Sunday, April 29, 2018

Wherein Ezra Levant's dreams are crushed yet again ...

"Please, let it be a Muslim, let it be a Muslim, let it be a Muslim, fuck!"


Doug Ford favourite and London West candidate appointee Andrew Lawton, who looks like he's never met an all-you-can-eat buffet he didn't like:

will now mock and demean you lazy pieces of shit who just want to get something to eat:

AFTERSNARK: Being a smug, disdainful, uncaring piece of crap isn't anything new to Lawton, who's denigrated food banks before. One hopes he has another job lined up in case his budding political career being funded wholly by the taxpayers doesn't work out.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

I love The Beaverton.

Go. Read.

It's experiment time ... yes, it is.

I actually have no problem with this ...

... since it's the perfect opportunity to find out if an entire provincial riding can be mentally handicapped.

"Welcome to tonight's debate featuring Dr. Jordan B. Peterson."

"Let me lay down the ground rules. First, Dr. Peterson is correct by definition."

"That's pretty much it, and thanks for coming."

Friday, April 27, 2018


Chris Selley, who is apparently as sharp as a sack of soup, is outraged by the concept of federal funding being influenced by ideology:

One suspects that the most fun you can have with Chris is watching the confusion when you hide the ball under the blanket.

File under "Roost: Chickens coming home to;"

Incendiary, eliminationist-spewing, right-wing racists and bigots suddenly outraged by incendiary eliminationism:

I'm trying to dredge up some sympathy ... nope, not there.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

How stupid is Steve Paikin?

Pretty much this fucking stupid:

In short, Paikin is utterly clueless about how Andrew Lawton is an ignorant, pathetic piece of crap masquerading as a journalist. You know ... the kind of guy who publishes garbage only to later admit he had no idea if it was true:

So, the next time you run into Steve Paikin, can you politely ask him to grow the fuck up? Thank you kindly.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Anti-Semitism by any other name ...

This is outrageous:

There is absolutely no evidence that Ezra Levant or Rebel Media is anti-Semitic ... hang on ...

OK, maybe I'll get back to you on that.

AFTERSNARK: There is absolutely no evidence that Ezra Levant has anything but the utmost respect for his fellow Jews and ... and ... oh, shit:


Yeah, I may need to rethink this piece.

Stay classy, dear.

Shorter Linda Frum: "Yeah, yeah, lots of dead people but can we make this about me?"


Two of the most intellectually-unaccomplished individuals in the country diss the academic credentials of David Suzuki.

Let that sink in.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Thank you, Facebook.

Apparently, Facebook's convoluted new rules on acceptable graphics extends to disallowing pictures of actual anuses unless they are Photoshopped on public figures, so one suspects this is perfectly OK:

If I just put you off your lunch, I apologize. Well, no, I don't.

One of these things is just like the others.

There's something eerily similar about all these Ontario PC candidates that I just can't put my finger on, oh, wait, there it is:

Yeah, I knew there was something familiar about them.

P.S. Are there even any rules governing the ethics of both Ford and Granic Allen getting all this free publicity from Rebel Media, after both forking over fistfuls of cash to rent Rebel Media's mailing list for earlier campaigning?

P.P.S. Apparently, Granic Allen is getting her money's worth out of Rebel Media's David Menzies, as her earlier rental of Rebel's mailing list pretty much assures her that Menzies will run a classless, racist smear job on all of her opponents:

Is it just me ...

... or is white supremacist Faith Goldy so enthused over the recent Toronto rental van killings that she has to lay back every so often for a cigarette?

Well, that didn't take long.

Canada's wankers who insisted that the Humboldt bus crash was especially tragic because of all that simultaneous loss of life have already lost interest in the Toronto rental van killings now that it wasn't the responsibility of an Islamic terrorist.

Tune in tomorrow when the Wankersphere once again decides on whether to be traumatized based entirely on context and racial origin.

P.S. The comments section here is truly a piece of work. Remember, folks ... these people walk among you.

P.P.S. It's hard to believe Eric Hoffer never watched Rebel Media:

Opinions, for the win!

I'm sure Ezra Levant and the rest of the "opinion journalists" at Rebel Media will be opinionizing on the opinionitude of this exciting development out of Texas any minute now:

Yessir, annnnnny minute now ...

Monday, April 23, 2018


Ezra Levant, currently shrieking about inadequate respect for the dead:

same person who was selling Rebel Media "Premium Content" subscriptions off the bodies of dead hockey players:

... and they call it democracy.


I look forward to Canada's Wankersphere explaining how this is fine when Doug Ford does it.

It's almost poetic.

Anal sex obsessive interviewed by anal cyst:

Sometimes, the punchlines just write themselves.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

"Opinion journalism": The Cheez Whiz of the journalistic cheese world.

Recently, Fox News talking head and man with a head shaped like a cinder block Sean Hannity has come under fire for a lot of things, including, well, not being an actual journalist. However, Hannity has a devilishly clever escape hatch, wherein he redefines the word "journalist" to cover whatever the fuck it is that he does:

"Opinion journalist" ... damn, that sounds familiar, where have I heard that pathetic, lame-ass rationalization before, oh, right ...

Opinion journalism: when you're not actually, you know, a journalist.

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Can we all remember that so many of those insincere frauds currently claiming to be emotionally traumatized by the Humboldt bus crash tragedy are the same pathetic douchebags who dismissed the Parkland school shooting survivors as "crisis actors"?

I just thought that was worth pointing out.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Ezra Levant, whose Rebel Media media outlet at one time or another employed or now employs Laura Loomer,

Sheila Gunn Reid,

and Gavin McInnes:

is currently lecturing you about the need for civility and decorum. Let that sink in.

And remember that discount code, "DEADHOCKEYPLAYERS" ...

(SASKATCHEWAN) -- In the midst of the still-raw tragedy involving the deaths of 16 members of the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team, alt-right website and festering sewer of bigotry Rebel Media recently announced another inspired scheme to monetize everyone else's grief and emotional devastation.

Fresh off of using the discount code "BRONCOS" to pimp Rebel Media's subscriber-only "Premium Content" YouTube channel, Rebel Media correspondent and guy who hand-washes Ezra Levant's Koch brothers-themed thong underwear David Menzies announced The Rebel's latest moneymaker -- decks of playing cards featuring pictures of the deceased players in various poses playing hockey, enjoying life and lying on hospital gurneys.

Explained Menzies, "It's genius ... playing cards cost almost nothing to manufacture and we're pricing them to move at $15 a pack, so the markup is crazy awesome. We even charge for shipping. It's like a license to print money, I shit you not."

Menzies is cautiously optimistic about this new monetization scheme given the last couple of PR disasters for The Rebel, wherein two military charities refused to take donations from the media outlet due to the Rebel's being a bunch of shrieking, racist, Islamophobic nutbars.

"Yeah," explained Menzies," those last couple attempts at bragging about how humanitarian we are in giving away other peoples' money and taking the credit for it didn't end well, but I'm pretty sure we've got it nailed this time, and I can't wait for the opportunity to film another cheap, self-serving video of me giving the profits to a deserving recipient, my boss. I'm pretty sure he won't cause any trouble and he'll just take the cash."

Added Rebel's Alberta Bureau Chief and woman who needs only two more Dalmatians to complete her winter coat Sheila Gunn Reid, "Yeah, this is a real moneymaker, I can't believe we didn't think of it earlier. Man, we could use this kind of personal tragedy involving other peoples' kids more often, oh, shit, did I just say that out loud?"

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Remember that discount code ... "BRONCOS" ...

... because while Ezra is absolutely devastated by all that loss of life, you can help him through this with your credit card. I assume he takes PayPal, too.


Shorter Ezra: "Disgusting, outrageous, classless ... something something ... send me money."

Friday, April 13, 2018

Well, this is awkward.

And remember, kids, when pretending you give even the slightest shit about a bunch of dead kids other than for their convenient political value, it's critically important to spell the name of their town incorrectly. Because that shows you care.

P.S. I look forward to Rebel's David Menzies showing up at one of the funerals to try to hand a Rebel Media cheque to one of the grieving parents. Please tell me that will be on video.

AFTERSNARK: Apparently, Rebel Media's sincerity doesn't extend to even figuring out how to spell the name of the town. I'm just saying.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Just when you think you've reached the bottom of the barrel ...

... someone comes along and lifts up the barrel:

I remember Andrew from his days as a courageous, muck-raking investigative reporter for Rebel Media, where he would believe pretty much anything you put in front of him:

Good luck, London West ... it's been nice knowing you.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Currently, there is a savage and merciless pogrom on social media targeting anyone who is seen as being insufficiently sympathetic regarding the recent bus crash in Saskatchewan that took the lives of a number of young hockey players.

Ironically, many of those howling with indignation over this alleged lack of sympathy are the same yobs who thought Ezra Levant's grotesque and classless mockery of the death of Jack Layton ...

... was just hysterically, knee-slappingly amusing.

I just thought I should point out the logical disconnect.

You're welcome.

AFTERSNARK: Many of the people weeping uncontrollably over the Humboldt bus crash and the loss of all that innocent, young life are the same ones suggesting that the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting survivors are a bunch of "crisis actors" who need to stop whining and man the fuck up and get over it.

I just thought I should point that out.

AFTERAFTERSNARK: Many of the drooling yahoos current sobbing inconsolably over the Humboldt bus crash are the same ones who bellowed: "1000+ missing and murdered indigenous women? Who the fuck cares, don't bug me with that shit."

I think you see the pattern here, right?

Monday, April 09, 2018

Where do I sign up?

Well, now ...

So, a beta-level app from Rebel Media that is still having the bugs worked out of it. Sure, install that on your home and mobile devices ... what could possibly go wrong?

WHAT THE FUCK ... "... we have our own media player now called Zype ...". Uh, Rebel Media crowdfunded over $200K allegedly to design and code their own media player, not to simply license someone else's. And viewing the page source of that Rebel Media page makes it pretty clear that that's what they're using:

I'm just trying to be helpful.

Smithers! Release the hounds!

Wherein Canada Company is introduced to Rebel Media's family of attack trolls. Other charities might pay attention. I'm just saying.

Dear Paul Hindo of Canada Company:


You know that shameless, self-promoting Rebel Media video featuring you and Rebel's David "The Menses" Menzies that you specifically requested not be posted?

Well, it's still up on YouTube here and, in an extended form, here. You're welcome. (If anyone on Twitter wants to bring this to the attention of @canada_company, go wild.)

Hugs and kisses,

P.S. Toward the end of that extended sobfest from Rebel Media's pathetic excuse for a human being David Menzies, Dave directs viewers to the alleged petition he wants equally stupid people to sign at one of the 154,769 domain names registered by Ezra Levant,

As I explained earlier, that domain name is now dead. Defunct. Deceased. So now Dave looks like an even bigger fucking prat than usual, if that's even physically possible.

AFTERSNARK: You know, I'm sure I'm not the only person who's been wondering that very thing.

P.P.S. Yeah, pretty much this:

And, no, we're not done here. Stay tuned ...

AFTERAFTERSNARK: Weird ... suddenly those web pages are back. But we're still not done here.

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Wherein Ezra Levant and Rebel Media get their pasty asses spanked.

Recall just yesterday, when various Morlocks from Rebel Media were whining about how those nefarious Liberals were getting in the way of Rebelers contributing piles of other peoples' money to charity.

In particular, recall how Canada Company, possibly realizing they'd been played for the PR value, made it clear they did not want that publicity video to see the light of day:

Well, it would appear that Canada Company got their way, and all of that Rebel Media bitching and moaning is down the memory hole:

In other words, it would appear (and note how carefully I use the word "appear") that Rebel Media is so disgustingly toxic, they can't even give money away, and if they try, people get their lawyers involved.

If only the mainstream media thought this was a story worth covering.

P.S. If you Google on "rebel media" and "canada company", Google provides you with these four links, all of them representing someone at Rebel Media being a whiny little fuck about Canada Company telling them to take a hike.

Without exception, all of those links are now dead. The lesson here would seem to be that you don't mess with Canada Company.

HOLY SHIT, IT GETS WORSE!  It's now been over three months since Rebel Media collected $15K of other peoples' money to initially hand over to CFB Borden, who firmly told them to fuck right off (OK, I might be paraphrasing here). Plan B was then Canada Company, who also wanted nothing to do with Rebel Media.

But now, even the initial Rebel Media postings about CFB Borden have disappeared. While Google hands you some links:

all of them appear to be dead, which inspires one to ask ... just who is sitting on that $15K, and what's going to happen to it? I'm just asking.

RUH ROH ... Pretty sure that this is the video that Canada Company wanted destroyed. So what's it still doing on YouTube?

UPPITY DATE: Pretty sure Canada Company won't be happy with David Menzies' childish whining.