Thursday, October 20, 2022

So, how's that whole "Taking back control" Brexit thing going, well, shit ...


I've had vegetables in my crisper that lasted longer than that. And were more intelligent.

P.S. I just read that every UK Prime Minister is entitled to 116,000 pounds per year for the rest of their lives as a pension. In other words, Truss will receive a queenly pension until the day she kicks off for being PM for 45 days.

Sure, that sounds fair.

QUESTION: If a general election is held in the near future and is won by Labour, can the government then just cancel the idiocy that is Brexit?



Anonymous said...

Liz Truss is the Danielle Smith of Candice Bergens.

Anonymous said...

Don't look to Labour for solutions. They were wishy-washy on Brexit during the referendum and have hardened into supporting the status quo since. Labour's more concerned with kicking feminists out of party conferences than offering an alternative on Brexit.

Anonymous said...

Truss and friends was the eponymous populist government of the rich and powerful for the rich and powerful. Just a continuation of failed neo-con fantasies.

It very much reminds me of Harper and the Skippy direction.
What could go wrong, right?

Purple library guy said...

Britain's last, best hope was to elect Corbyn. They're pretty much toast now.