Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Dear Skippy: A modest proposal.

Since CPC Grand Wizard Pierre Poilievre insists there is no way to determine who saturated his YouTube videos with incel bait, here's a thought -- if he truly wants to identify the culprit, he can simply post a read-only copy of the metadata from those videos publicly, and invite Canada's IT experts to dig into them. I'm betting we'd have our answer by the end of the day.

I'm also betting Pierre has absolutely no interest in solving this mystery.


Anonymous said...

We all know it was that Pierre Poutine guy.

Anonymous said...

Is a "read-only copy of the metadata" more complete than the channel source text?
Because a few of us have posted that on twitter.


Anonymous said...

Probably because it's not at all a mystery. He knows.

Anonymous said...

If Pierre had any interest in solving this mystery, this wouldn't have gone on for nearly five years. He most definitely knew.

Anonymous said...

Hey remember when Skippy and the sycophants would get mad at Trudeau for travelling?

WTF is Skippy campaigning whilst we pay his MP salary?