Saturday, April 30, 2022


Dumbfuck white nationalists who can afford to take days off from work make their way to Ottawa riding $30,000 custom Harleys to bitch and whine about how tough times are.


Rebel News' in-house trailer trash Sheila Gunn Reid currently cheering on violent sieges and occupations of Ottawa same hypocritical twatwaffle who was LIVID with police not kicking the living shit out of leftist protesters in 2019:


Perhaps someone should explain to Sheila how search engine optimization works.

Is Drea Humphrey the stupidest person in Canada? The evidence is compelling.

Jesus fucking Christ ...

Because, sure, the 3-week siege and violent occupation of Ottawa back in February was nothing more than "hot tubs, bouncy castles, and free food for the homeless."

Fuck, but that woman is retarded.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Ottawa Police Services: Fucking it up again.

Le *sigh* ...

I swear, the numerous homeless people hanging around outside Shepherds of Good Hope would make better cops than OPS, and I'm betting they'd do it for half the salary.

Can we just fucking fire the entire OPS and replace them with, you know, not useless fucking retards and raving racists?

Here, let me explain to you how the law works.

Some total asshole on the Hill wants to annoy the living fuck out of everyone with a megaphone, and is livid that he's being told to take that megaphone and cram it:

Hey, I know ... let's look at the actual rules:

Are we done here? Yeah, we're done here.


Rebel News' Ezra Levant, who once published a virulently and disgustingly anti-Semitic rant whose original title was "10 Things I Hate About Motherfucking Jews":

will now lecture you on who is, and is not, a friend of the Jews:

You can't make this stuff up.

Rolling Chunder: I see a problem here.

Uh ... I think there's going to be a communication problem when it comes to allowing or denying protest bikers access to cruise by the National War Memorial. From the official page, it would seem that protest vehicles (including bikes) will not be allowed to circle/drive by the National War Memorial:

Curiously, organizer Neil Sheard has apparently been told differently by Interim Deputy Police Chief Steve Bell:

Am I missing something here?

OH, WAIT, I see my misunderstanding, got my bridges confused. So, no, Rolling Chunder will not be doing a Memorial drive-by, unless they decide to start something.

Rolling Chunder's Neil Sheard: Curiouser and curiouser.

Hmmmm ... in a recent copy of the birdcage liner that is the Ottawa Citizen, organizer Neil Sheard insists that he has been the recipient of financial backing from (you guessed it) Rebel News:

This would seem to come as a surprise to Der Rebel, which provides not a single instance of Sheard's last name in a comprehensive, historical search:

That seems ... odd.

CBC "Power and Politics": A modest proposal.

Here's a thought ... you know all those CPC yahoos (Candice Bergen, Andrew Scheer, Pierre Poilievre) who made a point of publicly schmoozing with the criminals of the "Freedom Convoy" a couple months back while Ottawa's downtown core was dealing with a crippling siege?

Well, howzabout you track them down and ask them pointedly if they plan on standing in solidarity with the upcoming "Rolling Thunder" invasion of unwashed, hygienically-deficient anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers and white nationalists and, if not, well, why the hell not?

I'm sure you'll get all sorts of enlightening excuses.

P.S. You should interview RT head honcho Neil Sheard, and play this for him. I'm sure he can explain that all away, right? Right?

So what's the exchange rate for Danish kroner?

A short reminder that bloggy stuff could be sparse next week as I hang out in Copenhagen for a few days on someone else's account, and agonize over my choice of gin for a martini:

Don't wait up. Seriously, don't wait up.

Chronicles of Twatrick: The dodgening.

In case you cared, it's now a week and a half since Lloydminster's most renowned village idiot and 40-year-old UFC cosplay actor Patrick Ross was legally required to fill out and turn in a voluntary Sheriff's questionnaire, detailing his income, finances, assets and a bunch of other stuff, pursuant to my ongoing collection proceedings to relieve him of what is now a debt of around $106,000 (and growing by the hour). Thus far, I have heard nothing.

To be fair:

my regular contact at my Saskatchewan law firm appears to be off for a few days, so maybe something did in fact come in, but I have heard nothing, which means that if this is indeed the situation, then, yes, we will at some point move on to Phase 2 wherein I begin dragging in Patrick's family members for questioning under oath, a development I'm sure they're all looking forward to, whereupon we will indeed learn which of them are prepared to commit perjury to protect Patrick, and which of them are so totally done with his asshatitude.

Stay tuned ...

P.S. "Asshatitude": Being an asshat while still having totally unearned attitude. Look it up.

"Rolling Thunder Ottawa," and the upcoming shit show.

I just drove by Ottawa's National War Memorial near Parliament Hill and, while you can't progress up Wellington past Parliament Hill, there is nary a roadblock, obstacle or police officer that stops hundreds of greasy, violent bikers (and racist human garbage Pierre Poilievre) from driving right up to the memorial, and taking a selfie with a Confederate flag or a "Fuck Trudeau" banner so, yeah, this is going to be a total shit show.

I'm sure special guest speaker and renowned anti-vaxxer and anti-masker Chris "Sky" Saccoccia will bring some real gravitas to the proceedings.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Would everyone on CBC's "Power and Politics" just get a room already?

God Almighty, what a vacuous, self-obsessed group of pandering twatwaffles. The only way this could be worse is if they dragged out of storage a moldy, past-his-due-date, irrelevant knob like, say, James Moore.

Oh, wait ...

OH, WAIT, I TAKE IT BACK: They're regaining their credibility by letting us know what current political authority Preston Manning has to say.

Kill me now, Lord. Seriously. Now.

PREDICTION: Andrew Horwath and Steven Del Duca will re-elect Doug Ford as Premier.

Seriously, the Ontario Liberals and NDP are so utterly, spectacularly inept, we will get Doug Ford as premier for the next four years.

Prove me wrong.

Sheila Gunn Reid is the Laura Ingraham of Marjorie Taylor Greenes.

That's it. That's the post.

Ben Shapiro is 38 years old. You knew that, right?

Currently on Twitter, right-wing herpes infection Ben Shapiro is trending, allegedly because someone mopped the floor with him intellectually, but that's not why we're here. No, why we're here is to point out the sheer creepiness of a conservative "pundit" whose entire shtick is to frequent college campuses and subsequently brag about how he utterly destroyed some 18- or 19-year old first year sociology student, which I'm sure would be intellectually impressive, except for one thing.

Ben Shapiro is 38 years old.

Ben Shapiro is fast approaching 40, and his career consists of nothing but bouncing from one college to the next, demonstrating how he is sooooo much smarter than those teenaged college freshmen today.

That someone Shapiro's age is obsessed with showing off to college kids half his age how clever he is is, quite simply, creepy beyond description, and reminds one of Brian Griffin hanging around the bowling alley, hitting on the local high school girls:

Someone should tell Shapiro that, when it comes to middle-aged creeps trying to pick up kids, Matt Gaetz already has that market cornered, and he (Shapiro) should seriously consider trying to, you know, grow up.

P.S. Hilariously, I am not the only one picking up on this:



How big of an asshole is Elon Musk?

Jesus Christ:

It is so fucking tiring to hear people think it's incredibly clever and meaningful to spew stupidity like, "Hey, I'm annoying both sides equally, that means I must be right!"

Fuck, but that's a stupid take. Here, let me give an example.

Let's say white nationalists and anti-Semites insist that all Jews should be put to death, without exception. Now imagine that liberals and progressives disagree entirely, and take the position that that is disgusting bigotry and totally unacceptable in a civilized society.

According to Elon, he should take the position that, OK, only some Jews should be put to death, thereby enraging both sides to the same extent.

Christ, what an asshat.

Track record for "The Democracy Fund" not looking good.

If anyone wants to know how wisely is being spent the many millions of dollars collected by Rebel News' tax-deductible fundraising arm "The Democracy Fund", well, they're graciously keeping track here. And there are two observations to be made about what you read there.

First, as you can see, a number of their alleged "Cases of Interest" have already moved on to the appeal phase, which means ... the defendants already lost. And unless you have a really compelling argument as to why the original ruling was massively flawed, well, you're going to lose the appeal as well. In short, half of the cases listed there are almost assuredly dead.

The other fascinating observation is that the remaining cases almost all involve raising a constitutional challenge, which means -- let's be generous -- they are going nowhere. It has already been established that the Charter does indeed allow the government to enforce rules and regulations in the context of a deadly global pandemic, so any argument along the lines of, "You're treading on me!" is very unlikely to go anywhere. Again, in short, those cases are toast as well.

So, in the end, prepare for massive, wide-sweeping failure, wherein the only winners in this grift will be the Rebel- and TDF-supplied lawyers, who will all need wheelbarrows to cart away their earnings, while the defendants have already been told they are totally and completely on the hook for their eventual fines.

I'm sure those were millions of dollars well spent.

Irresistible dumbth, meet immovable douchebagitude.

Even after Ottawa Police Services promised publicly that there would be no dumbass "Rolling Thunder" bike traffic to the War Memorial, Thunder's official schedule assures everyone that that's going to happen:


I look forward to the inventive ways that OPS is going to fuck this up in every possible way.

Rebel News: The grift that never ends.

*Sigh* ... apparently, Rebel News' Australian windbag and convicted wife-beater Avi Yemini needs a quarter of a million dollars:

And is this really a case of "censorship?" Of course not, as you can read further down in that very piece:

So let's explain this one more time, as this is the same argument that  is being presented so dishonestly by Ezra himself.

No one is censoring anyone. Period. What is happening is that the monstrously unqualified and ineligible hacks from Rebel News are applying for official legislature press membership, and are being rejected because they don't satisfy the requirements, nothing more. Nothing stops any of those relentless liars from reporting anything they want; all that's being done here is to say that their applications for official accreditation to be a member of some national press gallery were found wanting, and kicked to the curb. That's it. That's all. And it is typically the mandate of every country's press gallery to make their own rules, and decide who qualifies, and who doesn't.

In short, there is no censorship of any kind happening here; anyone at Rebel News is still free to publish all the lies they want, and it's clear that that's exactly what they're doing. But Avi apparently doesn't like hearing that no one wants anything to do with him, so you need to send him at least $268,000 (and almost certainly much more), because someone hurt his widdle feewings.

And, in the end, he will still lose this case, and you gullible morons will be out hundreds of thousands of dollars that ended up in some lawyer's pocket, and nothing will have changed.

Except for some lawyer getting stupid rich. Because that's what this is all about.


I am perpetually fascinated as to how Canada's right-wingers can shriek and howl about their conservative fellow travelers being charged with crimes, and insist that the charges are bogus, and they're all kangaroo courts, and any confessions are inadmissible, and the evidence is all fabricated, and so on and so on and so on, and never, ever once suggest that the same principles might apply to Omar Khadr.

I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

"Fake News" and the "George Jonas Hot Oil Massage and Freedom Award"

For people who love to whinge on about "fake news," Canada's right-wingers spend their time doing little more than inventing organizations, then joining them for the PR value in being part of those organizations. Where to even begin?

The obvious example is one "Rebel News," which someone once beautifully mocked as Ezra Levant's "vanity blog", and what could be a better description? Certainly not a media outlet in even the loosest sense of the word, the entire history of that dishonest, racist, white nationalist, anti-Semitic cesspool can be summed up as, "I'm Ezra Levant, and here's what grinds my gears. Send me money so I don't have to get a real job."

And when no one of any sense, taste, grace or sentience took Der Rebel seriously, Ezra proceeded to invent the "Independent Press Gallery of Canada," then promptly bragged as to how Rebel was an accredited member of the very press gallery he had just invented the night before.

Moving on to the utterly valueless and self-serving Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (or "JCCF", pronounced "jerk off"), we have an alleged civil rights org that defends right-wing causes, invented out of thin air by (wait for it ... wait for it ...) right-wingers with causes to defend. Man, talk about convenient.

And let's wrap it all up with the hysterically irrelevant "George Jonas Freedom Award," invented out of thin air, by an organization invented out of thin air and promoted by people representing media outlets and press galleries invented out of thin air, all for the purpose of giving each other high fives, back slaps and hand jobs out behind the junior high school to pretend to have some sort of legitimacy.

One is reminded of the time yet another right-wing bankrupt -- ex-Rebeler Katie Hopkins -- was pranked into accepting a fictitious award, with hilarious consequences:

And if your humble scribe suddenly announces that Ezra Levant is the first annual recipient of the prestigious "Global Respect for International Freedom Truckers" award, well, you've been warned.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

About that "George Jonas Freedom Award" ...

If you want to appreciate the utter worthlessness of the George Jonas Freedom Award currently sliming its way into Tamara Lich's grubby paws, well, here.

Get your tickets now as seating at the Moose Jaw Legion Hall will be limited.


Here's Rebel News' Ezra Levant, livid -- LIVID, I TELL YOU!!! -- over alleged RCMP mirth over police brutality:

On the other hand, here's the same Ezra Levant from 2017, giggling openly over a female Antifa protester getting violently punched in the face:

So, thanks for stopping by.


Conservative Party weasel Pierre Poilievre is livid over the idea that public servants might accept free travel. OK, then ...

Are we done here? Yeah, I think we're done here.

Why Canada's fascists are terrified of the upcoming Emergencies Act inquiry.

It's entertaining to watch Canada's bigots and racists and white nationalists (*cough* Stephen Taylor *cough*) mock and downplay an inquiry into the invocation of Canada's Emergencies Act, since I think they suspect it's going to dig a whole lot deeper than just, "Did Justin Trudeau have the proper authorization to make that call?" (Spoiler: He did.)

Hey, I know, let's see what it actually says, when it describes the potential areas of investigation:

  • (A) the evolution and goals of the convoy and blockades, their leadership, organization and participants,
  • (B) the impact of domestic and foreign funding, including crowdsourcing platforms,
  • (C) the impact, role and sources of misinformation and disinformation, including the use of social media,
  • (D) the impact of the blockades, including their economic impact, and
  • (E) the efforts of police and other responders prior to and after the declaration,

Oh, my.

Yes, it does appear that there's a lot more on the table than just whether the Prime Minister is an out-of-control dictatorial fascist. (Spoiler: He isn't.)

It appears that all sorts of people are going to go under the microscope -- the people who fundraised, the social media outlets who promoted and encouraged the violence (*cough* Rebel News *cough*), the Ottawa cops who aided and abetted to the extent of helping truckers carry gas cans to their rigs ... oh, yeah, there should be some fascinating reading when this is all over, and if the final report doesn't explicitly name the numerous Conservative Party MPs who openly supported the violent siege and occupation of Ottawa's downtown core for nakedly political reasons (*cough* Candice Bergen *cough*), I will be sorely disappointed.

So, sure, bring it on, baby.

Teaser: "Star Trek: Picard", Series 3.

Rejoin the adventures of legendary Starfleet Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, as mysterious super-being "Q" once again causes a divergence in the universal timeline, requiring Picard to travel back in time and restore a reality in which the construction on Montreal Rd. between St. Laurent and Vanier Parkway was completed in less than 47 years.

Realizing the hopelessness and futility of this quest, Picard jams a Romulan disruptor in his mouth and blows his head off.

The end.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022


Conservative Party shill and Stephen Harper acolyte Stephen Taylor will now lecture you on corruption:

No, really, he went there.

"Rolling Thunder" in Ottawa: Make your predictions.

Given the utterly inconsistent and self-contradictory statements coming out of the Ottawa police and the mainstream media, I will ask a simple question and invite y'all to weigh in.

Q: Will Ottawa police open up Wellington and allow fascist bikers access to "protest" on the Hill this weekend?

And ... go.


I say "interesting" given that the Ottawa constabulary released a statement describing how they planned on handling several hundred violent white nationalists on loud bikes, and specifically called out the unacceptability of "threatening or intimidating behaviours":

Maybe it's just me, but publicly telling Ottawa police that any attempt to control that gang of thugs will surely end in violence strikes me as just a wee bit threatening.

Over to you, Interim Police Chief Steve Bell.

The first test for new Twitter owner Elon Musk.

If Musk is serious about Twitter defending the concept of "free speech," his first act should be to reinstate every single Twitter account that was ever suspended, including, well, mine.

If that doesn't happen, well, he can fuck off.

See how simple that is?

Monday, April 25, 2022

Popcorn, please.

Oh, my ...


I cannot wait for Rebel News' Ezra Levant to gush over Sloan's hiring of convicted felon Roger Stone, and hand-wave away Stone's criminal record, because mocking people for being criminals is always context-dependent, isn't it?

Can we stop hyperventilating over the Emergencies Act?

Yes, let's all agree that the federal government looks really, really bad in refusing to explain the justification for invoking the Emergencies Act (if this is, in fact, what they're doing). But I think we're all missing the bigger picture here.

There seems to be some sort of shrieky, hysterical accusation that the Emergencies Act horribly violated the basic, constitutional rights of Canadians and, while we can argue whether invoking the EA was necessary or constitutional, the more important question to ask is, "Um ... exactly which rights?" That is, can someone point to some fundamental right of which they were deprived solely because of the invocation of the EA? Let me explain.

If memory serves, the federal government was initially reluctant to get involved in the "Freedom Convoy" siege of Ottawa, insisting (quite correctly, I would suggest) that both local police services and the province had more than enough resources to handle this and, frankly, I am inclined to believe that. The basic problem was that Ottawa cops were clearly not interested in exercising even the most basic powers they already had, like enforcing parking or noise or anti-idling bylaws.

When it eventually became clear that Ottawa police services were, in fact, totally in bed with the yobs and yahoos terrorizing the city, the effect of invoking the EA seemed to not so much give the police more powers; rather, it seemed to inspire them to do nothing more than start handing out tickets for stuff they could have been handing out tickets for all that time.

I'll say that again -- it seems that the most important effect of the EA was to convince indescribably lazy Ottawa police to finally do their fucking jobs.

I say this because it seems that the primary argument against the EA was that it deprived Canadians of some sort of fundamental rights. But did it? Is someone who was ticketed or fined, or had their truck impounded for parking it on Wellington for two straight weeks and refusing to move it despite days of warnings, seriously going to argue in court that, without the EA, they would have been just fine?

It seems to me that, if one wants to argue about the unconstitutionality of the EA, one better be prepared to argue how that EA deprived protesters of their rights above and beyond what the police were already allowed to enforce. Because if the best you can do is say, "If it weren't for Justin Trudeau's fascist Emergencies Act, I would never have gotten that horn-honking ticket!", then you really don't have much of an argument.

So, really, if the worst you can say about the EA is that it finally got Ottawa cops off their fat asses and enforcing laws that were already on the books, your argument in court should be very short indeed.

BONUS TRACK: I'm thrilled that the first anonymous commenter understood precisely the point I was making -- that the constitutionality or proportionality of Canada's Emergencies Act is utterly irrelevant if it did not affect the fines, tickets or charges that resulted from simple police enforcement of the laws already on the books.

The one exception that I was already thinking of was the very one he/she mentioned -- the freezing/seizing of bank accounts. And, yes, I'm open to people commenting on that, but keep in mind that Canada already has mechanisms to do just that with alleged "terrorist" organizations, so it's not clear how that plays into this.

However, if some dumbass lawyer stands up in court and claims some sort of constitutional protection against a parking ticket or moving violation, the judge should say nothing more than. "Bailiff, kick this lawyer and his idiot client in the butt."

Oh, good ... another chance for Ottawa police to totally embarrass themselves.

Oh, look ...

After which subservient and sympathetic members of the local constabulary will distribute free coffee and donuts to the riders, and give their bikes a coat of wax.

Two coats. They'll give them two coats of wax.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Come Canada Day, don't wait up.

Given the inevitability of really, really stupid dumbasses descending on Ottawa this coming Canada Day waving Nazi and confederate flags and being hand-delivered coffee and Timbits by Pierre Poilievre and the Ottawa Police Services, I plan on being elsewhere so, for no particular reason, I'm going to be here over that weekend. That would be Botin in Madrid, currently listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's oldest restaurant.

I've been told that the roast suckling pig is a house specialty:

Enjoy your tater tots, peasants.

Apparently, that "free legal representation" was a one-time offer.

Curiously, despite Ezra Levant and Rebel News having bloviated for month after month as to how they were crowdfunding to provide free legal representation for "Freedom Convoy" lawbreakers and criminals, now, despite the imminence of "Dumbfuck Biker Convoy":

you will find nary a peep from Ezra about the upcoming arrival of the great unwashed with their stupid bikes and poor hygiene:

Apparently, every grift has a shelf life.


A reminder that GOP congresscreature Marjorie Taylor Greene, who publicly called for Democrat Nancy Pelosi to be killed, still has a Twitter account, while I was banned from Twitter for life for describing racist, white nationalist mound of human garbage Senator Denise Batters as a "twatwaffle."

So, sure, no double standard there.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

I can't wait to see what Ezra does next.

Given that Rebel News' Ezra Levant bragged excitedly about being a guest on Fox News' "Tucker Carlson" even as Carlson was promoting suntanning one's testicles to boost testosterone, it remains to be seen how anti-LGBTQ Ezra gets down with GOP congresscritter Madison Cawthorn sporting a push-up bra and "Hello, Kitty" thong underwear:

I'm sure David Menzies figures it's just another day at the office. Meanwhile, Sheila Gunn Reid is pissed that Cawthorn looks better in a Maidenform than she does.

Sure, why not?


Because there's no better way to say, "Thanks, mom, for raising me all those years, but now I'm a racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic white nationalist who subsidizes bigotry and hatred so, yeah, you really fucked up."


  1. Rebel News relentlessly, continuously, 24/7 mocks the alleged cognitive decline of U.S. President Joe Biden.
  2. On the stand, QAnon spokeswoman and Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene gives the reply of "I don't recall" precisely 4,613 times to questions about her encouragement of, and participation in, the Jan 6 violent Capitol insurrection. Rebel News says nothing.

Friday, April 22, 2022

If Keean Bexte were any more dishonest, ...

... he'd be Sheila Gunn Reid. Here's Bexte, waxing indignant over an alleged overreach by Canadian border officials, wherein Bexte clearly suggests that said officials will have unfettered freedom to snoop through your smartphone or whatever:

Note well the quote from Bexte, wherein he clearly implies that the portion of the legislation he is quoting ends, well, there. End of sentence. Period.

Of course, with Bexte, there's always more to it than that, as we can see that the sentence does not in fact end there, but continues on to add significant and important qualifiers:

In the end, while you're free to argue the merits of Bill S-7, you should at least agree that proper journalism demands you quote with accuracy and integrity, something I suspect Keean never picked up while learning at the knee of the master.

Chronicles of Twatrick: Um ... wut?


One suspects that Patrick's idea of "building something to greater heights" is getting a new high score on "Soldier of Fortune." But that's just a guess.

P.S. "Toxic Douchebags" would be a great name for a punk band.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Come beginning of May, don't wait up.

Pursuant to absolutely nothing, for the first few days of May, blogging may be light as I will be reveling in the luxury of this hotel in Copenhagen (on business so not coming out of my pocket, yee ha), the route there and back taking me through Reykjavik, Iceland, so even though I'm only transiting there, I can still say I've been to Iceland (at least geographically).

While in CPH, I hope to avail myself of the view from the Tivoli Hotel's MASH Penthouse:

I suspect a martini will be involved.

Chronicles of Twatrick: Nothing yet.

Since I've been asked, no, I've had no word on whether Lloydminster's village idiot Patrick Ross turned in his Sheriff's voluntary questionnaire related to his debtorness by the deadline of this past Monday, but I'm not stressing over it since sometimes these things take time to be processed so, for all I know, he could have turned it in and the sheriffs are just taking a day or two to process it, then they would hand it off to my lawyer who might take another day or two to let me know, so I'm not losing any sleep over it yet.

From Patrick's perspective, though, if he failed to turn in anything, well, things are not going to end well for him, and for a very specific reason. See, the voluntary questionnaire is served only on the debtor and, given Patrick's history of simply ignoring legal documents, he might have decided to give a big middle finger to the authorities just out of spite. But here's the problem.

If Patrick ignores the voluntary questionnaire, I then have the option to escalate things to the next level -- the mandatory questionnaire -- which can be served on anyone I want, which would of course include Patrick's immediate family members. In short, if Patrick chooses to fuck around and play games at this point, he is most assuredly tossing his siblings under the bus, and one can safely conclude that they're probably tired of Patrick's bullshit, and will be decidedly furious if his contempt for the legal process results in them being dragged in for questioning under oath.

Yeah, I 'm guessing family dinners at the Ross household are a bit tense these days.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

A modest proposal.

Can the CBC adopt a policy that it will simply not interview or give any air time whatsoever to politicians that openly promise to defund the CBC?

Is this too much to ask?

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: The inheritance shenanigans.

Since there's been some animated discussion related to my recent suspicion regarding Lloydminster's Patrick Ross and the potentially underhanded disposition of his inheritance related to some farm property outside of Marshall, Saskatchewan, permit me to wax academic to clarify a few things.

The suspicion is that, in some way, while Patrick (as well as his siblings) might have inherited some quite valuable farmland from his grandfather, Patrick might have (quietly) signed away his portion to conceal it from both me and the process of bankruptcy. Or perhaps he officially somehow refused to accept that inheritance until such time as he is out of bankruptcy and is safe to claim it. Neither of these scenarios stands up to scrutiny, and here's why.

First, the idea of acquiring any sort of windfall while still bankrupt (inheritance, lottery winnings, what have you) and being able to keep it does not fly, as the rules of bankruptcy make it absolutely clear that the instant you acquire assets of any kind while bankrupt, those assets devolve to your trustee, for the purpose of being distributed to the creditors. The rationale here is obvious -- if you've declared bankruptcy such that your creditors are stiffed in the sense of getting only a fraction of what you owe them, and you suddenly come into cash, your creditors are not left out in the cold, and they will share in those spoils. That's only fair.

More specifically, in the case of an inheritance, there is no mechanism by which you can "refuse" or "defer" the inheritance; I remember quite clearly way back when looking into this, and was assured by what I read that the inheritance transfers on the instant of the passing away, so no bankrupt has the right to state that they're not willing to accept the inheritance; someone dies, you're in the will, you inherit, it devolves to the trustee, and that's all there is to it. (I cannot recall where I read this, but I distinctly remember the assurance that that is how it works.)

Another suspicion was that, if one suspects they will be declaring bankruptcy, they might ahead of time ask for the will to be changed to have someone else receive the assets.  Well, possibly, but the bankruptcy regime has also considered that possibility, in that creditors are allowed to examine the financial history of the bankrupt for up to a year or more before the filing, so one can see if there was a flurry of weird transfers in order to divest oneself of assets before filing in order to hide assets and screw the creditors. So that would also typically end in failure. But here's the capper in all of this.

The only incentive for somehow deferring an inheritance (or any other kind of financial windfall) is that one owed a lot of money (say, $100,000), and one received a really favourable conditional discharge order (CDO), say, $25,000 total to be paid over a few years, and one wants to pay off that $25,000 and get out of bankruptcy before suddenly collecting whatever massive windfall awaits. Sure, that makes sense, but it won't work here for a rather obvious reason, that reason being that Patrick Ross is no longer on the hook for just his 2014 CDO of $200/month for 14 years.

Rather, because of Patrick's relentless non-compliance with his obligations under the bankruptcy regime, I filed a motion and had him removed from the protection of bankruptcy's stay of proceedings so that, even though he is still technically bankrupt, he now owes me the full amount of my 2010 judgment against him, along with all of the accruing interest and collection-related costs. In short, even if he could somehow defer/conceal any assets he's collected since his filing for bankruptcy in December of 2012, there is no point since the only way to collect those assets is to first get out of bankruptcy, and the only way to do that at this point is to pay me in full what he owes me, so there's really no value in deferring or concealing anything.

Patrick is staying in bankruptcy until I collect what he owes me in its entirety while, at the same time, if it turns out that he did conspire with his farm co-owners to conceal or transfer his ownership for the purpose of being able to sell the farm, that opens up a whole world of possible fraud and misconduct charges for the lot of them.

I just thought it was worth clarifying all of that.

P.S. It's worth repeating that if Patrick played these sorts of games to conceal his assets and, worse, to legalize the sale of property that was not his to sell, he is so totally on the hook for possible bankruptcy misconduct charges, as you can read here, a possible outcome being that he will be fined substantially, with that fine going to me as the sole creditor. Yes, it is entirely possible that Patrick will end up owing me way more than the current $106,000, and that does not even take into account potential fraud charges against his family members if they conspired to help him with this.

P.P.S. I almost forgot ... Happy interestversary, in that it has now been exactly eight months since a Saskatchewan judge slapped a 5 per cent annual interest rate on what Patrick owes me, meaning that Patrick's debt to me is increasing about $500 per month (plus related Sheriff's charges).

BONUS TRACK: Here's one take on inheriting while bankrupt -- I think you can appreciate the danger of the games Patrick might be playing:

Monday, April 18, 2022

Vassy Kapelos is a terrible, terrible interviewer.

That's it. That's the post.

Truly, he has a dizzying intellect.

This would be the boy lawyer expertise that explains why Patrick is in the situation he is now:

Any questions?

And I'm sure we'd all wondered where he'd gone.

Rebel News' Ezra Levant takes us on a trip down memory lane ...

McInnes ... McInnes ... oh, right ... that Gavin McInnes:

I'd almost forgotten the disturbing level of anti-Semitism over at Rebel News, so kudos to Ezra for reminding us.

Why Pierre Poilievre's obsession with cryptocurrency is idiotic and dangerous.

Here, let me explain:

So, what was the "hack," exactly? In fact, there was none -- the attackers apparently used the crypto protocol precisely according to the rules:

Let me say that again to make sure you understand it -- the people who made off with tens of millions of dollars in crypto did not hack anything; they did everything by the book, which led to exchanges like this on Twitter:

But, sure, you let Pierre Poilievre convince you to dump your life savings into crypto, and let us know how that works out for you.


Wherein members of the right-wing party of law and order, and accountability, and personal responsibility, invariably file for bankruptcy to escape accountability and personal responsibility for their actions:

I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Ezra Levant crowdfunds for free legal representation for Jones. Let's watch.

Chronicles of Twatrick: The game changer.

As I mentioned recently, the entire dynamic of collecting what Lloydminster's Patrick Ross owes me (now $106,000 and climbing inexorably at over $500/month) may have changed, given that some relentless sleuthing appears to have revealed that the "Ross family farm" that I alluded to on a number of occasions may not, in fact, at the moment actually exist, as there is evidence that it was sold in its entirety during late 2016, which really does change, well, everything. (I will emphasize that all of what follows should be qualified with, "If this is true ...", just to play it safe.)

I will paraphrase from a private e-mail I received this weekend from someone who has followed this adventure for some time and who works in a position related to bankruptcy and collections but wishes to remain anonymous so I will call him simply, "my adviser". So here's what I've been (very informally) advised.

As you all know, Patrick has already been served (pursuant to Saskatchewan's "Enforcement of Money Judgments Act" (EMJA) with a voluntary Sheriff's questionnaire, requesting that he describe in some detail his current financial situation. And as long as my calculations are correct, Patrick's deadline to fill out that form and return it is today. But my adviser is adamant that, no matter what Patrick provides on that form, it is now critical that I take whatever is there with a massive grain of salt given the possible development described above.

You see, it's totally expected that, when a creditor is trying to collect, a debtor will do everything possible to shift assets around -- you look here, they move their assets over there, and so on. And everyone understands it's all a game. But the possibility that Patrick owned (or had inherited) considerable property, and turned around and quietly sold it (and subsequently never reported it), is truly a game changer, as that would almost certainly rise to the level of misconduct and fraud. But it doesn't end there.

If the alleged Ross family farm was (as I had heard) jointly inherited/owned by Patrick's immediate family members, and was sold in its entirety, that would mean that those family members signed off on that sale knowing that Patrick was bankrupt and had no right to sell his share. That is the game changer here -- that not only did Patrick possibly sell off assets that no longer belonged to him, but that his family members aided and abetted this, which raises the possibility of ... I don't know what you'd call it ... conspiracy to commit bankruptcy fraud? Who the hell knows at this point? But it's now a distinct possibility that Patrick has dragged his siblings into this mess and opened them up to charges.

And that's why my adviser is adamant that, regardless of what Patrick provides on his questionnaire, I do nothing until I take the time to really dig into this. And this strikes me as eminently sound advice; after all, I am in no rush, and Patrick is not going anywhere, given that he is firmly mired in bankruptcy with no way out.

Oh, and my adviser suggests one more thing. Normally, if a bankrupt wanted out of bankruptcy, there is always one guaranteed way out -- just pay the creditor(s) the full amount of what you owe them, at which point it's over and you can get on with your life. But it's not clear that that would work here anymore since, if there was actual fraud and misconduct, simply paying me off would not get Patrick (or possibly his siblings) off the hook from possible (criminal?) charges.

In short, regardless of what Patrick decides, it seems likely that this is going to drag on considerably longer as I step back and consider my options which may or may not involve any of the Sheriffs of Saskatchewan, Canada's Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy and maybe even the RCMP. Oh, and Patrick's siblings as well.

I will keep you posted.

P.S. Back in December, Patrick Ross was huffing and puffing furiously about how not just he, but his entire family, were considering filing actions against me for -- I'm not sure -- defamation, or harassment, or being mean to them, or whatever the hell. I have yet to hear from any of them, but if they want to go down that road and open themselves up to the subsequent questioning under oath about any or all of the above, I'm totally fine with that. It would certainly save me the trouble of having to chase them.

Sunday, April 17, 2022


CPC MP Pierre Poilievre, already set with a government pension for life and raking in a full-time federal MP's salary, currently barnstorming the country on a tour of pure, narcissistic self-promotion while lecturing Canadians on the evils of socialism.

No, seriously, I'm not making that up.

P.S. That Poilievre has never, at any time, had an actual job but has been a public-funded hog at the trough his entire adult life reminds one of the late Molly Ivins' savage takedown of the spectacularly hypocritical GOPer Phil Gramm:

It's entertaining to watch Poilievre, whose entire adult political life has been funded exclusively by the taxpayer, mocking the idea of taxpayer-funded stuff.

Thursday, April 14, 2022


Right-wing fascists who all insist they fled Twitter for Gab, Parler and Truth Social -- leaving Twitter an abandoned, desolate, irrelevant wasteland devoid of any activity or influence -- currently shrieking hysterically about how Elon Musk buying Twitter would be a catastrophe of the highest order and a danger to free speech everywhere.

Chronicles of Twatrick: Keeping them (not) down on the farm.

It was back in December that Lloydminster's on-prem village idiot Patrick "Nexus Threat Quintuple Assholery Writer Director Thespian Bikini Mogul Creepy Stalker Kid Cash Super Mullet Bad Company High Noon Spandex UFC Cosplay Street Fighting Fire Dragon" Ross was harassing my coruscating Saskatchewan lawyer, threatening to sue me (a possibility that has recently been short-circuited by Canada's Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) delivering a letter to Patrick informing him that, given his status as a non-compliant, undischarged bankrupt without a trustee, he has no right to do that sort of crap, but that is a story for another time), with Patrick claiming that it was defamatory to suggest there was some sort of "Ross family farm" in which Patrick was rumoured to have a financial interest, and there was absolutely no such thing and it was malicious and defamatory and defamatorily malicioutudinous to even make such a fanciful and outrageous suggestion so I'd better learn some manners and govern myself according. And you know what?

It is entirely possible that Patrick is (technically) correct.

Because of Patrick's rancid huffing and puffing, I decided to expend a little more time and effort digging into that rumour and, based on what I've dug up via a more comprehensive land title search and some accommodating provincial officials, it appears (and I stress, what follows is simply what I've been told so let's stick to calling it "speculation") that, astonishingly, Patrick could actually be accurate when he insists there is no family-related farm property in Saskatchewan.

At the moment.

That is because, as I read what I have been given, the evidence suggests that there was indeed family-related farm property right where I suggested it was (outside of Marshall, SK), but that that property was sold in late 2016, so when Patrick bloviates about the non-existence of such property, it is entirely possible that he is (as is his wont) playing word games in not revealing that my claim of farmland could have been entirely true a few years ago but is no longer true now, which raises a number of interesting questions.
  1. First, is the above true? And how can one confirm it?
  2. Next, if the above is true, and Patrick had (along with his siblings) a financial interest in that property, did he in fact get his share of the sale price? Because if he did, then given his status as an undischarged bankrupt, all of that money (or, more technically, the full amount of what he owes me) would be considered an "after-acquired asset" and rightfully belongs to me. (That is not speculation; it's how bankruptcy works.)
  3. On the other hand, if the above is true but Patrick did not get his rightful share of the money from the sale of the farm, why not? If not, where did that money go? And if he was trying to conceal it from me by, say, signing it over to a relative to hang onto, that would be slam-dunk bankruptcy misconduct, and it would end very badly for him.
Truthfully, I've been sitting on this information for a short while (and, again, I stress that this is what I have been told so let's keep this as speculation), and the reason I've been hanging onto it is that, as I posted recently, pursuant to Saskatchewan's "Enforcement of Money Judgments Act" (EMJA), Patrick has just been served with the first-phase voluntary Sheriff's Questionnaire regarding his financial affairs, and that questionnaire definitely asks Patrick about any financial interests in stuff like property, so it will be interesting to see if Patrick denies any such interests because, in his mind, it's not true right this minute, since those are the kinds of games Patrick loves to play, given that he considers himself a devilishly clever boy lawyer who can get away with stuff like this.

In any event, the deadline for Patrick turning in that questionnaire is this coming Monday, whereupon we will learn whether Patrick discloses anything about property (past or present). In the meantime, starting today around noon, I will be off the grid entirely and since I ruthlessly moderate all comments left here, any comments you leave starting this afternoon won't see the light of day until Sunday at the earliest.

So I guess we'll all wait to see what happens Monday. I'll keep you posted.

P.S. Recall from one of my earlier posts that, while the voluntary questionnaire involves only Patrick, if there's evidence that he is being untruthful or simply refuses to fill it out and return it by the deadline, the next phase involves a mandatory questionnaire, wherein I will then have the right to have it served on Patrick's family members (or anyone else who can be considered to have information relevant to all of this). In short, if Patrick insists on screwing around and not taking this seriously, then his family members should expect to be served, and possibly even required to sit for questioning under oath.

As Patrick loves to say, govern yourself accordingly.