Friday, October 21, 2022


CPC leader too much of a spineless, cowardly weasel to attend PPG dinner insists that Prime Minister should have engaged with Freedom Convoy participants who were openly calling for his violent death:

If I ever run into Pierre Poilievre, I will punch him in the face and take my chances in court.


Jason said...

ask for a jury trial. No way your peers convict.

Anonymous said...

Skippy and his merry band of traitors encouraged treason and the overthrown of the elected government. I guess it is their way of "owning" Trudeau.

Just to be clear, Skippy did met with the Nazis, White Nationalists and Canadian traitors. It was not to diffuse the illegal occupation but to actively campaign and encourage them.

Anonymous said...

So a redacted convoy leader tried to set up a secret meeting but had nothing to show good faith.

Heck, he could at least have promised not to ask the PM to autograph his F*ck Trudeau flag.

I think 'redacted' is the grandiose Marazzo, though Bauder also has a big enough ego and a tenuous grasp on reality. Either way, they would not have kept it secret, they would have blathered it all over social media.

Val J

Anonymous said...

With Mackenzie Gray, I can see why CTV has the sobriquet Conservative TV.