: After 13 years, as dumb as ever.

So, after having destroyed his life savings, credit rating, career and relations with his immediate family members by having defamed me maliciously back in 2010, Lloydminster's Patrick Ross seems to think that the wisest course of action is to ... publicly suggest I have carnal relations with barnyard animals.

I'm guessing that Patrick has no clue that all of this is admissible in a court of law as clear intent that he plans on continuing to defame me even as he owes me way over $100,000. I'll have more to say about this in the December 19 Happy Interestversary post, but rest assured that I have screenshots of all of Patrick's ongoing defamation, every bit of which is relevant in any further legal proceedings when he tries to throw himself on the mercy of the court and pretend remorse, and I can prove he doesn't mean a word of it.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: You don't say.

Collected wisdom from an undischarged bankrupt university dropout who spent years sprawled on the couch in his mom's basement playing video games, making unwatchable YouTube videos and harassing random people on Twitter.

Chronicles of Twatrick: Ah, the irony.

Wherein massively-in-debt, morbidly obese, university dropout undischarged bankrupt currently on the run from Saskatchewan sheriffs, Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy and God knows who else will now opine on the worth of other people:

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: The death of irony.

JUXTAPOSE! Man who has two Twitter accounts, three blogs, a Facebook account and a YouTube channel, and who politically hashtags every single tweet to make sure everyone reads them, will now mock someone else as looking for attention.

OK, then.

BONUS TRACK: Man who destroyed his life and now owes me a truckload of cash for lying about me will now mock someone else as ... oh, just read it.

OK, then.

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy interestversary!

It is now a full 27 months since a judge told trustee-less, undischarged bankrupt and fugitive from financial justice Patrick "Super Bad MMA Cosplay Dude Mullet Bikini Inspector Triple Patty Quadruple Chin Quintuple Threat" Ross how much he owed me, and cranked up the accruing interest rate on that debt to a delightful five per cent:

I have no immediately new developments to report (I am saving that for the year-end December 19 holiday edition), but there is a bit of info that might amuse y'all.

Lately, Patrick has been cackling about how, some months ago, I filed a motion to dismiss his current lawsuit against me for being, well, a pile of absolute swill; I lost that motion, and Patrick has been positively gleeful about that ever since.

What Patrick does not disclose is that I lost that motion because I screwed up and failed to file suitably adequate paperwork -- that was my bad, and the judge quite reasonably and correctly pointed that out and dismissed my motion for purely that reason. In short, my motion was never tested on its merits; I simply fucked up in my filing.

What Patrick also does not disclose is that, even as the judge was explaining this to me, he clearly saw my argument and pointedly said that I had a "pretty strong case" -- his exact words. In other words, if I had paid closer attention to the filing instructions, there is a fair to middling chance I would have won that motion, and the judge even said as much. Again, something Patrick doesn't like to admit.

So Patrick is welcome to continue gloating about his vacuous legal victory, even as what he owes me continues to climb to truly uncomfortable levels. And given that Patrick no longer has his addlepated parents to protect and enable him, them chickens are inevitably going to come home to roost.

We'll see you next month for the Christmas edition of this ongoing saga.

P.S. Strangely, Patrick has on a number of occasions suggested that his lawsuit against me somehow cancels out his financial obligations to me until it is resolved. I'm not sure where he gets this idea, but it doesn't work that way.

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Tracking the elusive Rossosaurus.

Apparently, undischarged bankrupt and financial fugitive Patrick Ross is now threatening to serve someone:

Amusingly, Patrick claims to know the potential servee's address. I say "amusingly" since, for years now, Patrick has milked the fact that he has misrepresented his actual address for legal service, the end result being that it is nigh impossible for anyone to properly serve him. For all these years, he has listed his address for proper legal service as his late father's residence, but for all these years, Patrick does not seem to have lived there and his father perpetually refused to accept service on his behalf, so let me make a humble suggestion.

If Patrick tries to serve any legal papers, make sure you insist that he supply an actual address where he resides so that he can be served in return. I would further demand that Patrick produce some official documentation proving his official residence, to avoid any more of Patrick's constant time-wasting legal shenanigans.

Given that Patrick loves to play these childish games, the only proper response is to make him act like a grown-up and follow the rules of the Court.

P.S. It is worth pointing out that, according to Canadian bankruptcy law, an undischarged bankrupt is rarely allowed to initiate a legal action against anyone without the permission of their trustee. In fact, during a hearing on 30 August, 2022, Patrick was told precisely this by the presiding judge:

Patrick is, of course, convinced otherwise, but he cannot escape the fact that a Court of Queen's Bench judge told him quite pointedly that he should work through his trustee (of which there is none -- a fact he deliberately and misleadingly withheld from that judge).

In short, there is little doubt that, if Patrick really wants to sue anyone, he is almost certainly going to have to convince a judge that he even has the right.

I will have more to say about Patrick's unfortunate situation in the near future.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: No, he isn't.

Only a few days until next interestversary, but it appears that Patrick is currently yammering on about how he is "successfully suing" me for defamation. Spoiler alert: no, he isn't. I will have more details on this come next interestversary but, in the meantime, you might ponder that, if you hear conflicting stories from the two of us, which of us do you think has more credibility?

Just something to think about.

P.S. Patrick seems to think that suing me cancels his $100K+ debt to me. That's, uh, not how it works. Just so you know.

P.P.S. This might be one of the dumbest public admissions in the history of dumb public admissions:

That's the sort of thing that can come back to bite one in one's pasty ass when trying to get out of bankruptcy and the trustee asks you to disclose all of your after-acquired assets, and they already have a screenshot of your bragging about your multiple raises.