Friday, May 26, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: In honour of the geographically challenged.

Uh ...

The election is in Alberta. Patrick lives in Saskatchewan.

P.S. Does this mean Patrick is back in Alberta? Enquiring (and collection-oriented) minds want to know.

P.P.S. Apparently, Patrick is in fact threatening to initiate a vexatious legal action against someone, despite the fact that his status as an undischarged bankrupt without a trustee and several years in arrears with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy forbids that. I will have more on this in a day or two. Stay tuned ...

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: On the move again?

An anonymous tipster sends me the following pic from Patrick's Facebook page, suggesting Lord Baron Loadenhosen is back in Grande Prairie. This might very well be misdirection but, just in case, if people keep an eye out for Patrick out and about in GP, keep me up to date on his travels.

Thank you kindly.

Monday, May 22, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Oh, look ... he's lying again.

Anonymous tipster brings to my attention this recent horseshit from Lloydminster's Patrick "You should take my financial advice" Ross, wherein Patrick claims that he is currently suing two different people for defamation:

I'm fairly sure he's referring to me as one of those two defendants, so let me assure one and all ... Patrick is lying. He is not suing me, and I will deal with this nonsense expeditiously since, unlike Patrick, I have meaningful employment.

Patrick started this nonsense back in about August of 2022, when he filed with the court in Alberta a nonsensical Statement of Claim for (among other things) defamation and harassment, wherein he listed three entirely independent defendants and used a single Statement of Claim to describe his petty grievances against all three people in one document. Despite being listed as one of the defendants, I was never served with this meritless claim.

Shortly thereafter, Patrick -- apparently finally realizing that that SoC was garbage -- filed to amend it to remove one of the other defendants. And yet ... and yet ... he failed to serve me properly and legally with that version, either. In short, if Patrick is referring to me in the above, he is (unsurprisingly) lying -- it's been almost a year since Patrick submitted that original application to the Court and, in all that time, I have yet to be served with it.

By the way, Patrick has a much bigger problem on his hands trying to sue me, but I'll explain all that later.

OK, IT'S LATER: And I will explain why Patrick is going to have a hard time legally serving anyone, not just me.

First, unless Patrick applies for and is granted substituted service on someone, he is required by law to serve anyone he wants to sue personally; that is, typically by using a process server who will then draw up and file an Affidavit of Service, attesting to the fact that someone was served properly and legally. That's not the problem -- Patrick can certainly do that.

The problem is that Patrick prefers to represent himself in all of this, which means that in order to properly serve someone, he must supply a valid address for service, so that the person he is suing can respond in kind. If he doesn't do that, the service is not valid. And that's where Patrick has a problem, since he refuses to disclose where he can be located in order for proper service to be effected.

In fact, recently, Patrick (quite stupidly) bragged about how he was in such fear for his well-being that he was going underground:

and now you can see how Patrick has pretty much boned himself up the ass. In order to properly serve someone while representing himself, Patrick must disclose where he can be served in return. But, as you can read above, he refuses to disclose where he can be reached, which means the service has no weight. And if Patrick claims that his legal address for service is his parents' Lloydminster address, it can be shown quite trivially that Patrick has a long history of claiming that as his address, only to refuse to sign for registered mail that shows up there, so that's not going to work for him.

Really, Patrick considers himself to have a dizzying intellect but, as it stands now, he's an undischarged bankrupt with no trustee who is no longer protected by bankruptcy's stay of proceedings, who owes me over $100,000 (increasing by 5% per annum plus associated costs), and who is currently on the run from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy and the Saskatchewan sheriffs. So ... this isn't working out all that well for him after all.

I'm sure you're shocked.

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy interestversary, and Patrick suing other people?

My bad ... I had completely overlooked May 19, which was yet another monthly interestversary for Lloydminster's Patrick "Mega Ultra Nexus Dragon" Ross in terms of it being exactly 21 months since a Saskatchewan judge told him how much he owed me and cranking up the annual interest rate on that amount from 2% to 5%:

And, sure, I've managed to claw back a few thousand dollars from Patrick over the years, but it doesn't come close to the additional interest he now owes me. But all that aside, there is a more interesting development.

Via an anonymous tipster, I was told that boy lawyer Patrick Ross is now threatening to sue even more people than he's threatening to sue now. I didn't get any further details but, if this is true and you are one of the people in Patrick's gravy-slathered sights, I'm going to help you out and explain how you can protect yourself. All of what follows is based on a publicly-available transcript involving Patrick Ross and Peter Skinner from back in August of 2022, and I will reproduce the salient bits verbatim so you know I am not misrepresenting anything.

The backstory to this is that Patrick -- for whatever reason -- decided to sue Peter Skinner some time back, and filed a Statement of Claim with the then Court of Queen's Bench in Alberta. Peter responded with a Statement of Defence that included (among other things) the observation that, as an undischarged bankrupt, Patrick has no legal standing to initiate any legal actions without the permission of his trustee. It is with that understanding that I reproduce this exchange between the judge and Patrick, where the judge brings up Patrick's status as an undischarged bankrupt and how it typically relates to a legal action:

(Side note: There is an obvious transcription error in the above in that line 25 should clearly read, "Okay. So then you had to get permission from your trustee ...". I think that's fairly obvious as the text in the transcript makes no sense otherwise. In any event, onward.)

Note first that the judge is making a trivial observation; that under normal circumstances, an undischarged bankrupt has no standing to file a legal action, and should get the permission of his or her trustee. This is in no way controversial; it's the way things normally work. However, note well how Patrick tries very hard to mislead the court.

First, Patrick (correctly) admits that he is an undischarged bankrupt; however, it's what Patrick leaves out that is so crucial. Based on the exchange above, the judge could be forgiven for assuming that Patrick's is a typical bankruptcy, with a conditional discharge order and a monthly payment that Patrick is making and so on; that is, a bankruptcy that is proceeding smoothly towards an inevitable discharge.

Nowhere in the above does Patrick volunteer that he is years behind on his obligatory reporting to the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, and years behind on his payments, and that I have successfully filed to have him removed from the protection of bankruptcy and currently have a collections order against him in the province of Saskatchewan. No, all Patrick discloses is that he is "as yet undischarged," clearly trying to give the impression that there's nothing out of the ordinary here. But it gets so much worse.

When, on line 25, the judge (quite appropriately) asks Patrick whether he ran all this by his trustee, this might have been a good time for Patrick to disclose that he does not have a trustee. In fact, Patrick's trustee discharged himself in February of 2014 due to Patrick's contemptuous non-compliance with his obligations under the bankruptcy regime, and right then would have been perhaps a good time for Patrick to admit that. Instead, and stunningly, Patrick replies simply, "No, I didn't ...", then desperately tries to change the subject.

I'm fairly sure that the judge would have been gobsmacked to learn that, rather than this being a typical bankruptcy, Patrick has been without a trustee for almost a decade but, as you can read for yourself, Patrick volunteers none of that and soldiers on. I won't say that this is an outright lie, but I submit that it's more than fair to suggest that Patrick deliberately misled the Court in that exchange. But, once again, it gets worse in this exchange on the very next page as the judge, still unaware of the situation, continues to assume that Patrick has a trustee:

Yet again, that would have been a good time for Patrick to perhaps 'fess up to his lack of a trustee (and a number of other things), and yet again, Patrick continues to mislead the court. So what is the point of all this?

The point is, if Patrick is actually trying to sue others for whatever reason, and you're one of his intended targets, you need to be aware of all of the above and you need to bring all of it to the attention of the Court and not let Patrick so obviously mislead by omission. Now, Patrick is convinced that he found legal precedent that allows him to sue others with or without a trustee. Well, maybe he did, and maybe he didn't, but given his current situation, if he wants to make that argument to a judge, that judge really needs to know all of this, and if Patrick is currently vowing to slap you with some sort of legal action, well, drop me a note and I will make sure you are up to date with everything you need to crush him in court.

Oh, and what I think is the most important thing here? If you examine that most recent snippet, it clearly represents a judge telling Patrick in plain and simple English how things normally work for an undischarged bankrupt, so if Patrick insists on continuing to pull shit like this, what the above shows is that Patrick was told in no uncertain terms that he should work through his trustee, and that he is refusing to follow the advice of the court. And judges, really, really, really hate people who do that.

In any event, happy interestversary! See you next month.

BONUS TRACK: Anonymous commenter asks whether Patrick really has legal precedent such that he can sue people without a trustee. Well, yes and no, so let me explain.

As you can read in that first snippet above, the judge openly concedes, "There are always bankruptcy exceptions," and he's right -- there is a small and very restricted set of circumstances under which an undischarged bankrupt can unilaterally launch a legal action independent of his trustee, but Patrick fails to appreciate why those exceptions don't even remotely apply to him.

The whole point of bankruptcy is that, once you file, you effectively hand over the management of all of your assets to your trustee, whose job it is to protect the interests of both the bankrupt and, more importantly, the creditors. More specifically, it is the responsibility of the trustee to ride herd on the bankrupt, and ensure that conditional discharge payments are made so that the creditors will receive the money owed them. And as long as the bankrupt is following the rules, and making the payments such that the creditors are being paid, then the court is sometimes willing to give the bankrupt some leeway in terms of how to choose to spend their remaining money. And now you see Patrick's problem.

Patrick wants to argue that he is entitled to that leeway, despite the fact that he is years behind on his obligations and payments, to the point where I have had to start collection proceedings against him. Put more simply, given how much Patrick owes me right now, along with his contemptuous mockery of his own bankruptcy, there is zero chance that a judge would look at this case and approve of any of Patrick's frivolous legal harassment.

Quite simply, all of Patrick's alleged precedents assume an undischarged bankrupt in good standing, who is fulfilling his responsibilities as a bankrupt and can therefore be given a little latitude to spend his money as he wishes. That this doesn't describe Patrick is something I should not have to explain, but if Patrick wants to try this crap with anyone, as I said, drop me a note and I will make sure you have everything you need to annihilate that little shit in court, and get costs.

I trust I've clarified the situation.

Friday, May 19, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Nothing new.

I'm still open to anyone feeding me new info on the meatspace co-ordinates of Lloydminster's Patrick "Nexus Dragon Cosplay MMA Street Fighting Man" Ross; in the meantime, Patrick seems to think Rachel Notley stays up at night wondering if she has his approval:

So ... there's that.

BONUS TRACK: Here's Patrick, pondering the concept of trust and admitting that Danielle Smith's recent ethical violations only makes him more of an admirer:

You can't make this shit up. You just can't.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: JUXTAPOSE!

Man who seemingly lives at home in his Mom's basement and whose romantic life consists exclusively of writing fantasy porn and designing bikinis for women he will never, ever meet will now wax eloquent about what reproductive rights he is prepared to accept for women he will never, ever fuck.

Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. In a recent tweet, Patrick refers to a "job" and his "livelihood" as if he might be working again. As always, I'm keen on any information I can pass on to the appropriate authorities if you know anything.

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: About those costs ...

Regarding Lloydminster's Patrick "Super Nexus Mullet MMA Cosplay Dragon Breath" Ross and his evasion of proper and legal service, I was perusing The Queen's Bench Rules, and the following jumped out at me:

In case that's hard to read, here it is:

The person to be served shall bear all costs of service necessitated by that person’s neglect or refusal to sign and return a completed Acknowledgment of Service without delay.

It's not clear whether that precisely applies in these circumstances, but a generous interpretation of the above suggests that any and all expenses I incurred in chasing after Patrick while he determinedly evaded service can be (and will be) added to what Patrick already owes me and, if that is the case, I can assure you, it will be.

In case you were wondering.

Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Let's talk about "evasion of service" ...

While I insisted recently that I was not going to blog as much about Lloydminster's Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen, there is one outstanding issue to clarify and that relates to whether undischarged bankrupt Patrick Ross has been properly "served" lately with respect to the Saskatchewan sheriffs' financial questionnaire that he's been sent, and the answer is ... oh, yes. Absolutely.

To recap, a while back (based on Patrick's relentless refusal to follow the rules of the court), I applied for -- and was granted -- "substituted service" for Patrick, which means that, with respect to this specific action of enforcing my collection proceedings against him, I do not need to serve Patrick personally. Rather, the sub service I was granted made it clear that I was obligated to do exactly two things to effect legal service against Patrick:

  1. Email to his personal email address, and
  2. Send registered mail to his alleged Lloydminster address.

That't it ... as long as I did both of the above, Patrick was considered to have been served.

A few people have wondered whether, given that Patrick has been refusing to reply to emails, and also refusing to have anyone sign for the registered mail that shows up at his (alleged) door, doing this still constitutes legal service. I have checked and, oh, yes, it absolutely does.

The few precedents people have linked to here are in no way relevant, as they apply to people clearly being served for the first time and who might not understand the import of that service (those precedents also don't relate to sub service), so those precedents are not relevant here. Patrick knows full well the conditions of my sub service for him, so ignoring emails or registered mail makes no difference. At this point, Patrick has refused to accept the service of documents sent to him via legitimate sub service, which means he really and truly has evaded service in the eyes of the Saskatchewan sheriffs who sent those documents.

Just in case you were wondering.

P.S. As I understand it, given Patrick's current evasion of service, I am going to have a truly compelling argument to get substantial costs out of every single thing I am required to do from now on to enforce my judgment, so what Patrick owes me is likely to skyrocket over the next while as he continues to evade service.

Just in case you were wondering.

Monday, May 08, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: What's changed, and what hasn't.

In case you missed it, the relentless hunt for undischarged bankrupt Patrick "Super Duper Hyper Quantum Nexus Threat Mullet" Ross is being refactored but, worry not, you still have the right to play along if you are so inclined.

As I mentioned in my last missive, I've grown bored with slapping the bejeezus out of Patrick on a regular basis, and I have recently arranged for ... someone else to take over. I'm going to leave it at that as I have no interest in giving Patrick even the tiniest bit of warning. So how does that change things? I'm glad you asked.

First, despite Patrick's recent lies, I did not "hire" anyone to cruise by his alleged Lloydminster address, or to take a picture. I was unaware of that incident until it happened, and the party involved was never paid in any way, either before or after, so Patrick's pathetic bleating about my hiring someone to criminally harass his family is pure weasel poop. But there's more.

Given that I am putting this process in the hands of someone with the expertise and the authority to handle it, I'm cancelling the aforementioned $500 bounty, for the simple reason that the conditions to collect it were so strict that no one even applied for the bounty, much less received it, so that's off the table. So what hasn't changed?

What hasn't changed is that I am still more than happy to receive information about Patrick from any accommodating source willing to provide it. I will be neither hiring nor compensating anyone for their efforts, which means that if you want to help keep tabs on Patrick, you'll be doing it out of the goodness of your blackened, shriveled hearts. And it should come as no surprise that I already have a small platoon of volunteers who have promised to keep their eyes open.

Oh, and as for the propriety of taking pictures? I have already clarified that, as long as one remains on public property, there is absolutely nothing illegal about taking pics of, say, the contents of someone's driveway. It is entirely up to you if you want to do that, but I will not directly encourage it, and I will not pay anyone for that; if you choose to do that and send it quietly to me, that's on you.

There will still be the occasional piece on the travels and travails of Patrick Ross, but I'm hoping I've set out the ground rules adequately clearly. And to that end, be careful out there and keep those cards, letters and informatory pictures coming in.

BONUS TRACK: Given the distinct possibility that Patrick is back in northern Alberta in the vicinity of Grande Prairie, I'm looking for anyone in that area to check if he's back on shift with one of the energy companies there, most likely as a "swamper." You can get a feeling for what that job entails here. And assuming people in the industry socialize, it might not be difficult to verify whether or not he's back there.

Again, the only reward you get from helping out is a sense of justice. Or vengeance. Whatever works for you.

Saturday, May 06, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Handing it off to a higher authority.

I did mention that there would likely be some new Twatrick-related developments as of yesterday, and so there are. While it's been delightful beating up on undischarged bankrupt and fugitive Patrick "MOM, CC's LOOKING AT ME!!!" Ross on a daily basis here at CC HQ, all of that savage beatdown has lost a bit of its excitement so, based on arrangements I've been making all of last week, I'm handing over the continuing beatdown to an unspecified higher authority, who has both the wherewithal and the authority to take over from here so I can get back to doing useful and lucrative things.

I'm not going to get into details as I refuse to give Patrick any sort of heads-up as to what's heading his way, but it's safe to say that, while I'm going to allow the process to take just a wee bit longer, the end result is not going to leave Patrick a happy man. So you're welcome to stop by to see if anything's changed but there will almost certainly be less of my bringing the heat since I'm more than happy at this point to let the experts handle it.

Having said all that, there are a couple things that will most emphatically not change. On the 19th of every month, we will still celebrate "Happy Interestversary," to commemorate Patrick owing me another 5% per annum interest on his outstanding debt to me of over $100,000.

And here's the other thing that is not going to change.

I am still more than happy to be kept informed as to Patrick's whereabouts, as in where he's living, where he's working, what he's driving, how many $21 greaseburgers he's washed down with an 80 oz. Dr. Pepper, that sort of thing. It's not even clear whether Patrick is still in the Lloyd, or whether he's high-tailed it back to Grande Prairie but, in any event, if you run across him, you can let me know at And in case you were wondering, it is absolutely legal to take confirmatory pics as proof as long as it involves public property and no expectation of privacy, regardless of what Boy Lawyer Patrick Ross would like to tell you. (I already have agreement from four different people who have offered to keep tabs on Patrick, but you're welcome to play along as well.)

Anyway, I have things to do, people to see and multiple European vacations to take, so you'll understand if I hand over the sordid and evasive history of Patrick Ross to the experts and let them deal with his pathetic, weaselly, insolvent, bankrupt ass. And if anything breaks in the way of news, I'll let you know.

Thursday, May 04, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Ignoring sub service doesn't work.

In his latest feeble attempts to ignore the massive motherfucking shit train bearing down on him, Lloydminster's Patrick "License Plate Driveway Cabin in the Woods Who Was That Masked Man?" Ross is now trying the delightful strategy of ignoring substitute service and apparently thinking that means it doesn't count.

Quite some time ago, given how Patrick loves to run and hide from process servers, I filed for -- and obtained -- substitute service on him that consisted of:

  1. emailing him at his admitted primary email address, and
  2. sending registered mail to his (utterly bogus) Lloydminster address

As long as I did both of those things, that was deemed proper and legal service.

Apparently, Patrick is now taking the position that, as long as no one at that address signs for and accepts that registered mail, then the service was unsuccessful. I have recently checked (informally) with a local legal colleague, who opines:

"To the best of my knowledge, once you have an order for substitute service, the Court considers service effected after the conditions have been fulfilled."

I will, of course, verify this to be certain, but it does seem to mean that Patrick averting his eyes from the arrival of registered mail is not going to help him, as the Court will consider him to have been properly served. So skulking off to his cabin in the woods is not going to save him. I'm sure a good lawyer would have told him that, but Patrick is still convinced he can go this alone.

I wonder how that's working out. Oh, right:

BONUS TRACK: A friend recently pointed out something that had not occurred to me in terms of how the family inheritance is going to be divvied up when Big Daddy Ross passes on, and the various siblings line up at the trough for the spoils.

One might think that, while I will have dibs on whatever is passed down to Patrick, none of this would affect the rest of that family of hillbillies. Not so, suggests muh colleague. He points out that, given how Patrick has almost certainly been subsidized by his father for so many years, all of that dosh being handed over to Patrick (under the table?) means less for everyone else. And the longer this drags on, the less will be the eventual haul of livestock and commemorative Ralph Klein dinnerware available to everyone.

Quite simply, it's possible that Patrick's many years of bankruptcy might be sucking the life out of everyone else's potential windfall down the road, which would explain the rumours I've heard that the rest of Patrick's family is really, really unhappy with him these days. (This is a rumour and entirely unconfirmed, but it would make a tremendous amount of sense under the circumstances as the siblings Ross watch their potential inheritance disappearing down Patrick's gaping maw.)

In any event, unless Patrick is working again (and I'm open to any information as to where), then someone has to be picking up the tab for his regular diet of $21 greaseburgers, and if that's Daddy, then the rest of the family would certainly have the right to be a wee bit miffed.

But that's all speculation.

Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Tick, tick, tick ...

While I will be maddeningly short on detail, I will disclose that there will almost certainly be new developments with respect to Lloydminster's Patrick "Bikini Mullet Driveway Freakout" Ross by the end of this week, and I predict that he is not going to enjoy them.

I will leave it at that, but I will repeat that $500 is still up for grabs to the first person who can send me verifiable information as to Patrick's whereabouts, employer and vehicle.

That is all. For now.

Tuesday, May 02, 2023


Man who is simultaneously an undischarged bankrupt while not having any of the protections of bankruptcy (and who owes me over $100,000 pursuant to a default judgment that he was too arrogant to defend) will now lecture others on the intricacies of economics.

You can't make this stuff up.


Man who has run in fear for over a decade will now mock someone else for not showing up in person.

You can't make this stuff up.

MUTTHEAD AND THE BOUNTY: A reminder that I am still prepared to pay $500 cash to the first person who can supply me with verifiable information related to Patrick Ross' current location, place of employment and make, model and license plate for his current wheels. No one has yet collected this prize, so feel free to be the lucky winner. (Do NOT put this information in the comments section; email it to me at

While Patrick currently claims to be back in Grande Prairie, he is a master of deception in the same way that an 8-year-old wants to show you his first magic trick. So if you need to do some sleuthing, that's on you. Just remember that the money is still waiting.

And, yes, the reward is open to members of Patrick Ross' own family, so if Daddy Ross is wondering how he's going to pay for that new water heater, I have a suggestion.

Monday, May 01, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Patrick and the $500 bounty.

In the midst of all of Patrick's hypocritical and baseless shrieking lately about stalking and harassment and license plates (all of it dishonest nonsense), I thought it would be useful to point out that I am still willing to shell out $500 for verifiable information regarding Patrick Ross' current residence, place of work and the identity of his vehicle. Nothing that's happened lately has changed that, but I'm going to open up the bounty in an amusing way:

This reward is available to any of Patrick's family members.

That's right -- if any of Patrick's siblings are tired of his shit and want to pick up some cash at the same time, I will just as happily Interac one of them the $500 for that information. So if any of you know any of Patrick's unfortunate and long-suffering family members and hear that they might be in need of a quick cash infusion, well, point them in this direction.

And thanks for stopping by.

BONUS TRACK: While I mentioned this previously, it's worth pointing out how Patrick has fucked himself royally with his latest stunt. Currently, Patrick is bragging about how I am "losing" a defamation lawsuit to him -- this is an interesting claim since he has not even properly served me with a Statement of Claim and, since Patrick insists on representing himself, when he finally gets around to doing that, he is legally required to provide a valid address for service so that I can similarly serve him back. And now you see Patrick's problem.

Until now, Patrick has insisted that his proper and legal address for service is his father's residence in Lloydminster, but we have long established that that is bogus as legal documents sent there via registered mail are never signed for and accepted. And now Patrick has made things even worse by fabricating this latest excuse for personal outrage and insisting that, for his own personal safety, he is slinking off to some undisclosed "safe address":

At this point, if Patrick refuses to provide a valid address where he can be personally served with legal documents, then as long as he insists on representing himself, he can't serve me. To put this in terms even Patrick can understand, as long as he represents himself, he can't sue me without disclosing where I can serve him back.

In other words, Patrick did not think that one through. I'm sure you're surprised.