Friday, October 14, 2022

I'm going to assume that not all figure skaters are this abysmally fucked in the head.

Tell me you don't understand statistics without telling me you don't understand statistics:


Anonymous said...

You sure culling is not an option? What would Ti-Guy say?

thwap said...

It just can't be the case that ALL of these people are hopeless. There really should have been a fully-funded office specifically dedicated to trashing the fuck out of these insane conspiracy theories.

A LOT of people believe this crap. Of course their "resistance" and boorishness and trouble-making help to justify our not-Con parties' merely half-assed response to the pandemic.

I hate my species.

Purple library guy said...

Given that the majority of the world's population lives in the third world, and most of the third world hasn't been vaccinated still, that would mean every single person who's been vaccinated was "injured"--in fact, maybe there would have to be more people injured than were actually vaccinated!

So by "injured", do they mean "you get pricked with a needle"? The right are such snowflakes.

Anonymous said...

I blame Rebel Media which has been trashing mainstream media for years and brainwashing its fans including a few mass murderers; plus all its imitators.

Val J