Sunday, July 31, 2022

The United People of Canada: And so it begins ...

Was driving through Ottawa's Byward Market just in time to see turn into the parking lot at TUPOC HQ a massive, black 4-by-4, liberally festooned with Canadian flags, and with "FUCK TRUDEAU!" and "FUCK LEGAULT!" painted on that beast in very large font.

At this point, I think we can safely say St. Brigid's is the new base of operations for Canada's "Freedom Convoy" and fascist, white nationalist movements. They're not even trying to hide it.


As Alison notes, the "Vaccine Injury Awareness Campaign" is a project of "Synesure Digital Marketing", the entity run by TUPOC director William Komer. In other words, TUPOC is currently bragging about its first Community BBQ Sponsor being ... itself.

Are we done here? Yeah, I think we're done here.

NO, WE'RE NOT DONE HERE: Here's the Freedom Convoy-related shitbox that's been hanging out at St. Brigid's TUPOC HQ for the last couple of hours:

So can we all just piss off with this, "Hey, we have nothing to do with the Freedom Convoy" bullshit? Please?

The United People of Canada: None dare call it "influence peddling."

Not sure when this appeared but this seems to be a relatively new addition to the really vague website of "The United People of Canada":

Uh ... is it just me, or has the mission of TUPOC morphed from "We want to be a community-oriented space that is of benefit to the local citizens" to "We specifically picked this location for its political value and opportunity to get involved with politics and international relations"?

Man, that did not take long at all.


What on earth does that even say? With little effort, I could write something that was just as meaningless:

Over the last while, Canadians have disagreed about some different issues. We will be hosting a conversation where those people can come together to talk about things and stuff.

Can you honestly tell me what I wrote is any less informative?


"Many people and organizations from coast-to-coast, north to south, and within and around Ottawa have expressed their support for The Embassy of The United People of Canada in Ottawa."

Um ... they have? Who? Can we at least get some names?

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Lauren Southern: "The Whole Truth." A painful bout of embarrassing self-indulgence.

Recent commenter leaves a comment that I am going to promote to a post almost verbatim (minor editing). And here goes:
Now, if Ezra were really thinking, they'd run TWO fundraisers: one to bail Sheila out, and the other to keep her locked up. I wonder which one would win? 
Speaking of throwing associates under the bus for a few pennies - has anyone else seen [ex-Rebeler] Lauren Southern's YouTube "documentary", "The Whole Truth?" Quick review with spoilers (I'm assuming no one minds spoilage in a product that hits the screen rotten to begin with): it may be the most interesting terrible documentary you've ever seen. 
Why terrible? Well, like Lauren herself, it's trite, self-indulgent, amateurish, and dishonest. Plated with a thin veneer of wide-eyed, tearful faux-repentance, it begins and ends with weepy "mea culpas" of the "how could I have misled you so?); but for the most part it's "here's what these scumbags are REALLY like." Why interesting? Because of the scumbags she defrocks.
These include ALL the right's favourite deities:
  • Ezra Levant, who, according to Southern, boots her off the Rebel for complaining that the infamous "Israel Investigation" was simply a pre-packaged tour with a Rebel propaganda overlay and some rants from Gavin.
  • Tommy Robinson, captured on video throwing a succession of associates and minions under the bus when scapegoats were needed to cover up his lies and acts of violence.
  • Faith Goldy, who emerges as hopelessly egocentric bully
  • Paul Joseph Watson, who embarks on a near-psychotic vendetta after she refuses to sleep with him
  • Milo Yiannopoulos. who comes across as more vicious, more opportunistic, and more dishonest than any of them. And that IS quite an achievement.
The "documentary" itself is laughable. It's almost three hours long, of which 90% consists of Lauren sitting in a forest glade (it actually looks like wallpaper in a Holiday Inn Coffee shop, but never mind) talking directly to the camera, pausing occasionally to gaze into the "sky" and dab away a tear of regret. I guess Lauren's painful self discovery will be of interest to anyone who ever took her seriously; for those of us who have always seen her as the naive dupe of charismatic far right exploiters, watching her come to the same conclusion about herself is just embarrassing.
Her sincerity throughout the whole enterprise is undermined by what she leaves out (yes, even at three hours, she left stuff out). Nothing about her racism and endorsement of White Replacement theory while in a mixed-race relationship. And although she calls for the right to be as critical of their own gods and pundits as they are of the right, she still appears to equate value of journalism with number of hits, and revels in her own success at "outraging" people.
After all this sturm and drang she still hasn't figured out that "advocacy journalism" isn't journalism at all. Still, it's a painful, boring, fascination must-watch for those of us with eyes on the snakepit.

Keep those cards and letters coming in, kids. 

Did Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid *deliberately* violate a publication ban for the PR value?


While a few souls on social media are (mostly facetiously) asking whether Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid purposely violated a publication ban with respect to the identity of Tamara Lich's surety, I think it is incumbent on the Crown to at least consider the possibility because, let's face it, this is exactly the sort of thing that Rebel News is known for over the years.

Your humble scribe has, in fact, written about that very thing, one example being how the hacks at Der Rebel clearly (and proudly) violated election financing law and, upon being fined a grand total of $3,000, promptly started fundraising $300,000 to fight it, which also gave them instant notoriety and, let's face it, that's what this is all about when it comes to Rebel News -- trending for whatever reason. One hypothesizes that Ezra Levant, when threatened with a fine of only a few thousand dollars, figures it's a pretty good deal if he can crowdfund an assload of money while simuitaneously shrieking about being censored and blaming Justin Trudeau.

So who's to say that's not what happened here?

Given the evidence I presented in my previous post -- that Gunn Reid was clearly aware of the publication ban right up to the point she so obviously violated it -- who's to say there was no back room discussion about the minimal risk in violating that ban compared to the stellar publicity and possible crowdfunding that could arise from it?

If I was the Crown, I would fer damned sure put Gunn Reid under oath, then ask her directly and pointedly about whether there was any discussion of any sort regarding the possible benefits of breaking the law for the resulting publicity. And if Gunn Reid wants to deny it, then make her say that. Under oath.

But that's just a suggestion.

Friday, July 29, 2022


UPDATE, 2:30 PM, immediately after initial hearing: Since all that happened was some scheduling, can someone -- for the love of Mutt -- send the Crown a link to this piece, which makes it thigh-suckingly clear that Sheila knew all about the publication ban and even tweeted about it a mere 10 minutes before she so assholishly violated it? How in the hell can she possibly have a defense for this? "I'm sorry, Your Honour, I'm kind of a dumbass." Give me a fucking break.

Lock her up.

Read the whole thread here. Gunn Reid really is one of the stupidest human beings on the planet. She makes Chris Selley look positively intellectual.

BONUS TRACK: One can only hope Gunn Reid tries to plead ignorance, given how many times she's tweeted about that exact publication ban:

P.S. Can someone bring the above to the attention of the judge or Crown, just in case Sheila tries her wide-eyed, "Garsh, I'm just a poor little country girl, I had no idea!" bullshit?

HOLY SHIT, THIS GETS SO MUCH FUNNIERHere's human garbage Sheila Gunn Reid, tweeting about the publication ban on the surety:

Note the timestamp: 2:58 PM, July 26. And when did Sheila commit contempt of court?

Yeah: 3:08 PM, July 26.

Ten minutes later.

What a fucking idiot.

The United People of Canada: "Just trying to manage expectations."

So, TUPOC, how are those 14-day community conversations coming along? Whoops ...

So ... nothing really scheduled on that front. OK, how about that residential schools thing? Oh, dear:

The United People of Canada: "You do all the work, we'll take the donations."

A MODEST PROPOSAL: Given TUPOC's magnanimous offer of free dialogue space, someone should call up and ask to book a venue to discuss the increasing danger of the white nationalist movement in Canada and see how that proposal is received.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

A joke.

First woman: "What does he use for birth control?"

Second woman: "His obsession with Jordan Peterson."

I'm here all week.

It's a small siege after all.

Sure ... how could this possibly end badly?

I'm sure hot tubs and bouncy castles will be involved. And air horns. Lots of air horns.

P.S. It was back on July 19 that, in this CBC article, we read [emphasis added]:

"Asked where the organization found funds for a purchase of that size, Komer said the main funding source is through community bonds and added more information would be shared online later."

And yet, today:

"The single largest financial stakeholder in The United People of Canada’s plan to purchase and renovate the former St. Brigid’s church in Lowertown says his mission in life is to foster and spread peace, love and understanding, and he believes Ottawa residents’ unease about the perceived relationship between the organization and the “Freedom Convoy” is overblown."

It's interesting how quickly we went from "funded by the community" to "we have a really rich backer."

About the Freedom Convoy's potential purchase of a church in the Byward Market.

If The United People of Canada succeed in handing over some $6M to purchase St. Brigid's church in Ottawa's Byward Market, I think locals should demonstrate their displeasure by parking outside and blowing air horns 24 hours a day for weeks on end. That seems only fair.

Perhaps hot tubs and bouncy castles should be involved.

There's always money in the privacy-violating business.

It's hilarious how Facebook's entire business model goes to shit when it's not allowed to rummage through your underwear drawer:

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Words fail me.

I can't even ...

Normally I am opposed to the death penalty ...

... but I am willing to make an exception for anyone who uses the phrase "Canadian intellectual Jordan Peterson." Also, "Sheila Gunn Reid wrote ...".

That is all.

Chris Selley is a complete and total asshat.

That's it. That's the post.

Jesus Christ ...

... how do people this abysmally stupid even function in society without help?


It is curious that the wankers who constantly defend Tamara Lich by describing her as a 49-year-old Metis grandmother never defended Omar Khadr by describing him as a badly-wounded, 15-year-old child.

Oh, snap!


Tuesday, July 26, 2022

How fucking stupid is Sheila Gunn Reid?

This fucking stupid:

That's pretty fucking stupid.

PREDICTION: As many others have already suggested, rather than Gunn Reid acknowledging what sort of loathsome, unprincipled, lawbreaking piece of human offal that she is, Rebel News will instead shriek about how the Trudeau justice system is savagely sodomizing their right to free speech and to practice journalism.

There will be a fundraiser.

The stupid. It burns.

 Le *sigh* ...

How many times does one have to explain that all of the above is being done in the provincial jurisdiction of Ontario, and has nothing to do with the Prime Minister?

Jesus fucking Christ. Make it stop.


Currently, Canadian wingnuts furious -- livid, I tell you!!! -- with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, accusing him of dictatorial violation of their rights under Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a document that exists only due to the tireless efforts of (*checks notes*) Justin's father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau.



"Freedom Convoy" supporters who insist that Tamara Lich is a political prisoner because of irredeemably corrupt judges and a dishonest legal system and that none of those rulings mean anything will explain that the same logic does not apply to Omar Khadr because shut up, just shut up, OK?

"United People of Canada" fundraiser: The things I do for you people.

As many people noted, the truly bizarre GiveSendGo Freedom Convoy-themed fundraiser of the "United People of Canada" was stuck on a single donation of $13 since its inception, which made me wonder -- could one even donate? Even if these people were total crackpots, there are always similar crackpots out there who are ready to open their change purses for that sort of stupidity, which inspired me to take a bullet for you people and test.

Sure enough, after making the minimum donation of $5 (plus an extra dollar donation taken as a "tip" by GSG), well, it seems to have worked:

So this proves that 1) yes, you can donate, and 2) absolutely no one is interested.


You're welcome.

P.S. The charge on my Visa card was exactly six dollars, so there's appears to be nothing to the speculation that that initial 13 dollars was 10 dollars U.S. It's clear my donation was processed normally in Canadian funds. Make of that what you will.

Monday, July 25, 2022

"The United People of Canada": The cultural appropriation goes ever on ...

Now that everyone else has twigged to TUPOC's appalling cultural insensitivity -- wherein it is currently running a "Truth and Reconciliation"-themed GiveSendGo fundraiser in order to pay for a new sound system and a wicked cool wet bar -- here's a tidbit I have not seen addressed by anyone else.

If one drives by TUPOC's paramilitary compound^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H church in the Byward Market, one notices a plethora of flags and, if you look closely at a couple on the right-hand side:

Why, yes, those do appear to have a First Nations feel to them, especially the one that is clearly:

So, yeah, in the end, a white nationalist, Freedom Convoy-related group has moved into the Ottawa core, and is currently begging for donations based on decades of oppression of Canada's indigenous peoples while simultaneously stealing their symbolism.

I'd suggest you can't get any lower than that but, hey, it's only Monday.

BONUS TRACK: What exactly is the "Magna Carta Fund"?

Sunday, July 24, 2022

JUXTAPOSE! "The United People of Canada" edition.

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE? Given that Twitter has suddenly exploded with the same information I published early this morning, I suppose it's asking a bit much for people to credit where they learned it all. Am I allowed to be a bit pissed as to how everyone has just discovered all of this when I posted it at 4 a.m. this morning? Le *sigh* ...

TUPOC director William Komer denies any connection, association or affiliation with the vulgar, racist neo-Nazis, bigots and white supremacists of the "Freedom Convoy" movement:

Wait for it ... wait for it ... wait for it ... ah, there we go:

Thanks for stopping by.

(Wag of the tail to anonymous commenter in earlier post.)

THE GORGE ALSO RISES: At the bottom of that GiveSendGo page is a link to a 2-minute YouTube extolling the magnificence and humanitarianism of the Freedom Convoy siege and occupation of Ottawa. It is one of the most pandering and nauseating snippets of video you've ever seen.

JUST TO BE CLEAR: Make sure you understand what's about to go down here. Having assured everyone that TUPOC has nothing to do with the "Freedom Convoy" in any way, the bottom of that GiveSendGo page makes it nad-grindingly clear that this is exactly what TUPOC is all about, advertising a full two weeks of Convoy-pimping propaganda with guest speakers:

This is, in fact, precisely what numerous people warned about from the beginning -- that the purchase of the Church was nothing more than establishing a local base of operations for further Convoy mischief and lawbreaking.

We told you so.

HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. TUPOC is running at least one other GiveSendGo fundraiser, this one allegedly in support of indigenous peoples and truth and reconciliation:

Hilariously, as you can read above:
"The funds from this campaign will be received by The United People Of Canada."
How many other grifts are these slimebags running? Words fail me.

P.S. TUPOC fundraising off of the decades of suffering of Canada's indigenous population is particularly galling given that "Freedom Convoy" supporters were publicly told to, well, fuck off and not insert themselves into the Pope's visit:

Brexit in five tweets.


Saturday, July 23, 2022

"There will be a massive freedom-oriented protest, oh, wait ..."


It's particularly embarrassing since, out of the 87 protesters, 41 of them were reporters from Rebel News.

Indigenous Canadians to "United People of Canada": Fuck off. Just fuck off, OK?

Indigenous Canadians more than a little miffed with "Freedom Convoy" dingbats and Nazis trying to co-opt the Pope's visit:

Which is kind of ironic since the newly-arrived "Freedom Convoy" front group "The United People of Canada" (TUPOC) is currently flying outside of its new bunker in Ottawa's Byward Market an indigenous-themed "Every Child Matters" flag (the orange one second from the right):

So, yes, TUPOC is already appropriating indigenous issues, just as you knew they would.

I'm glad we had this little chat.

So, Skippy ... how's that cryptocurrency fetish of yours working out?

Oh, dear:

No problem, though ... slimy grifter Pierre Poilievre will still keep mocking "#JustinFlation" even as his precious crypto market burns to the ground around him.

Chronicles of Twatrick: Back to the basement.

I have it on moderately reliable authority that Lloydminster's Patrick Ross, rather than continue working knowing that a chunk of his salary would be going to me via garnishment, walked away from his job in northern Alberta and has returned to his father's basement in the Lloyd, where he is currently bemoaning the retirement of WWE's Vince McMahon and lecturing women online about why they are not entitled to basic reproductive rights and bodily autonomy.

That is all.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Wherein Rebel News both wins and loses the same anti-SLAPP motion.

Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy ... a most interesting development in the universe of Rebel News-related defamation actions, so make sure you read all the way to the end.

It begins with the relentlessly and appallingly bigoted and transphobic yobs at Der Rebel who -- over many, many months -- stalked and harassed and publicly confronted self-described transgender woman Jonathan Yaniv aka Jessica Yaniv aka Jessica Simpson, to the point where Simpson (as she is named in the legal action) had had enough and sued Rebel News and its collection of transphobic asshats for defamation. So far, so good.

SIDE NOTE: There is little question that Simpson is a disgusting human being, so make sure you don't see this post as any sort of defense of her behaviour. If she were any creepier, she could work for the Toronto Sun. In any event ... onward.

In a moderately surprising turn of events, Rebel News fought back with an anti-SLAPP action under the B.C. legislation (which is virtually indistinguishable from the similar Ontario law). You can read the ruling here so let's cut to the chase -- while Rebel News "journalists" were a vile, execrable lot throughout this harassment, Simpson did not make her case for defamation, and her action was (in my opinion correctly) dismissed under the B.C. anti-SLAPP legislation. And that's the end of the story, right?

Um, no, because this is where it gets really entertaining.

You see, one of the fundamental features of both B.C.'s and Ontario's anti-SLAPP laws is that, if you are the defendant in a defamation action (as Rebel News was here), and you win your motion (which Rebel News did), the presumption is that you are entitled to full indemnity -- that is, you are awarded your full legal costs on the action. The rationale for that feature is the position that if you are the target of a SLAPP suit, and you fight back and win, it should not cost you any cash. Put another way, if you win your motion, the plaintiff (in this case Simpson) is obliged to cover the defendant's entire legal bill. So that's what happened, right?

Um, no, because here's what happened next.

Despite the judge in this case ruling for Rebel News and dismissing Simpson's action, he wasn't quite done, as he then went on to excoriate Der Rebel's reporters for being, well, assholes as he described the value of their journalistic "expression" while writing about Simpson [emphasis added]:

[90]      In assessing the value of the impugned expression at issue in this case, I accept that at least part of the motivation behind Rebel News’ reporting was to warn the public about what the reporters believed to be the threat that Ms. Simpson’s conduct poses to society. Rebel News says that it strives to present an alternative point of view. Many will find the views that it expresses, here and elsewhere, to be highly offensive. It is, however, precisely in such cases that the law’s commitment to protecting freedom of expression will be most sorely tested.

[91]      Nevertheless, the expression in issue here was deeply problematic in various ways, both in terms of its quality and the apparent motivation behind it.

[92]      First, it was, by any measure, heavily laden with vitriol and gratuitous insults. Although I have accepted that Rebel News has a viable defence of “fair comment”, on the basis that the views expressed were ones that could honestly be held on the facts presented, it does not follow that the underlying inferences were always reasonably drawn. Of particular concern in that regard is the fact that much of the name-calling directed at Ms. Simpson echoed, and tended to reinforce, pernicious stereotypes about transgender people generally.

[93]      Further, the reporters’ conduct in confronting Ms. Simpson at her home or hotel and asking the same inflammatory questions over and over again, appears to have been intended primarily to provoke a scene and so provide entertainment at Ms. Simpson’s expense, rather than to elicit information to enrich the public discourse.

Make sure you understand what is happening in the above -- despite having ruled for Rebel News, the judge is sufficiently pissed off with the sleazy and transphobic bigots at that media outlet that he makes it clear he is disturbed by their assholishness. Well, OK, but so what? They won, so what does it matter if the judge is nonetheless annoyed with them? And here's the fun part.

You see, B.C.'s anti-SLAPP legislation (like Ontario's) has a presumption that, if you win your motion, you get full indemnity (full reimbursement of your legal fees). However, both province's legislation leaves wiggle room for the judge to change that under unusual circumstances ... which is exactly what the judge did here, and I quote [emphasis tail-waggingly added]:

[99]      In addition, although I have found that Ms. Simpson has failed to meet the burden upon her under s. 4(2)(a) of the PPPA, it does not follow, given my earlier observations, that she had nothing to complain about in how she was treated.

[100]   In summary, I have concluded that an award of full indemnity costs would not be appropriate in the unusual circumstances of this case. Instead, my order will be that the parties are to bear their own costs.

[101]   The application is allowed.

[102]   The action is dismissed, with each party bearing their own costs.

Go back and read that carefully until you understand what happened; the judge, even while ruling in favour of Rebel News on the motion, was so disgusted by the behaviour of the vulgar, bigoted assholes at Rebel that he refused to award them the presumptive full indemnity, choosing instead to send a message that, even while winning the motion, they were such sleazebags that he was going to make them eat their costs.

This has two delightful consequences.

The first obvious consequence is that Rebel News is, even after winning, out most likely tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. But that's not the best part.

No, the best part is the precedent this sets, in establishing that if someone sues Rebel News for defamation, and Rebel files and wins an anti-SLAPP motion, there is now an identifiable precedent for Rebel not being awarded costs because of their behaviour. And that should send a real chill through Ezra Levant's nether regions, as he now knows that even if the court sides with him in future cases, it might still tell him and his crappy, white supremacist media outlet that it needs to pay its own tab.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: It's payday!

UPPITY DATE, JUL 21: 'Twould appear that the recent garnishment order against Patrick Ross' Alberta employer may come to naught, as it is entirely possible that Patrick is no longer employed there, this conjecture based on one of my reliable sources from the environs of Lloydminster, SK reporting that Patrick has been in town all week and therefore not working in northern Alberta.

It's possible that Patrick is simply taking some time off, or is maybe on holidays, but this development fits with my earlier speculation that, once that garnishment order was served, Patrick would -- in a fit of childish, self-destructive pique -- prefer to quit rather than continue toiling away in the wilds of Clairmont only to see a sizable chunk of his paycheque go to me.

Again, why Patrick is back in the Lloyd is unclear, but assuming that he simply walked away from his post, we are once again in the position where he is an unemployed, undischarged bankrupt living at home and still owing me a truckload of money (an amount continuing to increase now by over $500 per month due to accruing interest).

In other words, same as it ever was.

End of update.

Pursuant to absolutely nothing, it was earlier this year that I informed one and all that the Saskatchewan sheriffs had snagged just over $2,500 from the bank account of one Patrick "Super Duper Kid Cash Thunderbolt Nexus Quintuple Threat MMA Cosplay Asshat Bikini Designer Creepy Stalker Basement Incel" Ross related to my collection proceedings against him.

I was informed today that said sheriffs just handed over that amount to my SK lawyer, as they are legally required to hang onto such sums for a while in case the unfortunate doofus from which it was seized files an objection. As Patrick chose not to contest the seizure, I am expecting the aforementioned payment any time now.

All of this is entirely independent of the newly-instituted garnishment proceedings served on Patrick's Clairmont-based Alberta employer last week.

That is all.


Man who spent his entire adult life sucking off the public tit and who has a lifetime pension funded by the taxpayers will now bad-mouth the idea of socialism:


Man who has never given the slightest crap about Canada's indigenous peoples suddenly cares about them very, very deeply.


Rest of world: "The planet is on fire, and the Jan. 6 hearings in the U.S. are absolutely horrifying in the corruption they are revealing!"

Brian Lilley: "Have you seen Justin Trudeau's haircut? Oh, man ..." 

Rebel News: Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Le *sigh* ... once again, the relentlessly disingenuous hacks at Der Rebel misrepresent reality:

No, Canada's Parliamentary Press Gallery did not "ban" Rebel News -- all it did was consider an application for official accreditation from that tailings pond of a media outlet, and reject it for obvious reasons that I explained back here.

You're welcome.

Freedom! Freedom! Freeeeeeedom! Oh, wait ...

Canadian right-wing racists, bigots, propagandists and white nationalists who have howled relentlessly in support of freedom for months suddenly outraged regarding Indigo's freedom to stock whatever the fuck they want:

P.S. It is worth mentioning that Lawton's book is an "Amazon bestseller" for the same reason the worthless dreck by Sheila Gunn Reid was also a bestseller -- simple gaming of the system.

More coverage of "The United People of Canada" ...

There's this thread:

This bears watching.

HMMMMMMMMM ... it appears that, only days after opening, the good folks at TUPOC are slashing prices on their obscenely-overpriced merch:

Whatever could this mean?

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Good Christ, William Komer could be Jordan Peterson.

Anonymous commenter from last post points out that William Komer of the org "The United People of Canada" is, according to his LinkedIn page, a director of something called "Bethanys Hope Foundation." And what exactly does that organization do?

I have no words. Literally, I cannot speak. This makes Scientology look positively cerebral.

About The United People of Canada ...

Finally, CBC wades into the fray. Methinks this story is just starting.

(Wag of the tail to anonymous commenter.)

AFTERSNARK: Here's what I find so irredeemably baffling in that article (emphasis added):

"Some people have speculated, 'Oh did some Freedom Convoy funds get used to purchase a building here?' I can say for a fact that is not the case," Komer said.

"I don't know what did or didn't happen with … that stuff but this is completely funds that we're raising privately through community contributors."

The biggest contributor so far gave because of the "good work we're doing in the community," Komer said, but he declined to say more about them because he hadn't talked to donors about sharing their names with the media.

What "good work?" One searches in vain at for any hint of that group's accomplishments, locally or elsewhere.

WAIT, SO THEY'RE BUYING? Original reports suggested that TUPOC was simply leasing the church, but this part of the CBC piece clearly implies a purchase is in the offing (emphasis added):

"We're in a due diligence process right now with the current owners," he said when asked about the status of the building. "It's under a contract of purchase and sale agreement."

An online real estate posting for the address at 310 St. Patrick St., was still active as of Monday morning, with an asking price of $5,950,000.

Land registry documents show a numbered company traced back to Patrick McDonald, one of the investors who bought the church after it was deconsecrated in 2007, still owns the property.

CBC has attempted to contact McDonald since Friday, but he has not responded.

Asked where the organization found funds for a purchase of that size, Komer said the main funding source is through community bonds and added more information would be shared online later.

How in the name of Pat King's ass crack does a mystery group come up with a cool six million, given a total lack of accomplishments of any kind?


Here's TUPOC director William Komer:

"Komer said the organization has retained legal counsel that is ready to intervene if necessary."

Would it be untoward to have asked who that legal counsel was? Seriously, when someone insists they've retained legal counsel, is it appropriate to ask who that might be?

ABOUT THOSE FINANCES ... Given that there is apparently a conditional purchase offer from TUPOC for this $6M property on the table, this inspires two rather obvious questions.

First, if we assume a typical mortgage with a down payment of say, 20%, where does TUPOC think the remaining $5M is going to come from? In short, what is their long-term business model? Assuming a sizable monthly mortgage payment, where does TUPOC imagine that money will come from? Selling merch? Renting co-working space? The largesse and gullibility of the local community? What is the actual business plan here that justifies that sort of property?

More importantly, though, if we assume a moderate initial down payment of 20%, that is still over a million dollars. Who is fronting that money? And what sane bank would even consider giving a mortgage to a not-for-profit that has existed for only four months, and which has been massively unforthcoming about their details?

In short, how do a handful of Freedom Convoyers waltz into town and find enough cash to buy a $6M building that would be the perfect base of operations and staging area for yet another violent assault on Parliament?

So many questions, so many sleazebags refusing to answer them.

Do better, CBC.

How to deal with Jordan Peterson fan bois.

Given how Dr. Jordan B. Peterson trends on a regular basis, and given how many utterly unaccomplished and gullible incels still living at home consider Peterson to be such an intellectual giant, let me suggest a simple way of putting those enthusiastic acolytes in their places. (The following technique works particularly well with those intellectual children who have either just viewed a JBP lecture, or have just finished one of his massively valueless and unreadable pieces of dreck, and can't wait to share the good news with anyone who has no interest in hearing it.)

The instant some pathetic loser begins praising the dizzying intellect of Jordan Peterson, ask them to list for you one -- just one -- lesson they learned from Peterson and, further, get them to explain to you what it means to them; that is, demand that they demonstrate that they understand some point Peterson made, and insist that they prove they comprehend its ramifications. I guarantee what happens next will be tragically painful.

Chances are good what you'll hear will be sophomoric silliness: "I learned that I should clean my room." Terrific. That would be advice we were given as six-year-olds by our mothers -- not exactly the mark of a world-class thinker.

On the other hand, if said Peterson fan boi actually tries to explain one of Peterson's incomprehensible ravings, well, you're in for a treat as they will tie themselves in knots demonstrating they haven't the foggiest idea what it is they claim to so admire.

Go ahead, try it. I can assure you, the biggest fans of the good doctor are the same people who cannot, for the life of them, begin to explain what Peterson is talking about. But don't take my word for it -- give it a shot and let me know how it works out.

BONUS TRACK: Jordan Peterson's vacuous inanities reminds one of similar nonsense from New Age quack Deepak Chopra, whose aphorisms were so utterly meaningless that someone set up a website to generate random Deepak Chopra quotes that are indistinguishable from Chopra's rubbish.

If one pops over there and keeps refreshing, one is gifted with spiritual enlightenment like:

  • "The unpredictable is inside self-righteous chaos"
  • "Each of us co-creates sub-empirical mysteries"
  • "True faith is entangled in a symphony of external reality"

What is embarrassing is that if any of the above was uttered by Jordan Peterson, his legion of fan bois would trip over themselves lecturing you on the profundity of self-righteous empirical mysteries being unpredictably entangled in a symphony, or some such idiocy.

Or you could just go clean your fucking room.

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy interestversary!

Pursuant to pretty much nothing, it is now 11 months to the day that I registered my default judgment for malicious defamation against Lloydminster's Patrick Ross in the province of Saskatchewan, at which time the presiding judge increased the compound interest rate on the outstanding amount from 2 per cent to 5 per cent:


As a more recent development, Patrick's employer in northern Alberta was, just last week, served with a garnishment order under Saskatchewan's Enforcement of Money Judgments Act (EMJA), which awards me 30 per cent of Patrick's income. I am already in the process of applying to increase that amount, as I am entitled to do under the EMJA, based on Patrick's rather obvious lack of expenses given that he normally lives at home and has no dependents. (The garnishment order, plus the potential increase in the portion I am awarded, applies not just to Patrick's current employer, but will follow him around to any job he ever takes after that.)

That is all.

Monday, July 18, 2022

If, when I hear "Pat King's ass crack," I think of David Menzies ...

... does that make me a bad person?

A modest proposal.

If someone could identify where Pat King will be living awaiting trial, and arrange to blow air horns outside all hours of the day and night, that'd be just ducky.

The level of stupidity is breathtaking.

It is so tiring to realize that people this moronic even exist:

About the batshit craziness that is "The United People of Canada" ...

As a followup to my last post, it is beyond me that this group is not getting more attention since, the closer you look, the crazier it gets. Ignore for the moment that, if you visit their website, you learn effectively nothing about them. Seriously, nothing. There is no clue as to who is behind that org; rather, you are inundated with feel-good maxims like, "We are a diverse group of Canadians that believe in people. And communities. And people who live in communities. That have people." Honestly, that's as deep as it gets. And then you look a bit further ...

... to discover a group with the creepy and ominous name of "Freedom Rising," and if you have the stomach to visit that site, well, like I said ... creepy -- a melting pot of deranged racists, bigots, and anti-vaxxers, and at the top of that page, you find a link titled "Directory of Allies," whereupon you find (if you select "Canada"):

... and on and on and tediously, mind-numbingly on, a collaboration of the most paranoid, tin-foil hat conspiracy junkies on the planet, including -- if you scroll down far enough -- "The United People of Canada."

Where is the mainstream media when lunatic groups like this move into a neighbourhood and start proselytizing? Hello? Anyone?

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Who is "United People of Canada", and why do they need a church in Ottawa?

Cruising through my 'hood, and was made aware that some shadowy, amorphous group called "The United People of Canada" has set up shop in Saint Brigid's church in the Byward Market and is advertising Sunday BBQs to, apparently, get to know the locals or whatever the fuck it is they're doing.

Most disturbingly, if you check out their website, there is not a shred of information regarding who is behind this; rumours had it that the church was outright purchased by peopled associated with the "Freedom Convoy" as a base of operations and a staging area for further protests, but all evidence suggests the church is simply being leased, but that still does not even begin to explain the total lack of information about who's behind it.


UH OH ...

This does not bode well.

P.S. There is some serious dosh behind this grift factory, just take a look at the very professional merch and astronomical prices:

$45 for a water bottle? Someone is planning to make an assload of money off of this.