Sunday, October 23, 2022


Obnoxious bag of right-wing hate and dumpster fire of a human being Mark Slapinski will now lecture us on respect:

Seriously, he went there.

P.S. There's something amusing about Canadians who relentlessly refer to the Prime Minister as "Justine", "Trudope", "Turdeau" and "Blackface Hitler" to be lecturing the rest of on civility. Really.


Anonymous said...

Mark Slapinski is the result of eating too many chips of lead paint it would seem.
His droppings are nothing more than hate. Fuck Skippy and Mark Slapinski.

Anonymous said...

This guy seems utterly pointless; his every tweet is just a simple, humorless, unimaginative statement of provocation. He reminds me of a little kid who walks into a room full of adults, drops their pants and shits on the carpet, and steps back smirking.

Anonymous said...

What if we all just start referring to him as "Slappy"?

Brian Busby said...

Deal! Just as soon as the right stops using "Turdo" and "Jugmeat." Oh, and they've also got to stop using "c*nt" when referring to female politicians they don't like.

In the meantime, I hope Pierre's feelings aren't too badly hurt.

Anonymous said...

He'd prefer the more correct piss pot? Good.

lungta said...

What is a Marked Slap-it-in-ski anyways?
I tend to use 'lil pp often
or pp pawliver and must confess I should use skippy more.
An attack chowwowwa or threatened squirrel by nature is why his shower thoughts are never allowed to be questioned.
Civil discourse was never on his skill list.