Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Tit for tat, U.S. politics style.

If Donald Trump insists he's not going to respect the results of the upcoming U.S. election, Joe Biden should announce he's equally not going to respect the possible upcoming Senate confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

Oh, the hilarity.

SPEAKING OF "SOCIALISM" ... I think Biden missed a golden opportunity to eviscerate Trump when Trump began dissing and denigrating "socialism." Biden's proper response:

"It might be worth reminding the president what the word 'socialism' means. It means that, when someone is in trouble or needy, he can count on the rest of society to give him a hand and help him out. You know ... like when someone files for bankruptcy six times, and gets to write off all his debts that everyone else now has to cover."


Trump: "I've done more in 47 months than you have in 47 years!"

Biden: "Well, you've certainly killed more people in 47 months than I have in 47 years, I'll give you that."

Sunday, September 27, 2020


Currently, people who support Rebel News, which is unabashedly right-wing and literally engages in political activism and petitions and boycotts to demean and denigrate political opponents and have them fired, are defending the dismissal of radio host Ryan Jespersen because he apparently got political.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Wherein Ezra Levant simply lied to the court about what I said.

While I'll be posting some new material on my upcoming dishonesty-soaked defamation trial against Ezra Levant, it's worth taking a trip down memory lane and recalling how Ezra blatantly flat-out lied to the court in his Statement of Claim (and subsequent Reply) about what I published about his 2016 fundraiser, a bucket of pure dishonesty I disemboweled almost two years ago. Go ahead and read it; I'll wait.

Dum de dum dum ...

Ah, you're back, with what I hope is a new appreciation for how Ezra's defamation action against me is -- how shall I put this diplomatically -- a pack of lies. As you can read at that blog post, I collected all of Ezra's lies about me, and refuted them by performing a comprehensive search against my own Twitter timeline, looking not only for those words or phrases, but for any variation of them (just so I could not be accused of cherry picking to get the results I want). And you can see the results.

Sadly, the monstrously inept motions judge had absolutely no interest in any of this, as you can see at that blog post. Seriously, I might as well have not even filed a defense, so utterly uninterested she was in anything I submitted as evidence.

I can assure you, that level of disinterest is not going to happen at trial. I guarantee it, regardless of what Ezra or his pompous, bloviating gasbag of a lawyer have to say.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Jawohl, mein Fuhrer!

EZRA: "Keean, we're running low on cash ... go out there and get beat up by a senior citizen." 

KEEAN: "On it."

BONUS TRACK: Within the first 60 seconds of the video you can view here, Rebel's Keean Bexte is told quite clearly to fuck off twice, and he continues to harass and calls his interviewee "stupid." That little neo-Nazi shit had it coming.

The chronicles of Twatrick: The Patrick Ross saga.

As a number of people have asked me about this privately in the last little while, I will now bring all and sundry up to date regarding my now decade-long legal interaction with one Patrick Ross (self-proclaimed "Outlaw Tory" on social media and, in his own mind, the baddest dood on the Intertoobz).

It was more than 10 years ago that I sued Patrick Ross for defamation, whereupon Patrick smugly refused to even submit a defense and I was awarded a sizable default judgment:

After much chasing of Patrick around Alberta and Saskatchewan, rather than own up to his financial obligations, Patrick chose to file for personal bankruptcy, after which he did absolutely nothing to live up to his responsibilities under the bankruptcy regime, whereupon earlier this year I filed to have Patrick kicked out of bankruptcy, whereupon the Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench was happy to oblige, in a ruling you can read here at the Facebook page of my old drinking buddy Dr. Dawg.

If you don't have the patience to read the whole thing, these two paragraphs would seem to sum up the overall tenor of the ruling (the conversion from PDF to text seems to have been less than perfect):

In short, the court system was, as you can see from the above ruling, more than fed up with Patrick's cavalier use of personal bankruptcy to protect himself while having not the slightest interest in living up to his responsibilities as a bankrupt, and has booted his ass out the door so that my original 2010 judgment of $85,000 is now back on the table and fully enforceable, and I have instructed my lawyer to begin the process of collecting the full and entire amount.

It is worth pointing out that the original judgment from back in 2010 has been increasing at a rate of 2 per cent per year so that, once one adds in a few thousand dollars in costs levied against him over the years, Patrick now owes me in the neighbourhood of $110,000 (CAD), and I have every intention of collecting every fucking penny of that. (It is also worth mentioning that, as long as Patrick dawdles in dealing with this, that amount will simply increase at the aforementioned rate of 2 per cent per year until it is paid off in its entirety.)

One final point. If history is any indicator, Patrick will once again dodge and weave and make himself hard to find. If that is the case, I have been assured that I have recourse to the Saskatchewan provincial Sheriffs, who can be tasked with the collection process, all of which would be done entirely at Patrick's expense. So if Patrick thinks he's going to continue to play the same childish games he's been playing for the last several years, someone should tell him the bad news.

I have been patient for almost a decade, and I am now out of patience. If Patrick Ross refuses to deal with this like a grown-up and accept his financial obligations, then he can explain it to the Sheriffs who show up at his residence to start taking his stuff. And that's all I have to say about that.

P.S. It's worth truly appreciating the situation Patrick finds himself in. Due to his relentless and arrogant non-compliance with the obligations of bankruptcy from the beginning, Patrick's own trustee discharged himself back in February of 2014, which means that, for the last several years, Patrick has been an undischarged bankrupt without a trustee. This means that, even if Patrick wanted to start paying off the conditional discharge order as ordered from back in late 2014, he would be utterly unable to do so as there is no trustee to pay it to.

Far worse, though, is that, technically, Patrick Ross is still bankrupt and will remain in that state in perpetuity until he pays off his entire debt to me, which -- as I have explained above -- the court has now ruled is entirely enforceable. In short, Patrick Ross now has to live with all the restrictions of being a bankrupt, with none of its protections. This is what you would call "the worst of all possible worlds," and it is entirely a world of Patrick's own making.

P.P.S. There is no possibility of Patrick appealing the above ruling as it is now long past the deadline for doing so. In case you were wondering.

P.P.P.S. You might want to check back here occasionally in case there are further updates.

BONUS TRACK: There is a certain irony watching smarmy right-wing gasbags like Patrick Ross lecture others on allegedly conservative values like "accountability" and "personal responsibility" and denigrate the principles of "socialism," only to flee sobbing into the protection of taxpayer-funded bankruptcy rather than deal with the consequences of their actions.

But I'm sure you already knew that, right?

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Just when you think Rebel News has reached the bottom of the barrel, ...

... someone comes along and lifts up the barrel. Having once hawked Rebel Media YouTube subscriptions with the coupon code "Broncos" (piggybacking off of the horrific bus crash that killed so many members of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team):

Rebel News' David Menzies now gives you this one-time-only chance to shell out cash for "Covid Collectibles":

Because even if Grandma is in the ICU on a ventilator, these buttons are going fast.

Call now.


Wealthy Bay Street lawyer Erin O'Toole appeals to working class folks by attacking and denigrating "elites" ...

COVID-19 is a bitch.

Erin O'Toole is not aging well ...

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Racists gonna racist.

I'm shocked -- SHOCKED! -- that the systemically racist RCMP have no interest in laying charges against violent racists.

Monday, September 21, 2020

True North Centre: Hypocrisy at its finest.

Here's right-wing screech harpy Candice Malcolm, vowing that her minty-fresh and utterly talentless Independent Press Gallery will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever take government handouts or bailouts or assistance:

Here's Candice Malcolm's equally talentless True North Centre, promising the same level of financial independence from the evil that is government:

And here's True North Centre being a registered "charity" under Canada Revenue Agency rules, which allows it to issue charitable tax receipts to donors.

So much for that "We're too noble to leech off the government!" nonsense.

AFTERSNARK: As Press Progress points out, the journalistic septic tank that is True North Centre is a registered charity, perhaps based on its claim that it is offering services to immigrants. If one visits the CRA detail page for TNC:

one is puzzled by the revelation that this "charity" has been operating since 1994 -- somewhat unlikely unless Malcolm registered it when she was a teenager. So it's safe to conclude that Malcolm, in some way, simply co-opted or inherited an actual functioning charity and rebranded it, while still sucking up taxpayer dollars in the way of handing out tax receipts to donors.

In any event, it's clear that running a charity that allegedly offers assistance to immigrants but is, in reality, a right-wing propaganda outlet is delightfully lucrative:

JUXTAPOSE! Candice Malcolm, who clearly makes a delicious living leeching off the government, will now lecture you on the evil that is universal basic income:

Check back next week when Malcolm, who lives in California, will shriek relentlessly about the socialistic, Marxist Communism of Canadian public health care.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Post-Millennial, Russia connections and rage bait: The state of Canada's right-wing nut jobs.

Right Wing Watch's Jared Holt lays it out for you.

BONUS TRACK: Holt has a short Twitter thread on the valueless cesspool that is The Post Millennial.

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: I vaguely recall reading somewhere that The Post Millennial is one of the journalistic crapfests that is part of Candice Malcolm's pathetically self-serving "Independent Press Gallery of Canada", which is little more than some of Canada's most worthless, right-wing media outlets who think calling themselves a "press gallery" will automatically give them accreditation to get into legitimate press conferences.

What is odd is that one can peruse the IPG's web site at length without learning who is currently a member, so it would be fascinating if someone could supply a membership list, or at least point an interested investigator at how one could determine such a thing. The lack of transparency makes one just a wee bit uneasy.

Friday, September 18, 2020

There's dumb, there's dumber, and there's the Supreme Court of Canada.

Apparently, the Supreme Court of Canada finally issued rulings on the two appeals it agreed to hear related to Ontario's now monstrously valueless anti-SLAPP legislation and, as hard to believe as it might be, the SCoC managed to fuck things up even more than the motions judge that heard my case, and even more than the spectacularly inept, incompetent and unqualified 3-judge panel of the Ontario Court of Appeal that heard my appeal, to the point where that anti-SLAPP legislation now has about the legal value of what my kat leaves behind in her litter box.

Why am I not surprised?

Sheila Gunn Reid: Hypocrite.

Starting back in 2017, one could hardly avoid Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid shrieking relentlessly and howling and sobbing inconsolably about the inhumanity of having someone, tired of her incessant shit at a rally, slapping the camera she was holding, at which point, Jesus God Almighty, it was suddenly a federal case, even though, hysterically, the judge who ruled on it gave Gunn Reid a bit of a slap, writing explicitly about the "horrendous conduct of the complainant" -- i.e., Gunn Reid.

In any event, it was entirely predictable that Gunn Reid would take a relatively minor incident and blow it up into a major case, describing the assailant as a "convicted woman batterer," which is more than a little ironic since, just recently, established liar Gunn Reid began sharing the masthead at the journalistic septic tank that is Rebel News with one Avi Yemini:

That would be this Avi Yemini, actual convicted woman batterer:

who not only brutally assaulted his ex-wife with a cutting board, but then proceeded to terrorize her over the course of months:


Oddly, Gunn Reid, while still wailing hysterically over her assailant all these years later, has yet to utter an uncomplimentary word about her new wife-beating Rebel News colleague.

Go figure.

I'LL TAKE SHRIEKING HYPERBOLE FOR $400, ALEX. It's always fun to watch unprincipled hacks like Sheila Gunn Reid and David Menzies and Keean Bexte get positively hysterical over the most inconsequential slight or innocuous physical confrontation. Someone slaps Gunn Reid's camera out of the way after she won't leave him the fuck alone: "ZOMG!!!! I was savagely assaulted by a vicious leftie thug!!! It's a miracle I wasn't murdered or left a drooling quadraplegic!!!!"

Lord, but it gets tiresome after a while.

Thursday, September 17, 2020


Rebel News: "Despite having no actual evidence per se, we will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever stop spreading the salacious rumour of Justin Trudeau possibly having an inappropriate relationship with someone 20 years ago."

Also Rebel News: "Donald Trump is awesome!"

"Quickly, Robin ... to the lawsuit cave!"

Ezra: "We're running low on cash, Avi ... go forth into the street, get beat up and get yourself arrested!"

Avi: "On it, boss!"

David Menzies: "What about me, boss?"

Ezra: "Just go forth into the street and get beat up."

P.S. And if anyone's familiar with gratuitous assault, it would be Rebel News' newly-hired in-house wife-beater Avi:

Sometimes, this is way too easy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

New $50 bounty, regarding tax receipts received by donors to Rebel's 2016 fundraiser.

This is the third bounty I'm offering with respect to Rebel Media's 2016 Indiegogo fundraiser, ostensibly for the Red Cross in support of Fort McMurray wildfire victims, and this bounty might seem a little odd but bear with me.

One of Ezra Levant's unequivocal assurances related to that fundraiser was that all donors who asked would get a charitable tax receipt for their donation to his online fundraiser, a puzzling promise since, at the time, neither Ezra Levant nor Rebel Media was a registered charity under CRA rules, and therefore was not authorized to dispense such receipts. Ezra's somewhat nebulous explanation was to insist, without any evidence, that the Red Cross would graciously step in and handle all that, but that's neither here nor there and is not the issue.

Despite the fact that, to this day, I have never seen any evidence of tax receipts being issued, I'm willing to believe that the Red Cross eventually came through and tax receipts went out, but that's not what I'm after. Rather, I'm interested in documentation related to the amount of the tax receipt as compared to the amount actually donated, and here's why.

As Ezra Levant finally admitted (but not publicly, as far as I know; there's another bounty for that), all donations to his fundraiser lost 5 per cent to Indiegogo's standard processing fee, which means that, if one donated, say, $100, only $95 of that eventually made it to the Red Cross, and here's why that's interesting.

Some time after the fundraiser, I chatted with someone at the Red Cross and mentioned the 5 per cent loss of every donation to Indiegogo's processing fee, and asked, if someone donated $100, and only $95 subsequently made it to the Red Cross, legally, what amount would the donor be eligible for with respect to that tax receipt, and I was told 95 dollars.

Make sure you understand this -- even though the donor handed over $100, after Indiegogo took their processing fee, only $95 of that would make it to the Red Cross, which meant that the Red Cross could legally issue a tax receipt for only the amount they received; that is, $95. Which brings us to how you can collect this new $50 bounty.

I would like an example of one of those tax receipts from back in 2016, showing clearly the amount of the receipt, as well as documentation of the amount originally donated, to see if the receipt matches the full amount of the donation, or whether the Red Cross properly deducted 5 per cent from each donation. Either way, this is going to be useful information.

So, that's the challenge -- a $50 bounty for the first verifiable example of an online donation to Rebel Media's 2016 "Red Cross" fundraiser, along with verifiable documentation of the subsequently generated charitable tax receipt.

And ... go.

BONUS TRACK: There's much more going on with this issue than I suspect most of you are aware of, but since Ezra Levant has never, ever, ever provided me with actual evidence of tax receipts being issued to donors (and for what amounts), I have recently contacted the Red Cross, and specifically asked for all information they have on Ezra's 2016 fundraiser and, in particular, for information on how tax receipts were issued and for what amounts compared to each donor's actual contribution amount.

I am now waiting for a call back to get all that information and, when it arrives, I will post publicly whatever is appropriate.

Stay tuned ...

Still looking to give away $100 for information about Ezra's fundraising "matching" deception.

The details are here, and still no takers.

JUST A REMINDER that, back on May 6, 2016, Ezra assured one and all that all donations to his Indiegogo fundraiser would be matched:

Once again, meet Rebel News' Avi Yemini.

Not to belabour the point (but let's belabour it, anyway), I suggest it's worth remembering that Rebel News' Ezra Levant's newest hire, Australian-Israeli douchebag Avi Yemini:

is both a wife beater ...

... and self-described "world's proudest Jewish Nazi" ...

Something to remember whenever Ezra or one of his Morlocks waxes livid over sexism, misogyny, assault or anti-Semitism, seeing as how his media outlet seems like such a comfortable place for people like that to hang out:

JUXTAPOSE! This is too precious not to mention ... here's the "Rebel Commander" waxing indignant over his fake journalists being attacked:

and here's Ezra's latest hire, convicted only last year of domestic assault:

Really, I could go on ...

Monday, September 14, 2020

Apparently, misogyny is in the eye of the beholder.

For years,the unprincipled hacks at Rebel News have howled ceaselessly about, among other things, Justin Trudeau's alleged sexism and misogyny -- this would be the same Rebel News that recently hired Australian shit disturber (and convicted wife beater) Avi Yemini:

Yes, that would be the same Avi Yemini who was convicted of domestic assault only last year:

One wonders what Rebel News' female "journos" -- Sheila Gunn Reid, Tamara Ugolini, Drea Humphrey and Anna Slatz -- think of Ezra hiring and creaming his Underoos over someone who savagely assaulted his wife with a cutting board. One could ask, but one suspects they have no problem with it.

That's just a guess.

Sure, that might work, too.

Rebel News' David Menzies pens an incendiary denigration of Toronto's homeless:

And right on cue, the commenters weigh in:

That escalated quickly.

JUXTAPOSE! Rebel News' David Menzies is livid over being attacked:

Ironically, David's new Rebel News colleague Avi Yemini was convicted of domestic assault:

Man, there's just no end of entertainment value with those folks, is there?


There's Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid:

and there's reality:

 You're welcome.

The stupid. It burns.

This would be the intellectual defectives from Rebel Media, wading into a morass of gun rights idiots on Parliament Hill without masks.

Where's herd immunity when you really need it?

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Bite me!

Ezra: "Dave, we need to run another fundraiser, so go out there and get injured!"

David Menzies: "On it, boss."

Of scammers and grifters and con men, oh my!

As I believe I've mentioned recently, there appears to be a growing tendency with respect to Canadian defamation law to stop treating everyone's "reputation" as necessarily sacrosanct, and to actually examine whether someone's reputation was truly damaged or injured before automatically assuming such damage and moving on to argue the typical defenses. More specifically, the discussion seems to focus on whether someone could have such a worthless, valueless reputation as a vile, rancid human being that there's little chance that that reputation could have been damaged any further.

Which brings us to Obergruppenf├╝hrer Ezra Levant, of course.

In his 2016 defamation action against me (slated to go to trial, one guesses, in early 2027), Ezra claims to be terribly, terribly injured by my describing him as a "grifter", "huckster", "con man", "scam artist" and "bottom-dwelling, despicable sleazebucket and colostomy bag" (although I might be making that last one up); an obvious defense on my part would be, of course, to show that all of that is exactly his reputation, something I've been working on recently.

Here, for example, is where I believe I establish, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Ezra has a reputation as, specifically, a, "scumbag"; the evidence does seem overwhelming, does it not?

Moving on, it seemed worth pointing out how Ezra's reputation extended to being numerous variations of a "piece of shit," as you can read here (and remember, all these searches are fairly focused examinations of just Twitter).

Slowing down only briefly to catch our breath, we soldier on to document Ezra's reputation as a "grifter" here, and a notorious scam artist here. So are we done? Well, not quite, as Ezra seems emotionally traumatized by being dismissed as a "huckster" and "con man" as well, so let's finish things off, and tie a big red bow around it.

Once again, with a trivial Twitter search that even Sheila Gunn Reid could probably manage, we begin to establish Ezra's reputation as a huckster with this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

and wandering off from Twitter briefly, here's more from a 2017 piece from Now Toronto:

and on and on and tediously on it goes; I think I've made my point. Which brings us to Ezra's reputation as a "con man," which I will dispense with in short order as I feel I'm well into the area of massive overkill by now.

If you already have a solid and unshakeable reputation as grifter, scam artist and huckster, it's really not a leap to toss "con man" in there since, as any decent thesaurus will tell you, we're really into the area of synonyms by now, as this delightful example snagged randomly from Twitter demonstrates so nicely:

Put another way, if you already have a reputation as an idiot, an imbecile and a dumbass, being described as a "moron" really isn't going to move the needle a whole lot, know what I'm saying?

In any event, I think I've made my point, and we'll be moving on to disembowel more arguments from both Ezra and his bloviating gasbag of a lawyer in short order. You won't want to miss that.

JUST TO PLAY IT SAFE, I can literally imagine Ezra and/or his lawyer, shrieking as to how, sure, Ezra may have an unshakeable reputation as a "con man" and "scam artist", but that doesn't cover any possible reference to him as a "con artist" ... no, seriously, it would not surprise me to hear that level of mouth-breathing dumbth from either of them so, let's deal with that, shall we, with this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

and ... but I fear I am becoming repetitive.

Tune in tomorrow, when we imagine Ezra being outraged about being described as a "con huckster" or "scam grifter."