Monday, February 28, 2022

Logic, Candice Bergen-style.

"Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, therefore we need to build pipelines."

No, seriously, she said that in the House of Commons.

Lauren Boebert is the Melissa Lantsman of Candice Bergens.



Um ... wut?

I was unaware that the purpose of the Keystone XL pipeline was to *checks notes* reduce Canada's dependence on Russian oil:

The things you learn reading Rebel News.

Hugh Hewitt, Keyboard Kommando.

Even as burly, bearded truckers with halitosis and insufficient teeth yammer on about their unequivocal courage and stalwartness defending their freedoms to ... to ... I dunno, insist on being susceptible to a deadly virus, one is reminded of, years ago, the indescribable courage of right-wing gasbag Hugh Hewitt.

Seriously, it's awesome. You'll thank me for recommending it.

Dear truckers: How's that Rebel News crowdfunded legal defense going?

Let's recall how Rebel News' Ezra Levant raked in another $28.6 million to leap to the legal defense of any idiot truckers who were dumb enough to take his advice to continue breaking the law:

Ah, but it's always the nefarious fine print that's going to get you in the end since, as you can see from the above if you read carefully, Ezra very specifically restricts his financial largesse to those idiots who were involved exclusively in the Coutts, AB blockade, which means that -- if you interpret the above literally -- all of those morons who illegally occupied Ottawa (or the Ambassador Bridge for that matter) and got tickets and fines, and were arrested, and had their rigs seized and their trucking licenses cancelled are, well, shit out of luck.

So are there any truckers who are currently skulking home from Ottawa, laden with tickets and fines, who have submitted their bill to Rebel News? And are they willing to share the reply they got? And do they finally understand what the phrase "fine print" means?

I'm just asking.

Oh, look ... the consequences of your actions.

Can someone explain to perpetual imbecile Lorrie Goldstein the concept of "Fuck around and find out?"

Christ, what a dumbass.

Sunday, February 27, 2022


[OTTAWA] Government of Canada announces sanctions against Russia, including banning all media sources of pro-Putin propaganda; Rebel News' Ezra Levant immediately announces lawsuit to protect his freedom of speech.


CPC MP and blatant Russian asset Candice "Murphy Brownshirt" Bergen brags about standing up for Ukraine:

The crowd tells her to fucking fuck the fuck off:

We need way more of that.

There's delusion, there's dementia, and then there's Andrew Lawton.

It is impossible to put into words the crushing stupidity of Andrew Lawton, so just go read. You will actually feel your IQ dropping by the minute.

The burning stupid. P.S.: Send money.

 I have no words ...

Let me sum this up to save you the trouble of tracking it down and reading it in its mind-numbing, ignorant entirety: Rebel airhead Tamara Ugolini is outraged -- OUTRAGED!!! -- that long-term care homes are refusing to allow unvaccinated, virus-spewing plague rats free access to a building full of elderly, fragile and possibly immuno-compromised members of other peoples' family.

No, seriously, that's why she's angry. Send money.

JUXTAPOSE: The thigh-sucking hypocrisy here relates to Ugolini's own oil patch trailer trash Rebel colleague, Sheila Gunn Reid, only a few years ago, making it clear she was not a huge fan of allowing the unvaccinated in the vicinity of her undoubtedly hideous, malformed children:

It's amazing how your most strenuously-held principles sometimes just follow your paycheque.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Jesus Christ, the burning stupid.

Ah, yes, the nefarious "undisclosed" "secret" location ...

... that pretty much everyone on the planet knows about:


Tune in next week when Alexandra warns us that Erin O'Toole is in danger of losing the CPC leadership, and that Maxime Bernier appears to be a racist.


Rebel News: "We're perfectly fine with prominent Republicans being keynote speakers at an openly white supremacist, anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying, pro-Putin Republican Party event."



Also Rebel News: "Justin Trudeau once wore blackface at a high school play 30 years ago! This ugly racism cannot be allowed to stand!"


Man who spent the last three months of his mom's life harassing people on the internet will now criticize the idea of spending the last three months of one's mom's life harassing people on the internet.

 OK, then.




Wingnuts: "Justin Trudeau is such a brutal, fascist dictator for imposing draconian vaccine mandate rules on truckers!"

Wingnuts: "Justin Trudeau is such a pansy-assed, cowardly pussy for hiding out at his cottage when truckers come to town!"

Wingnuts: "Justin Trudeau is such a brutal, fascist dictator for invoking the Emergencies Act to deal with all those hot tubs and bouncy castles!"

Wingnuts: "Justin Trudeau is such a pansy-assed, cowardly pussy for folding under pressure and revoking the Emergencies Act!"

Wingnuts: "Justin Trudeau is such a brutal, fascist dictator for sending his critics to jail!"

Tune in tomorrow ...

The savage ass-kicking of Lorrie Goldstein.

 It's not the tweet, it's the brutal beatdown from the replies.

Dr. Jordan Peterson is the Pat King of Rex Murphys.

Really, there are so many riffs on that theme.


It's fascinating how the racists, bigots, white nationalists and anti-Semites at Rebel News who shrieked hysterically how forcing the "Freedom Convoy" occupation of Ottawa to take down their hot tubs and bouncy castles and go home was outrageous fascism and dictatorship and a military overreach and the obvious death of Western democracy are now downplaying actual military aggression and fascism simply because Russia is doing it.

I'm sure you're shocked.

And that's what we mean by "Russian asset."

Tell me you're a Russian asset without telling me you're a Russian asset.

The latest from Rebel News Obergruppenfuhrer Ezra Levant:

Because nothing says "Russian asset" like ignoring an international military crisis and obsessing over yet another idiotic attempt to overthrow a democratically-elected Western government with a convoy of racist, inbred hillbillies in pickup trucks.

Friday, February 25, 2022


It's ironic that the people who so loudly scream that they're prepared to go to jail for their principles are the very ones who hire the best lawyers to make sure that doesn't happen.

"I'm ready to die for my beliefs!"

"Dude, you're not even prepared to get out of your hot tub for your beliefs."


  • 13 Ukrainian soldiers on Snake Island, a Ukrainian island in the Black Sea, when ordered by a Russian warship to surrender, replied that the Russians could go fuck themselves. All 13 were killed by subsequent shelling.
  • "Freedom Convoy" truckers who occupied Ottawa for more than three weeks are currently screaming about how Canada has become an ugly, fascist dictatorship because Justin Trudeau made them dismantle their hot tubs and bouncy castles, and go home.

Sure, I can see the equivalence.

Chronicles of Twatrick: Meatspace co-ordinates again.

As I have opined before, since I currently have a collection enforcement against Lloydminster's Patrick "Super Duper MMA Cosplay Quintuple Threat Kid Cash Nexus of Assholery Embarrassing Mullet Street Fighting Man" Ross -- which involves seizing the contents of his Synergy Credit Union account on a regular basis -- there seemed to be little value in additionally going to the trouble of filing to garnish his wages if I can just take it all once it hits his account. However, based on a recent perusal of Saskatchewan's "Enforcement of Money Judgments Act" (EMJA), it appears I may have opined prematurely.

Apparently, because previous collection procedures in Saskatchewan were antiquated and cumbersome, the newer EMJA really stripped things down and streamlined the process, so whereas one used to file independent actions to seize property versus income versus bank account, the newer EMJA basically addresses the issue, "So, someone owes you money, do they?", and rolls all of that into one tidy little action, so there is some real benefit in now knowing where Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen works, as I can now both take his paycheque and empty whatever ends up in his bank account simultaneously, so if anyone knows where Patrick is currently employed, why, yes, that information would be most useful. But it turns out there's an amusing wrinkle.

I have been "informed" by one of my anonymous tipsters (who refuses to identify himself/herself) that Patrick is no longer employed, and for a very curious reason -- he was allegedly fired for insisting that he be paid under the table so as to protect his salary from, well, me. Let me be absolutely clear -- I have seen nothing to substantiate this claim and it strikes me as more than a little suspect, but this is the claim and I suppose it would not surprise anyone if it were true.

It is definitely believable that Patrick is unemployed again (for one reason or another), but if he is still putting in an honest 3 or 4 hours a day of work, it turns out that knowing where that is would be useful information, as the sheriffs would then have the right to garnish his wages at the source and clean out his bank account at the same time, which would be absolutely delightful.

So there's your new mission, kids -- "Where's Twatsy?" And as to what's in it for you, well, just the satisfaction of being a good citizen and bringing a long-time malfeasant to justice.

"Malfeasant": Look it up.

Thursday, February 24, 2022


U.N. Security Council condemns Russian invasion of Ukraine; council member Russia vetoes condemnation. Everyone goes out for tacos.

The lies, the lies, the glorious lies.

Jesus ...

Um, "have not been charged with any crime?" What utter douchebagitude, given that many, many of these very people have in fact been charged with criminal mischief.

The dishonesty of Ezra Levant would be breathtaking, if it wasn't so predictable.

So ... how's those trucker defenses going?

Given that, once again, Rebel News has raked in an assload of cash that will go exclusively to lawyers:

it behooves us to ask if anyone is tracking these legal cases, or if there is even the slightest transparency or accountability regarding all that dosh and where it's ending up.

Rumours are of several hundred thousand dollars piling up in that legal slush fund, so one wonders if any of that will be made public, or whether any truckers have already had their day in court, and how that worked out for them.


Canadian right-wingers and fascists who shrieked hysterically and pissed blood in outrage over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau savagely and brutally clearing a bunch of hillbillies out of downtown Ottawa currently looking the other way as Vladimir Putin bombs another country into submission.

U.S. People's Convoy: Let the shifting of goalposts begin.

As with the recent, cement-headed "Freedom Convoy" here in Canada, the copycat American "People's Convoy" has already started out by making idiotic demands:

Tune in tomorrow when they demand puppies. And a pony.

Why those truckers are screwed.

Quite a number of truly stupid people are currently yammering on about how the recent occupation of Ottawa was a "legal" protest, and that those truckers had a right to be there, and Charter rights and blah blah blah ... and here's why all of that is nonsense. It was, in fact, an unlawful protest for a very simple reason:

Because the police said so.

That's it, that's the reason, and here's why it's legally unassailable.

You're free to, on your own time, blather on about the Constitution and freedom of association and speech and expression and whatever the hell you like, but if, at some point, you are approached by an agent of the law, and told clearly and unambiguously that you are now breaking the law, then you are, in fact, breaking the law. Put another way, if you're told that your gathering is illegal, then it is illegal, and no one is interested in your legal grandstanding. You're welcome to argue all that later if you want, but at that moment, you're breaking the law, which is why hearings for all these suspended truckers should go something like this:

"So, were you told to leave or you would be arrested?"
"And did you leave?"

That's it -- if a police officer orders you to do something, and you don't do it, well, you're screwed. That's how it works. And that's why all those truckers should right now be looking for another line of work.

And so it begins ...

 ... the consequences of your actions:

Read the whole thing. It's delightful.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

I'm dying here.

At the moment, Lloydminster's village idiot and favourite undischarged bankrupt Patrick "Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen" Ross is lecturing others on how defamation law works:

I honestly don't know how this can get any funnier.

P.S. Is it worth pointing out that the lawsuit Patrick is referring to has nothing even remotely to do with defamation, so that anti-SLAPP legislation would be of no value? Lord, but that guy is thick. It's amazing he can even order a $21 hamburger without help.

Sure, that sounds like a plan.

What an awesome idea ... a bunch of Trump-loving hillbillies converging on DC ...

And given that the cops in DC still have fresh memories of the last insurrection that resulted in one of their own being dead, I'm sure they'll have plenty of patience for your fucking shit.

The burning stupid.

This is the dumbass fucking imbecility up with which we are forced to put:

Honestly, Lorrie, can you and Rex Murphy just get a room already?

Oh, Wordguessr ...




[OTTAWA] Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revokes Emergency Act, explaining that it did its job and is no longer necessary; CPC interim leader Candice Bergen responds by demanding that Freedom Convoy immediately return to Ottawa and resume trashing the living shit out of the city.

Chronicles of Twatrick: Going in the wrong direction.

It may amuse some to learn that, if one discounts the money seized from Lloydminster's Patrick "Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen" Ross that went to pay long-outstanding cost awards, even after being relieved of some $9,000, Patrick now owes me more than he did when I registered my defamation judgment against him back in August of 2021. As difficult as it might be to wrap your head around that, if you do the math, that's the facts.

The first collection by Saskatchewan sheriffs netted some $6,400, which went entirely to pay off some cost awards that Patrick had been blithely ignoring all these years, plus letting the sheriffs collect their cut in the way of administrative fees, which means that not a penny of that went to the outstanding amount for the judgment itself:

Since then, the sheriffs have collected another $2,500 or so but, if you run the numbers, given that the outstanding judgment amount is increasing by 5 per cent per year, that $2,500 does not quite cover the interest that has accrued since last August. In short -- and take a moment to truly appreciate this -- despite Patrick's bank account having been lightened by almost $9,000 recently, he actually owes me more with respect to the outstanding judgment amount now than he did before.

At this point, it is fair to say that Patrick is never, ever, ever, ever, ever going to get out from under this. So he might want to get comfortable living in his car. Since it's a Ford Escape, I'm sure the seats recline.

P.S. I'm still moderately interested in tracking down the meatspace co-ordinates of Baron von Loadenhosen (particularly his place of employment), but it's not critical given that the Saskatchewan sheriffs have Patrick's bank account info I gave them, and they will stop by on a regular basis and clean it out for me.

What Patrick needs to worry about is the long game here since, over time, it is simply not sustainable for him to have his bank account emptied every month or two, and it's even less sustainable given that Canada's Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy would really like to have a chat with him, and his idiotic million dollar defamation lawsuit against Peter Skinner will assuredly be kicked to the curb, at which time Peter will be awarded costs, and Patrick will have someone looking to collect from him from another direction and, eventually, if he files his income tax and expects a refund, I can assure you he won't be seeing it as the OSB will step in and garnish it for my benefit.

So Patrick is welcome to keep running, and refusing to answer his phone, and refusing to reply to e-mails, and refusing to acknowledge registered letters sent to his Lloydminster address but, eventually, he will need to surface, and when he does, there will be a number of very unhappy people with court orders waiting for him. And if he thinks his life is uncomfortable now, well, he has no idea.

We need to see that list again.

Tamara Lich: Denied bail.

Pat King: Still sitting in a prison cell.

Numerous truckers and their supporters: Facing multiple criminal charges and the loss of their rigs, and currently camping out in a pig field south-east of Ottawa.

CPC interim leader Candice "Murphy Brownshirt" Bergen: Exposed as an utterly unprincipled political opportunist.

CPC MP Pierre Poilievre: Still a racist.

CPC MP Michael Cooper: Still a Nazi.

Andrew Scheer: Still a retard.

Ezra Levant: Still a grifter.

Justin Trudeau: Still Prime Minister.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022


Canadian right-wingers, racists and white nationalists who were totally fine with a 15-year-old Omar Khadr spending 10 years in Guantanamo are horrified that Pat King might spend a fifth day in jail because, you know, white guy.

And remember, kids ...

... this is the guy who thought he was smart enough to represent himself in court:



Sure, that's mature.

This is an actual National Post columnist, clearly delighting in ongoing chaos in Ottawa.


Curiously, while I am (and have been) free to do pretty much what I want, "Freedom Convoy" organizer Tamara Lich is behind bars, and is looking at potentially several years in prison.


Can we all remember this regarding CPC MP Mark Strahl and "Briane from Chilliwack?"

It would be one thing for CPC MP Mark Strahl to sheepishly admit that he publicized that obvious fiction because he had been told it had happened, and he stupidly never bothered to confirm it. But that is not what happened here -- Strahl openly claims to know who "Briane" is, and claims to have been working with her, and that is an entirely different situation.

At this point, the appropriate question for Strahl would be, "Do you still claim to know who this Briane is?" You're not asking him to reveal anything, you're just asking Strahl to confirm that he is standing by his story, and that he knows the identity of this woman.

Keep it simple, kids.

Chronicles of Twatrick: The burning stupid.


P.S. This would be the same Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen who dismissed the severity of the violent and illegal occupation of Ottawa as ...

P.P.S. Amusingly, the Charter that Patrick is so fond of fellating also guarantees freedom of expression, but it does place certain limits on that freedom in the sense of not permitting libel, slander or malicious defamation. You think Patrick would understand the concept by now.

Dear CBC: Stop interviewing conservatives. Just stop.

It is simply maddening that, for the sake of an unattainable journalistic "balance," the CBC will continue to offset reasoned, thoughtful opinion with the demented, deranged, dishonest rantings of members of the CPC.

Just stop.

There is no value to giving these people any air time if they continue to lie. So knock it off.

Sure, let's talk about Chad Williamson and Rebel News again.

So, to recap, the Canadian government is currently going aggressively after both the people who actively participated in various illegal "trucker" blockades and occupations, as well as any obvious "influencers" and sources of income, which brings us to Rebel News, who should be right at the top of the list of entities that provided material and/or financial support for all that criminal behaviour by openly and gleefully promising to provide free legal representation to anyone who wanted to continue committing crimes of one sort or another:

And given that Der Rebel has just as openly and gleefully advertised the services of Calgary lawyer Chad "Chad" Williamson, one would think that the authorities might want to have a conversation with Chad and, who knows, perhaps put a lock on all that cash until various ugly details are sorted out. Because if encouraging people to continue committing crimes by promising them free legal representation when they get caught doesn't represent offering financial support for ongoing criminal activity, well, it's not clear what does.

I'm sure Chad still has all the receipts.

P.S. It remains to be seen whether Der Rebel openly brags about all their upcoming legal victories regarding truckers and trucker supporters being charged criminally the way they did in breathlessly celebrating their trivial wins related to mask mandates: "SUCCESS! We had Mary Ann's $85 ticket for entering a Dollar Store without her mask overturned in court!!!"

Seems to me that the people being charged here are in a wee bit more trouble than Mary Ann, so it will be interesting to see Chad's choice of legal defences. Perhaps it will involve the First Amendment. One can only hope.

That would be the smell of desperation and adult diapers.

To no one's surprise, Rebel News Obergruppenfuhrer Ezra Levant is now dragging out years-old badly-photoshopped propaganda:

There's something sad about a neo-Nazi supporter who can't even photoshop his own dishonesty. That's just lazy.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Good point, Lorrie.

Because the horrific murder of six million Jews and the enslavement of an entire race for hundreds of years is *exactly* equivalent to Justin Trudeau wearing blackface in a high school play 30 years ago.

Now make fun of residential schools, Lorrie. You can do it. I know you can.

I have no words ...

There is something truly mind-scrambling about Rebel News' in-house racist, bigot and stunningly dishonest trailer trash and embarrassment to her family Sheila Gunn Reid going after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by quoting a deranged, mentally-crippled Nazi like Rand Paul:

Tune in tomorrow when Sheila fellates both Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, out behind the Red Deer junior high school.

Sure, let's talk about lawyer Chad Williamson.

Given that the current FINTRAC- and Emergencies Act-driven freezing and seizing of bank accounts is restricted to either active participants or (apparently) "influencers" of the laughably-misnamed "Freedom Convoy," one ponders why legal butt plug Chad "Chad" Williamson is not wondering why he suddenly can't pay for his fourth martini, given his open involvement with Rebel News and legal assistance for truckers:


If FINTRAC is legitimately going after anyone who has been offering material or financial assistance to an illegal occupation and numerous obvious examples of criminal activity, then it seems only logical that both Chad and Der Rebel have some serious 'splainin' to do, no?

I'm just throwing that out there.

HMMMMM ... curiously, the Rebel News crowdfunder hoovering up cash to buy Chad a second above-ground pool seems to have been "frozen" at 80% of donations for at least a couple days now:


Whatever could that mean?

No, it's Becky.

Fresh off his tear-jerking report of "Briane from Chilliwack," CPC MP Mark Strahl warns us of the tragic demise of "Becky," who died from snorting marijuana.

Apparently, her bank account was frozen, too.

Pay per view!

How much would you pay to see a charity boxing match between yammering asshat Pierre Poilievre and "Balcony Man?"

Can someone make that happen?

"Trucks on the outskirts of Ottawa." Can confirm.

On my high-speed run back to YOW from Montreal this morning, I did in fact see a field full of dumbfucks^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H truckers just off the Hawkesbusy/Vankleek Hill exit so, yes, they've relocated out to the boondocks, which inspires the obvious question:

What is the goal? What is the end game?

They're not getting back into Ottawa, and Quebec sure as hell won't have a scintilla of patience with their shit, so what's the plan, Stan? There is more than a little irony to bitch and whine about not being able to make a living unvaccinated, and to deal with that by setting up camp in a remote field next to a manure spreader for the foreseeable future, wondering if either your rig or bank account is about to be yanked out from under you by Justin Trudeau.

As Gimli, son of Gloin, once said, "Let them stay there! Let them rot!"

Well grunted.

Rebel News: The grift goes ever on.

As I am on Rebel News' begging bowl mailing list and the recipient of relentless fundraising screeds, it's amusing that the latest is related to how I am apparently losing my "freedoms" (despite having spent the weekend in Montreal, doing pretty much what I wanted).

The latest of Ezra Levant's 4,612 registered URLs would appear to be "", where you are invited to send Ezra $18.95:

Yeah, I'll pass.


Conservative senator Michael MacDonald, a member of Canada's chamber of "sober second thought," insists he made a public asswipe of himself only because he was sloshingly, falling down, barfing all over his girlfriend's shoes drunk.


[OTTAWA] Woman who got up, got dressed, made her way downtown, joined illegal protest, pushed her way to the front and threw herself in front of a police horse complaining about being trampled by a police horse.

Video at 11.


Conservative Senator Michael MacDonald, who makes a six-figure salary and works less than 20 hours a week, mocks Ottawans who apparently all make six-figure salaries and work 20 hours a week:



MacDonald then threw his tea at a server, screaming that it had not been heated to precisely 82.6C as he had ordered, and to take it back.

The asshattery of being out of range.

Wherein people who did not have to put up with 22 days of violent and illegal occupation will now lecture you on how it was no big deal.


In unrelated news, Patrick is still threatening to sue people for millions of dollars for calling him an "asshat" because it is apparently a Charter right to not be called an "asshat."

Seriously, you can look it up.

We are all "Briane from Chilliwack."



In other news, Mark reports on the appalling treatment of "Bloofus" and "Klunt" from Quahog.

Sunday, February 20, 2022


Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid, who is a relentless and well-established liar, is currently lecturing her readers on the importance of accuracy.

OK, then.

BREAKING! Rebel News publishes exclusive video of police brutality!

Rebel journalist "on the ground" releases shocking video of mounted constabulary at Wellington and Bank charging the crowd and savagely knocking an elderly woman to the ground:


Fortunately, despite the 86,000 mounted attackers, injuries were minimal.

"I'm shocked -- SHOCKED! -- that grifting is going on in here."

"All right, I have to cough up a quarter million in fees and costs for my latest legal ass-kicking, so get out there and get beat up!"

"On it, boss."


Independent MPP Randy Hiller is committing a criminal act by openly encouraging people to flood 911 emergency lines with nuisance calls -- he still has a Twitter account.

I, on the other hand, was banned from Twitter for life for describing racist, white nationalist and mound of human garbage Senator Denise Batters as a "twatwaffle."

Sure, that sounds fair.

Chronicles of Twatrick: Happy interestversary!

OK, a day late, but it's been six months to the day that Saskatchewan Court of Queens Bench told Patrick he owed me just north of $104,000 ...

 ... and I'm tardy in reporting on this as I am currently enjoying a long weekend in Montreal, all of it on Patrick's tab courtesy of the most recent seizure by sheriffs from his Synergy Credit Union account.

Endless refills on brunch mimosas? Don't mind if I do.

Once you see it ...




Saturday, February 19, 2022

Ready for a vacation.

Shortly, your humble scribe will be jumping in the CCmobile and high-tailing it out of town to Montreal for a long weekend, where I will eat and drink well for a couple of days. Blogging will be light, unless Andrew Lawton gets pepper-sprayed in the face again.


Convicted malicious defamer and trustee-less undischarged bankrupt who apparently committed criminal identity fraud and has, for years, neglected his legal obligations to Canada's Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy will now lecture us on the "rule of law."

OK, then.

In case you're keeping track ...

  • Erin O'Toole: Fired.
  • Peter Sloly: Resigned.
  • CPC interim leader Candice "Murphy Brownshirt" Bergen: Revealed as a shameless political opportunist.
  • CPC MP Melissa Lantsman: Publicly defends standing with Nazis, white nationalists and swastikas.
  • Andrew Scheer: Exposed as a babbling imbecile, unable to form coherent sentences.
  • CPC MP Leslyn Lewis: Exposed as being as dumb as a bag of rocks.
  • Convoy organizers: Arrested.
  • Numerous very expensive trucks: Impounded, possibly to be auctioned off.
  • "Truckers": Slinking home with their tails between their legs, many to learn of massive fines, numerous criminal charges, possible jail time, and that they've been fired.
  • Justin Trudeau: Still Prime Minister.

If ever a face just screamed out to be pepper sprayed, ...



Friday, February 18, 2022

About all those towed vehicles ...

... if you could pack them in ever so tightly so that the ones way at the back can't be claimed until all the vehicles in front of it leave first, that'd be great, thanks.


[Ottawa, Feb. 18] Pursuant to current convoy enforcement activities, Ottawa police announce that they will be seizing all children who appear to have been mistreated, whereupon those children will be placed in protective care and, if parents do not claim them within eight days, the children will be considered "relinquished" and put up for adoption.

Whoops, hang on ... they were talking about pets. Never mind then ... carry on.

In case I had to remind you ...

... no matter how the occupation of Ottawa ends, Ezra Levant will make money off of it.

Oh, please let this be true.


P.S. Would it be asking too much to have the relentless blare of air horns piped into the holding cells for the next several days?

Dear Deputy Prime Minister Freeland:

I understand you're in the market to identify anyone who offered material or financial assistance to convoy truckers or their supporters:

Here, let me help:

No, no, don't thank me ... just doing my part to defend democracy.