Monday, October 31, 2022

Keean Bexte is mentally ill.

The bullshit.

Can someone get Bexte the professional help he needs? Please?

This thread.

How does someone this stupid even manage to dress herself in the morning without help?

Nothing to see here, move along.


In unrelated news, Canada's conservatives will now lecture us about civility and decorum.

Just like a yammering, neo-Nazi asshat who doesn't know when to shut the hell up. Wow.


Sunday, October 30, 2022


Canadian conservatives: "Justin Trudeau openly interfered with the administration of justice. He should be sanctioned, and should have to resign over such improper and corrupt behaviour!"

Also Canadian conservatives: "Danielle Smith is openly interfering with the administration of justice. Good for her!"

Saturday, October 29, 2022


Every media outlet in Canada: "We've been following the so-called 'Freedom Convoy' from as far away as B.C., where numerous big rigs and their supporters are, day after day, driving across Canada and converging on Ottawa, where they have publicly and openly promised to occupy the city until the federal government steps down."

Ottawa police: "We had no idea. If only someone had warned us."

The company you cheer for.

If you want to understand the depravity of modern-day conservatism, simply check out the individuals who are considered heroes to today's right-wingers:

  • Vladimir Putin
  • Elon Musk
  • Alex Jones
  • Donald Trump
  • Kyle Rittenhouse

Do I really need to continue?

They (still) walk among us.

Just yesterday, ran across this Convoy-themed trash can on Montreal Rd.:


How little dignity and self-respect does it take to be proud to drive around in a racist shitbox like that? Asking for all of Ottawa.

When you tell Davis Menzies to fuck off, you don't need to have a reason.

To no one's surprise, even the Ontario PC Party wants nothing to do with the bottom-dwelling, sleazy, Islamophobic white nationalism of Rebel News' David ("The Menses") Menzies, but you need to watch the first minute or so of his whining to appreciate something I've written about more than once.

I've already warned y'all that when Menzies is told to take a hike, what he will do is (for the camera) try to engage the gatekeeper in a discussion of why he's been told to take a hike. But it's not the security guard's obligation to provide Menzies with any information; rather, it's his job to simply tell Menzies to turn around and keep walking.

To security everywhere: do not engage people like David Menzies, simply advise them that they need to leave now. And that's all the explanation they're entitled to.

Are we clear?

Can someone please stuff Peter Sloly into the trunk of a car and push it into Dows Lake?

Jesus fucking Christ, what a disingenuous, pandering snowflake.

Friday, October 28, 2022

What exactly does a troll look like?


I'm sure this will end well.

What could possibly go wrong?

P.S. Imagine, if you will, the "Freedom Convoy" -- a disorganized gang of angry, misogynistic, white nationalists rampaging around downtown Ottawa harassing medical professionals and pretty much anyone wearing a mask ... now imagine every single one of them packing a handgun. Then imagine a bunch of armed and pissed off Ottawans who finally had enough of their shit.

That could all get very interesting.


February, 2022: Ford government insists it directed 1500 officers to Ottawa:

October, 2022: Ford government insists that it does not direct police:

I'm glad we could clear that up for you.

The Emergencies Act in three lines.

"There was no need to invoke the EA; the cops had all the powers they needed to deal with the convoy!"

"Then why didn't they?"

"Um, hey, Blackface Hitler!"

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Vassy Kapelos is the worst interviewer on the planet.

Seriously, how can anyone be that awful?

I challenge you to watch this and not think of Red Deer.

Or Chelsea Hillier.

And go.

Dear Justin Trudeau: A modest proposal.

Every time Pierre Poilievre mouths off about your hotel room costing $6,000 a night, reply with, "Well, sure, but how much is that in Bitcoin?"


Talentless hacks and right-wing propagandists that whine relentlessly about the epidemic of "Fake News" currently acting as bottomless sources of fake news.


Convoy supporter currently trying to use terminology to shape the narrative complains about others using terminology to shape the narrative:

Can someone get Roman a dictionary? Or thesaurus? Or just tell him to put a sock in it?

John Ivison is an asshole: Part Deux.

Everyone: "No one can be more of an asshole than John Ivison was yesterday."

John Ivison: "Hold my beer."

Did you know ...

... that one anagram of "National Post" is "Anal Spittoon?"

I love my commenters.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

John Ivison is an asshole.


The end.

I can't even ...

Are you kidding me?

In unrelated news, Ottawa police announced that rapists would be allowed to commit crimes unhindered in Vanier with the understanding that that would spare the neighbourhoods of Rockcliffe Park and New Edinburgh.


During a debate, GOP Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz insists that a woman's reproductive choices should be between her, her partner, her doctor, local political officials and Ben Shapiro.

Dear God, the burning stupid.

In the midst of a Twitter thread inspired by Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid's astonishingly dishonest coverage of the Emergencies Act inquiry, we have the following gem:

Um, sure, that's what happened ... the "Freedom Convoy" wanted to leave town but the police wouldn't let them.

Do I really need to point you at "Robb's" Twitter bio?

Credit to Sheila Gunn Reid: She knows exactly who her readership is.


MAGA Republicans who are totally fine with GOP U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker being a philandering, lying, inarticulate and clearly mentally-damaged individual are currently dumping on Democratic U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman who slurred his speech during a recent debate because he's recovering from a fucking stroke but still destroyed his opponent, well-known quack and dog murderer Dr. Oz.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Brian Lilley is the Alex Jones of Steve Bannons.

That's it. That's the post.

The CPC's next shadow minister of multiculturalism.


Dear Alberta nurses and doctors: A modest proposal.

If anyone associated with the UCP shows up at emergency, give them a couple Advil and send them home. That Hippocratic Oath? Really more of a suggestion.

Danielle Smith is the Becky of Beckys.

With Danielle Smith, it's just a matter of time ...

What James and I said.

There you go:

In case you were wondering, I said much the same back here.

Yes, Andrew Lawton is a hack.

Read this book review thread by James Bowie.


Canadian right-wingers who are totally fine with Pierre Poilievre avoiding the Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner and with Doug Ford being such a spineless weasel that he won't have anything to do with the Emergencies Act inquiry will still mock Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the "Coward of the Cottage" for (*checks notes*) refusing to engage with Nazis and white nationalists who openly called for his murder.

I'm looking at you, Brian Lilley, you cretin.

Chronicles of Twatrick: Where is he now?

It has been brought to my attention that Lloydminster's favourite undischarged bankrupt and vexatious litigant Patrick Ross was recently on YouTube, announcing that he has (apparently) moved, referring to a "new home" which seems to be in the vicinity of Grande Prairie, Alberta. It's not clear whether this is just another transient residence in aid of his current employment, or whether he has indeed relocated on a more permanent basis. In any event, if Patrick really has moved, this is going to cause him some inconvenience from a legal point of view.

Recall how Patrick recently sued every living thing in Canada for millions of dollars for, well, making fun of him. In those filings, Patrick listed his address for legal service as his father's home in Lloydminster, SK. However, if Patrick really has moved to Alberta, he is now going to have to amend all of those Statements of Claim to properly reflect his actual address, and not a bogus address he uses to evade proper and personal legal service. This means that all and sundry who were on the receiving end of a Patrick-flavoured legal filing must now be served with a newer Statement of Claim wherein Patrick discloses a reliable address where he can be served personally.

Quite simply, Patrick has for years played childish games involving dodging and weaving to avoid legal service; now he needs to follow the rules, and that begins with revealing his actual and legitimate address. Oh, and paying real money to personally serve that amended Statement of Claim, as well as his Reply. That's how the law works when grownups do it.

Monday, October 24, 2022

I voted.

Please, Ottawa, for the love of God, don't fuck this up.

Annnnnnd ... you fucked it up. Well done, idiots.

Dear Esther Post: Perhaps I can be of assistance.

It was back in August:

If Ms. Post wants advice on how to deal with people who use personal bankruptcy to escape the consequences of their assholishness, I might be able to help.

If you know what I mean.

P.S. While it's always tempting to oppose someone's bankruptcy if you think they're concealing assets, another strategy is to allow the bankruptcy to proceed, at which time you have the right to question the bankrupt under oath, and they are obligated to turn over all of their assets since, technically, they don't own them anymore, the assets now being the property of the trustee.

Even if someone is in bankruptcy, there are a lot of ways they can screw that up. Just ask Patrick Ross.

CC reader challenge: A list of Pierre Poilievre's really bad ideas.

We've tackled this before but it behooves us to set a spell and begin listing the truly horrifically awful ideas promoted by Pierre Poilievre in the last little while. I'll start things off with the low-hanging fruit, and you can take it from there.

  • The "Freedom Convoy" and the occupation of downtown Ottawa
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Alberta separatism

I'd list more but there would be little left for you, dear reader, to contribute, so have at it and extend the list. Be diplomatic, though.

No, no, just kidding about that diplomatic part. Can you imagine? Fuck that little weasel.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Paging Vassy Kapelos: How to interview someone.



Obnoxious bag of right-wing hate and dumpster fire of a human being Mark Slapinski will now lecture us on respect:

Seriously, he went there.

P.S. There's something amusing about Canadians who relentlessly refer to the Prime Minister as "Justine", "Trudope", "Turdeau" and "Blackface Hitler" to be lecturing the rest of on civility. Really.


Right-wing Canadians who were livid -- FURIOUS, I TELL YOU!!! -- with Justin Trudeau for allegedly interfering politically with the justice system are currently celebrating gleefully over (*checks notes*) Danielle Smith's promise to interfere politically with the justice system:

OK, then.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Defund CBC News. Seriously, put it out of our misery.

What in the absolute fuck ... ?

"We've banned handguns. We're going to interview someone who makes a living from selling handguns to explain to us why that's a bad idea."

Seriously, CBC News is a total goddamned fucking waste. Just take it out back and bury it, along with Vassy Kapelos' journalistic integrity.



Man who supports seditionists and insurrectionists who openly called for the murder of the Prime Minister will now complain about an annoying lack of neutrality.

OK, then.

A modest proposal.

On a regular basis, some small group of disgruntled Ottawans should assemble on Parliament Hill and insist that they're not leaving until Pierre Poilievre comes out to speak to them.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Chronicles of Ezra: Yup, we're going to trial.

At risk of being short on details, I have spent almost the last three years preparing to fend off a motion from one Ezra Levant to strike my defense related to his 2016 defamation action against me -- a motion that, if successful, would have allowed Ezra to go to trial and continue lying about me while I would not be allowed to even be present to defend myself.

The hearing for that motion happened just this past Monday in Toronto, where I represented myself, during which the lawyer representing Ezra was so astonishingly inept and unprepared that, after we broke for lunch and reconvened afterwards, she advised the court that she had consulted with her client over the lunch hour and, after almost three years of bullshit, she had been instructed to withdraw the motion.

So, yeah, we're going to trial. Details to follow.


Understand that Patrick Ross tweeted the above after reading this blog post, wherein I explained how Ezra Levant had filed a motion against me, then withdrew it mid-hearing before his own lawyer had even finished presenting.

So ... there's that.

In other news, Patrick is still an undischarged bankrupt who owes me more than $110,000. There's that, too. And the day of reckoning is coming.

People I wish would piss off.

Mark Sutcliffe.

Let's start there.


A new favourite from the SAQ:

Can we please get rid of Alberta ...

... before it takes the rest of the country down with it?


CPC leader too much of a spineless, cowardly weasel to attend PPG dinner insists that Prime Minister should have engaged with Freedom Convoy participants who were openly calling for his violent death:

If I ever run into Pierre Poilievre, I will punch him in the face and take my chances in court.

Yeah, you do that.

 Bring it on, you pathetic mound of white nationalist trailer trash:

I can assure you, me and several hundred thousand other people who live in Ottawa will be waiting, and the cops won't protect you next time.

See you in February.

In today's episode of "Tweets That Did Not Age Well" ...



Canadian conservatives: "We can't wait for the mandatory inquiry into the invocation of the Emergencies Act!"

Also Canadian conservatives: "Well, this isn't turning out the way we expected."

Thursday, October 20, 2022


Conservatives: "We hate socialism!"

Also conservatives:


  • Justin Trudeau avoided the Freedom Convoy since he didn't want to engage with people who openly called for his murder.
  • Pierre Poilievre is avoiding the Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner because he doesn't want to engage with people who (*checks notes*) might make fun of him.

But, sure, the Prime Minister is the coward here.

I can't even ...


So, how's that whole "Taking back control" Brexit thing going, well, shit ...


I've had vegetables in my crisper that lasted longer than that. And were more intelligent.

P.S. I just read that every UK Prime Minister is entitled to 116,000 pounds per year for the rest of their lives as a pension. In other words, Truss will receive a queenly pension until the day she kicks off for being PM for 45 days.

Sure, that sounds fair.

QUESTION: If a general election is held in the near future and is won by Labour, can the government then just cancel the idiocy that is Brexit?


Tell me you've lost the will to live without telling me you've lost the will to live.


... and, suddenly, we understand the reason for a shortage of RPis.


Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy interestversary!

It is now a full 14 months that Lloydminster's Patrick Ross was ordered by the court to pay me a whack of cash:

To no one's surprise, he has paid little other than what I have forcibly seized from his bank account and his employer. Check back next month for absolutely no change in the situation, except for what Patrick owes me to have increased by about $500.

Whatever you're thinking ... rethink it.

You do that, sweetie, because we'll be waiting and, this time, we will be prepared and really goddamned fucking angry so, yeah, try to pull that shit again and see how that ends for you.

Well, this is ... interesting.

 Um ... wut?

Is this the sort of thing that Twitter Support should know about?

Wherein Danielle Smith issues an apology for a retraction of a clarification of two retractions of an apology.


It's almost possible that Smith is more of a pathetic, ignorant, weaselly, white nationalist piece of human garbage and Russian asset than Sheila Gunn Reid.

I said "almost."

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Geek humour.

Apparently, you should avoid use of the term "WAN Core" in team meetings.

James Bowie is my hero.


Chronicles of Twatrick: The beatdownening.

Peter Skinner has had enough of Patrick's bullshit:

P.S. This is a judge, recently telling Patrick that, yes, he's going to need to get a judge to OK his lawsuit given that he is an undischarged bankrupt:

Patrick does not have a trustee. He deliberately did not disclose that information to the judge.

Monday, October 17, 2022

Bad analogies, part 1,437.

Because organizing an economically ruinous 3-week siege of the nation's capital is just like wearing blackface in a high school play 30 years ago.

Holy fuck, the burning stupid.


Every time you think Sheila Gunn Reid can't be any more of an ignorant, white nationalist piece of trailer trash, she manages to surprise.

Sunday, October 16, 2022


Infamous anti-vaxxer who mocked vaccine and mask mandates currently whining about the long-term effects of getting sick:

So ... there's that.

Ezra Levant: "Lawsuit rodeo clown". Yeah, I called that.


How many times have I warned y'all that the special-ed junior high school students that cosplay as Rebel News "journalists" have no interest in actual journalism, but they have been given direct and explicit instructions by Ezra Levant to approach and harass people to the point where someone's temper gets the best of them, whereupon begins the shrieking of "OH MY FUCKING GOD HE HIT ME, I'M SUING!!!", followed by 3.78 bajillion dollars in fundraising?

P.S. If there was even the slightest uncertainly about what Rebel News is trying to accomplish, here's obnoxious stalker W D-B clearly trying to provoke a reaction out of people who have already told him to fuck right off:

Saturday, October 15, 2022

It's about freaking time.

More of this, please. Much more.


"Journalists" who insist that a crippling, three-week occupation of downtown Ottawa replete with 24/7 air horns and diesel fumes and harassment of citizens simply for wearing masks are the same people who insist that pushing their microphone away from your face is a savage, brutal, vicious physical assault which must be met with swift legal action.

Dear "Freedom Convoy" supporters: A simple question.

The fact that the deranged, white nationalist truckers and supporters of the "Freedom Convoy" that occupied downtown Ottawa last February are currently outraged about having been driven out of town pursuant to invocation of the Emergencies Act inspires one to ask a simple question:

If they had not been tossed out of Ottawa via the EA, was it their intention to occupy the downtown core indefinitely?

It certainly seems that way based on their own pronouncements that they were absolutely not leaving until the entire Liberal government stepped down, which was not going to happen so, once again, we ask, did they plan on simply staying for months or years, totally paralyzing the downtown of the capital of Canada? And, if so, would they still have considered that "legal" and "peaceful"? At what point would those folks concede that an indefinite military-style occupation of Ottawa's downtown core stopped being legal or peaceful?

I'm just curious.


Man who has never won a legal action in his 41 years will now lecture others on how the law works:

Disinformation Caillou: YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!!!!

Once again, I called it. Here's ex-Rebeler and toilet brush look-alike Keean Bexte, shocked -- SHOCKED, I SAY!! -- that the EA Inquiry might be looking into the actions of (*checks notes*) the people who actually staged a military occupation of downtown Ottawa for three weeks, inflicting devastating economic damage on countless businesses:

He's right -- who could possibly have imagined that the inquiry might, you know, inquire about those folks, right?

But here's the part I predicted: the over-the-top hyperbole. For these pathologically dishonest bullshit peddlers, anything that does not fit their narrative is perpetually shocking, or horrifying, or unbelievable, or outrageous, or nuts or crazy or insane. Someone should advise them that, after a while, people get outrage fatigue and lose interest. Like, you know, five years ago.

Get help, Keean. Professional help.

P.S. Here's Bexte, yet again downplaying the significance of the occupation by dismissing it as just some horn-honking:

If anyone knows where Bexte is staying while in town, well, Canadian Tire has a sale on hand-held air horns. I'm not suggesting anyone do anything like that .. oh, wait, yes, I am.

Friday, October 14, 2022

I'm going to assume that not all figure skaters are this abysmally fucked in the head.

Tell me you don't understand statistics without telling me you don't understand statistics: