Saturday, October 08, 2022

Speaking of Wagyu ...

... as I'm cooking for one today, dinner will be a one-person Wagyu tenderloin, with mashed beets and potatoes on the side. Perhaps a chocolate eclair for dessert from the French baker down the street. Total cost: maybe $35. $40 if I splurge on two eclairs.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know mashed beets was a thing.

Also, how much does a good Waygu cut for one cost?

CC said...

*Mixed* mashed potatoes and beets, together, ratio of about 2:1 potatoes to beets. You will thank me for this, the beets bring an extra zing (and colour) to the taters. You need to boil the diced beets separately for longer than the taters, and they will still be firm so extra mashing is mandatory.

Re: Wagyu, I have my local sources for discount Wagyu; my tenderloin cost me less than $20. I am a smart shopper.