Saturday, October 22, 2022

Defund CBC News. Seriously, put it out of our misery.

What in the absolute fuck ... ?

"We've banned handguns. We're going to interview someone who makes a living from selling handguns to explain to us why that's a bad idea."

Seriously, CBC News is a total goddamned fucking waste. Just take it out back and bury it, along with Vassy Kapelos' journalistic integrity.


Anonymous said...

Also today, an article that basically argues that Soviet-era SKS rifles should be included in the assault-type rifle ban. So rifle bans good; pistol bans bad according to the Corps?

Anonymous said...

The idea of "fair and balanced" seems to be pandering to the alt-right.
Since when, for example, should the KKK be given a voice if we are talking about race relations? Never.
But here we are...

Anonymous said...

Woke up this morning, turned on the tv and some news talking head show was talking about how the government MUST deal with inflation. People need help, after all, dealing with all these high prices. And their solution? No, it wasn’t to raise taxes on right and corporations. No, it wasn’t to look into recent studies showing more than half of current inflation is due to corporate profits and gouging. Their “solution” was the NDP needs to stop trying to give people better prescription and dental care, and focus on austerity policies.

Now, if one of these big brained “neutral” media people can point to one f***ing time austerity policies have ever worked or helped anyone ever, I’d love to hear it. But of course they never do that. They just act as if it’s common sense and conventional wisdom that any sane, rational person would support. This is why we have open fascism and far right extremism, our media thinks their job is to sit exactly in the middle of two political “sides”. So no matter how extreme is insane the right gets, they always give them credibility and the benefit of the doubt. They always support conservative economics and will always finger wag and shame working class people who need help for daring to get even a fraction of what the wealthy elite class of owners get.

The media has been enabling the rights boot on our necks for decades and nobody has been able to call them out for it or hold them accountable. And that’s a serious issue because no matter how extremist the right gets, the media will always turn a blind eye and give them some credibility under the guise of “fairness and balance”.