Thursday, March 31, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Time well spent.

Even as things are being moved into place to drop another hammer or two on undischarged bankrupt and massive debtor Patrick Ross, one would think he'd be trying to salvage the dumpster fire that is his life by perhaps spending his time working, or looking for work, or doing something minimally billable so he could attack the inexorably growing debt of more than $105,000 he owes me.

Well, no:

That would be Patrick, investing almost 20 valuable minutes uploading a YouTube video that almost no one will watch, and that will bring him absolutely no income of any kind, but in Patrick's universe, this is time well invested.

What's important here, though, is that if you look at the background, you see numerous bits of hockey memorabilia, suggesting that the 40-year-old Patrick is back in the Lloyd and once again living in his mom's basement, and if this is indeed the case, anyone in that vicinity is invited to keep an eye open for Patrick and where he hangs out, and what he is currently blowing his money on, and so on and so on, so that when the hammer falls yet again, Patrick will have even more 'splainin' to do about why he is spending his money the way he is, and where he got it from in the first place.

You have nothing better to do, right?

Why Canada's right-wing "media" is not ... media.

Wherein Keean "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" Bexte unintentionally says the quiet part out loud:

I am going to give federal lawyers some free advice because, let's be honest, they are some of the dumbest clowns on the planet, and when worthless hacks like Bexte and Ezra Levant and Andrew Lawton sued elections commissioners to allow them into the debates as actual journos, well, when I saw those lawyers' submissions to the court  to keep them out (which flopped miserably, as they should have), I thought to myself, "Holy shit, those federal lawyers are some of the dumbest clowns on the planet."

And given that this is going to happen again, I can at least suggest to those dumbass lawyers that they take a screenshot of the above, wherein Bexte openly brags about "the damage [he and others] did to [Trudeau]," making it excruciatingly clear that Bexte is not acting as a journalist, but as a hatchet man.

If federal lawyers can't make a case against White Power Boy Bexte with that blatant admission of being not a journalist but an anti-Trudeau attack dog, then they should ask for a refund from whatever strip mall law school and laundromat gave them their law degrees.

P.S. There's actually a much simpler and more compelling argument the federal lawyers could have made, but that's for another post.


This would be Rebel News suggesting that, if a media outlet gets a story wrong, they have a moral and ethical responsibility to issue a retraction and correction:

No, seriously, they're actually insisting that journalists have an obligation to the truth.

You can't make this stuff up.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022


Republicans, who have promoted and encouraged years of Tucker Carlson's attacks and calls for violence against Democrats are suddenly outraged by Stephen Colbert suggesting Fox's Steve Doocy be "slapped" for being a total asshat during WH press briefings.

Yeah, you guys might want to sit this one out.


Mar-A-Lago, FL: Former president Donald J. Trump denies any knowledge of the phrase "burner phone"; also insists he has no familiarity with any of the expressions "person", "woman", "man", "camera" or "TV".


Media outlet that has done everything it can to discredit, harass and undercut Canada's current government, and to promote, encourage and even financially subsidize protests and violent insurrections against it, will now brag gleefully about how Canada's current government is under siege:

As they say, you're known by the company you keep ...

... and Pierre "Skippy" Poilievre is quickly establishing himself as the candidate of choice among the convoy-touting, angry white nationalist, flag-waving trucker crowd:

And good for him -- we should always take the time to appreciate the good sense of someone who knows exactly the demographic he is trying to appeal to.

Chronicles of Twatrick: Fan boi's remorse.

There's something truly sad-making to see someone who absolutely hero worships Jordan Peterson's brilliance and visionaryness finally clue in to the fact that Peterson is a deranged, rubbish-spouting, drug addict and philosophical fraud whose most profound contribution to 21st-century thinking was to tell emotional 14-year-olds to clean their room.

It is actually cringey to read some of Peterson's inanities, and try to appreciate that there are people who take it seriously:

In any event, Patrick once bragged about how reading Jordan Peterson turned his life around. So how's that working out?

P.S. Peterson reminds me of another intellectual faker, Deepak Chopra, whose pronouncements were such utter swill that there is at least one Chopra quote generator which generates Chopra-flavoured nonsense you absolutely cannot tell from the real thing.

I'm sure a Peterson quote generator would not be hard to manufacture.


Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Yeah, about "fake news" ...

Your regular reminder that, while Rebel News will still shriek inconsolably about Justin Trudeau wearing blackface in a high school play 30 years ago, it is stoically ignoring the most explosive news story blanketing the airwaves right now:

Check in on Rebel News tomorrow when it publishes its 34,579th story about "Pastor Art." Or possibly Justin Trudeau wearing blackface 30 years ago.

You -- yes, YOU!! -- are paying for Randy Hillier's legal defense.

Apparently, career miscreant Randy Hillier is being represented by one David Anber:

Anber ... Anber ... oh, right, that David Anber:

That would be the David Anber seemingly being paid by Rebel News' fundraising arm The Democracy Fund, whose CRA-provided tax charitable status means that Hillier's legal defense is perhaps being partially funded by you and your tax dollars.

Tune in tomorrow when Rebel's Ezra Levant whines about the leftist welfare state, where libtards expect everyone else to subsidize their lifestyles with your taxes.

CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER ... While Hillier lawyer David Anber is promoted by Ezra Levant and Der Rebel as "working with The Democracy Fund," there is no mention over at TDF of Hillier on their web page listing "Cases of Interest."  So is this an independent case unrelated to TDF fundraising? Are any TDF donations being used for Hillier's defense? And are people getting tax receipts related to that?

So many questions. So little transparency.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Yes, I'm that clever.

Apparently, someone took my brilliantly creative idea and ran with it.

You're welcome.

Chronicles of Twatrick: The emotional maturity of an 8-year-old.

Apparently, undischarged bankrupt and psychological infant Patrick Ross is now harassing people by ... oh, hell, read it for yourself:

Patrick's father's name is Ken. Draw your own conclusions.

And now you know why Ezra isn't a lawyer anymore.

The downside to Ezra Levant having surrendered his law license to avoid sanctions from the Law Society of Alberta is that we were deprived of the pants-pissing hilarity of watching Ezra make arguments like this in open court:

We will never appreciate the entertainment value we missed.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Rebel News: Fair and balanced.

"Hi, I'm Ezra Levant and, tonight, we're asking whether Canadian mainstream media is biased, with my panel, Maxime Bernier, Pierre Poilievre, W. Brett Wilson and a trucker who openly wants to murder Justin Trudeau."

What do I keep telling you about the fine print?

Yeah, that ...

I am still waiting to hear stories of any "peaceful" trucker who got a ticket related to the illegal 3-week siege and occupation of Ottawa's downtown core, and applied for free legal representation from Rebel News' legal department and weirdly CRA-registered charity The Democracy Fund, and how that worked out.

P.S. If you haven't spotted the obvious and glaring loophole in the above, it clearly states that only "peaceful" truckers might get representation, so if your ticket can, in even the smallest way, be interpreted as non-peaceful, you are shit out of luck.

And that's why qualifiers exist.

P.P.S. We are so not done with The Democracy Fund so ... stay tuned.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

An excellent point.


I'm sorry ... wut?



Because it's important to ensure the safety of deranged, anti-vax, racist, misogynistic white nationalists who have publicly announced that they want to murder the Prime Minister from the savage ministrations of *checks notes* people who live here.

Well played, Ottawa police. Well played.

The Clarence Thomas gif.

You will never unsee this:

A reminder of what "fake news" looks like.

As of 3:55 p.m., today, March 26, when this is the story exploding in the U.S. on both mainstream and social media:

This is the level of absolute and utter worthlessness of both Ezra Levant and Rebel News. As if you needed any convincing.

Remember this when the the utter human garbage and piece of total shit that is Ezra Levant wants to lecture you on "bias."

P.S. On the other hand, you're free to read Ezra's 34,786 blog posts on the sleazy, racist, homophobic, misogynistic con man, scam artist, grifter and career lawbreaker "Pastor" Artur Pawlowski.

Pastor Art's tax-deductible status: Still a mystery.

Um ...

It is still puzzling why Rebel News and its financial clearinghouse and accounting firm The Democracy Fund have CRA-approved charitable status for the simple purpose of bailing a career criminal out of jail over and over and over again.

Perhaps someone should ask the CRA what in the ever-loving fuck is going on here?

P.S. Remember when I explained what "fake news" looks like?

I'm glad I could clear that up for you.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Former United Conservatives of Kenney.

I'm thinking of registering that, you can't just use it.

If you want to know what "fake news" looks like, ...

 ... perhaps I can be of assistance:

Jesus fucking Christ, CTV, clickbait much?

Uh huh ...

"Two [white nationalist, racist, fascist] European parliamentarians ..."

Fuck you, CTV. That is all.


"So, Fred, what were you up to last weekend?"

"Totally re-wired my condo with Cat 7 fibre, upgraded the firewall for my internal network, and burned all of my CDs to a Linux server I can run from any room in the house. You?"

"I ... uh ... I shit myself in my truck."

An awkward silence follows ...


Um ...

I'm stunned -- STUNNED!!! -- that, having been given days of warning, convoy participants who had firearms managed to move them somewhere safe. Those, sneaky, sneaky bastards.

Freedom Convoy: Regerts ... I've had a few.

An online lament by Freedom Convoy mark Martin Joseph Anglehart shows a sad, lonely man who just wanted to be part of something important and meaningful and, for his trouble, was sucked dry by a community of leeches, parasites, grifters and sleazy scam artists who took everything he had, then sent him packing.

If only someone like Rebel News' Chad Williamson was willing to step in and lend a hand. Someone should ask him.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Paging Chad Williamson ... Chad Williamson to the free legal representation phone.



Gosh, who could have seen this coming?

Anonymous commenter brings to my attention ...

Read the whole thing where, interestingly, there is nary a mention of Ezra Levant, Rebel News, The Democracy Fund or Chad Williamson offering to step in and help.

I'm sure you're shocked.

CC HQ reader challenge: One suspects there are way more folks who are coming to regret their participation in the above idiocy; specifically, I'm interested in stories from anyone who played along, got fined or ticketed, and applied to Rebel News/The Democracy Fund for that promised "free" legal representation, and how that turned out. If you have a story, drop me a note at

NO, THERE IS NO CAUSE FOR SYMPATHY: While it's tempting to feel sorry for Anglehart as just another clueless mark who never really thought this through, that sympathy would be misplaced based solely on this snippet:

Quite simply, after the siege of Ottawa was declared illegal, Anglehart had four full days to pack up his shit and get out of town. He chose to stick around and continue breaking the law. The end.

Chronicles of Twatrick: Hammer to fall.

While Peter "Rogue Nerd One" Skinner waits for Canada's Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) to deal with Patrick Ross' idiotic million-dollar defamation action against him, just yesterday, I was informed that Patrick's file regarding his years of non-payment, non-compliance and lack of co-operation with the OSB has been escalated to the OSB's Debtor Complaints Division, whose mandate can be read here.

More than that, I will keep to myself. For now.

Williamson Law: Is anyone keeping score?

Regarding Rebel News' in-house legal weasel Chad Williamson -- who is apparently billing at the rate of 12 bars of gold-pressed latinum per hour for his established expertise in handling parking tickets -- is anyone keeping track of his current string of victories in standing up for ... well, idiot truckers who openly break the law?

One hopes that, with all this delightfully free publicity, Chad won't be shy about sharing the outcomes of his efforts with all and sundry.

Perhaps someone can ask him.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022


Bloviating, ignorant Alberta fuckwit whose province has received federal oil patch subsidies of $87 quadragajillion dollars a year since the beginning of time will now mock the idea of getting free shit without working for it:


Dear Alberta: Please just fuck off already.


Interim CPC leader Candice Bergen mocks Liberal-NDP co-operation agreement as "backdoor socialism." CPC leader hopeful Pierre Poilievre insists he would be Bergen's backdoor man any time.

An awkward silence ensues ...


Conservative Party of Canada, having stuck a shiv in the back of its last two leaders, will now lecture others on the importance of unity.

Holy freaking God, the grift!

What the hell ...


So, just to be clear, Ezra Levant and Rebel News crowdfunded $8.3 billion to "fight the fines" related to pandemic lockdowns, only to now argue that all those fines should be forgiven, making all that crowdfunded legal representation unnecessary. And I'm sure if that happens, they'll return all that dosh, right? Right?

P.S. The chronology here is so excruciatingly obvious:

  1. Crowdfund the crap out of people to fight fines.
  2. Argue vociferously to drop all mask and vaccine mandates so no new fines are levied.
  3. Argue vociferously to forgive all old fines.
  4. ...
  5. Profit!

Did i get that about right?

Chronicles of Twatrick: Other developments.

Related to nothing in particular, it appears that things are about to happen ...

Chronicles of Chad: The Chad Williamson Update.

After crowdfunding $3.72 billion and openly and unambiguously promising that everyone facing charges related to the Coutts, Alberta border blockade would get free legal representation, Rebel News provides an update basically saying, "Well, OK, not so much":

Hilariously, after making it clear that there would be no freebies for people accused of actual serious crimes that demand a legitimate criminal lawyer, all we hear is that numerous people have "sought" Chad's coruscating legal expertise, without telling us how many of them will actually get it.

I'm sure those details will be forthcoming.

And a pony. I want a pony.

JUXTAPOSE! It's fascinating to see the ridiculous slant put on Der Rebel's trucker coverage. Here's Sydney, tearfully recounting the travails of Coutts resident and compassionate saint Joanne Person, who only wanted to help:

And here's the coverage from an actual journalist:

See the difference?

P.S. It's been entertaining to watch the evolution of the Rebel News/TDF trucker defense fund grift, as it slowly whittled down who was eligible to play.

In the beginning, there was a resounding implication that everyone everywhere in the national "Freedom Convoy" would get a free lawyer, and there was much celebrating and so on.

Then the web site went up at, whereupon one learned that that fundraiser was meant strictly for people involved in the Coutts, AB blockade:

which instantly disqualified all those yobs and yahoos who occupied Ottawa for three weeks. Even more, if you read the above, the offer for free rep was restricted specifically to "truckers," which suggests that if you were just a fan, or supporting the convoy, or perhaps a support vehicle, then you were out of luck.

And, finally, as you can see above, neither Rebel News nor The Democracy Fund have any interest in funding a lawyer for people accused of serious criminal charges, leaving all that money to, apparently, defend a small group of people from parking tickets and moving violations.

And that's why you read the fine print.

Dear Candice Bergen:

I am reminded of the time Stephen Harper did an interview while sipping from a cup embossed with the slogan "Leftist Tears":

So -- how to put this diplomatically? -- put a sock in it, you whiny trollop.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The grift that is Rebel News: Once again, I called it.

It was almost a week ago that I pondered openly about why so many of the Coutts blockade defendants were showing up in court without legal representation after Ezra Levant and Rebel News collected $57.2 million under the pretext of making sure all of those charged would get a lawyer free of charge. In particular, I was curious about whether the promise of a free legal beagle extended to those who were charged with serious weapons violations.

Fast forward to today, and the following e-mail I just received from Rebel News 11-year-old cub reporter Sydney Fizzard (emphasis tail-waggingly added):

On February 14, while the Coutts border blockade was in full swing, the RCMP seized guns and made thirteen arrests in the surrounding area from a group of individuals they claimed were part of a criminal organization.

The blockade was a peaceful demonstration organized to protest vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions and lasted from January 29 to February 15.

It brought most cross-border traffic along the Alberta-Montana border and parts of the Alberta economy to a stand-still and drew significant worldwide attention. It undoubtedly put politicians like Alberta Premier Jason Kenney in the hot seat for continuing to push unconstitutional and unscientific pandemic restrictions on an unwilling public.

Once the blockade demonstrators found out there were potentially violent individuals within the region of Coutts, they called off the blockade and expressly advocated that violence was not on the docket and that peaceful resolution was paramount to their success.

Last week, some of the accused appeared at the Lethbridge courthouse along with a crowd of supporters who showed up outside.

I spoke with the protesters and later got a legal update from Chad Williamson, the lawyer we hired thanks to the donations we received at to represent some of the arrested individuals. (To be clear: Chad is not representing anyone facing conspiracy charges, they have retained their own counsel).

And there you have it, kids ... all that grift, only to leave the most seriously-charged on their own and dealing with their substantial legal bills.

I'm sure you're shocked.

A modest proposal to kick CPC butt.

To no one's surprise, interim CPC leader Candice "Murphy Brownshirt" Bergen has come out swinging with spittle-flecked rhetoric along the lines of:

"With this Liberal/NDP coalition, Justin Trudeau is clearly planning to inflict an extremist, militant, far left, Antifa, Black Lives Matter agenda on Canada, based on Stalinism, Communism, George Soros and Venezuela!!!

Given that this stupidity will undoubtedly come up in the House of Commons (where Manitoba's own MAGA Barbie will be playing to the cameras), the correct rebuttal would be something like:

"The Honourable member is quite correct that the Liberals and the NDP are going to work together for the benefit of Canadians. As one example, we will be introducing a dental care plan for low-income Canadians ...

Go through the details of the dental care plan, and finish it off with something like, "If the member of the Opposition and her party want to vote against affordable dental care for low-income Canadians, they will have that opportunity when the bill is presented to the House."

Then sit down.

Repeat as necessary.

How stupid is Candice Bergen?

Jesus freaking God ...

Dear Candice: You're absolutely right -- Canadians did not vote for an NDP government. They also did not vote for a Liberal government. And unlike what that bottom-dwelling snake and perpetual grifter Pierre Poilievre keeps insisting, Canadians did not vote for a Prime Minister.

Canadians voted for a local MP to represent them in Parliament, nothing more. How is it that you do not understand how elections work?


"Freedom Convoy" organizer Pat King, who reveled in as much publicity as humanly possible, suddenly not such a fan when it is not legally advantageous.

Suck it up, kitten.


Canadian right-wingers currently shriekingly, hysterically, foamingly outraged and livid over recent announcement of Liberal/NDP "coalition" because coalitions are a sleazy, underhanded, dishonest, opportunistic, unprincipled, back-stabbing way to cling to power ... same people who announce "I Stand With Israel!!!!" on a daily basis, despite Israel having been governed by pretty much nothing but a relentlessly shifting and unpredictable coalition of political parties since, well, forever.

How could this possibly end badly?

This would be racist, white nationalist and life-long grifter Pierre "Skippy" Poilievre, making it clear that he plans on getting his way politically by organizing a violent mob to target and bully elected MPs:

Skippy promises he'll bring donuts, because intimidating and overthrowing a democratically-elected government really does burn calories.

Yeah, I'm that good.

 Wordle 276 2/6



Monday, March 21, 2022

Ah, the Patrick Ross defense.

I am occasionally following the current Pat King court debacle and, as hard as this might be to believe, he could be even dumber than Patrick Ross. And that is not a suggestion I make lightly.

P.S. Oh, Lord, could this be any more perfect?



Right-wingers who have never shown the slightest outrage over Trump dependents Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump making over $600 million in personal profit as White House "senior advisers" will now piss blood in outrage over some moving expenses.

Rebel News: After-the-fact rationalization in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

Well, you knew it was coming:


That would be utterly untalented professional victim Alexa Lavoie, ignoring three weeks of intolerable occupation and siege of the core of Ottawa, choosing instead to focus her significantly inadequate investigative skills on ... two flags. (Spoiler: They were plants by pro-Trudeau forces designed to discredit the "peaceful" and "respectable" protesters who, day after day, physically barged into downtown businesses and harassed and assaulted women who had the temerity to wear masks in their presence.)

If Lavoie were any more deceptive, disingenuous and dishonest, she'd be Sheila Gunn Reid.

Sunday, March 20, 2022


Just to be clear, Republicans who had no problem confirming alcoholic and sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh or religious dingbat Amy Coney Barrett for the U.S. Supreme Court are suddenly insistent that they need to do plenty of research before they can be convinced that eminently-qualified Biden nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is the right person for the job.

I look forward to Senator Susan Collins (who voted to confirm both of the above) being "concerned" (or possibly "troubled") by something in Jackson's history.


Hypocritical, hate-spewing goober who literally delivered donuts to occupying force of abusive, harassing, misogynistic bigots, racists and white nationalists in Ottawa is now outraged by the act of a single Muslim:

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy interestversary!

As of today, it's been exactly seven months since I had my defamation judgment against Lloydminster's Patrick Ross registered in Saskatchewan:

the outstanding amount of which is accruing (as you can see) 5 per cent in interest annually, which means that every month that goes by increases what Patrick owes me by about $500.

Thanks for stopping by.

The burning stupid.

Tell me you don't know how the carbon tax works without actually admitting you don't know how the carbon tax works.

Friday, March 18, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: Here come da OSB.

I just yesterday had an extended call with an accommodating lady at Canada's Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB), and can report that the life of trustee-less undischarged bankrupt Patrick "Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen" Ross is about to get far more interesting.

I will keep the details to myself for the moment, but I will reveal that the OSB, in addition to redoubling its efforts to get Patrick's attention, has been provided with all of the current contact information I have for him, and has further been warned about Patrick's decade-long habit of refusing to answer e-mails sent to his account (currently ""), and his refusal to accept registered mail at his parents' Lloydminster address, and his careful screening of calls to his confirmed phone number, and his avoidance of proper legal service, and his weaselly and gutless evasion in general, so they realize what they're getting into.

Ironically, if -- in this situation -- Patrick insists on dodging and weaving as he has for years, the OSB is quite prepared to rule against him without his participation; in short, as he did more than a decade ago, Patrick would once again lose a significant (and potentially quite costly) legal action by default, and wouldn't that be just like him?

In any event, once things start to happen, I will report here, and you will be invited to let Patrick know via the social media platform of your choice, just so he can't fall back on his perpetual defense of, "Gosh, I had no idea, if only someone had told me!!" Yeah, the OSB hears that a lot, and they don't have a lot of patience with it anymore. Especially with Patrick.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Rebel News' problems might just be starting.

It was back in Feb of 2021 that Dominion Voting Systems, pursuant to suing the living shit out of lots of people for defamation, submitted a list of people and entities they wanted social media companies to preserve the data of. Anyone here look familiar?

P.S. If you want to know why Dominion is so irked with Rebel News, well, I wrote about that a year ago.