Friday, October 21, 2022

Chronicles of Ezra: Yup, we're going to trial.

At risk of being short on details, I have spent almost the last three years preparing to fend off a motion from one Ezra Levant to strike my defense related to his 2016 defamation action against me -- a motion that, if successful, would have allowed Ezra to go to trial and continue lying about me while I would not be allowed to even be present to defend myself.

The hearing for that motion happened just this past Monday in Toronto, where I represented myself, during which the lawyer representing Ezra was so astonishingly inept and unprepared that, after we broke for lunch and reconvened afterwards, she advised the court that she had consulted with her client over the lunch hour and, after almost three years of bullshit, she had been instructed to withdraw the motion.

So, yeah, we're going to trial. Details to follow.


Understand that Patrick Ross tweeted the above after reading this blog post, wherein I explained how Ezra Levant had filed a motion against me, then withdrew it mid-hearing before his own lawyer had even finished presenting.

So ... there's that.

In other news, Patrick is still an undischarged bankrupt who owes me more than $110,000. There's that, too. And the day of reckoning is coming.


Anonymous said...

It's an old tactic - grind 'em down with motions and hope they'll settle. Has Ezra set this down for trial yet?

CC said...

This is no longer Ezra's call. I'm driving this now.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand. You're 6 years into the case and the plaintiff brought a motion to strike your defense?! How was this action not automatically dismissed for delay at the 5-year mark?

CC said...

Calm down ... all will be revealed in time.

thwap said...

Perhaps Patrick read your post and genuinely misunderstood what you were saying. Par for the course where his legal acumen is concerned.