Monday, October 24, 2022

CC reader challenge: A list of Pierre Poilievre's really bad ideas.

We've tackled this before but it behooves us to set a spell and begin listing the truly horrifically awful ideas promoted by Pierre Poilievre in the last little while. I'll start things off with the low-hanging fruit, and you can take it from there.

  • The "Freedom Convoy" and the occupation of downtown Ottawa
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Alberta separatism

I'd list more but there would be little left for you, dear reader, to contribute, so have at it and extend the list. Be diplomatic, though.

No, no, just kidding about that diplomatic part. Can you imagine? Fuck that little weasel.


Anonymous said...

How about promising to forbid any Canadian engagement with the World Economic Forum (an important planning, networking and coordinating body warmly endorsed by his mentor Stephen Harper) at the height of a global financial crisis?

Anonymous said...

I thought the WEF was an annual Kaffeklatsch in Davos, where billionaires figure out new ways of getting more for them and less for everyone else. I don't see much harm in giving that the boot. But coming from the leader of the well-heeled crackpot party it's a load of old bollocks.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's the place where billionaires, finance ministers, banks and special interests gather, hobnob, suss out each other's strategic goals and broad directions, seek allies for their priorities, and align their strategies to the extent possible.
Removing the Canadian voice and ears from that forum in turbulent financial times makes sense how exactly?

Anonymous said...

- He's a libertarian
- Skippy would sack the head of the Bank of Canada
- He has no issues with courting the far-right (Shaking the hand of the leader of Diagolon for example)
- His cuts make no sense
- He would turn Canada into a petro-state
- He believe in corporate welfare for the rich
- He would remove "red tape"; see gut basic safeguards
- He would ban any future vaccine mandates (for work and travel)
- He would cancel carbon pricing
- He would build pipelines
- He would push alt-right "Free speech" in universities (you know, pro-cons talking points or you get no funding)
- He would promote (force the Bank of Canada) to adopt digital currancies
- He would give corporate welfare for houses build
- He would fire sale (to his friends no doubt) federal buildings
- He would force lower the cost of building permits
- He would reject foreign oil (no oil from dictators as he said)
- He would make Canada self reliant for oil (5 year plan)
- He would repeal so many taxes

To be fair, he has no consistent policies or logic in what he proposes.

Anonymous said...

Evangelical Christianity would become the official religion of Canada.
Abortion and LGTBQ+ rights would be deleted.
Life would become even more difficult for anybody but the WASPs.
I can't imagine how many aboriginal treaties he'd light on fire. He might even bring back the residential schools.
History classes would be required to teach only about how great white people are.
Supply side economics would be the law of the land (low taxes and no social safety net).
Every school child would be required to pledge allegiance to the flag and Dear Leader Pee Pee.

Purple library guy said...

Well, a lot has been mentioned, but one or two things left:
He would "help" the workers by
--making it harder for them to unionize,
--cutting any "red tape" that still makes it somewhat hard for bosses to "forget" to pay them
--opposing increases in minimum wage

Anonymous said...

-Criminalize cannabis
-Legalize rape which is the other part of the incel reproduction initiate after no abortion