Monday, October 31, 2022

Nothing to see here, move along.


In unrelated news, Canada's conservatives will now lecture us about civility and decorum.


Anonymous said...

Civility and decorum is for others.
They get to be petulant children.

And you'll notice that Cons get so offended if there is any pushback.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the proper use of semicolons, making pronouns and antecedents agree, and the difference between "its" and "it's." Bloody homeschooled "morans."

Anonymous said...

Somewhat less draconian than Queen Romana Didulo, who calls for immediate execution of anyone who authorized or carried out vaccination of a child.

Anonymous said...

This is so much like the Church in the Vine Edmonton pastor who rejected vaccination, prevented health authorities from entering, was found guilty, appealed, was disallowed, and is now raising tax deductible funds to pay that fine, all against CRA rules. And the church features prominently Sheila Gunn Reid in the fundraising campaign.

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Never mind getting dressed in the morning - how do they stay out of jail?