Wednesday, October 26, 2022

I can't even ...

Are you kidding me?

In unrelated news, Ottawa police announced that rapists would be allowed to commit crimes unhindered in Vanier with the understanding that that would spare the neighbourhoods of Rockcliffe Park and New Edinburgh.


Anonymous said...

The more this goes on, the more it is clear that the police struggle with a dangerous mix of incompetence and belief that the freedom convoy were just working class heroes. I mean, intelligence that made the convoy look bad (which was all of it) was ignored or seemed to have vanished mysteriously, Everything police claimed or believed was wrong, and now this? They thought the convoy - a group of open fascists and Nazis and who often openly advocate for violence - were heroes who would just “protect the rest of the city”? What?!?!

And what’s really sad is this isn’t new at all. Police and other “law enforcement” across North America have a long and documented history of supporting this sort of shit and enabling it. I mean, when national security agencies are regularly reporting that right wing domestic terrorism is the #1 threat, and literally nothing is ever done as the media normalizes them and conservative politicians pander to them, while “moderate” liberals often want to play nice and polite and give the benefit of the doubt. We are living the outcome of that sort of policing mentality right now. And yet history is also long and well documented that the same courteousness and benefit of doubt never seems to extend to POC, First Nations or other marginalized groups. Only perpetually disgruntled conservatives who only want to punish “others” for existing.

Anonymous said...

The police, all of them, seem to be a mixture of clowns and right-wing idiots.

If they had done their job, the EA would have never been needed.
If Ford had done his job, the EA would have never been needed.

Some really need pay cuts.

lungta said...

They should have never been allowed to stop.