Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Boy lawyer strikes again.

I cannot wait to see what Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen thinks he's going to do with this:

I'm guessing another hilariously doomed legal action, but let's watch.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Next steps.

Given that Lloydminster's Patrick "Undischarged Bankrupt Garnishment Fugitive Super Nexus Quintuple Threat Street Fighting Man" Ross has failed to complete and return both the voluntary and mandatory financial questionnaires as supplied by the Saskatchewan Sheriffs, I have been advised that the next step is to file an application with the Court to order him to fill out said questionnaire. So what difference does that make? Plenty.

While the questionnaire will be the same, it will now have the weight of the Court behind it, and if Patrick again refuses to co-operate, he will indeed be refusing to obey a direct order of the Court, and that way lies a Contempt of Court charge, for which Patrick will be fined, assessed costs, and potentially be subject to further sanctions by the Court for contemptuously refusing to do what it tells him to. Research tells me that getting such an order should be both simple and inexpensive, since all I will be asking the Court to do is order Patrick to do what the Saskatchewan Sheriffs already told him to do.

In any event, as Patrick continues to refuse to co-operate with either the Sheriffs or the Court, he will find his options getting both fewer and significantly more expensive. But it appears that is the road down which he has chosen to slither.

It ends this year.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Deadline comes, deadline goes.

Via the Saskatchewan Sheriffs, I have been informed that Patrick "Super Nexus Quintuple Threat MMA Cosplay Street Fighting Man" Ross failed to fill out and return the mandatory financial questionnaire that was served on him pursuant to SK's Enforcement of Money Judgments Act, which means I can move on to the next step in the process, which is both less forgiving and more expensive for Patrick, but you'll have to wait for the details.

In any event, it surprises absolutely no one that Patrick refuses to take any of this seriously but, with every turn of the screw, Patrick is going to have less and less room to evade what is coming down the tracks at him. And what's coming is not going to be pleasant.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy interestversary!

It's now a full 19 months since a Saskatchewan judge ruled on just how much undischarged bankrupt and fugitive from garnishment proceedings Patrick "Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen" Ross owes me, and how quickly that debt is increasing:

And while I have managed to scratch and claw a few thousand out of Patrick by having the Saskatchewan constabulary occasionally seize whatever is in his credit union account, what I've collected does not come close to making up for the accruing interest over that time.

In any event, I'm pretty sure Patrick is now on the clock to fill out and return the aforementioned mandatory financial questionnaire as served on him by the Saskatchewan Sheriffs, the failure to do so having fairly unpleasant and expensive consequences, up to and possibly including some very serious people showing up at his father's Lloydminster residence with a truck and a warrant to take everything in sight that belongs to Patrick. We'll see if it comes to that. If history regarding Patrick's non-compliance with court orders is any judge, it very well might.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Hammer to fall.

Earlier this week, I engaged with an Alberta civil enforcement bailiff regarding Lloydminster's favourite bankruptcy fugitive, Patrick "Super Hyper Nexus Outlaw MMA Cosplay $21 Greaseburger Street Fighting Man" Ross, whereupon said bailiff assured me that registering and enforcing garnishment orders against people employed in Alberta is exactly what they do. It does not hurt that my 2010 default judgment against Patrick is already registered in Alberta, something that will speed up the process considerably. As does the fact I'm pretty sure I know where he works.

And while all of that is happening in Alberta, Patrick will be on the clock in terms of filling out and returning the Saskatchewan Sheriffs' mandatory financial questionnaire; if he fails to do that, there will be consequences.

The best part of all of this is that Patrick will be responsible for all of my costs related to the above -- the garnishment order, the questionnaire ... all of those costs will be tacked on to what Patrick owes me.

Patrick has been running from the consequences of his reprehensible actions for 13 years now; it ends this year.

BONUS TRACK: It's worth doing the math to see how much garnishment in Alberta will let Patrick keep, and how much he needs to turn over (all figures based on net pay).

So, to the math. As you can see, in Alberta, everyone gets to keep the first $800 of their paycheque, which is unlikely to cover basic rent. From there up to $3200, one gets to keep half of that overage, while the other half is garnished. So if Patrick nets, say, $2000 per month, he'll get to keep $800 plus half of $1200 ($600), for a total monthly net income of $1400, while I get the other half of the $1200 (again, $600).

The best Patrick will be able to do is if he nets $3200 per month, at which point he again gets the initial $800, while he and I will split that next $2400, getting $1200 each. Beyond that, Patrick gets to keep nothing, which means that no matter how much he earns, he will get monthly an absolute maximum of $2000, all the rest going to me. In other words, if Patrick somehow nets $4000 per month, he will get to keep only half of that, while his employer will be legally obligated to send the other $2000 to me.

And that's how arithmetic works, kids.

AFTERSNARK: Enjoy it while you can.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Feeling the hammer about to fall ...

I just heard from a moderately reliable source that undischarged bankrupt and garnishment target Patrick Ross has suddenly gotten far less forthcoming on social media, foregoing his normal pictures of landscapes and greaseburgers, I'm guessing to downplay giving away his current location and pricey eating habits.

Yeah, that's not really going to help him, but it is amusing that he realizes the shit storm headed his way.

MARCH 14 UPDATE: If my estimate is good, it's right around now that the registered mail sent to Patrick at his bogus Lloydminster address (where he does not live) is about to be returned as undelivered, which will automatically start the 10-day deadline for him filling out and returning the aforementioned mandatory financial questionnaire.

As I understand it from my research, once Patrick refuses to obey the instructions of the Saskatchewan Sheriffs, my next step would be to file a court order compelling him to fill out and return that form under threat of Contempt of Court -- all of which would be done entirely at his expense.

What happens when Patrick subsequently refuses to obey that court order gets far more ugly, and mostly involves burly law enforcement officers and a U-Haul.

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Interesting week coming up.

So, to summarize, a couple amusing things could/should be happening this week related to Lloydminster's Patrick "Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen" Ross and his current debt to me of over $100,000 for defaming me maliciously well over a decade ago.

First, I'm expecting information about how I can use a Civil Enforcement Bailiff in Alberta to effect garnishment proceedings against Patrick in that province, given that I'm pretty sure I know where he works, and even where he lives ("BKS"?). And, as I have explained previously, Alberta is a really undesirable province in which to be the target of garnishment proceedings:

In addition, it should be early this week that the registered mail sent to Patrick at his (bogus) Lloydminster address will be returned as undelivered, at which point the 10-day countdown will start related to Patrick filling out and returning the mandatory financial questionnaire from the Saskatchewan Sheriffs -- the failure to do so which will have some very unpleasant (and expensive) consequences for Patrick.

In any event ... yeah, it should be an interesting week. Stay tuned.


"Here's a radical idea: maybe Patrick should have worked harder at not defaming me maliciously BEFORE being found guilty of that, and having to file for bankruptcy only to be kicked out of bankruptcy protection for non-compliance, and owing me over $100,000."

There. Fixed it for you.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Here come da ... civil enforcement bailiff?

Based on some very recent advice, guidance and research, it would appear that it might be way easier to start garnishing the wages of undischarged bankrupt and fugitive from the Saskatchewan Sheriffs Patrick Ross than I had assumed. Apparently, the province of Alberta defines the interesting position of something called a civil enforcement bailiff, whose fundamental purpose in life is, well, you can read it for yourself:

Far more detail can be found in the text of Alberta's "Civil Enforcement Act"; in particular, I draw your attention to Part 8 -- the rules on garnishment. This is particularly relevant since, even though I have a garnishment order against Patrick in Saskatchewan, it is not enforceable across provincial boundaries, but it would seem that fixing that oversight will be much cheaper and easier than I thought, given that my 2010 judgment for malicious defamation is already registered in Alberta, so there's very little to do but retain the services of one of these people and turn them loose to serve a garnishment order on Patrick's employer, something that could conceivably happen this week if I put my mind to it.

Note well that all of the above is entirely independent of Patrick's upcoming legal obligation to fill out and return the Saskatchewan Sheriffs' mandatory financial questionnaire, so Patrick might want to reserve some time over the next several days to deal with all of this. Because, I can assure him, it's happening.

Yeah, it's happening.

P.S. Note from the above that said bailiffs have the authority to show up and take physical property from the debtor's residence, and it just so happens that I think I can track down where Patrick is living in the vicinity of Grande Prairie. And while names are concealed to protect the innocent, I have it on reasonably good authority that Patrick is renting a single room from an oil patch colleague, "BKS", which suggests that if I time it right and watch for Patrick to unwisely advertise on social media when he is on the road, I can have the bailiffs show up during his absence and strip him bare.

Patrick might want to give his landlord a heads-up about the possibility. That would be the polite thing to do.

AFTERSNARK: I will remind one and all again that, as opposed to Saskatchewan, Alberta is a very debtor-unfriendly province, as you can see by the gruesomely minimal garnishment exemptions in that province:

Quite simply, once garnishment starts, Patrick will be allowed to keep a grand total of $1,600 per month. So say goodbye to all those $21 greaseburgers.

Thursday, March 09, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: CORRECTION -- countdown not started yet.

I have recently heard from a moderately reliable source that the 10-day countdown for undischarged bankrupt and deeply-in-debt-to-me Patrick "Nexus Outlaw Dragon Fire MMA Cosplay Super Number One Mullet" Ross has not yet begun, as he is currently avoiding the registered mail sent to him with the mandatory financial questionnaire (even though he absolutely knows about it as he was informed by e-mail).

Because of that, the 10-day deadline has not actually begun, but it will shortly as that registered mail will now be returned as "not picked up," which kicks off the clock. Patrick can, of course, hustle his pasty ass back to the Lloyd and sign for that mail, but that will also similarly start the clock. In short, the clock will start ticking one way or the other very soon now, and there is nothing Patrick can do to stop it.

None of this gets in the way of my current plan to register my 2010 judgment in the province of Alberta for the purpose of garnishment.

And now you know.

Chronicles of Twatrick: Two days and counting ...

Not sure if weekends count towards the 10-day deadline but, technically, undischarged bankrupt Patrick Ross has two more days to complete and return the mandatory financial questionnaire served on him by the Saskatchewan Sheriffs, although no one expects him to do that; rather, one expects him to ignore the e-mail and registered mail, then exclaim, "What? You sent a questionnaire? I didn't see it, if only someone had told me!"

In any event, assuming Patrick will be as evasive as history suggests, come early next week, we move on to the increasingly (for Patrick) unpleasant stages of enforcement, quite possibly culminating in the SK sheriffs showing up at Patrick's alleged residence in Lloydminster with a warrant entitling them to seize anything and everything of Patrick's relevant to this enforcement procedure.

Note that all of the above is independent of the garnishment order I intend to file in Alberta to start taking most of Patrick's paycheque from who seems to be his employer, Avenge Energy. In other words, it is entirely possible that, even as I take the lion's share of Patrick's salary in Alberta, the Saskatchewan sheriffs will be seizing his material possessions back in Saskatchewan.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

P.S. Not that long ago, Patrick posted regularly on Twitter about me, with screenshots and everything. Since the official service of the mandatory questionnaire, there has been nary a mention of me, I'm guessing because the instant Patrick took another screenshot of anything of mine on social media, I could use it as evidence that he is fully aware of that service as I have mentioned it on a regular basis.

At this point, it seems highly likely that Patrick really is going for the "Gosh, I had no idea I'd been served" defence. He tried that once before ... it did not end well for him.

Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: The Alberta Garnishment Intervention.

And on a legal front, as I have explained on earlier occasions, while I have a registered garnishment order against Lloydminster's Patrick Ross for the inexorably increasing amount he owes me:

that garnishment order was registered in Saskatchewan, and it appears garnishment orders are not enforceable across provincial boundaries. Because of that, I have been strongly encouraged to simply file for garnishment in the province of Alberta (where Patrick is employed), and since my 2010 judgment against Patrick has long been registered in Alberta, everything is in place to just file for garnishment, so I think that is what I'm going to do, and I'm looking for someone in that province to be able to do this for me (the Alberta lawyer I had working for me years ago is no longer practicing so I need someone new).

This should not be an onerous job -- I have it on good authority that Patrick works at an outfit called Avenge Energy, and I've even heard that he is renting a room from an oil patch buddy (I will not name said buddy, but initials would seem to be "BKS", just as a heads-up to Patrick that I may actually know where he lives in the vicinity of Grande Prairie).

In any event, I can provide all of the necessary information if some reasonably affordable lawyer wants to do the paperwork and get this started. Drop me a note at if you're up for the job.

BY THE WAY, garnishment exemptions differ from province to province and, by choosing to work in Alberta, Patrick has made a moderately poor choice as to which province's garnishment exemptions he is entitled to. Here's how it works in Alberta (amounts listed relative to net monthly income):

In other words (as I read this), no matter how much Patrick earns, he gets to keep the first $800, then half of the next $1,600, then nothing from there forward. In short, regardless of Patrick's income, he will be allowed to keep at most $1,600 net per month, while his employer is legally obligated to hand me the rest. And if Patrick moves back to Saskatchewan for employment, well, there is a garnishment order waiting for him there the instant he re-enters the province.

One final note: Even as the garnishment is proceeding, what Patrick owes me will still be increasing at five per cent annually, so it is entirely possible that what is being garnished might not even be keeping up with accruing interest.

In any event, if any enterprising Alberta lawyer wants to handle the paperwork here, drop me a line and we can get this started.

OH, THOSE COSTS ... while this snippet relates to garnishment in British Columbia, the same principle holds everywhere in Canada; since Patrick has forced me to file garnishment orders against him, I can bill him for all of that. And, trust me, I'm keeping the receipts.

P.S. None of this changes the fact that Patrick still needs to complete and return that mandatory financial questionnaire from the Saskatchewan sheriffs. So ... there's that.

Chronicles of Twatrick: The "QAnon Shaman" dumbassitude.

While this has little to do with undischarged bankrupt Patrick Ross' impending legal and financial ass-kicking in terms of owing me well over $100,000, it's worth snickering over Patrick's latest rancid dishonesty, as he whines piteously over the alleged unfairness of Jacob "QAnon Shaman" Chansley's prison sentence:

And despite Patrick's mouth-breathing ignorance and misrepresentation of the facts, you're invited to learn what really happened here. In short, Patrick is as much of a liar as ever.

You're welcome.

P.S. Three days and counting ...

Monday, March 06, 2023

Chronicles of Ezra: Ah, that secure portal thing.

At this point, I need not elaborate on why Ezra Levant's 2016 Indiegogo fundraiser, ostensibly for the wildfire victims of Fort McMurray, Alberta, was such a disingenuous and unmitigated disaster -- I've detailed that more than enough so let's just summarize for what is about to happen here.

If, back in 2016, you wanted to donate to the Red Cross for that cause, donating directly had every conceivable benefit, as in:

  • There was no "processing fee"; what you donated is what arrived at the Red Cross.
  • What you donated was available instantly to the Red Cross, which meant that not only was your donation usable right away, but as long as you donated during the month of May, 2016, your donation was automatically available to be matched both federally and provincially, effectively tripling its value.
  • The generation of tax receipts for donors who wanted them was automatic, requiring no human intervention on the part of anyone at the Red Cross.

None of the above is debatable. Compare this to the ridiculous drawbacks of Ezra's vanity fundraiser:

  • All donations lost five per cent to Indiegogo's processing fee, even Ezra's vaunted $10,000 initial donation (which turned out to not be a donation after all).
  • Donations were not available to the Red Cross immediately, since all that money was required to sit in the Indiegogo account until weeks after the fundraiser ended.
  • Because of the delay in getting access to the funds, Ezra was forced to "front" the money to get it matched and, even then, he fell far short in fronting the entire amount, thereby screwing the Fort Mac Red Cross out of well over $100,000.
  • Generating tax receipts involved dumping a pile of work on some poor sap at the Red Cross, who had to do all of that manually (and, yes, I have the evidence for that).

All of the above is documented and beyond contestation, which inspires one to ask, why would Ezra -- given the obvious benefits of encouraging people to donate directly to the Red Cross -- choose to register his own vanity fundraiser with all of its flaws? And here's the answer.

Narcissism and profit.

You see, if all you do is send people to the main Red Cross donation portal, well, it's hard to brag about it afterwards (and the fact that Ezra desperately wanted the glory and accolades for his alleged humanitarianism will be the subject of another thread), because in encouraging people to donate directly, there is no official record afterwards.

On the other hand, if you stupidly choose to compete against the Red Cross by registering your own Indiegogo page, well, there's your chance to brag and preen and strut about your incomparable humanitarianism and charity and compassion for your fellow citizens, even while boning them out of over $100,000 simply because of your overweening vanity. So is that it? Can we accept that Ezra's financially unwise decision to register his own fundraiser page was, in some way, necessary just to satisfy his overwhelming ego? Actually, no, and this is the new part that I don't believe I've written about before.

Because, you see, that entire time, Ezra had the ability to have the best of all possible worlds; that is, all the benefits of an official Red Cross donation portal, and still get the chance to puff up his chest about what a wonderful human being he was.

It's called a Red Cross "secure portal," and it was available at absolutely no charge to people who want to encourage donations, but also want to do it in a "branded" way so they can take a bit of credit and also have a record of total donations they've driven to the Red Cross. Here, let me give you some examples.

Here's Concord Pacific's secure portal from back then, where you can clearly see that they raised $1950, and also got to tout their own horn just a bit:

And here's Unifor, getting the same chance to talk about themselves while showing how much they raised:

I have screenshots of numerous others but I think you see the point -- if Ezra's only motivation for registering his own competing fundraiser page was to be able to stroke himself in public, well, that opportunity was already there, and he chose to not take advantage of it. Understand something: every Red Cross secure portal had every benefit of donating directly to the Red Cross, while also allowing the registrant to brag about themselves just a wee bit.

Let's say this again so there is no misunderstanding -- Ezra Levant had every opportunity to satisfy his prodigious ego and get all the benefits of direct Red Cross donation at the same time ... and he chose to not do that, with disastrous financial consequences for the Fort McMurray Red Cross. Which inspires the obvious question ... why? Why, given every possible advantage associated with a Red Cross secure portal, would anyone stupidly choose to not take advantage of that and instead register an inferior-in-every-way Indiegogo fundraiser page? And there is, in fact, an answer.

Because a Red Cross secure portal does not allow one to collect donor information.

That's it ... that is the crucial difference.

Despite an Indiegogo page being inferior financially in every aspect to a Red Cross secure portal, it had the sole benefit in that it allowed Ezra to hoover up all that precious donor information and subsequently monetize the shit out of it, many tens of thousands of dollars lost in the process be damned.

That's what this was all about: Fuck it if your approach wipes out over $100,000 of donations to wildfire victims, as long as you can get your hands on all that sweet, sweet donor info.

And now you know.

Chronicles of Twatrick: Five days and counting ...

Well, technically, it's a 10-day deadline to fill out that mandatory Saskatchewan Sheriffs' financial questionnaire from the time Patrick is officially served:

... and since Patrick is steadfastly refusing to acknowledge having received the above by email, it's unclear when that clock started ticking, but Patrick can ignore this for only so long before the Court is going to decide he's had long enough, at which time ... well, I'll just keep that to myself for now.

If you run into Patrick out there on the Intertoobz, feel free to bring the above to his attention.

P.S. If you see even the slightest indication from Patrick that he is aware of the above, a screenshot would be delightful as it would be treated by the Court as an acknowledgement of service.

Sunday, March 05, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: "Dodging and weaving" edition.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that undischarged bankrupt and perpetually bad-faith debater Patrick "Super Nexus Outlaw Mullet MMA Cosplay Creepy Stalker" Ross is doing whatever he can to ignore the recently-served mandatory financial questionnaire from the Saskatchewan Sheriffs; even worse for Patrick, he can't even mock it online since the slightest acknowledgement of it can be used as evidence that he's aware of it.

So as much as Patrick is going out of his way to pretend he's unaware of that questionnaire, if anyone wants to bring it to his attention, you have my permission. You can write about it on his Facebook page or, if you are currently embroiled in yet another bad-faith argument with Patrick on Twitter, quietly sneak in a reference during the discussion and, the instant he replies, a screenshot will be all the proof I need that he has acknowledged service. There are all sorts of ways to draw him out, so use your imagination.

Six days and counting ...

P.S. I see that, at the moment, Patrick is waxing stunningly ignorant about the issues behind the public funding of private and/or charter schools. Let me assure you, he is lying about every bit of that issue, but he can't take umbrage with me pointing that out since, you know, he'd be admitting he read this blog post and that would end badly for him.

In any event, if you run into Patrick, just remind him of his now legal obligation to the Saskatchewan Sheriffs. I'm sure he'd want you to.

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: 10 days and counting ...

MARCH 3 UPDATE: So far, there is no indication that Patrick is prepared to acknowledge being served with the Saskatchewan sheriffs' mandatory questionnaire but, given Patrick's lack of discipline, all it will take is even an indirect reference to it in an email or on social media and that can be used to prove he is aware of it, so you're all invited to watch Patrick closely to see if he slips up and admits he knows he's received said questionnaire. A screenshot of such an admission would be just ducky.

MARCH 2 UPDATE: Nine days ...

I was just informed that Patrick "Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen" Ross was officially served with the Saskatchewan Sheriffs' mandatory questionnaire as of this morning, which requires Patrick to -- within 10 days -- fill out a detailed inventory of his finances and, if he does not, well, bad things will happen.

Part of service involves registered mail and, since Patrick does make it difficult to serve him at his Lloydminster address (as he is rarely there), I am open to any information as to where he is working these days, or where he lives in the vicinity of Grande Prairie, or whatever else you might know. (I already have a good idea of the identity of his employer, but I'll leave it open for others to make suggestions).

Unsurprisingly, if Patrick goes out of his way to make it difficult to be served, any costs I incur in eventually tracking him down will be added to his ever-increasing debt to me. So if you've seen him out and about, chowing down on $21 greaseburgers, feel free to drop me a comment.

10 days. Tick tick tick ...

P.S. I have been assured that Patrick has been served via email so, at this point, he is absolutely aware that he is obligated to complete and return that questionnaire. If history is any guide, Patrick will refuse to open the email, and later claim he never saw it.