Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Still funny as hell.


What the fuck is it with Keean Bexte and his stalking of women?

There's something seriously ewwwwwww about ex-Rebeler, Ezra Levant-wannabe and white nationalist memorabilia expert Keean Bexte and his creepy habit of stalking women to their hotel.

Bexte is Exhibit A in the argument for prominent female politicians needing protection from Nazis.

The stupid. It burns.

I can't even ...

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Down in flames.

So how's that bloviating, blar-har-har mockery working out for Lloydminster's Patrick "Kid Cash Nexus MMA Cosplay" Ross? Oh, dear:

That's gonna leave a mark.

BY THE WAY, appreciate the dumbassitude here:

Uh, the only reason a judge would not allow you to speak at all is if your opponent's argument is so stunningly pathetic and meritless that your argument is not even required. It's not clear why Patrick thinks this is so hilarious since all it proves is that the judge didn't even need Peter's submission to kick Patrick and his asinine motion to the curb.

Patrick really does not understand how the law works. Not even a little bit.

P.S. If Peter's description is accurate, and the judge explicitly asked Patrick if, as an undischarged bankrupt, Patrick sought the permission of a trustee before filing this action, Patrick is well and truly fucked in every possible way, as it suggests that that is a deal-breaker as far as the Court is concerned. It will be important to see either a transcript of this hearing, or to read the judge's written ruling, or both, but this does not bode well for Patrick's future prospects for filing vexatious and meritless actions simply for the purpose of harassing others, if the Court has indeed found that Patrick's current status prevents him from doing that.

AFTERSNARK: To celebrate his massive legal ass-kicking, Patrick hies himself to Better Than Fred's for another $21, 7,000-calorie greasefest:

inspiring a couple of his northern Alberta colleagues to publicly wonder if he's still one of their co-workers:

I'm guessing the answer is, not for long. But that's just a guess.

AFTERSNARK: I have been informed by a reliable source that Patrick finally got around to deleting the above two mocking comments but, hey, the Internet never forgets.

Mark Slapinski: The douchebaggery of being out of range.

Right-wing shill and provocateur Mark Slapinski wants to assure you that, hey, he was there, it was no big deal:

 At which time Mark fucked off back to ... where exactly? Oh, right:

One suspects that, while Mark was here, he got a nice quiet hotel in Kanata because, man, those trucks were noisy.



Brian, you literally co-founded Rebel Media, a bigoted, Islamophobic, white nationalist media outlet that published racist anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic trash like this:

You really need to sit this one out, dude.

The incivility starts with name-calling, and goes from there.

In case you missed it, one of the tells that a "media outlet" is actively trying to sabotage someone's career and encourage harassment (if not outright violence) against them is when that media outlet invents cute and demeaning nicknames.

I'm sure we all remember when Rebel News -- still claiming to be a legitimate media outlet -- openly mocked Catherine McKenna as "Climate Barbie":

More recently, that same Rebel News is now invariably referring to Conservative politician Patrick Brown as "sneaky" -- a search just now claims to have found well over one thousand uses of the phrase "sneaky Patrick Brown" in Rebel publications:

That's how it starts ... with the namecalling. The harassment and vandalism is generally not far behind:

Jerry Agar: "Yeah, well, she had it coming."

The Toronto Sun's Jerry Agar is the latest to suggest that Chrystia Freeland deserved a little comeuppance:

Good for you, Jerry ... because what this country needs more of is vulgar, angry, bearded Albertans in "wife-beater" muscle shirts swearing at and threatening women. I'm sure that can't end badly.

Someone even stupider than Pierre Poilievre. Hard to believe.


There is no flour in Nanaimo bars, moron.

P.S. Appreciate the irony of The Man Who Would Be King pimping, as the alleged maker of the best Nanaimo bars on the planet, someone who does not even know how to make Nanaimo bars.

P.P.S. Does Skippy even understand that you can make Nanaimo bars without having to live in Nanaimo?

Monday, August 29, 2022

My level of cynicism.

Want to know how cynical I am? I firmly believe that, despite the Doug Ford government being an appalling disaster for Ontario, he will be re-elected. Because that's how fucking stupid Ontarians are. Really, really, really fucking stupid.

You heard it here first.

The company you keep.

Apparently, Elliot McDavid has all sorts of friends in today's CPC:

Cue Canadian right-wingers suddenly shrieking about Justin Trudeau in blackface. Or possibly Hunter Biden's laptop.

You'll never guess who's leaping to TUPOC's defense. Go on, guess. You'll never guess.

Oh, all right:

That would be Rebel reporter and junior high school student William Diaz-Berthiaume, who zipped into town just long enough to tell TUPOC's side of the story, accuse TUPOC's critics of being Antifa, then fuck off so he never has to deal with the consequences of a Convoy-related and openly militaristic group of white supremacists setting up a base of operations just down the street from Parliament.

Same as it ever was.

ASTONISHINGLY, Diax-Berthiaume's entire article (archived at The Wayback Machine here so you don't need to give Der Rebel any clicks) is depressingly ignorant and incomplete, considering he's actually based in Ottawa and should know better. So if you want to wade through that fascist swill of a news piece, keep in mind that Diax-Berthiaume lives here and has no excuse for being that pig ignorant of what's been going on.

HYSTERICAL: Luxuriate in the rancid dishonesty of this tweet:

"To know everything about TUPOC," written to describe an article that explains almost nothing about TUPOC. Breathtaking. Just fucken' breathtaking.

This is the dizzying intellect with which we are dealing.

This would be he-man Elliot McDavid, not quite understanding the concept of "taxes":

Uh huh.

That is some serious "both-sides-ism" there, Brian.

Conservative hack and Doug Ford comfort boy Brian Lilley wants you to know that he's done the research and some leftists have been rude, too:


In unrelated news, the right-wing media outlet that Brian Lilley helped found was listed as the most reliable source of news by someone who murdered four people, including two policemen:

P.S. I was permanently banned from Twitter for describing CPC Senator Denise Batters as a "twatwaffle", so there's enough blame to go around, eh, Brian?


Alberta's UCP that spends 24 hours a day demonizing the federal government and demeaning and denigrating its ministers by name shocked -- SHOCKED!! -- that Albertans are simply following their lead:

Sunday, August 28, 2022


"She's going to be in Grande Prairie next week ... make it look like an accident."


 Um ...

Just remember, the "journalist" designation that sits in front of Brian's name has nothing to do with actual journalism.

I'm glad we could clear that up.


Lisa Raitt, whose federal party under Stephen Harper literally introduced the concept of physical intimidation and harassment of political opponents, will now feign outrage over (*checks notes*) physical intimidation and harassment of political opponents:

Tune in tomorrow when Raitt will complain about the federal deficit.

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Buy local. Always buy local.

I may have overdone it at this year's "Heating Up The Capital" hot sauce expo:

That's not even all of them; I just ran out of counter space. I hate it when that happens.

Today's the day: Heating Up The Capital 2022.

Prepping by wolfing down a Jamaican patty slathered with Haico's "Scorpion's Kiss".

I will need to pace myself:

Why the current owners of St. Brigid's are the reason for this clusterfuck.


Understand what you're reading here: The current owner(s) of St. Brigid's, thinking they were going to eventually get close to $6 million for the property, collected only the first $5,000 deposit, then were told that the next two payments were unavailable but still agreed to what appears to be a six-week extension.

What. The. Fuck?

And it never occurred to these imbeciles (the owners) to think, "Um, we're not comfortable with you not being able to make even these minimal deposit payments on time."

Yes, The United People of Canada need to be run out of town, but the owners of St. Brigid's need to accept responsibility for a maddening lack of even the most minimal due diligence.

Christ ... to think that all of this could have been avoided.

Dear James Bowie: About "Without Papers Pizza" and Rebel News ...

 Yo, James: About that ugly encounter in Alberta:

If the name "Without Papers Pizza" sounds vaguely familiar, it should:

That's right -- that's one of the "Fight the Fines" causes taken on by Rebel News; in short, they've been both encouraged and enabled by Der Rebel to be provocative and profane with authority, so one can safely say Rebel is at least partly responsible for their assholishness and threatening behaviour.

In other words, Rebel News gets results. Which is exactly what they're after.

P.S. This is the level of crackpotitude we're dealing with here:

Friday, August 26, 2022

Tweet of the week.

OMG ...

I'm in love.

The United People of Canada: Yes, the community needs answers.

This is precisely what I've been telling people privately for the last few days:

Getting no comment from the owners is really annoying -- we, the local community, who have to deal with these fuckwads want some idea as to how long this shit is going to last so we can pace ourselves. It's time for the owner(s) to step the fuck up and provide some answers.

P.S. This is not helping the situation:

Is it wrong that I'm currently more pissed with the owners than I am with the squatters?

The execrable hypocrisy of Sheila Gunn Reid.

Your regular reminder that, even as Rebel News spews outrage over vaccine mandates and fundraises off of other peoples' misfortune and misery, Sheila herself made it clear she thought there should be "societal implications" for children not being vaccinated if it was her own delinquent, squalling brats who were at risk:

Hilariously, much more recently, Sheila naturally takes the totally opposite position based on what pays her salary:

P.S. Has Sheila gone to jail for contempt yet? What's happening there? Pretty much all of Canada wants to know.


United People of Canada: "A diverse, intergenerational fraternal organization. Together, through appreciation and celebration of our unique culture and heritage, we will build strong families and communities, solidifying a prosperous future for all Canadians, where all voices are heard."

Also United People of Canada: "Fuck you. Fuck all of you."

So ... there's that.


American conservatives: "It's disgusting to forgive student loans; no one should have to bail out someone else for their financial failings. We conservatives believe in being accountable for our decisions."

P.S. This will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever stop being funny:

Rebel News terrorists: Where are they now?


Surely it's only a matter of time before Adam Soos ...

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Two more sleeps.

Mmmmm, baby.

The heck you say.


Maybe best to just leave them to their sceptres and tin-foil hats.

 Under the circumstances:

I'm thinking that the smartest move is to just avoid the place and let the legal shenanigans play out ... no point in being confrontational if things are happening in the courts.