Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Dear Rebel News: This is how to journo.

It's not that Sidney Powell was so spectacularly incapable of answering simple fact-based questions; it's that she's a lawyer fer Chrissake, and she utterly collapsed under the most basic of questioning.

The deposition should be amazing.

P.S. As several commenters have noted, Powell did herself no favours by continuing to defame Smartmatic in that interview. How bad a lawyer must you be to not understand that?


People who are adamant that no one should trust vaccines developed by actual experts in the field are currently eating horse de-wormer.

This is what we as a society have devolved into.

Derek Sloan, Rebel News and fellatio.

Given what I've published here in recent days, there seems little doubt that disgraced ex-CPC MP and total lunatic and dangerous dingbat Derek Sloan is pumping money into Ezra Levant's personal vanity blog in exchange for laudatory coverage, softball interviews and the common courtesy of a reacharound, and if you need any further evidence of that, witness Sloan's latest descent into crippling mental illness wherein he encourages people to ... well, here ...

Now, if this had been a Liberal candidate, is there any doubt that Ezra Levant would have been shrieking hysterically and pissing blood in outrage day after day over the criminal stupidity of someone promoting livestock de-wormer as a solution to COVID-19? And yet ... and yet ...

... an eerie silence, as the very fake news outlet that insists it pulls no punches and plays no favourites and always asks the tough questions and goes where the facts lead gives Sloan a total pass as he dispenses medical advice that will almost certainly make people sick or dead.

Well played, Rebel. Well played.

Monday, August 30, 2021

How much of a cretin is Matt Wolf?

Having given up arguing with facts or data or science, pathetic sleazebag Matt Wolf is now simply smearing his critics and anyone who disagrees with him by ... well, read it:

It takes a special kind of absolute swine to politicize a deadly, global pandemic to the point where you accuse others of literally wanting people to get sick and die, because that's what you're paid to do.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

If you're taking horse de-wormer for COVID-19 ...

... that would make you a "stable genius."


Dear anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers: Please just fuck right off.

This is what is barreling down the tracks at us right now:

Seriously, just fuck off. And in conclusion, thank you for fucking off.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Dear Lord: Please give us a minority Conservative federal government.

No, no, I'm serious ... hear me out. I think it would be delightful to elect a minority CPC government, for a few reasons.

First, with no other party support, this would be a government that would collapse within months, like a flan in a cupboard. Imagine the amusement watching Erin O'Toole preening over being Prime Minister, only to have the entire thing crumble in front of his eyes due to an utter lack of support from the other parties.

The next delightful benefit would be that, if Justin Trudeau had any sense of shame (certainly not something you can count on), he would tender his resignation as leader of the Liberal Party, whereupon we could finally be rid of that blathering, utterly vacuous empty suit.

The most fun, though, would be watching the pompous twatwaffles at Rebel News have to suddenly pivot so that everything is now Erin O'Toole's fault --O'Toole's COVID jails, O'Toole's mask mandates, O'Toole's CBC, O'Toole's equalization formula ... the list goes on and on, and the worthless, racist colostomy bags at Der Rebel would have to totally update their letterhead to blame a whole new PM, counting on their intellectually retarded following to not notice how they've just been played.

Please, God, I rarely ask for much, but an utterly impotent CPC minority government would make my day.

Can I make a suggestion?

If 40-year-old undischarged bankrupt and university dropout Patrick Ross wants to become "debt-free":

he can always hand over the $103,326.03 (plus cost awards) he owes me:

I'm just throwing that idea out there.

Rebel News gets results!

Well, this is delightful ... a fourth wave of COVID-19 hitting Alberta, where a stunning 98 per cent of ICU cases consist of the not-fully-vaccinated:


Where do these idiots get the encouragement to not vaccinate? Who could be giving them such indescribably stupid and deadly advice? Oh, right ...

That would be Rebel News' in-house quack Dr. Roger Hodkinson, who one suspects is only days away from telling people to start chugging Ivermectin. Or perhaps bleach.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Ah, the hypocrisy.

A reminder that, every time the yammering blowhards at Der Rebel screech and howl about unconstitutional vaccine mandates and the sanctity of personal autonomy and medical privacy, execrable sack of human garbage and Rebel "reporter" Sheila Gunn Reid once insisted on "societal implications" if you choose to remain unvaccinated:

So, you know, I'm thinking Sheila might want to sit this one out.

22 days and counting ...

Since a few people have asked, undischarged bankrupt and convicted malicious defamer Patrick Ross has 22 days to file an appeal:

after which I am entitled to register my 2010 judgment in Saskatchewan and begin to forcibly collect what I am owed, which currently stands at $103,326.03, plus over $10,000 in cost awards:

In case you cared.

P.S. What will make this collection process more interesting is that, according to rumours (which I have not yet substantiated but seem moderately reliable), Patrick has -- surprisingly -- enough personal assets to cover the above, but seems to be trying to hide it.

First, I have been informed that Patrick and his siblings each inherited a sizable chunk of valuable Saskatchewan farmland, which would certainly be seizable, except for the report that the ownership of said land was quietly transferred into the name of a close relative to hide it from me.

And second, I have been told that Patrick has been removed totally from his father's will -- with the original bequest now going to another close relative -- again to conceal said assets from me.

If any of the above is true, it almost certainly falls under the category of what is called "fraudulent conveyance," and is trivially overturnable by the court system if exposed.

I guess we'll find out in 22 days.


Rebel News: "It's not surprising that a totally disgraced MP that was kicked out of his own party would turn out to be such a pathetic, opportunistic carpetbagger to think he can just pack up in Ontario and run in an Alberta riding as if Albertans would fall for that sort of cheap manipulation, but why should we expect any better from ... (*checks notes, sees it's Derek Sloan*) ... and our guest today is exciting newcomer Derek Sloan, a fascinating and accomplished politician with bold and vibrant ideas, and just the sort of candidate Alberta would be lucky to have".

Did I get that about right?

P.S. It is depressingly predictable that everyone at Der Rebel is giving mavericky ex-CPC MP Derek Sloan the common courtesy of a reacharound, since the evidence is overwhelming that Sloan is quietly pumping money into Rebel in exchange for all this fawning coverage, as demonstrated by the fact that the very first hit when you search for "Derek Sloan" at Rebel is (ta da!) a direct link to Sloan's own home page:

So, yes, Ezra's journalistic principles are, in fact, for sale, as long as you have a credit card.

It was only a matter of time ...

At this point, Rebel News has given up any semblance of scientific literacy and responsible behaviour, as their pet in-house "pathologist" and regular guest Dr. Roger Hodkinson finally opines that no one should get a COVID-19 vaccine under any circumstances:

So, yes, we can now safely say that Rebel News' medical advice is going to kill people.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Isn't that the most amazing coincidence?

It never ceases to amaze how every imaginable social injustice can be magically cured by sending money to Ezra Levant:

I mean ... what are the odds?

Welcome to Dumbfuckapalooza!

Oh, Lord ... the insipid stupidity of Patrick Moore is bad enough, but there will be vendors!!!

It's all totally affordable, too:

Please ... can someone in Regina sacrifice their time, dignity and self-respect, and register so they can take pictures and post a list of the "vendors" who are so stunningly clueless as to think that climbing into a sleeping bag and spooning with Patrick Moore and Ezra Levant is going to improve their brand image?

Don't make me beg. I will if I have to, but don't make me.

Matt Wolf: Imbecile.


I'm glad we had this little chat.


Canadian conservatives currently pissing blood in outrage over Liberals' apparent acceptance of a Taliban regime known for its ruthless oppression and regular killings of women and children simultaneously celebrate Israel's relentless, decades-long military bombardment of Palestinians which regularly kills women and children because, you know, that's different.

Disbarment: Getting ahead of the game.

Via Rachel Maddow, we learn that a federal judge is referring numerous Trump lawyers (including Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and a host of other unethical, unprincipled hacks):

to their respective states for possible suspension or disbarment.

Of course, one could always pull an Ezra Levant and pre-emptively resign from the profession to avoid the possible sanctions barreling down the tracks.

I'm just throwing that out there.

P.S.  Read the entire ruling. Seriously, it's delicious.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Your defense lawyer's worst nightmare.

And this is the point where your defamation lawyer looks at you in stunned horror, and gasps, "I'm sorry ... you admitted what!?!?"

Yeah, I'd say Fox News hack and colonial apologist Candace Owens is pretty much screwed.

Challenge accepted.

Ooohhhhh, myyyyyyy ...



Having relentlessly, for month after month after month, denigrated pandemic lockdown regulations, mocked masks, encouraged large groups of people to gather unmasked without social distancing, promoted Canadians to claim utterly bogus "mask exemptions," questioned the efficacy of vaccines, and promising to support anyone getting a lockdown-related ticket or fine -- essentially, doing everything they could to encourage irresponsible and gullible plague rats to promote the spread of COVID-19 and its more recent and lethal variants -- Rebel News is shocked to discover that we can't seem to get this pandemic under control:


That is some awesomely burning stupid right there, amirite?

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Rebel News: Dumbfuck stupid or rancidly dishonest? You make the call.

Just last month, this was Rebel News' Alberta Bureau Chief and crushing embarrassment to her children Sheila Gunn Reid, touting the paradise that is Florida:

So, Sheila, how's that GOP fellatio working out for you? Well, shit ...

But here's the fun part. Der Rebel actually reported on this ...

leading to some of the stupidest and most gullible morons on the planet being utterly suckered by the obvious rage bait:

except that it was not an actual walkout, as, God help us all, even Fox News (along with many, many, many other media outlets) made it clear that it was a "symbolic walkout" that deprived absolutely none of all those abysmally stupid unvaccinated patients of medical care:

And that's why you don't read Rebel News.

I'm glad we had this little chat.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Because Christian family rallies always involve destruction of property, amirite?

Here's Rebel News' in-house dumbass idiot Adam Soos, going on and on about the tragedy of Antifa attacking a "prayer rally" (actually, a violent gathering of the Proud Boys):

And what would a "prayer rally" be without those same Proud Boys overturning a medical assistance van?

Rebel News: Fighting for the rights of violent fascists and white nationalists everywhere.

BONUS TRACK: By the way, if you're wondering why no law enforcement seemed to give a fuck about what the Proud Boys were up to, that's because, two days earlier, the city openly announced that it would not intervene:

That would be the people who run Portland, publicly inviting the Proud Boys and their associates to have their way with the city.

Well played, Portland. Well played.

"I report from a land down under ..."

Hilariously, Rebel News is currently so unable to generate any relevant Canadian content (because no one sane cares to talk to them) that the main web page might as well be named "Advance Australia Fair":

"Sure," says Kyle from Red Deer, "I lost my job in the oil patch, and my wife left me and took the kids because of my drinking, and I can't get any decent medical care 'cuz that fucking Jason Kenney drove all the doctors and nurses out of the province, and I just filed for bankruptcy, but I need to know what they're up to in Australia because, mainly, I'm a moron."

Sunday, August 22, 2021


Sure, let's talk about "false accusations" ...

On the other hand ...

Are we done here? Yeah, I think we're done here.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Doubling down on the stupid.

Having destroyed his life via malicious defamation, Lloydminster's village idiot figures -- what the hell -- might as well maliciously defame someone else:

After all, once you're an undischarged bankrupt owing more than $100,000, why bother trying to act like a grown-up?

Friday, August 20, 2021


Canadian conservatives, who celebrate the relentless, perpetual slaughter of Palestinians by Israel year after year, are suddenly all verklempt over the plight of the citizens of Afghanistan because, you know, Trudeau.

Let the collection proceedings begin.

P.S. The above are the only relevant paragraphs in a fairly short ruling; everything else is simply a recap of the history of the case.

P.P.S. There is a 30-day appeal period, wherein Patrick can decide if he wants to lose again and be whacked with another few to several thousand dollars in enhanced costs. It's his choice.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

The clown show that is the "Independent Press Gallery."

There is so much more to mock regarding Rebel News and its ideological French-kissing cousins True North Centre and The Post Millennial, but let's recall, from a few posts ago, Rebel News' spectacularly untalented Tamara Ugolini, telling Liberal gatekeeper Ben Smith that, by gosh, she was an accredited journalist through something called the "Independent Press Gallery."

Pause for a moment to appreciate that the IPG is not an actual press gallery -- it is, in fact, a creation of (wait for it ... wait for it ...) Ezra Levant and friends, whose sole purpose is to lend them some gravitas as being accredited by ... a press gallery.

Let me make sure you understand what is happening here: Having invented their own "media outlets" so they could claim to be "media," these same valueless hacks proceeded to invent their own press gallery, which then turned around and awarded them accreditation as being officially recognized by a press gallery ... that they themselves created.

Is that not just adorable?

We'll have more on the utter shit show that is the IPG at some point down the road but, for now, revel in the IPG's mission statement, and ask yourself just how well Rebel News is upholding the standards.

You're welcome.

BONUS TRACK: Here's Ezra from July of 2020, seriously suggesting that he should be recognized based on accreditation from the very bogus press gallery he helped found.

Just in case you thought I was kidding.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

With her corkscrew on the pulse of modern Canadian society ...

... CPC MP and wine box lady Michelle Rempel knows that the biggest danger to women in Canada is ... affordable childcare:


Now go open another box of Mateus.

Man, am I psychic or what?

Only a day after I published some scintillating analysis about how to keep the shrieking yobs and loons from various right-wing fake news outlets out of the political process with an election coming up, here comes Rebel News' Ezra Levant, shrieking about ... well, here you go ...

Really? They did that? Well, sort of but not really, although anything for rage bait and a vengeful fundraiser, amirite? In any event, let's see what really just happened.

Here are the accreditation standards, which seem fairly reasonable. As you can read, there are three categories under which one can apply. The first two are clearly restricted to actual, legitimate, professional media, and not mentally unhinged whackjobs that hide in bushes to ambush politicians (Hi, Tamara!):

So deranged stalkers like Rebel News and True North Centre are restricted to applying under Option 3 and, for brevity, let's jump ahead to the detailed media accreditation requirements that so have Ezra's panties in a bunch, where it's pretty obvious what all the bitching and moaning is about:

Yeah, I'd say that, based on that accreditation criteria, Rebel News is pretty much boned up the backside, but there are two reasons why Ezra has no right to whine about this.

First, these guidelines come, for the most part, from the Canadian Association of Journalists and they are, for the most part, quite reasonable. Given the number of people who will be applying for accreditation, it only makes sense to weed out the obvious frauds and posers as quickly as possible. There are enough legitimate journos out there that there's little value in even looking at the kinds of hacks that fall under the above description. But that's not all.

What's entertaining is how Ezra, given how he runs his fake media outlet and white nationalist bar and laundromat, is quite open that the above is exactly what he does. One need only peruse the "Careers" page at Der Rebel to read:

At this point, one can safely say that Ezra has been hoist by his own pasty petard -- having yammered on for years about how his crappy news blog gets right out there and participates in the news, he has little basis to now kvetch how that makes him utterly ineligible for media accreditation along with the actual grownups.

Ezra may not like it, but this is a situation of his own making, and now he has to live with it.

That's a shame.


If you're currently sobbing inconsolably and excoriating PM Trudeau regarding people being left behind in Afghanistan that we have a moral obligation to help, but were totally fine with letting 15-YO child soldier Omar Khadr rot in Guantanamo for 10 years, you really need to fucking sit this one out.

On the lighter side ...

... anonymous wag sends me secret recent fight footage involving undischarged bankrupt and Lloydminster homebody Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen.


Tuesday, August 17, 2021


This is a flat-out, bald-faced, despicable lie:

I know this because I wrote about it.

You're welcome.

P.S. Lying is nothing new for Ezra.

Holy crap, I'm good. Or at least influential.

It was early yesterday morning that I posted this missive about how political parties should deal with the talentless hacks from Canada's lunatic media showing up at their events unannounced and uninvited, and rule number one was -- simply say no. Go on, read what I wrote ... that's what I wrote. So it's delicious to see the Liberal Party doing exactly as I advised, as you can see from the first 30 seconds of this video, where Rebel News' useless mouthpiece and David Menzies-wannabe Tamara Ugolini is told, "You're not invited."

And tell me I didn't call it precisely when I claimed that the Rebel News hack would try to engage the gatekeeper in demanding an explanation or arguing about rationale or what have you, and that said gatekeeper should stick to his guns and just keep saying no, which is precisely what Ben Smith did, to his credit.

In fairness, I watched only the first half-minute or so to revel in my advice being implemented so deliciously, so if things changed later on, well, whatever. But from the snippet I saw, it would appear that my strategy is the perfect way to deal with these dingbats.

You're welcome.

P.S. OK, I sucked it up and watched a little more of that video, and it's just creepy how closely it plays out compared to my earlier piece. Good God, Ugolini admits to showing up without getting a confirmation of accreditation (which I expressly warned about), and even describes Ben Smith as a "gatekeeper" (the very adjective I used). And I explicitly cautioned said gatekeeper about engaging said hack about reasons for rejection and, for the most part, Smith pulled it off.

Man, I'm good at this.

P.P.S. OK, I sacrificed minutes of my life to watch almost all of that video and, other than that it was the depressingly-untalented Tamara Ugolini rather than David Menzies, tell me that this paragraph I wrote early yesterday morning doesn't describe perfectly how all that played out:

I am available as a political consultant for reasonable rates. Oh, and check back later when I explain the concept of trespassing.

FURTHER MUSINGS ... I just realized another protective strategy that absolutely should be used to deal with nonsense like this. During Ugolini's plaintive whining, she admits that, while she sent e-mail asking about details for the event, she received no reply, so she decided to go. This was a (minor?) mistake on the organizer's part.

Yes, we all agree, when one receives an application for event accreditation from any of the worthless yobs at Der Rebel, it's tempting to just point it at the Trash bucket and move on with life.

Don't do that.

By ignoring the application, you are simply opening the door for said fake journo to show up and bitch and whine about never getting a reply. Rather, the proper response is to reply, but keep it short and courteous:

Dear <Whatever>: Thank you for your application for media accreditation for this event. Unfortunately, your application has not been approved.

Thank you.

That's it; brevity is the key, and under no circumstances get personal, such as, "And by the way, your media outlet blows dead bears." Simply reject the application politely, and make sure the gatekeeper is aware that this was done, so that when Menzies or Ugolini -- or some other worthless hack -- shows up, you say quite sweetly, "Yes, we know you applied, and I know your application was refused, so what are you doing here?"

Doing this just ups the humiliation factor even higher, and that's what we're all about here.

You're welcome.

OFFS ... just when you thought Ugolini couldn't be even more of a reprehensible prevaricator, here she is, blaming it all on sexism:

She really is a piece of work. And by work, I mean "crap."