Saturday, October 29, 2022

When you tell Davis Menzies to fuck off, you don't need to have a reason.

To no one's surprise, even the Ontario PC Party wants nothing to do with the bottom-dwelling, sleazy, Islamophobic white nationalism of Rebel News' David ("The Menses") Menzies, but you need to watch the first minute or so of his whining to appreciate something I've written about more than once.

I've already warned y'all that when Menzies is told to take a hike, what he will do is (for the camera) try to engage the gatekeeper in a discussion of why he's been told to take a hike. But it's not the security guard's obligation to provide Menzies with any information; rather, it's his job to simply tell Menzies to turn around and keep walking.

To security everywhere: do not engage people like David Menzies, simply advise them that they need to leave now. And that's all the explanation they're entitled to.

Are we clear?


Anonymous said...

I haven't read this because paywall, but apparently it talks about Rebel News. Don't know if there is anything we don't already know.

"The modern wave of influential right-wing Canadians owes credit in large measure to Rebel News, the online media organization co-founded by Ezra Levant. “Rebel was the incubator for North American far-right talent,” said Mr. Lombroso, who spent years embedded with that movement"

Val J

Brian Busby said...

David Menzies always comes off as a parody of David Menzies.