Friday, May 07, 2021


Conservatives: "Private businesses have the right to serve or discriminate against whoever they want. That's what freedom and liberty is all about."

Also conservatives: "PayPal is evil!"


"Cancel culture" strikes again.

I'm just throwing this out there.

You know, given that the history of Rebel News includes:
  • its "journalists" being frequently assaulted and arrested
  • being de-monetized by YouTube
  • being cancelled by PayPal
  • being banned by all three major Canadian political parties
  • being successfully sued for defamation
  • once having the majority of its journos resign in disgust
it occurs that maybe -- just maybe -- Rebel News is the problem here.


Well, this is an exciting development ...

Apparently, the market for vile, loathsome, bottom-dwelling bigots, racists, xenophobes and anti-Semites just isn't what it used to be.

As always, send money.

P.S. More to come ...

AFTERSNARK: To no one's surprise, Ezra misrepresents reality ...

Um, no. According to the Rebel's own masthead, the sole addition to its stable of utterly fake journalists is one Adam Soos, so the suggestion of having hired new "reporters" (plural) appears to be nonsense, even after the gullible rubes of Rebel Nation crammed almost half a million up Ezra's pasty backside recently to do exactly that:

This story is not over.

BONUS TRACK: I will leave you with one more observation on this whole fiasco, then I will get back to work. Over at the Urban Dictionary, you find the following absolutely delightful definition of "grift":

Note well the highlighted portion, characterizing some forms of grift as when the need for financially support is significantly overstated, or (and here's the kicker) "typically by stoking fears of being censored," and if that last bit doesn't just scream "Rebel News" at you, then you haven't been paying attention.

The last few months alone have seen a number of hysterical Doomsdsay scenarios from Rebel Obergruppenfuhrer Ezra Levant, in every case shrieking about how he suddenly needs a massive cash infusion to soldier on:
  • "A banker [sic] just called in our loan -- without your immediate financial support, we might not survive!"
  • "We've just been de-monetized by YouTube -- without your immediate financial support, we might not survive!"
  • "We've just been kicked off PayPal -- without your immediate financial support, we might not survive!"
Are you starting to see the pattern?

EVEN MORE CRUNCHY GOODNESS: Commenter on previous post properly mocks Ezra's tiresome shtick of "Gosh, I have no idea what we've done wrong, if only someone would explain it to us!":

As was the case with his YouTube cancellation, Ezra professes complete astonishment about which of Paypal's terms he might have violated. I would think that's pretty obvious.

Paypal does not permit transactions that "...encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity." The Rebel has been celebrating and promoting violation of public health measures, assisting with the organization and promotion of events held specifically to mock and flaunt the law, and in some cases supporting people in sneaking out of legal quarantine.

Or could it be the provision that forbids "...the promotion of hate, violence, racial or other forms of intolerance"?

I think that sums it up nicely.

AND IT JUST GOES ON ... as even the replies to Rebel News Online's Twitter account have had enough of their relentless pandering ...

ABOUT THAT "FIGHT THE FINES" CAMPAIGN: So here's a thought ... recall Rebel News' "Fight the Fines" campaign, where Ezra and Co. explicitly encouraged people to go and violate lockdown regulations and get ticketed, wherein Rebel would selectively decide who to represent in court to fight the ticket. What happens to people who were dumb enough to take Ezra's advice, choose to get, perhaps, a $2,000 fine, and now have to deal with the fallout of Rebel News being kicked to the curb by PayPal?

If a lot of the donations to that campaign were coming in via PayPal, then some of those gullible buffoons might be shit out of luck as, having got those expensive tickets and sent in their applications to Rebel for legal representation, what are the chances that what they're going to hear back is, "Yeah, I know we told you to go out and act like idiots and get a huge fine and that we'd be here for you but, see, things have changed so you're on your own and good luck with that"?

Rebel News is completely off the hook here as they made it excruciatingly clear that they had the freedom to pick and choose who to represent, so absolutely no one can claim they were promised anything. But one wonders if there's going to be any blowback if Rebel just cans that entire campaign due to lack of funds, leaving all those suggestible twits with tickets they're now responsible for.

As people say, stupidity should be painful. And expensive.


Canadian right-wingers: "We should start a payment service exclusively devoted to far-right groups and agitators and provocateurs here in Canada!"

RCMP: "Well, that would make our putting together a domestic terrorist watch list a lot easier, yes."

*SIGH* ... Disliking Rebel News dismissed as being anti-Semitic in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

Thursday, May 06, 2021


It's painfully easy to mock the pathetic, childish hypocrisy of Ezra Levant and the other sleazy, racist hacks at Rebel News, but this is an absolute gift.

Recall, if you will, the shrieking hysteria from Ezra Levant when his worthless crapfest of a media outlet was denied accreditation for the last Canadian federal election debates -- dear God, the tear-soaked whining on and on and, holy fucking God, tediously on ... you'd swear that, the way Ezra sobbed inconsolably online, someone had criticized his fundraising or something ...

Which brings us to the exciting development today, when Florida GOP governor Ron DeSantis, for the signing of a rancid, racist bill to restrict voting rights in his state, limited media attendance to the signing of that rubbish to Fox News:

I, of course, so look forward to the slimy hacks at Rebel News to show some consistency and take DeSantis to task for being that selective about media attendance.

I'm sure that will happen any minute now. Yup, any minute now.

Any minute now ...

I have a suggestion ...


Have you tried sleeping with them, Brian? It's worked for you before.

Holy fuck, the burning stupid.

I did't think there was anyone stupider than Joe Rogan ... until he was promoted by The Post Millennial.

I stand corrected.

Gosh, it's a mystery.

So Alberta is currently an absolute disaster in terms of COVID-19 cases ...


... I wonder why that is, oh, right ...

That would be the dumbass, scientific illiterates who are relentlessly encouraging Albertans to gather in large crowds unmasked to socialize.

Mystery solved.

P.S. It's amusing how that Star article emphasizes the record number of people in intensive care in Alberta:

even as the lying mounds of human garbage at Canada's "Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms" publish an utterly dishonest photo purported to be of an empty Alberta ICU which is, in fact, a totally unrelated picture lifted from a year-old CTV article:

This is the wretched dishonesty up with which you have to put from these swine.


Here's Rebel News, covering a group of white, rural Albertans protesting and advocating for their rights:

And here's Rebel News covering a group of indigenous Canadians similarly protesting and advocating for their rights:

I trust I've made my point.

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

The dumbass fucking stupid ... it burns ...

 What is wrong with this tweet? No rush, take your time ...

If you need a hint ...

And if you have time to kill, feel free to check out the savage beatdowns in the replies to that asinine tweet.

P.S. On what planet is the above a picture of an intensive care unit? Christ, but Bexte and the cretins at the JCCF are execrable douchebags.

HOLY FUCK! Apparently, the thieving assholes at the JCCF simply lifted the above photo from a CTV news piece from March 31, 2020 -- here's the accompanying pic to that article, which is over a year old:

In short, the sleazy liars at the JCCF couldn't even be bothered to take their own photo; they simply stole one from a CTV news article and passed it off as recent and relevant. That's a really spectacular level of dishonesty.


Rebel News' Ezra Levant, who brags about his time as an intern at the billionaire-funded Charles G. Koch Foundation, will now demean and denigrate billionaires:

You can't make this stuff up.

Apparently, it's always Justin Trudeau's fault.


Ignore, of course, the 2,000+ already-dead Albertans:

as that would fuck up the narrative.

There's stupid, there's really stupid and there's Sheila Gunn Reid.

Here's Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid, promoting and encouraging rural Albertans to get sick and die:

Here's Sheila, downplaying the severity of getting sick and dying:

And here's what's happening in Alberta as we speak:

And here's Sheila, doing all this for the sake of propaganda and getting a regular paycheque:

P.S. The depth of Gunn Reid's dumbass fucking stupid is almost beyond the ability of the English language to describe, as she is clearly suggesting that, once one "survives" COVID-19, well, then, hey, we're back to normal and good to go. It is difficult to appreciate the stupidity of someone who does not have the fucking sense to Google, say, "COVID-19 long term effects", to find articles like, say, this:

But, sure, why would things like long-term severe fatigue, cognitive issues, headaches and dizziness keep you from being a rodeo rider? It's not like that occupation is rocket surgery in the first place, is it?

AH, THE IRONY. Amusingly, it was just over a year ago when, for the sake of being pathetically racist by referring to the "Wuhan virus," Gunn Reid was imploring everyone to stay the hell home:

Having milked that position for all the PR and fundraising Rebel News could, to no one's surprise, Gunn Reid has now reversed position entirely, now fundraising by being the guardians of freedom and liberty for all and explicitly encouraging idiots to gather in large crowds unmasked, just to own the libtards.

I'm sure you're shocked.

Is Dominion Voting Systems coming after Rebel News?

Given how Dominion Voting Systems is lowering the boom on the various hacks, liars and propagandists who defamed them with respect to the last U.S. presidential election, is Rebel News also on their radar? I wrote about that here and, even though Nazi memorabilia expert Keean Bexte has been shown the door there, I doubt that gets Rebel off the hook.

I guess we just have to wait and see.


Rebel News: "It's vitally important that devout, white, rural Albertans defend the God-given freedoms and liberties granted to them by their Creator to do as they please, and stand up to the draconian oppression from Justin Trudeau's bullying RCMP and other brutal and unconstitutional police officers!"

Also Rebel News: "Black Lives Matter protesters are a bunch of thugs who have no respect for the law."

In case you needed reminding of what racism looks like.

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

If Dinesh D'Souza were any more of a worthless, disingenuous propagandist ...

... he'd be Anthony Furey.

None dare call it "journalism."

At this point, I think we have a pretty good idea why Nazi paraphernalia authority Keean "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" Bexte was given the boot from Rebel News -- he was so clearly attending controversial events, not for the purpose of simply reporting, but for the sake of explicitly stoking confrontation and violence:


That would be Bexte, actually bragging about how he "confronted" the RCMP, "demanding to know" what they were doing there.

An actual journalist -- you know, someone who understands and practices the craft of journalism -- might want to just, you know, report on the day's events. Not Bexte, who openly announces that his goal nowadays is to goad and harass the authorities into ... well, who knows?

In any event, I think it's safe to say that anyone with the sense God gave a urinal deodorizer disc is going to steer clear of Bexte, knowing the shitstorm that he's eventually going to bring down on anyone in his vicinity.

I'm pretty sure handcuffs and a squad car will be involved.


Rebel News' Ezra Levant, who once interned at the right-wing billionaire-run Charles G. Koch Foundation, is suddenly outraged by wealthy people getting involved in the political process:

Monday, May 03, 2021

Every time Dinesh D'Souza is trending on Twitter ...

... it is, sadly, for the wrong reason.


Alberta: "We can't wait until we secede from Canada and, as an independent, sovereign nation, can make all our own decisions without meddling interference from those libtard Laurentian elites out east!"

Also Alberta: "Why has Ottawa abandoned us?"

In today's episode of "Tweets that did not age well" ...


So ... how's that "Rebuild Fort McMurray" convoy coming?

It was five years ago today that a massive wildfire swept through Fort McMurray, Alberta, spurring the opportunistic hacks at (then) Rebel Media to promise that, well, read it for yourself:

Are we allowed to ask how that's coming along?

McInnes ... McInnes ... oh, right, *that* Gavin McInnes.

Proud Boys Canada packs it in, even as it insists it was a simple social club of jes' plain folks:

That would be this Gavin McInnes:

As ever, I'm just trying to be helpful.

That's what your inside voice is for.

Sure, the GOP is currently exploding amidst allegations of widespread sexual misconduct and sex trafficking, but the good folks at Rebel News recognize the real problem with American democracy: Muslims in Congress.

It used to be that you expressed that kind of ugly, rancid bigotry quietly, in hushed tones ... not anymore, apparently, as subtlety would appear to be lost on the numerous members of "Rebel Nation", who need to be told directly and in a loud voice, "Muslims suck!"

They're not even pretending anymore, are they?

BONUS TRACK: I would be remiss in not pointing out that, even as Ezra shrieks hysterically about the evil that is Muslims in Congress, this is the entirety of the search throughout Rebel News for any mention of apparent sex trafficker and GOP congressman Matt Gaetz as of this morning, May 3, 2021:

That is, not a single mention of what would be wall-to-wall, 24/7 Rebel News coverage if Gaetz were a Democrat.

Rebel News: "We will never, ever, ever, ever give you both sides of the story."

Sunday, May 02, 2021

Dear Albertans: Sucks to be you.

Alberta: "We need leadership!"

Jason Kenney: "Yeah, good luck with that."

Here's an idea ...

Instead of sending Alberta any more vaccine, why not just send them thoughts and prayers?


Alberta continues to set records with COVID-19 infection:


Oh, wait, it's all a hoax:

Carry on, then.

AFTERSNARK: Despite what "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" Boy claims in his Twitter bio:

I'm going to guess Bexte is not getting into the White House as a reporter any time soon under the new administration. And if he's still accredited by the Alberta Legislature, then the Press Gallery there needs to remove their craniums from their sphincters.

I'm just trying to be helpful.

Dear Rebel News:

How's that "Hey, Alberta, ignore the lockdowns and the cops and health warnings and medical advice meant to keep you from getting sick and dying, and get out there and congregate like it's 2016!" fundraising campaign of yours going?

Well, fuck ...

Jesus fucking Chist, I can't even ...

"Socialism in 5 words."

Apparently, there is a hashtag trending on Twitter wherein people are challenged to describe socialism in no more than five words, which makes me think of ridiculously wealthy politicians who got that way by being paid by the public and taking advantage of idiotic tax breaks exclusively for the rich and so on, and so on, and eventually reminds me of the late Molly Ivins' devastating takedown of bloviating GOP gasbag Phil Gramm:

Let me save you the trouble.

Ezra: "OK, Sheila, we want to demean and denigrate renewable energy so you need to interview the most ethically-challenged, intellectually-crippled, oil-and-gas industry-funded hack you can find."

Sheila: "On it."