Monday, January 31, 2022

I'm sure this will end well.

At the Canada-U.S. border at Coutts, Alberta:


Given that the irresponsible hacks from Der Rebel will undoubtedly be egging on the blockade truckers to ignore or resist the RCMP, the most likely outcome will be a bunch of drivers with bullet holes in them, and another tear-soaked fundraiser from Ezra Levant, who recently got a $252,000 legal ass-kicking:

So ... whatever.

In today's episode of "Tweets That Did Not Age Well" ...


Truckers and math: Um, no.

This is hilarious:

Hey, I know, let's do the math.

First, let's be generous and say the dumbass truckers' GoFundMe fund has $10 million. Oh, fuck it, let's go wild and say $20 million.

Now, assume, say, 20,000 truckers willing to stick it out for two years. No, how about 10,000. Oh, hell, let's give them the benefit of the doubt and say just 5,000. So, how does that play out?

How that plays out is 20,000,000 dollars divided up amongst 5,000 truckers, which equals ... precisely $4,000 apiece.  That's right ... each trucker willing to spend the next couple years parked up on the Hill will get all of $4,000, oh, wait, if they're there for the full two years, that's $2,000 per year. So, sure, let's see how many truckers can support themselves and their families on $2,000/year, especially when the organizers wander off with most of that cash.

I get the feeling that truckers really can't do math.

There's stupid, there's spectacularly stupid, and there's Matt Gurney.


Once again, I called it.

I predicted it yesterday:

and there it is:

Damn, I'm good.

P.S. There's something logically inconsistent in both downplaying all of the atrocities committed by the truckers and their supporters while simultaneously insisting that all of those atrocities were committed by nefarious, left-wing infiltrators.


OTTAWA [Jan 31]: "Freedom Convoy" truckers and supporters currently mocking the cowardice of MPs who refuse to come and address the people who have promised to murder them.


Awesome ...

Does GoFundMe know about this?

Well, this is ... intriguing:

One has to ask -- is GoFundMe aware of this claim? And does all that donated money fall into the category of no longer funding a protest but subsidizing a long-term occupation? Will GFM release the entirety of the donations now knowing what the organizers apparently have in mind, which is considerably different from the terms they provided for the fundraiser in the beginning?

At this point, I thing GoFundMe has some serious 'splainin' to do.


 Awesome ...

Because nothing says "law enforcement" like refusing to enforce the law because people might not like it.

Are trucker convoy's organizers funding truckers to invade local malls?

It occurs to me to wonder -- are the convoy's organizers paying for continuing local accommodation for truckers and their supporters to stick around Ottawa and harass local businesses and malls like the Rideau Centre? Was this part of the agreeement? Can someone ask them?

Please stop with this "I totally defend everyone's right to protest."

It's getting really tiring to watch every single interview begin with the interviewee's sycophantic pandering to the general principle of, "First, I want to emphasize that I absolutely defend every Canadian's right to gather and peacefully protest ... blah blah blah ...". Yes, yes, we get it, you're covering your ass and supporting democracy and yadda yadda yadda. But can we, for the love of God, understand one thing?

Those idiots had their protest. They came, they gathered, they protested, they blew their stupid air horns, and so on and so on.

So, yes, they exercised their right to protest; now they can all fuck off and go home, since the right to protest does not include the right to continue to protest, day after day after day. You wanted to protest? Well, you protested. You tied up downtown, you paraded around with your Trump banners and swastikas, you danced on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and urinated on the Cenotaph and invaded the Rideau Centre and shut it down, and defaced the Terry Fox memorial, and you assaulted people just trying to do their jobs and you stole food from homeless people.

You got what you wanted. You protested. Now fuck off already.

Dear Mayor Watson and local cops: Thanks for fuck all.


Seriously, what do we pay you for?


Hilariously, Canada's right-wing, white nationalist, neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic media outlets who whine incessantly about not getting accredited for press conferences now ban other media outlets from their press conferences.

You can't make this stuff up. You just can't.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Drug addicted political failure says, "What?"

It's actually impressive how Andrew Lawton can type with half a dozen truckers' dicks in his mouth:

I'm sorry ... that was probably rude.


Truckers and convoy supporters who relentlessly slagged Justin Trudeau as a gutless pussy for being moved to an "undisclosed location" for his personal safety will now gleefully tout an interview with convoy organizers from ... an undisclosed location.

 You can't make this stuff up. You just can't.

Dumbass Convoy: Do any truckers have buyers' remorse?

Any half-competent journalist should be prepared to follow up with anyone they interviewed, and see if they regret being part of this appalling fiasco.

More critically, is anyone going to be checking on whether the truckers are reimbursed for expenses, and to what extent?

This story is so far from over.


Truckers and their supporters who respond to complaints about Rideau Centre closing for the day and depriving homeless of a place to warm up, saying, "Hey, last time I looked, Rideau Centre wasn't a homeless shelter, was it?", same entitled assholes who barged into Shepherds of Good Hope homeless shelter, demanding free food and a place to warm up.

OK, CBC's Michael Serapio is even worse than Rosie Barton.

With his grotesque pandering to the convoy, I can only assume that someone is holding Michael's family hostage in a warehouse somewhere.

Jesus Christ, and he continues to apologize for their behaviour.

So what is the plan for the convoy after today?

Ignore all of the other issues and focus on this: Are Ottawa police prepared to allow this protest to continue into the work week? At what point do we get our city back from these racist, Nazi yokels?

Good Christ, but Rosie Barton is a terrible interviewer.

That's it. That's the post.

P.S. Jesus fuck, but she's awful. I will explain why later.

P.P.S. We will be returning to this topic, but what was nad-grindingly maddening about Barton's invu this morning was that she failed to push back on even the most egregiously inane claims by the trucker she was interviewing. At one point, the trucker expressed frustration that, unlike all of the other protests he was aware of on the Hill, there were no Porta-Potties for the protesters.

Well, as more than one person pointed out this week on social media, that (and other things like security and medical staff) were the responsibility of the organizers, who failed to do any of those things. Unsurprisingly, Barton simply let that idiocy slide and soldiered on.

Lord, but she's awful.

Convoy blaming Antifa in 3 ... 2 ... 1... ah, there we go.

You knew it was coming:


Rancid racists who pore over world news, looking for any example of a Muslim behaving badly to immediately conclude that Islam is a religion of hate and violence, same people currently lecturing you as to how you shouldn't condemn entire "Freedom Convoy" because of a few bad apples.


The Ottawa constabulary: To serve and ignore.

If some early observations today are any indication, I think we can expect the same level of ineptitude and fawning accommodation from Ottawa cops for the "Nazi Truckers Convoy" that we saw yesterday.

I went walk-about around my 'hood this morning (Byward Market), and what caught my eye were a number of big rigs parked on the right-hand side of St. Patrick, between Dalhousie and Sussex, all comfortably nestled up to the sidewalk. And what's the problem there? I'll tell you what the problem is there.

It's that St. Patrick is a two-lane, one-way street, and those rigs were rendering the right-hand lane heading towards Sussex completely inaccessible to traffic, meaning that all traffic in that stretch will be forced into the left-hand lane as long as those trucks are there. (Oh, and did I mention the numerous "NO STOPPING" signs along that entire stretch? Not "NO PARKING", but "NO STOPPING".)

And the icing on the cake? The Ottawa cop cruiser that, while I was standing there taking all this in, casually moseyed on past that entire line of stationary rigs and not doing SFA about it.

Perhaps they'll be cleared out later, who knows? At the moment, I'm going to keep my optimism to myself.

P.S. "SFA." Look it up.

BY THE WAY, it's unclear whether there is an official agenda for the Dumbass Nazi Convoy today (Sunday) other than milling about unmasked and giving each other COVID-19, so if the cops let boys be boys for one more day, I suppose we can all hold our noses and lock up our pets and put up with it. But I think it's safe to say that this better not last into Monday, when everyone who actually lives here wants to get back to normality.

Because numerous organizers (and truckers) have promised that they're here to stay until all mask and vaccine mandates are rescinded (not going to happen), so perhaps some enterprising journo can ask someone from Ottawa Police for their plans starting Monday morning. And they better have one. We, the people who live here, have had just about enough of these hillbillies.

No sense beating around the ... uh, bush.

Well, that would explain the "No Man-Dates" posters.

This will never stop being funny.

This would be total asshat Ezra Levant, bragging about the size of the convoy in Ottawa and posting a picture of late-night Winnipeg.

This is the level of dumbfuck stupid we're dealing with.

Yo, Erin O'Toole: So far, your trucker heroes have ...

  • flown the Confederate flag around town, and flown the Canadian flag upside down
  • paraded around with swastikas on flags and posters
  • defaced the Cenotaph and literally danced on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  • defaced the statue of Terry Fox
  • screamed obscenities at journalists, and threatened to kill the Prime Minister

Those hillbillies are your demographic now, so you better fucking own them, you pandering asshat.

P.S. Here you go, Erin ... these are your people, you ignorant, pandering dumbass.

Fuck you, Erin. That can't be said enough.

UNDERSTAND THIS: Having hoovered up over eight and a half million dollars in donations, the "Freedom Convoy" in Ottawa is now, literally, barging into homeless shelters and taking food from homeless people.

Fuck these assholes. And if you want to make up for for the classless, graceless yokels that have defaced Ottawa for the last couple days, you can donate to the Shepherds of Good Hope here.

Ah, the burning stupid marches on.



I look forward to Marco's subsequent insistence of 750,000 truckers and 8.6 million people, all on Parliament Hill.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

A modest proposal.

Um ...

Or you could have just got vaccinated and not have had to whine so pathetically about your self-inflicted lot in life.

Convoy vehicles parked at Ottawa cenotaph with obvious blessing of Ottawa cops.

And how do I know this? Because even though everyone is making a big hullabaloo about those disrespectful yahoos being towed later in the morning, I personally drove by there around 5 a.m. this morning, and was stunned to see all those vehicles already there (possibly having been there all night, who knows?), as well as a white SUV police cruiser just across the street from there, with a clear line of sight to all of those vehicles and doing sweet fuck all about it.

Those trespassers were finally towed, but only after the outrage became sufficiently public. Until then, the cops were just fine with it.



As I have just explained, they were already there at 5 a.m., in full view of a police cruiser parked across the street, who seemed quite content to do nothing about it.

Ottawa police: Giving white supremacists the courtesy of a reacharound.



If the local constabulary were any more accommodating to these deranged loons, they'd be buying them dinner and giving them hot oil massages.


Oh, you poor dear ...

No, Ezra, you stupid fuck, they turned it off given the danger of such a crush of people being that close to it.

You stupid fuck.

The "Arnprior convoy": Where in the fuck do they think they're going to park?

According to CBC, sizable convoy coming from Arnprior is about 90 minutes out of town, heading for Parliament Hill to ... what? What exactly is their plan? From the TV coverage, all of Wellington in front of the Hill is totally occupied, so what are the useless twonks that are the Ottawa police going to do with all those incoming vehicles?

Expect stupidity. Lots of it. Especially from the constabulary.

Just in time, the arrival of Rebel News.

Ah, I see Sheila Gunn Reid has made the scene ... good for her.



Tune in tomorrow when Ezra lectures us sanctimoniously on "fake news."

Dear #KlownKonvoy: Welcome to Ottawa.

Feel free to go lick a flagpole, hillbillies.


Rebel News' Ezra Levant, who has for years criticized Justin Trudeau by name, fabricating stories about him, lying about him, misrepresenting him, photoshopping disgusting images of him and -- most appallingly -- running a comments section that openly allowed people to fantasiize about murdering him, will now ... lecture others on the unseemliness of demonizing people:

OK, then.


Canadian right-wingers who agreed with absolutely every deranged and dangerous policy decision of Donald Trump will now be outraged by the Canadian government co-operating with the United States.

Read it.

Just read it.

This. So much this.


AH, IRONY: Would it not be awesome if some of these imbeciles got into trouble in Ottawa, were arrested and charged, and ended up with a criminal record so that they lost the ability to drive their expensive rig anywhere?

Please, God, I rarely ask for anything ...

Chronicles of Twatrick: The money so far.

For the morbidly curious, I present the official distribution statements related to the two seizures already effected by the collections enforcement arm of the Saskatchewan sheriffs pursuant to my filing against Lloydminster's Patrick Ross, and there is some entertainment there which I will explain henceforth:

The amounts seized -- $3,000 and $2,250, respectively -- represent the recent "enhanced" cost award ($3,000) levied against Patrick for submitting a defence that was deemed to be "baseless and scandalous", while the $2,250 represents long-outstanding cost awards that go back all the way to 2012 so, at this point, we are at least up to date with respect to collecting all the costs Patrick was ordered to pay me over the years. But here's where it gets positively delightful.

Note that the total amount seized related to those awards is not just $5,250; no, it's $6,403.33, because while the sheriffs were collecting my money, they were also (oh, frabjous day, calloo, callay!) seizing additional funds to cover their costs. I knew there would be administrative charges to do all this, and I assumed I would have to pay them up front, and collect the same from Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen somewhere down the road; I did not realize that the sheriffs would be accommodating enough to simply pay themselves out of Patrick's assets, which makes it all the simpler for me.

In short, while Patrick is currently $6,403.33 lighter in his money belt, his debt to me has been reduced by only the amount of the cost awards; that is, $5,250.00. In other words, Patrick has just paid out the difference -- $1,153.33 -- for the privilege of having his money taken from him.

I'm starting to like this whole collection thing. And, yes, the sheriffs have in fact started on the third filing; the big one for the original judgment:

I'll keep you posted.

P.S. Understand something -- even as the amount that Patrick owes me related to the original judgment is increasing at the rate of 5% per year, his debt is additionally growing based on the various administrative charges levied by the sheriffs; as you can see above, even collecting a minor amount of just over $5,000 cost Patrick more than a thousand extra dollars. And, as I understand it, these charges are levied every time the sheriffs need to do anything, so if Patrick wants to drag this out for the next several years, well, that is easily going to run into many, many thousands of dollars that Patrick will be throwing away to pay the constabulary.

I hope Patrick has no plans for early retirement.

BONUS TRACK: Not that long ago, Patrick was crowing about how this forcible extraction of his financial assets was temporary:

I'm pretty sure he's being optimistic.

... and now you know.



Conservatives: "The reason all those libtards have time to protest is that none of them have jobs."

Dumbass Truckers Convoy: "Um ..."

Friday, January 28, 2022


Brian Lilley, a co-founder of Rebel Media, will now take issue with shameful, inflammatory, one-sided news coverage:

Yeah, he went there.

Dear Erin O'Toole, you dumb shit.

These are the people you announced you're going to talk to:

You are such an asshole.

And once again, I called it.

Only a few days ago, I suggested that the Dumbass Truckers Convoy probably didn't think ahead all that much in terms of planning and logistics and such.



If Ezra seems a bit testy today ...

... you might want to cut him some slack, as he's not having a good day:

Being told to hand over a quarter million (in addition to your own lawyer's fees) can do that to a person.

Wherein Ezra Levant takes another massive boot to the joy department.

 Oh, dear:

Oh, let's just skip to the bottom:

Read the whole delightful thing.

P.S. What's interesting is that, after all these years to figure out how Ontario's anti-SLAPP legislation should work, the original motions judge in these two cases was still a dumbass imbecile and fucked up the cost awards (awarding only partial indemnity which the CoA corrected to full indemnity). Jesus, but these people are goddamned idiots.

So they're only 56,834 trucks short.

Comment from just a couple minutes ago:

Kingston police report the convoy has left the city and is proceeding to Ottawa. 17 tractor trailers, 104 tractors, 424 personal vehicles and 6 RVs.

In other words, just regular traffic on the 401.


The grift goes ever on ...


Dear Erin O'Toole:

These are the people you've described as needing to be heard:

Good luck with salvaging your reputation after this.


Numerous right-wing Canadians currently dumping on the CBC for not accurately reporting on the convoy of 78,400 big rigs and 1.6 million Canadians that, even now, stretches from Ottawa to Regina.


Rebel News' Ezra Levant, who has sued 241 different people for criticizing him and hurting his feelings, will now accuse others of being delicate snowflakes:

So ... how's that "Fake News" whining working out for you?

There's a certain irony in having listened to right-wing gutter media outlets like Fox News and Rebel News shrieking incessantly about "fake news" all these years, only to watch the lot of them grotesquely misrepresent the current state and volume of the Dumbfuck Trucker Convoy gathering in Ottawa.
  • "1,600 trucks!"
  • "36,000 trucks, 70 km long!!"
  • "58,000 trucks, 1.5 million people and a Federation starship!!!"
The irony is quite something, isn't it?

Dear Erin O'Toole: You suck as a human being.

It was positively cringe-inducing, listening to Erin O'Toole giving the Dumbass Trucker Convoy the common courtesy of a reacharound last night on live TV, but perhaps the cringiest part of his pathetic pandering was his insistence that everyone's voice needs to be heard and that he was willing to meet with the truckers to learn what they want.

What they want, Erin? We know what they want. Everyone knows what they want. Everyone with an Internet connection knows what that group of bigots, racists, white nationalists and anti-Semites wants: They want an end to vaccine mandates and passports, and they want to hang Justin Trudeau from a streetlight in front of Parliament.

What they want, you spineless twat?

How in the fuck have you not figured this out? What do you think you would learn from them by sitting down for a chat? What piece of information do you think you're still missing, you irredeemable suck-up?

Here's a challenge for you, Erin. Go have your meeting, then promise us that you will have a live press conference immediately afterwards, and let us in on just one thing you learned from that meeting that you assure us you did not already know.

Can you do that, Erin? Because that would be must-see TV.

P.S. It's even more maddening when mealy-mouthed appeasers like O'Toole insist that "everyone's voice has a right to be heard."

Really? Since when? Seriously, at what point did even the most deranged hillbilly spewing violent eliminationist rhetoric earn the privilege to have a guaranteed audience with federal politicians? If some trucker rolled into town sporting graphics on the side of his truck insisting, for example, that O'Toole should be "road kill":

would Erin take to the podium and assure us that everyone's opinion was relevant, and that he was willing to sit down and listen to the grievances of someone who openly suggested that he should be killed?

Can we please knock it off with this, "Everyone's opinion is valuable and worth hearing?" It's bullshit.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

If Erin O'Toole were pandering to the truckers any harder, ...

... he'd be offering to give their cabs two coats of wax, then giving away free hand jobs behind the junior high school.

It's tough being right about everything all the time.

It was just yesterday that I facetiously asked if the yahoos and hillbillies in the Flu Trucks Klan had really thought this through, and had pre-arranged things like accommodations and parking and so on. Well, sure enough ... no:

And, yes, I saw that coming.

Yeah, about that ...


"Cool," thought thousands of indigenous Canadians who spent their hard-earned money to come to Ottawa during the government of Stephen Harper, only to be told to fuck right off.


"2022 Freedom Convoy" that openly and proudly brags that it wants to murder Justin Trudeau now calling him a coward for wanting to keep his distance from them.

There are no words ...