Monday, October 31, 2022

Keean Bexte is mentally ill.

The bullshit.

Can someone get Bexte the professional help he needs? Please?


Anonymous said...

The thing is, these people are willing to lie and distort anything to fit their narrative that covid isn't real and the vaccines are the real killers, that even if they WERE to find some truly new issue with vaccines, nobody would believe them.
They're the boy who cried wolf, if the boy who cried wolf spent his entire waking life accusing everybody and everything of being a wolf.
I've seen this with Jehovah's Witnesses. They're told by their religion that they're not supposed to take a blood transfusion. That's fine, whatever floats your boat. But then they pass around misleading stories, anecdotes, and overblown warnings about how HORRIBLE transfusions are and how even if you're not against transfusions you should refuse them anyways because you're even more likely to die if you do get one.
Motivated reasoning is a bitch.

MgS said...

You can lead an ass to the fountain of knowledge, but you cannot make the creature drink.

Bexte is an ass. The rest is axiomatic.

Coolxenu said...

Lil Kenan is a quivering cowardly, alt-right quisling bully. He folds like a steamy, moist sock when confronted.
He resorts to attempting to injure people who disagree with him. The cops laugh him off. He does like his Calgary steak.
I wonder how he pays for it now that he doesn't get Shirley Gunt Read's empty wine boxes?

Coolxenu said...


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