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Welcome to "Potemkin Media" ... Population: 3.


Since no one else seems willing to do it, I suppose it falls to me to point out how, despite putting on a brave face and padding its masthead with bogus reporters, Ezra Levant's vaunted Rebel Media is now nothing but shadows ... a desperate but tiny collection of fake journos still trying to pass as a larger and serious media outlet. Don't believe me? Let's do the math.

It seems like only yesterday (well, OK, October of 2016) that Ezra was whining about wanting U.N. accreditation based on the claim of Rebel's "21 full-time journalists":

which even then was an utterly laughable claim. Since then ... well, how the mighty have fallen.

These days, if one heads over to Ezra's boutique media outlet and jackboot emporium and clicks on "About Us", one notices that the entirety of Rebel Media (full-time or otherwise) now consists of only 16 assorted hangers-on and disreputable bottom dwellers:

But even that number is wildly optimistic upon closer examination, so let's examine more closely.

We can first write off two of the listed journos. Neither "BC Bureau Chief" Chris Wilson nor perpetual geology undergraduate Holly Nicholas is with Rebel any longer; Wilson's Twitter account recently described him as "Ex-Rebel TV", while Nicholas' Twitter account simply folded up with no warning whatever, and even more recently, Wilson's Twitter account, "vancity_chris", also went missing in action. In any event, neither have published at the Rebel since December of 2017, and both can be safely assumed to have bolted for smarter pastures. This takes us from 16 down to 14. Onward.

At this point, we can also justifiably write off anyone in the list above that has either not published in quite some time, or that publishes so infrequently that you might have trouble remembering who they are. This wipes from consideration all of Candice Malcolm, Eric Duhaime, Lucy Brown and Alexander Jones, whose most recent collective contributions would barely fill a spittoon. We are now down to 10, and we're not even close to done.

In an admittedly controversial act of pruning, I'm going to disqualify the entirety of Rebel's international contingent, for a very simple reason. When the lifeless form of Rebel Media was first strapped to a table and force-fed 500,000 volts to bring it to life, the idea was that it was going to be a noticeably Canadian contribution to right-wing media. People would tune in to hear how Justin Trudeau was a wuss, David Suzuki strangled kittens, and Rachel Notley went out at night to murder farming families from Lethbridge in their beds, that sort of thing. So while Rebel's American and overseas reps might be doing perfectly respectable work, I submit that Rebel's Canadian audience doesn't tune in to hear what's happening in Upper Stokes-on-Twatwaffle, UK. And with that, we can cross off all of Tommy Robinson, Mark Latham, Katie Hopkins, John Cardillo, Tanveer Ahmed and the newly-acquired Amanda Head. Which brings us to a grand total of ... four. But we're not done.

In one final act of dismemberment, we're going to do away with Rebel Commentator "Victor Laszlo", for the simple reason that, although whoever goes by that pseudonym is undeniably a prolific goober, his contributions can be described as little more than relentless anti-Muslim rubbish. Journalistically speaking, Laszlo brings little to the table other than a daily diet of how much he despises Muslims, which is nothing you can't find at about 12 bazillion other sites on the Intertoobz. So where does that leave us?

Oh, dear.

Where that leaves us is that the entirety of Rebel Media's down-home journalistic talent wading pool now consists solely and exclusively of (and count along with me here):

  1. "Rebel Commander" and recently-homeless Ezra Levant
  2. "Alberta Bureau Chief" and trailer park arm candy Sheila Gunn ("sand box savages") Reid
  3. The comically inept stylings of "Mission Specialist" David Menzies

That's it. That's the whole show right there. Think I'm kidding? Here's a screenshot from today's online Rebel Media -- note well the limited variety of hosts.

Still think I'm kidding? Here's the latest installment of "The Ezra Levant Show," wherein Ezra interviews ... David Menzies.

That, boys and girls, is the object of pathetically sycophantic adoration from all of "Rebel Nation" ... three talent-deprived yobs struggling mightily to maintain the pretense of a going venture, all the while scrambling to keep the lights on.

And this is the collection of hopeless misfits that are going to eventually deliver an online "app" that will replace the entire functionality of YouTube? I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen. But, hey, that's just me. I'm a cynic.

JAN 31 UPPITY DATE: As if I needed any further corroboration of the Potemkin-ness of Ezra Levant's vanity newsroom, I just received an email inviting me to once again peruse Rebel Media's relentless war against the mother of the 11-year-old who fabricated a racist attack. What's fascinating is the collection of screenshots below, all from the same Rebel Media page here -- note well precisely the names involved here:

and here:
and here:

Precisely the collection of execrable, bottom-dwelling survivors I mentioned above:
  • Ezra Levant
  • David Menzies
  • Sheila Gunn Reid
Pretty sure I told you so.


Creepier and creepier:

Doucheland uber alles.

Wherein referring to the goose-stepping little Nazis at the Manning Centre isn't just a metaphor anymore.

A story in four parts.

In the beginning was the assurance of a Rebel Media "app":

And lo, the people did give generously:

And, lo, the Rebel Media coffers did fill:

To be continued?

Monday, January 29, 2018

This is what charity looks like.

As a long-time user of Git and a frequent deliverer of Git training, this hit me hard, and this is stunning:

Fuck you, Twitter. Did I mention fuck you? Yeah, fuck you.

Totally boilerplate crap from Twitter for the last week:

Appearing in my suspended timeline today:

Fuck you, Twitter, you twatwaffles.

Dear Caroline Mulroney: Really?

You're sure about this?

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Nothing racist there.

Nothing to see here, move along ...

There oughta be a law.

If only Twitter had a policy that allowed them to suspend people who engaged in, oh, I don't know, "hateful conduct" or something.

I can always dream.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Apparently, Rebel Media gets results.

Well, this is awkward ...

Infowars ... Infowars ... oh, right, that Infowars:

CC News: We report, you deride.

One of these things is just like the other.

I sense a pattern here ...

It's almost like Canada's "personal responsibility and accountability" conservatives have absolutely no interest in being personally responsible or accountable. Huh.

P.S. As the Fourniers are almost certainly going to learn in nine months, Canadian federal bankruptcy court has little patience with people who use bankruptcy to escape civil judgments:

Friday, January 26, 2018

None dare call it "fraud," oh, wait ...

Whoopsie ...

Accountability for the win!

Canada's conservatives would like to lecture you on accountability, personal responsibility, being self-sufficient and not being a pathetic, parasitic leech on society to the point where you expect others to look after you, oh, wait ...

Somewhere, Patrick Ross is pulling out a rollaway cot in his parents' basement and fitting it with fresh linens.

It's now been over a week ...

... since Twitter suspended my account with no explanation and no schedule for reinstatement. Good job, Twitter.

What's app, Doc?

Given the earlier promise of last September or thereabouts, anyone seen a hint of Rebel Media's YouTube-replacement app, for which Rebel has already raked in $200K in donations? Just curious.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Chapters hates you.

Dear pedestrians walking by on Sussex:

We hate you.

Hugs and kisses,

I'm fine. Send gin.

Under the circumstances, I'm actually doing fine being suspended from Twitter, since this January (normally a quiet time contract-wise) has been ridiculously stupid, crazy busy for me in terms of cool work that I am simply trying to survive it all, at which point I will (to paraphrase Matt Damon) invoice the shit out of it.

P.S. Fuck you, Twitter.

One from Column A, one from Column B.

Twit           Waffle
Twat           Muffin
Douche         Bagel
Fuck           Croissant
Dick           Brioche
Turd           Breadstick
Ass            Hot-Cross Bun
Limited only by your imagination.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Apparently, my bud Dr. (@caneshaker) Dawg has just been locked out of Twitter for 12 hours until he deletes a tweet that Twitter characterizes as "hateful conduct" ... that would be this:

Apparently, being a Senator has its perks.

The Fall of the House of Pisher

Huh ...
More huh ...

Sunday, January 21, 2018