Friday, October 07, 2022

About the Crypto King of Carleton and the #MGTOW YouTube tag.

One issue lost in the current dust-up related to Pierre Poilievre's apparent tagging of YouTube videos with the appalling and misogynistic "#MGTOW" ("Men Going Their Own Way") is whether Skippy has, at any time, assured everyone that he is going to find out who's responsible.

There's been plenty of, "Of course I condemn all that, and I had all that cleaned up the instant I learned of it, and yadda yadda yadda", but has Poilievre at any time promised that he is damned well going to figure out who added those tags, because if that had been my YouTube account, and I discovered that hundreds of my videos had been contaminated with that filth, you can bet I'd be hunting for whoever did it, but I don't believe we've seen any such outrage from Pierre, have we?

Lots of vacuous, "I of course denounce that sort of thing," but precious little of, "Someone is going to be held accountable." How very ... Skippy.


Anonymous said...

I watched the wretched "Crypto King of Carleton" try to make a rebuttal.

The wee one wanted to compared Trudeau's blackface of yore to what his team does now.

Amazing how Skippy thinks Trudeau is responsible for all the Gov actions but tossed his staffers under the bus for what he's been doing.
Skippy is courting the alt-right and so-called journos are giving him a pass. When head incel Peterson supports you and you court him, it pretty much says "I want the white never laid voters".

Skippy is a special kind of populist.

From the "Freedum KKKonvoy" to MGOTW uberlord Peterson, Skippy courts them all...

Anonymous said...

"Conservatives call off probe into misogynistic tags on Poilievre’s YouTube channel"

Anonymous said...

According to this guy, the tags are still there.

"Using @vidIQ you can see the entire *channel remains tagged that way despite the videos themselves no longer having the tag (as stated in your article)"

Purple library guy said...

Didn't they already basically say "Sadly, there's no way to tell who did it, guess we'll never know (shrug)"?

Anonymous said...

<< "Of course we on this side reject all misogyny and all acts of extremism, and that is how we will always conduct ourselves over here," Poilievre said.>>
-- CBC

Those tags have been there since 2018.
Once again, every single thing is still someone else’s fault. This is Skippy who says that people should take personal responsibility for their own lives...
Yet this is someone else's fault.

It's not: Skippy and the rest of the cons court the extreme right.