Thursday, October 20, 2022


  • Justin Trudeau avoided the Freedom Convoy since he didn't want to engage with people who openly called for his murder.
  • Pierre Poilievre is avoiding the Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner because he doesn't want to engage with people who (*checks notes*) might make fun of him.

But, sure, the Prime Minister is the coward here.


Anonymous said...

Skippy lives, as so many Conservatives, in their own little fantasy world.

He's doing the populist thing and decrying the "mainstream media" - you know, at this point basically paid CPC fartcatchers and propagandists.

"Since his victory on Sept. 10, Poilievre has held only one news conference, where he got into a heated exchange with a reporter after his staff said he would make only a statement and take no questions. He ultimately took two."
Skippy is so brave.
How come the CPC howler monkeys are not peeing blood in outrage over this?

Randall said...

Reminds me of something Margaret Atwood said.