Monday, October 03, 2022

Keean Bexte and the lack of self-awareness.

Here's Disinformation Caillou, whining pathetically once upon a time that the Parliamentary Press Gallery won't give him a press pass:

There could be many reasons why the PPG won't give Bexte their stamp of approval, but I'm guessing that him being a total asshole is a big part of it:

Again, that's just a guess. I could be wrong.


Coolxenu said...

So Kenan confirms: Liberals care about other people, Canadian conservatives hate other people.

Anonymous said...

Bexte, like so many of the alt-right, are driven by hate and faux-rage.
He hates Trudeau and is certainly not a journalist.

Just another petulant child it would seem.

His ilk are seriously deranged.